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home remedies for cold and flu

1. Common cold and flu

Solution: I should say that reading these questions made me realise how rarely I feel ill. This is new for me! I used to always get a few colds and the flu every year, but since switching to a vegan diet, I rarely feel unwell – which is absolutely awesome! So I would say switching to a plant-based diet is a great way to stay healthy and avoid seasonal colds and flu. I try and eat as much local and seasonal produce as I can, with as many colours on my plate as possible. 

When everyone around me seems to be dropping like flies with colds, I'll make a raw garlic pesto. Apparently, garlic is incredible to boost the immune system naturally. So I'll grab a pestle and mortar and bash together 2 garlic cloves with toasted pine nuts, a load of fresh basil, fresh lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper and then have that with courgette noodles or some wholewheat spaghetti. 

How I discovered this remedy

In terms of switching to a vegan diet, I did extensive research. I also spent 5 months slowly changing my diet to ease my body into it and kept checking how I felt. Easy ways to learn about veganism are through Cowspiracy and What The Health, which are two documentaries on Netflix.  My friend and nutritionist Madeleine Shaw recommended raw garlic to me and what she recommends, goes!

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oil pulling for healthy gums and teeth

2. Unhealthy teeth and gums

Solution: I love nothing more than having healthy teeth and gums and I'm a bit obsessed with a gleaming white smile. To maintain a good grin, I go to the dentist and hygienist twice a year. I also limit red wine and coffee and try to drink my smoothies (so the fruit has less contact with my teeth) through stainless steel straws. I also do something called Oil Pulling which is an Ayurvedic tradition. To do this, I swish coconut oil around my mouth for a minimum of 20 minutes at least twice a week. And maybe most importantly, I don't smoke!

How I discovered this remedy

This thing called the internet! And word of mouth.

yoga and meditation to help anxiety

3. Anxiety

Solution: I've been an anxiety sufferer for as long as I can remember, but it has worsened in recent years. I have found a few things that really help. Firstly, I did a Vedic meditation course at the London Meditation Centre which has me meditating at least once a day for 20 minutes. I am also obsessed with yoga, I try to practice at my favourite center Sangye, twice a week. I also try to take regular breaks from social media and make sure I get enough time outside with nature. 

How I discovered this remedy

My boyfriend did the same meditation course two years prior to me and I saw first hand how it changed his life. With yoga, I was fortunate to have friends who persuaded me to join them at Julie Montagu's Sunday night sweat fest at TriYoga. I fell head over heels and haven't looked back!

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Venetia Falconer's best health tips

7 Questions Lightning Round

The one thing I carry with me in case I get ill: 

My phone! In case of emergency!

When I’m ill I like to eat: 

Whatever I'm craving because I think that's the body's way of helping us recover. Usually, it's a warming tomato soup and marmite on toast. 

When I’m ill I like to drink: 

Hot almond milk with fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, half a cinnamon stick and star anise. 

The only person (or pet!) I want to see when I’m ill is: 

I wish I had 2 guinea pigs to cuddle when I'm ill, but living in London without a garden doesn't really warrant two little piggies, so until I move to the countryside, it's my boyfriend. 

The best 'cheer up' gift I’ve ever been given was: 

Whenever I'm not feeling 100% about life, my mum will send me a card with a cute rabbit/cat/guinea pig on it with some words of encouragement and love. She's the cutest!

If a friend is ill I give them: 

A big bunch of brightly coloured flowers. And I'll be super annoying and tell them to make my raw garlic pesto! 

The mantra I live by for a happy and healthy life is: 

Do something for yourself, every single day, even if just for a few minutes. Whether that's taking 10 deep, long breaths or sipping a hot drink without any distractions. 

Thank you, Venetia!

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Learn the home remedies and natural tips vlogger and TV presenter Venetia Falconer swears by to live healthily and beat everyday issues like cold and flu.

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