Do you toss and turn for hours on end at night? Most of us do when we have something on our mind. The worst thing though, is when you're ready for a good night's rest (finally), and your partner just Can't. Stop. Snoring. And the dreaded cycle continues, breaking all the healthy habits you've mustered up to actually get that much needed rest.

Many people snore, some more than others. You might even be the culprit in this case, waking your partner or even yourself up at night. This disrupts the deep slumber that is so necessary after a long day at work.

There are, of course, scientific reasons behind snoring and ways that you can reduce it. Snoring in general is not harmful to your health but clearly, it can be annoying.

Why people snore while sleeping​

Snoring is when a person makes a snorting or rattling noise as they sleep through no choice of their own. It comes from the soft palate in the mouth along with the nose or throat vibrating. People snore because there's a slight obstruction in their airways as they sleep which disrupts their breathing. There are other conditions that might make you more prone to snoring. If you were to see a healthcare professional about snoring, they would often 'grade' it depending on how severe your personal issue is and then advise you on a possible remedy. Some people don't even seek treatment for their snoring and if it doesn't bother them or those around them, why should they? In rare cases, if you snore regularly, it could be a sign of other more serious conditions such as sleep apnea. 

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Do men snore more than women?

Do men snore more than women

It's been proven that men snore more than women – it's no myth. While only a fifth of women snore, a third of men suffer from the same issue. A larger than usual uvula can limit your airflow to cause snoring and the uvula is thought be larger with males. Women usually have longer necks too which means that they can breathe easier while they sleep. Some lifestyle choices also may contribute to the reason why snoring is more common in males than females. This includes things like heavy smoking, drinking and being overweight.

Why do I snore now when I never used to​

It's more common to snore as you get older and that is often due to weight gain but also where we store that weight. Fat often gathers around the neck as a person gets older, which can constrict the throat even more and make the snoring both more frequent and louder. Hormonal changes during menopause can also lead to women snoring more regularly as they age.

Snoring after drinking alcohol​

You might have noticed after a boozy night out that you snore more than usual and with much more aggression! It happens with almost everyone. Alcohol acts as a sedative as sorts, so it helps to relax your body and put you into a deeper sleep. When this happens, the back of the throat folds in faster than that of somebody who is sober. This, more often than not, results in snoring. When you have been drinking, try sleeping on a bed that is slightly elevated at the top to help open your airways and to help you stop snoring so much.

How to stop snoring home remedies​

There are several home remedies and natural ways that you can try to reduce the amount that you snore:

Lifestyle changes

Healthy diet and exercise can help you stop snoring

As mentioned previously, sometimes but not always, snoring can be down to poor lifestyle choices. If you're obese for example, try to adopt a healthier diet and exercise regularly. Or, if you're a heavy smoker or drinker, try to cut down or stop completely if possible. In addition to helping you stop snoring, these changes can dramatically affect your body and mind in the positive of ways and help to prolong your life span.

Sleep position

Sleeping on your side or elevated can help you stop snoring

Changing something as simple as your sleeping position could help stop you from snoring so much. Those who sleep on their back are more likely to snore, so switching to your side or sleep at a more elevated position can make all the difference! 


Hypnosis can help you stop snoring

People who have been hypnotised to stop their snoring have great things to say about it. If none of the conventional methods work for you, it's definitely worth giving a try.

Nasal strips of dilators

Nasal strips that help you stop snoring

These devices can some of the best to stop someone from snoring as they can be put inside your nose as you sleep and work almost immediately. Both the strip and the dilator device will open your nostrils and widen your airways. It's not currently known quite how effective these products are in scientific terms, but people do have success with them, like these Nasal Strips by Sleepeze Remedies.

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Funny facts about snoring

Although snoring can be a big burden on your life, sometimes you just have to laugh about it! Here are some fun, funny and plain strange facts about snoring: 

1. You probably know that snoring is loud but did you know that it could be compared to the sound made by a pneumatic drill and reaches up to a whopping 100 decibels? Yikes!

2. In 1997, a woman in Iran admitted to drugging her husband during their marriage so he would not realise she was a heavy smoker because of how much she snored.

3. Many people get divorced because their partners snoring affects them so much. If your spouse is a snorer, maybe invest in a pair of earplugs?

Now that you know more about why you snore and things you can do about it, you should be able to see your problem isn't that bad at all. It's super common but if it's really annoying to you, put in the effort and you should be able to reduce it as much as possible.

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