Here at Good Zing, we have a simple mission. We want to help you feel healthier and happier every day!

Why did we start Good Zing?

With so much wellness information out there, Good Zing was created to provide you with a trusted community to share and discover tips and tricks for anything from dealing with insomnia, fighting acne to learning how to meditate.

As two women who constantly talked each other’s ears off about what really helped us get over food poisoning or fear of flying, we decided to gather up all the info and share the awesome health tips we discovered!

So what is Good Zing?

It’s the place to find, share and discover health tips and tricks for just about anything that people suffer from day-to-day – from the physical to the emotional.

Good Zing is a community and platform which lets you access health and wellness topics that you would talk to your mom or friends about (you’ll even find the ones that NO ONE wants to talk about *blush*) to make sure you can find useful and reliable ways to keep that zing in your step all day, every day!

Sounds great, how does it work?

We like to keep things simple and easy.

Looking to find a new trick to help your issue? No problem! Simply search for a topic, discover and read about all the different options to help.

Then advise others by rating and commenting. Did it work? Did it not work? Whatever your experience, share it with the community and help others in similar situations!

Swear by your grandma’s trick to rub olive oil in your hair if you’ve got a headache? Found the best pillow spray to help with stress or insomnia? Tell the world about it! Just click on ‘share your own cure with us’ and fill in the simple details required.

See a health tip you love? Come back to it in the future by saving it to your favourites (your own virtual medicine cabinet), or share it with friends and family who would appreciate it.

So what are these health tips?

Whether you call it a cure, remedy, tip, treatment or even an old wives tale, or whether the tip is a natural remedy, DIY from leftovers in your fridge, a product from across the globe, Eastern or Western medicine, or even a trick you discovered by mistake (we’ve been there), we want to hear about it!

Our ethos is that what works for one person might not work for another. Everyone is different – so are their symptoms and their healing processes. We want to offer you a menu of solutions, so that finding all the available options is now as easy as ordering take-out! Yum.

When should you use Good Zing?

Well, we think pretty much every day!

Think of it like this – no matter if you’re happy or sad, sneezing from a cold or fighting a migraine, hungover in bed or wanting a little inspiration, Good Zing is your one-stop-shop for all the resources and information you need to be the best version of you.

I am looking for (something funky), but can’t find this topic on Good Zing?

We’re just starting to build up our zing-tastic database, so if you don’t see a topic you’re looking for, get in touch at

I have (insert symptoms here) and am not sure what is wrong with me.

Sorry, we don’t offer diagnostics. We are only here for those pesky common problems and issues you, or someone you love, might have.

Remember you should always see your doctor or healthcare provider to rule out anything serious. You should also always discuss the health tips you discover with your healthcare provider to ensure what you take will not adversely impact your health.

Does Good Zing recommend any health tips or products?

We do not recommend or rate any remedies ourselves. We let you, the community, do the reviewing, because we believe you have the most real-world experience.

Even the tips that members of the team have submitted are not tips we are recommending. These might be remedies that we have heard about or tried and tested ourselves, and want to make sure you hear about them too!

There might be a product or tip our editorial team rave about, but that does not mean we recommend it. We just want you have access to all the information available to make educated and informed decisions for your own health.

The serious stuff:

We are not a medical site. The content on this website is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on this website. None of the content on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, instruct, cure or prevent any disease or health or medical issue. Please read our Terms Of Use.

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Phew, that’s about it… but wait!

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