Sunday Night Blues are the worst. For those who suffer from the anxiety of the weekend floating by, it feels like your heart starts to race, worry sets in, mood swings take hold and insomnia strikes, all in the 12-hour lead up to going to bed before the new week even begins.

Then come the bad habits like drinking our sorrows and nerves away, scrolling through social media late through the night – all definitely adding up to a string of panic attacks on Monday.

But Sunday night anxiety or Sunday fear syndrome doesn’t need to be a life-long issue! You can beat the blues with some tiny tweaks to your routine to help you look forward to a new week feeling refreshed and energized.

How to create a positive Sunday night

How to create a positive Sunday night

1. Exercise to relax

Taking a walk a couple of hours before bed, a light walk or a yoga class can help the body relax and burn off excess adrenaline. Pumping up your blood flow also helps you beat insomnia and prepares your mind for a good night's sleep.

2. Have a nice, hot bath 

Baths are very relaxing, and reading a good book can help distract your brain from worry and nerves of the coming week. So grab those Epsom salts and take a load off after your exercise session.

3. Call a friend

Sunday night is a great time to catch up with friends you're thinking about during the week but never have time to speak to. Call your best friend or relative who makes you giggle and enjoy some light-hearted chit-chat before you get yourself to bed.

4. Do not look at social media in bed

Social media is very distracting for the mind and stalls your natural melatonin from producing at a normal time in the body. Avoid emails, apps, everything you can in bed and try to use a traditional alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

5. Make a list

Get your worries down on paper. This helps you to gain a little more perspective on the things you have to do and how you can plan for them.

6. Meditate

Much of the anxiety is caused by imagining things on Monday morning going badly. Instead, use your imagination as a force for good by visualising the week going well. Imagine yourself handling any challenges, feeling relaxed and enjoying your week. After all, studies show that 85% of the things we worry about end up having positive outcomes.

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Learn how to create a positive routine over your weekend so that you don't feel the depression, worry and nerves of the Sunday night blues and anxiety.

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