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Coconut oil and cold sores New York US Apply this concoction of coconut oil to cold sores and feel better fast. I know it is just anecdotal evidence that it works but with so many of my friends swearing by it I thought I would give it a go. So far so good. No clue why this works, would be great if an expert here or someone with more experience can explain in the comments! ensure you are also using sunscreen #<Category:0x0055a2da9160e0> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste on those bites (itchy ones) Zimbabwe ZW Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the bite. #<Category:0x0055a2dac33660> Show Edit Destroy
Sugar Zimbabwe ZW Eating sugar neutralises heartburn. #<Category:0x0055a2db120d08> Show Edit Destroy
Cranberry pills New York US Take cranberry supplements regularly as a precaution, and also more intensively if you do end up with a UTI. Within 2 days you should feel 100% again. #<Category:0x0055a2db16e8c8> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise and eat Plums sicily IT Exercise such as yoga, running and Pilates can help constipation. Coupled with a good and natural laxative are fresh plums and you should be go good to go! #<Category:0x0055a2db499160> Show Edit Destroy
Dried apricots will get you regular Sydney AU 5 dried apriots will give you the solution you need.... trust me I find this really does work. My mother always told me about this home remedy to help ease constipation, and since I was a child in Sydney I have used this remedy and it does really help. #<Category:0x0055a2db05ecf8> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut oil helps with CFS New York US Take coconut oil every day Also relieves fatigue in muscles if massaged directly into areas causing pain #<Category:0x0055a2da4d75b0> Show Edit Destroy
Chicken Noodle Soup London GB Have chicken noodle soup #<Category:0x0055a2da2a7fb0> Show Edit Destroy
Hand sanitizer New York US Hand sanitizer will save the day if you forgot to put on some deodorant or even if you're leaving the gym and feel like you might smell. The alcohol kills the bacteria and neutralizes the smell. #<Category:0x0055a2da240e50> Show Edit Destroy
Fresh Air Zimbabwe ZW Fresh air will dry out the rash. #<Category:0x0055a2dc2697b8> Show Edit Destroy
Going out helps cure homesickess London GB When you feel homesick, get out of the house and try and meet up with friends or meet new people so that you feel less lonely. Also call home, chat with your family and then make a plan to get out of the house and make the most of the new city you live in. If you don't have any friends to meet up with, and can't handle meeting new people then try going out for a run. #<Category:0x0055a2dc242938> Show Edit Destroy
Crushed Advil/Tylenol New York US Apply crushed Advil/Tylenol to bikini every morning and before bed for a week after getting a wax or shaving Do this lying down because the paste hardens and cracks #<Category:0x0055a2dc2320d8> Show Edit Destroy
Resist coffee and red wine to avoid bags under you New York US Avoid coffee and red wine whenever you want to alleviate under eye bags. Within a week of cutting these drinks out of your diet and replacing with water, you should have improved any darkness and swelling under your eyes. Tea is okay! #<Category:0x0055a2dc21cb48> Show Edit Destroy
Dark room and painkillers London GB When you feel a migraine coming on, immediately drinks water, have 1 or two over the counter painkillers (such as paracetamol or Advil) and try and sleep. Do not look at your phone or a screen as that only seems to make it worse. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1c2918> Show Edit Destroy
Tomatos on the burn.... Lima PE If you have a sunburn, say in your back, arms, chest or legs, one soothing solution is place sliced tomatoes in the affected area. I have no scientific basis for saying that this works, but growing up in Peru, were sunburns are very frequent, it helped me many times. You will see that the tomatoes dry and heat up very quickly. I presume this is because they are moisturizing your skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1b1d20> Show Edit Destroy
Drink water when you feel the urge to snack London GB Every time you find yourself reaching for a snack, either because you are hungry, or bored and feel like eating - have a glass of water. It helps fill you up. When bored of water, try having tea. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1a2708> Show Edit Destroy
Eliminate fake sugar New York US Completely eliminate fake sugar from your diet. The results are amazing. If you are craving something sweet have a small piece of dark chocolate or a less sugary fruit (berries, apples, grapefruit) If you are used to drinking soda try soaking berries or citrus in sparkling water. #<Category:0x0055a2dc193050> Show Edit Destroy
Massage cures cellulite London GB Rigorous massage and dry body brushing clear cellulite on the bottom and thighs. Take a loofah and in rigorous circles work your way from your heart outwards and downwards massaging your skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dc186620> Show Edit Destroy
Retin A London GB Use Retin A at night to exfoliate your skin. Use it just a few times a week if that. #<Category:0x0055a2dc153130> Show Edit Destroy
St Johns Wart New York AU St Johns Wort is a great cure for depression and SAD in the Winter. Starting taking one supplement per day from the start of Autumn to avoid getting SAD as the days get shorter and the weather darker. Chlorella can also really help with energy levels. #<Category:0x0055a2dc134e88> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger eases sickness Leeds GB Ginger tea (teabags or grated ginger in hot water). It really helps ease the nausea. #<Category:0x0055a2dc11fa10> Show Edit Destroy
Hyalual Wow Eyes – Gel Mask GB I don't usually trust these kinds of masks but this one really works. The Hyalual gel eye mask reduces dark circles so fast if you use it regularly (I put mine on at night after work), and it gets rid of puffiness around the eyes. The gel mask is reusable up to 7 times and makes that sensitive skin under your eyes appear more firm! It's moisturising too so helps with dryness if you get that flaky skin on puffy eyes. What I like about this is that it doesn't slide down your face or feel uncomfortable! All you have to do is wash and clean your face, apply it to closed eyes and leave for around 30 mins. Then all you do is remove it and put it back in the box for next time! It's quite cooling too so you feel refreshed after you use it. You can use this every day up to 7 times. #<Category:0x0055a2dc0bf2f0> Show Edit Destroy
Tea bags California US Many eye treatments contain caffeine. This is because caffeine can help shrink blood vessels around your eye, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. Caffeinated tea also contains tannins (what gives the tea it's color and flavor). Tannins can also stimulate healthy blood circulation and help tighten and soothe skin. Lay a towel underneath your head so that if the tea bags drip nothing gets on your sheets #<Category:0x0055a2dbff2bd8> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid and Cut Out Dairy Lausanne CH Cut out all diary products while you have sinusitis - as apparently the dairy creates mucus. So no milk, cheese etc. Keep having no dairy and hopefully your symptoms should improve. If you feel you have a cold coming on and you are prone to sinusitis, start immediately avoiding all dairy #<Category:0x0055a2dbf5a338> Show Edit Destroy
Take it back to Why? GB When struggling with lack of motivation take it back to the “Why”. #<Category:0x0055a2dbe0f028> Show Edit Destroy
Pedialyte California US After a night of excessive drinking make sure to have two big glasses of Pedialyte before going to sleep. Pedialyte is full of electrolytes which helps prevent/lessen a hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2dbde7140> Show Edit Destroy
Vinegar stops the burn Barcelona ES Dab white vinegar on to the areas of the sunburn, don’t wash the vinegar off & it should cool and stop the sunburn Wear an old t-shirt afterwards as the vinegar smells for a while #<Category:0x0055a2dbdd0fa8> Show Edit Destroy
Lamisil Leeds GB Only thing that works after trial and error: Lamisil. Can buy at most chemists over the counter. #<Category:0x0055a2dbdb5988> Show Edit Destroy
Berry beautiful skin California US Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid, a common acne treatment, and yogurt is great for calming irritated skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd96240> Show Edit Destroy
Cashew Nuts to help boost your mood California US I read that in one serving Cashews contain 28% of our daily requirement of tryptophan, 25% of our daily requirement of magnesium, as well ad the B6 vitamin. All three are said to help to stabalize your mood. Add a pinch of salt for taste! #<Category:0x0055a2dbd73330> Show Edit Destroy
Piriton London GB Take Piriton tablets or syrup to help get rid of insect bites and get rid of itching quickly #<Category:0x0055a2dbd5a5b0> Show Edit Destroy
Fruit & nuts as a replacement London GB Mix up a box of dried fruit and nuts and when you feel peckish, have a couple of bits. Helps ease the sugar craving. Mixture #<Category:0x0055a2dbd397e8> Show Edit Destroy
Sugar Scrub New York US Exfoliating does one very important job-it gets rid of dead skin cells (which leads to acne, whiteheads, and blackheads) It also temporarily revives circulation and it leaves you with a healthy glow and soft skin. If possible use jojoba oil (most closely mimics our skins own sebum) If you don’t have jojoba oil, grapeseed, olive, or sweet almond oil are all good substitutes #<Category:0x0055a2dbd21698> Show Edit Destroy
5 2 Diet London GB Diet for 2 days, eating under 500 calories. Means you can eat like a pig for the other days. See the weight drop off. Have dinner early. Go to bed early. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd02130> Show Edit Destroy
Panadol and water Zurich CH Take Panadol with water when you wake up and before you go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dbce2858> Show Edit Destroy
Hot Toddy London GB Hot water, whisky & honey before bed works wonders #<Category:0x0055a2dbcc5820> Show Edit Destroy
Apple cider and castor oil New York US Put apple cider and castor oil to help relieve pain and heal jelly fish stings #<Category:0x0055a2dbbab188> Show Edit Destroy
Pee on it Norfolk GB The obvious #<Category:0x0055a2dbb1b4c0> Show Edit Destroy
Heat pack to your abdomen Zurich CH Applying heat to your lower abdomen will relieve tension you may be experiencing as a result of your period. Heat packs can also be applied to other effected areas such as your lower back. Heat packs can also be applied to other effected areas such as your lower back. #<Category:0x0055a2dba9c3a0> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger for a Tummy Ache Raleigh, North Carolina US Eat ginger raw, pickled, or in tea to relieve a stomach ache or indigestion #<Category:0x0055a2db6d5ca8> Show Edit Destroy
Garlic Clove Marrakech MA Cook a clove of garlic and apply like a suppository #<Category:0x0055a2db3d37f8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat well! London GB Its turns out that 95% of your body's serotonin (the 'feel good' hormone) is produced in the gut, not the brain. Therefore, making small changes to your diet can really help you feel good from the inside out! #<Category:0x0055a2dab77be0> Show Edit Destroy
Manuka Honey London GB An amazing long term cure from a problem that had dominated my life before this. You must be discipled in taking Manuka honey. Make sure to go to a good pharmacy. #<Category:0x0055a2dab36cd0> Show Edit Destroy
Foot Massage London GB Give yourself a vagarious foot rub, particularly along the outer sides of the feet. Getting someone else to do it is always better! #<Category:0x0055a2da9a8a80> Show Edit Destroy
Fight the Sunday Night Blues Beirut LB Go out between 6 and 12pm on Sundays (movies, dinner anything) Check out the latest movies and cool restaurants #<Category:0x0055a2da97bf58> Show Edit Destroy
Plaster/Bandaid rescuer Beirut LB Wrap a plaster/bandaid around your thumb Ask a person who lives with you to monitor you #<Category:0x0055a2da929640> Show Edit Destroy
Sleep it off London GB Immediately going to sleep if you can seems to relax you and speed up the time it takes to pass. I have found that this is the one thing that works. If sleep doesn't get rid of the migraine - A painkiller will help! #<Category:0x0055a2da891c00> Show Edit Destroy
Gurgle Salt Water Brussels BE Pour salt into room temperature water. Then gurgle the water (make sure it gets to the back of your throat). Spit the water out (don't swallow). Make sure you complete the entire glass. This will disinfect your throat. Make sure to gurgle in the back of your throat #<Category:0x0055a2da4bda70> Show Edit Destroy
Garlic - not just an old wives tale! AU Recent research has shown that garlic's anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity against infections stems from allicin, a compound which is found in garlic when it is crushed or chopped. Allicin can also be found in food like onions. So if you have flu, put garlic in your food to help your body heal. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bc4ea0> Show Edit Destroy
Lots of fluid and sleep London GB Make sure you drink lots of fluids, not caffeine, and get lots of sleep and relax #<Category:0x0055a2d9ba09b0> Show Edit Destroy
Vinegar Selangor MY Pour vinegar on the sting until pain goes away #<Category:0x0055a2d9bdb5b0> Show Edit Destroy
Force yourself to stay awake New York US After a long flight and many time zones you may be tempted to take a nap. The first day, stay awake as long as possible and avoid naps - go to sleep at the right time for the timezone you're in. N/A #<Category:0x0055a2da1b1138> Show Edit Destroy
The 5 Minute Journal - Cultivates Gratitude and Positivity! US A brilliant way to start and end your day! Allows you to cultivate gratitude by writing positive affirmations and clear goals every day - proven to lift your mood. Also contains inspiring quotes and challenges #<Category:0x0055a2da999b70> Show Edit Destroy
Charcoal pills TH Charcoal pills are a supplement that can help stop terrible cases of diarrhea. You can purchase these at any drugstore or health supply. #<Category:0x0055a2dab8e548> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut oil: The miracle cure Georgetown GY Dry skin? Use coconut oil. It absorbs quickly, is basically odorless, and lasts a long time. It is completely natural so it does not contain any weird ingredients found in cremes and lotions. Try putting the coconut oil into a squeeze bottle for easier use #<Category:0x0055a2dac01728> Show Edit Destroy
Skype New York US If it is merely a geographical loneliness you are experiencing e.g. in the house alone, then I always find a good skype session with a friend or family member/anyone really helps. You don’t even really have to chat to them, but just leave it on while your having your dinner or pottering about. It makes you feel like your not the only person there. #<Category:0x0055a2dac9c570> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste will stop the itching Barcelona ES This works especially well for mosquito bites. Put a small amount of toothpaste on the bite, This should stop the itching #<Category:0x0055a2dace8cb8> Show Edit Destroy
Meditation US Find a quiet spot to meditate in the hour before you want to fall asleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dae067a8> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera Zimbabwe ZW Drink Aloe Vera to get rid of constipation. #<Category:0x0055a2db2d15f8> Show Edit Destroy
Take 2 Paracetamol London GB As soon as you feel the pain coming on take 2 paracetamol. Go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2db2f5f48> Show Edit Destroy
Put Mud on the sting! Barcelona ES Just get mud and put it on the sting, let it dry, and then after a while you wash it off with warm water. #<Category:0x0055a2db287890> Show Edit Destroy
Camomile Cream Norfolk GB Using camomile cream helps sooth skin and gets rid of the burn quicker. #<Category:0x0055a2db26d850> Show Edit Destroy
No eating on airplanes Rome IT Whatever you do, do not eat anything but a small snack that you bring once on the airplane. Try to sleep or focus on a movie when the food cart passes through the plane. Remember airplane food is never really good anyways! #<Category:0x0055a2dadf92b0> Show Edit Destroy
Hot water and hot water bottle London GB Take a relaxing hot bath and a lie in bed with a hot water bottle on your stomach afterwards. Add lavender essential oil to bath #<Category:0x0055a2dad09198> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Cure for Nausea Prague CZ When nausea comes (or morning sickness if you are pregnant), try ginger- either fresh ginger root or ginger candy #<Category:0x0055a2dac7a038> Show Edit Destroy
Photograph of the picking! London GB Catch the nose picker in action and take a photograph or them. Show it to them to show how disgusting it is! If you are are the picker, get a friend to take the picture of you. Doesnt really work with children. #<Category:0x0055a2dac29278> Show Edit Destroy
Russian Method: Vodka Sweat Moscow RU Have a shot of vodka, sleep in a lot of blankets, sweat it out! Have water too. #<Category:0x0055a2daae1d98> Show Edit Destroy
Stand up! New York US Standing up in meeting can help you stay awake. #<Category:0x0055a2daa46550> Show Edit Destroy
Learn to look for the sleepy signs. GB Recognizing your babies sleepy cues is essential for better naps during the day and overnight sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2da8fee18> Show Edit Destroy
Natural cures for thrush London GB A natural treatment for thrush. #<Category:0x0055a2da6854c0> Show Edit Destroy
X Stops the Itch Kuala Lumpur MY With your fingernail, mark and "X" on the bite and it will stop itching. Do not sratch the bite at all costs! #<Category:0x0055a2da64a618> Show Edit Destroy
Tricks to Avoid Pollen London GB Wash your face often with water to make sure that pollen doesn't come inside with you. Wear sun glasses when outside and use a homapathic cream like Hay Max at base of nostrils when you outside. #<Category:0x0055a2da62ecd8> Show Edit Destroy
Salt water rinse New York City US Swish a small amount of warm salt water in your mouth to cure tooth pains. #<Category:0x0055a2da60fb30> Show Edit Destroy
Soothing, natural balm for sun burn Cannes FR Aloe Vera is a natural balm for an angry sun burn that not only soothes the burn but helps get rid of it. Let the gel absorb before getting into bed or putting clothes on. #<Category:0x0055a2da4ff5d8> Show Edit Destroy
Chew Your Cravings Away New York US Chewing gum tricks your brain and stomach into thinking it’s getting more than it is. Gum reduces appetite and curbs the urge to snack. It also stimulates the flow of saliva which helps break down starches and fats. Try different flavors other than just mint! #<Category:0x0055a2da478178> Show Edit Destroy
Body brushing London GB Get a body brush and every morning firmly brush up your legs to your heart, up your arms to your heart #<Category:0x0055a2da413278> Show Edit Destroy
A spoonful of horseradish New York City US Eat a spoonful of horseradish to clear your sinuses! #<Category:0x0055a2da3db508> Show Edit Destroy
Rehydration London GB Drink coconut water and eat a lot of water based fruit. Melons, bananas, and cucumber are great water based fruit #<Category:0x0055a2da328c50> Show Edit Destroy
Slippery Elm Powder eases heartburn Leeds GB Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of Slippery Elm Powder in to a cup of hot water and drink Add a couple of cardamom pods to mix for extra benefit #<Category:0x0055a2da3082c0> Show Edit Destroy
Arnica reduces bruising Leeds GB Massage Arnica cream or gel into bruise - it will shorten life and severity of the bruise #<Category:0x0055a2da2d9588> Show Edit Destroy
Chewing on raw ginger Lagos NG By chewing on raw ginger, it promotes secretion of digestive juices that help neutralise stomach acid #<Category:0x0055a2da1d9a20> Show Edit Destroy
Lemongrass and ginger brew lots of water Lagos NG Make a lemongrass and ginger brew with lots of water. It helps to relieve symptoms of a flu e.g coughing #<Category:0x0055a2da1bba70> Show Edit Destroy
Natural & Tasty London GB A simple & delicious way to get rid of hay fever symptoms. #<Category:0x0055a2da192ff8> Show Edit Destroy
Apply raw garlic Lagos NG By applying raw garlic it acts as an antibiotic. Slows down bacterial activity #<Category:0x0055a2da17f480> Show Edit Destroy
Salt and Sugar solution Lagos NG Salt and Sugar solution helps with re-hydration #<Category:0x0055a2da16bcf0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat at the time of the destination London GB Eat big meals at the time zone of your destination to adjust your body clock #<Category:0x0055a2da14fe10> Show Edit Destroy
Oregano Oil helps ease symptoms Leeds GB You can either take oil capsules/ massage oil #<Category:0x0055a2da1425a8> Show Edit Destroy
Irn Bru! Edinburgh GB Drink Irn Bru at any time and it will end the hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2da125020> Show Edit Destroy
The Easy Cure London GB A forward planning hangover cure. Take them with as much water as you can stomach! #<Category:0x0055a2da10ced0> Show Edit Destroy
Pure aloe vera Lagos NG Pure aloe vera gel straight out of the leaf helps soothes the burns. Squeeze the gel out of the leaf and apply it gently on top of the skin  #<Category:0x0055a2da0f0bb8> Show Edit Destroy
Antibiotics immediately Zurich CH Go to a doctor and get a 10 day dose of antibiotics. Finish the dose to reduce risk of recurrence. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bec590> Show Edit Destroy
Gels, lotions and medical shampoo Zurich CH Use a medical shampoo 2x a week, and apply oil and gel on affected area and let sit for 24 hours. After washing off cover area with lotion Must be regular process to prevent recurral #<Category:0x0055a2d9b630d8> Show Edit Destroy
Coffee helps! New York City US Dinking coffee helps move everything along... #<Category:0x0055a2d9b3f9a8> Show Edit Destroy
Berocca London GB Buy and take a Berocca which contains Calcuim, Magnesium and Zinc. Really helps make you feel better #<Category:0x0055a2d9b29ab8> Show Edit Destroy
HayMax Wax London GB Buy HayMax from the chemist, dab the wax under your nose frequently, especially when heading outside. Can buy in most UK pharmacy #<Category:0x0055a2d9b10ce8> Show Edit Destroy
Boiled water with salt London GB Dab hot water mixed with salt on blisters to help get rid of the time quickly. #<Category:0x0055a2d9ae2f50> Show Edit Destroy
Party through the night New York City US Before a long flight, party all night the night before, so you are exhausted and sleep the entire flight. Seems to help you adjust quicker and lets be honest, its fun #<Category:0x0055a2d9abfdc0> Show Edit Destroy
A good one for surf cuts (from reef) Bali ID Apply Lime to the exposed wounds. Often when you are on a remote island in the Pacific, you don't have access to first aid. However limes are fairly plentiful in tropical areas and act as adequate disinfectants. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a9f110> Show Edit Destroy
Micro Silber Crème Munich GE Use Micro Silber Crème from SOS in Germany. It's a non-prescription creme that really helps with psoriasis. Use regularly on affected areas and you'll notice a difference. Make sure you're not allergic to any ingredients. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a868e0> Show Edit Destroy
Panadol Zurich CH Take Panadol to help get rid of Sinusitis #<Category:0x0055a2d9a70fb8> Show Edit Destroy
pump up jams Houston US Motivate yourself with some good songs. I'd recommend Who Gon Stop Me- JayZ and Kanye Make Me Proud- Drake Ratchet Commandments-Tink #<Category:0x0055a2d9a44120> Show Edit Destroy
Take a break from boredom New York US Take breaks to stretch during boring work #<Category:0x0055a2d9a19ee8> Show Edit Destroy
Mint Tea to relieve heartbrun New York City US Drinking peppermint tea helps to soothe your symptoms. Its the perfect home remedy #<Category:0x0055a2d9a05bf0> Show Edit Destroy
Imodium London GB Take Imodium to get rid of diarrhoea. Trust me - it is the only thing that actually works with diarrhea, and it works quickly. Additional benefit is it stops the cramps you get when you have diarrhea. #<Category:0x0055a2d99e11b0> Show Edit Destroy
H20 and Fiber London GB Getting rid of constipation can be very simple... #<Category:0x0055a2d99b3be8> Show Edit Destroy
Day and Night Nurse London GB Take Day and Night Nurse: it is very effective in eliminating all the symptoms. Available to buy across UK pharmacies #<Category:0x0055a2d9993690> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamins London GB Take preventative vitamins right when you feel a cold coming on. #<Category:0x0055a2d9974b78> Show Edit Destroy
Suppress cough at night New York City US Take an over the counter antihistamine before going to sleep as it will help to suppress the nasal drip which will help stop you coughing at night #<Category:0x0055a2d99548f0> Show Edit Destroy
Suck and Chew Sage for Aching Tooth Vaud CH Sage is soothing and calms tooth pains. This tends to be better for mild tooth pain. If it is extreme consider additional remedies. #<Category:0x0055a2d99417a0> Show Edit Destroy
Clove Oil eases pain Singapore SI Clove oil has been used in traditional medicine as a topical analgesic and anesthetic, (numbs affected area) and also has antibacterial properties. #<Category:0x0055a2d99294e8> Show Edit Destroy
Sudocrem helps with nappy rash London GB Apply Sudocrem to get rid of nappy rash and ease the itch for your poor baby. I used this with my 3 babies and it really did help them. Allow cream to sink into the skin for at least 20 minutes #<Category:0x0055a2d98c63e8> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger dates soup Beijing CN Cook a ginger dates soup to relive the pain Can do it without dates for simplicity #<Category:0x0055a2d98bd950> Show Edit Destroy
Tea and Toast London GB Drink hot tea and eat plain toast to get rid of period pains #<Category:0x0055a2d98b1358> Show Edit Destroy
Ice your nose Zimbabwe ZW When you have a nose bleed apply ice directly onto nose. Ice will restrict the vein and reduce the bleed. #<Category:0x0055a2d988e358> Show Edit Destroy
Exfoliate! London GB Regular exfoliation helps to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs. #<Category:0x0055a2d984fce8> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin E drops Tel Aviv IL Vitamin E drops are really good to prevent and help get rid of wrinkles #<Category:0x0055a2d982d800> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon slices helps the nausea Tel Aviv IL Suck on a slice of lemon once the sickness starts Carry lemon slices with you #<Category:0x0055a2d9814760> Show Edit Destroy
Advil!!! Tel Aviv IS Two advils and a lage glass of water should do the job! #<Category:0x0055a2d97f4eb0> Show Edit Destroy
Elderberry Juice New York State US Elderberry juice (concentrate or as a pill) thinckens the cell wall and prevents a virus from spreading. (Viruses spread by injecting their DNA into our healthy cells.) Take it as soon as possible and keep taking it through the cold. #<Category:0x0055a2d97dc540> Show Edit Destroy
Salty water New York US Swish salty water in mouth for 30 seconds #<Category:0x0055a2d97c4198> Show Edit Destroy
Fat Massage targeting cellulite London GB A Columbian friend swears by this. I recently started trying it and it is a game changer. Word of warning apparently the beneficial results are usually short-lived, according to Its a manual deep massage targeting the fat cells. #<Category:0x0055a2d97a3d30> Show Edit Destroy
Raw Honey Tel Aviv IS Spread raw honey on face 20 minutes everyday for two weeks Put hair in bun so honey does not get in it #<Category:0x0055a2d978fc40> Show Edit Destroy
Nail Polish Providence, RI US Paint the thumb nail a bright disgusting color. It slightly alters the taste and makes the thumb sucker think twice about putting the thumb in the mouth because it looks less then appetizing... #<Category:0x0055a2d9777208> Show Edit Destroy
Use Garlic to say goodbye to warts ZW To get rid of a wart cut a small piece of garlic and apply directly onto wart. Keep secure with a plaster. #<Category:0x0055a2d97560d0> Show Edit Destroy
Bitter Bite ZM The taste of the bitter bite will make sucking the thumb undesirable. #<Category:0x0055a2d973cb80> Show Edit Destroy
Tahini is the cure! Salt JO Rub tahini on cold sores to get rid of them faster... #<Category:0x0055a2d9718190> Show Edit Destroy
Sweat it out Salt JO Wear extra layers of clothing, wrap yourself in a blanket, lay in bed, drink warm liquids. Take anti histamines. #<Category:0x0055a2d96f6658> Show Edit Destroy
Ice Ice Baby Salt JO Apply ice to bruised area twice a day for 20 minutes #<Category:0x0055a2d96ddd60> Show Edit Destroy
Bubble bath New York US Great way to unwind and relax is just take a bath! It gives you the out time you need to help de-stress, the warm water helps calm you down. And its not like you can sit in the bath with your cell-phone making a call! Light some candles and dim lights to set a calming mood #<Category:0x0055a2d96be3e8> Show Edit Destroy
7up/Sprite London GB Have a 7Up/Sprite to settle your stomach Drink slowly #<Category:0x0055a2d9349dc0> Show Edit Destroy
Full fat yogurt Salt JO Apply full fat yogurt to blisters for 30 minutes to help heal faster #<Category:0x0055a2d96b9b90> Show Edit Destroy
Bitter Bite Zimbabwe ZW The taste of the bitter bit will make biting the nail undesirable. #<Category:0x0055a2d9699b60> Show Edit Destroy
Cool it down London GB Take any cold object and place on top of effected area. Using an ice pack is the best (the colder the better) #<Category:0x0055a2d9679298> Show Edit Destroy
Meditate - Chillax Tel Aviv IL Try and think about why you are angry,and how you can avoid the situation next time around. #<Category:0x0055a2d963e418> Show Edit Destroy
Tomato juice with 2 Aspirins Salt JO Drink tomato juice with 2 aspirins before you sleep and 2 when you wake up to prevent/help a hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2d9629d88> Show Edit Destroy
Cool your neck, wrists and ankles Salt JO Place a cool wet cloth behind your neck, wrists and ankles. Will bring fever 3 degrees down in 5 minutes. #<Category:0x0055a2d95fe7f0> Show Edit Destroy
Tahini and honey Salt JO Mix a tablespoon of tahini to a tablespoon of honey and swallow. #<Category:0x0055a2d95b1f40> Show Edit Destroy
Clear nail polish does the trick! Salt JO Apply clear nail polish directly on bites and let dry to get rid of the itch. Reapply once nail polish falls off. #<Category:0x0055a2d9595a48> Show Edit Destroy
Calamine lotion Delhi IN Apply calamine lotion to the bites to calm down bites and reduces itching. #<Category:0x0055a2d954e3f0> Show Edit Destroy
Tahini oil helps with heart burn Salt JO Drink tahini oil to get rid of chest pain #<Category:0x0055a2d7acc770> Show Edit Destroy
Saltine Crackers Texas US Eating saltine crackers throughout the day helps get rid of nausea. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a9a9a0> Show Edit Destroy
Bach Rescue Night Spray London GB Buy Bach Rescue Night Spray. #<Category:0x0055a2d885d808> Show Edit Destroy
Bandana & Lemons Salt JO Place sliced lemon or ice on the side of your head and on your forehead. Wrap with a bandana and tie it hard around your head. Take Excedrin #<Category:0x0055a2d880efa0> Show Edit Destroy
Change your smell Salt JO Change what you are smelling to get rid of migraine. Lavender takes away other scents #<Category:0x0055a2d87e0bc8> Show Edit Destroy
So long cold Salt JO Mix 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons lemon, and 1 teaspoon baking soda into 1/4 cup of warm water and and gargle #<Category:0x0055a2d878a908> Show Edit Destroy
Whiskey and lemon Salt JO Squeeze a lemon into a shot of whiskey and drink Hold your nose and do this quickly! #<Category:0x0055a2d874f178> Show Edit Destroy
Plain foods Delhi IN Drink a 7up/Sprite and eat either plain toast or some rice porridge to help settle the stomach. Drink and eat slowly #<Category:0x0055a2d872fb98> Show Edit Destroy
Arak liquor Salt JO Rub Arak liquor on your stomach to relieve period pains. #<Category:0x0055a2d871c638> Show Edit Destroy
Salt water London GB Place salt into bath or bucket and place area effected in. #<Category:0x0055a2d86e9af8> Show Edit Destroy
Tie them with floss! Salt JO Tie the warts with dental floss. Knot very tightly cutting off circulation and leave until the warts fall off. #<Category:0x0055a2d86b3368> Show Edit Destroy
Olive Oil GB My grandma SWEARS by this. She has had 4 children (including twins!) and she rubbed olive oil into her stomach every night before she went to bed when she was pregnant. As a result she has no stretch marks! #<Category:0x0055a2d868b070> Show Edit Destroy
Go to the gym! London GB Keeping active can help you lose weight. #<Category:0x0055a2d8653440> Show Edit Destroy
Dance it up New York US Dance away your loneliness by dancing to your own tune. Laugh at yourself and enjoy the exercise while you're at it! A mirror doesn't hurt sometimes. Create a routine of doing this #<Category:0x0055a2d8635c38> Show Edit Destroy
Vinegar stops the itch! Athens GR Rub vinegar directly onto bites to get rid of the itching sensation. #<Category:0x0055a2d86107d0> Show Edit Destroy
Salt cloth Salt JO Heat salt in a pot and put in a cloth. Pat it on your back. #<Category:0x0055a2d85ceab0> Show Edit Destroy
Paracetamol for the headache pain London GB Take two paracetamol to get rid of a headache. Don’t take too many too often #<Category:0x0055a2d859e770> Show Edit Destroy
Bicarbonate Soda London GB Swallow 1/2 teaspoon of Bicarbonate Soda a few times a day #<Category:0x0055a2d8592d30> Show Edit Destroy
Soap and Sugar London GB Dab soap/sugar into cuts #<Category:0x0055a2d8573c28> Show Edit Destroy
Crushed Aspirin Salt JO Crush some aspirin and applying directly on the tooth can help relieve aches and pains from toothache. #<Category:0x0055a2d853cfe8> Show Edit Destroy
Chew Ginger London GB Chewing on a small piece of ginger when the morning sickness starts to come on stops it from getting worse. #<Category:0x0055a2d851c6f8> Show Edit Destroy
Banana London GB Have a banana first thing in the morning to help a hangover. Un-ripe bananas cause constipation so go for one with spots on it! #<Category:0x0055a2d84ec318> Show Edit Destroy
Cold milk and baking soda Salt JO A lot of the time, the only way to get rid of food poisoning is to remove whatever it is in your system that has made you sick. Drink cold milk mixed with baking soda to throw up. #<Category:0x0055a2d84cc8b0> Show Edit Destroy
Yoghurt London GB Eat yoghurt to get rid of diarrhea #<Category:0x0055a2d84a0990> Show Edit Destroy
Run it under Cold water London GB Cold water can ease the burning sensation Keep under cold water for as long as possible #<Category:0x0055a2d846c3c0> Show Edit Destroy
Inhale Olbas Oil to clear some symptoms London GB do a basic inhalation to help clear your sinuses, so you can breath easier and you dont have a really stuffy nose #<Category:0x0055a2d8415250> Show Edit Destroy
All butter diet supresses appetite Delhi IN Make sure you only eat foods liberally doused in butter. Eat as much as you want with complete disregard for your personal wellbeing. If the food is properly buttered, you shouldn't have appetite for more than two meals a day. #<Category:0x0055a2d83ed520> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise London GB Exercise away your jealousy with boxing or running to great music! #<Category:0x0055a2d83a6508> Show Edit Destroy
Fresh onion Cologne GE Fresh onion will suck bee venom out Your hands will smell of garlic. Wash hands with lemon after. #<Category:0x0055a2d8378180> Show Edit Destroy
Get a fitness band - helps to move more GB Buy a fitness band that you wear around your wrist. Any make will do. This tracks your movement and sleep which you can monitor daily on your telephone or computer. Tracking how much you move daily, as well as your sleep patterns, can motivate you to move more and try to improve your sleep. The more you move, the greater the calorie burn = weight loss. The more sleep you have, the more refreshed you are which means greater control to stay away from sugary snacks and food. #<Category:0x0055a2d83485c0> Show Edit Destroy
Coffee London GB Drinking coffee can act as a laxative to get rid of constipation. #<Category:0x0055a2d83178f8> Show Edit Destroy
Zantac Cape Town ZA Take 2 Zantac at the first sign of heartburn #<Category:0x0055a2d82e7a90> Show Edit Destroy
Essential for the Jetsetter Schio IT Taking melatonin pills helps regulate your sleep cyle to beat the effects of jet lag Orange flavor highly recommended #<Category:0x0055a2d82cb228> Show Edit Destroy
Naproxen Melbourne AU Naproxen is the best over the counter remedy for getting rid of period pains. #<Category:0x0055a2d82a4380> Show Edit Destroy
Rose Water Zimbabwe ZW Use a cotton swap to apply rose water directly onto effected areas first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2d82773d0> Show Edit Destroy
Garlic Clove Koln GE Fresh garlic will suck out ear infection Wash hands with lemon after to get smell off of hands. #<Category:0x0055a2d8231c18> Show Edit Destroy
Expectations London GB Manage expectations with environment. No one has your standards. #<Category:0x0055a2d81fbb40> Show Edit Destroy
Plain rice London GB Eating plain white rice helps get rid of diarrhea. Stay away from any foods that are not totally plain. #<Category:0x0055a2d81b96a0> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut oil decreases sugar cravings New York US Eating 1 teaspoon of raw coconut oil 3 x a day will level out your blood sugar, giving you less sugar cravings Spread It on toast or melt it in your tea #<Category:0x0055a2d818ec98> Show Edit Destroy
"After Bite" lotion New York US "After Bite" lotion can do wonders to temporarily get rid of itchiness. #<Category:0x0055a2d8170248> Show Edit Destroy
Hydrogen Peroxide Texas US Pour hydrogen peroxide on cut #<Category:0x0055a2d8141d58> Show Edit Destroy
Liquid Paraffin Zimbabwe ZW Drink liquid paraffin to get rid of constipation #<Category:0x0055a2d8112968> Show Edit Destroy
Weighted Blankets GB Studies show that deep pressure touch, as stimulated by weighted blankets, stimulates serotin release, making you happier and more relaxed. #<Category:0x0055a2d80a3270> Show Edit Destroy
Lucas Pawpaw Cream Melbourne AU Apply Pawpaw cream directly on rash to help get rid of it faster. Pawpaw works on everything! #<Category:0x0055a2d806f128> Show Edit Destroy
period pain relief hot water bottle Manchester GB placing something warm on the skin can alleviate abdominal pain in a similar way to painkillers for up to an hour. make sure that the water is not too hot that it will burn your skin! #<Category:0x0055a2d803aa18> Show Edit Destroy
Foods rich in magnesium and potassium New York US Eat foods rich in magnesium and potassium to get rid of period pains. #<Category:0x0055a2d80040d0> Show Edit Destroy
Take the blame London GB Stop blaming people or circumstances. Look for solution within you. #<Category:0x0055a2d7fac7e0> Show Edit Destroy
Holiday London GB Go on a beach holiday in mid - winter! #<Category:0x0055a2d7f79c00> Show Edit Destroy
Green shakes and electrolyte tablets Texas US Right when you wake up have a green shake and take electrolyte tablets to help get rid of hangover quickly. #<Category:0x0055a2d7f5cec0> Show Edit Destroy
Face time\ skype Tel Aviv IL Videocall your loved ones it always works for me! #<Category:0x0055a2d7f26c08> Show Edit Destroy
Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids New York US Eating foods rich in omega-3 has been shown to manage and help get rid of depression. #<Category:0x0055a2d7f09bd0> Show Edit Destroy
Zantac to stop you pooping Cape Town ZA Take 2 Zantac at the first sign of an upset stomach #<Category:0x0055a2d7ec31d0> Show Edit Destroy
Plug it with a tampon Cape Town ZA Cut a tampon in half and stick it up your nose. The ultra absorbant design will last longer than any tissues. #<Category:0x0055a2d7ea56a8> Show Edit Destroy
Ice cube Cape Town ZA Rub an ice cube directly on the bug bite to help numb and ease itchiness. #<Category:0x0055a2d7e5f158> Show Edit Destroy
Salt and vinegar crisps and bananas London GB The salt from the crisps and the potassium from the banana will reduce nausea. #<Category:0x0055a2d7e40230> Show Edit Destroy
As my Mother always said "Don't frown"! London GB Find reasons to smile instead of frown to prevent wrinkles. My mother always says if you frown they will turn into wrinkles! #<Category:0x0055a2d7dfb1f8> Show Edit Destroy
Yogurt London GB Replace two of your meals with a greek yogurt for one week once a month. #<Category:0x0055a2d7dd32e8> Show Edit Destroy
Dried Figs Melbourne AU Eating dried figs helps to naturally get rid of constipation #<Category:0x0055a2d7db0b58> Show Edit Destroy
Hypnosis London GB Practice hypnosis to help yourself quit smoking. Try and find a hypnosis therapist if you have never practice hypnosis before. #<Category:0x0055a2d7d6ad88> Show Edit Destroy
5 Minute Self Compassion Break California US Follow these simple steps. #<Category:0x0055a2d7d515b8> Show Edit Destroy
Sore Throat Soothing London GB Remove bacteria from throat to prevent soreness by gargling salt water #<Category:0x0055a2d7ceee90> Show Edit Destroy
lemon and honey tea Manchester GB add lemon and honey into hot water to make a tea that will soothe a sore throat and clear your sinuses. give 5 minutes for the tea to brew, if it is not strong enough then it wont take affect. #<Category:0x0055a2d7c9f020> Show Edit Destroy
Nettle Tea London GB Drink lots of nettle tea to get rid of hay fever. #<Category:0x0055a2d7c69808> Show Edit Destroy
Sweat out your hangover Cape Town ZA After a long night of drinking, go and sit in a steam room and sweat out the alcohol. #<Category:0x0055a2d7c4e030> Show Edit Destroy
Hair Of The Dog Cape Town SA Have a drink as soon as you wake up from a long night of drinking. Go for somehting lighter like wine, beer or bloody mary #<Category:0x0055a2d7c26eb8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat the shell FOR SHELLFISH ONLY!! Zimbabwe ZW Eating a tiny bit of the shell will counteract the poisoning FOR SHELLFISH ONLY!! #<Category:0x0055a2d7bf1e70> Show Edit Destroy
Training on holiday GB If you're anything like me, you like to keep your fitness ticking over while you're on holiday, but depending on where you go there isn't always a gym around for a quick session. Not to worry! The only piece of equipment you need is a skipping rope, which can be packed up really small and easily fits in your bag. You can get a really good HIIT workout with a rope and there are a number of footwork variations to keep it challenging. Just 20 minutes of furious jumping can burn up to 300 calories. So invest in a skipping rope as it will be your best friend on holiday. #<Category:0x0055a2d7be3c30> Show Edit Destroy
Poke a hole in it London United Kingdom Poke a small hole in the blister and allow the water to drain out. The smaller the hole the better. Show Edit Destroy
Got Milk? Nairobi KE Drinking a few gulps of milk changes the PH of your tummy, which relieves heart burn. #<Category:0x0055a2d7b14890> Show Edit Destroy
Pack a Baby Kit New York GB If your significant other gets bored easily, try to pack treats, games, etc. in your purse, bag or pockets Great for traveling #<Category:0x0055a2d7b3a900> Show Edit Destroy
Hot and Cold Zimbabwe ZW Apply hot cloth to the bruised area followed by a cold pack, #<Category:0x0055a2d7ab2820> Show Edit Destroy
Advil Liquigels New York US Take two Advil Liquigels before you go to sleep and another two as soon as you wake up. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a8ece0> Show Edit Destroy
Stand by Rascal Flatts Cape Town ZA Listen to the song "Stand" by Rascal Flatts on repeat. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a7e160> Show Edit Destroy
Botox London GB Get Botox to both prevent and get rid of wrinkles #<Category:0x0055a2d7a6ff20> Show Edit Destroy
Eat and drink something New York US Being hungry or dehydrated can both cause a headache. If you feel one coming on drink a glass of water and eat a snack. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a5fbc0> Show Edit Destroy
get rid of the your headache: Ice it Cape Town ZA Place an icepack on the back of your neck and rest your head on it to ease and get rid of headache. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a542e8> Show Edit Destroy
Advil Liquigels as a Prophylactic New York US As soon as you feel even a slight symptom coming on, take four Advil Liquigels immediately, and then two more every 4-6 hours thereafter #<Category:0x0055a2d7a3e380> Show Edit Destroy
Boiled eggplant tops Seoul SK Boil the tops of eggplants and gargle with the water to relieve toothache pain. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a2bb40> Show Edit Destroy
Plum Boiled Water Seoul SK Boil dried plums and drink resulting water to get rid of a stomach ache. Add sugar if the taste is too bitter #<Category:0x0055a2d7a1a840> Show Edit Destroy
Ice the burnt area Cape Town ZA Rub an ice cube directly onto the burn #<Category:0x0055a2d7a0cc68> Show Edit Destroy
New creative hobbies Tehran Iran Try and find new creative hobbies to get rid of boredom. Painting is a great option. #<Category:0x0055a2d79f8538> Show Edit Destroy
Pinch yourself New York US Pinch yourself when you start to feel sleepy during meetings. #<Category:0x0055a2d7987a40> Show Edit Destroy
Baking soda good for UTI's New York US Drink water and being soda to cure UTI symptoms While experiencing symptom also keep a heat pad on your abdomen #<Category:0x0055a2d7948a48> Show Edit Destroy
Tissues and Toilet Paper New York US Apply pressure to stop a nose bleed. #<Category:0x0055a2d79088a8> Show Edit Destroy
Tummy Rub AE Every nappy change rub a little Aceite De Manzanilla on the abdomen as a preventative measure or you can use only when the baby has colic. #<Category:0x0055a2d78f00a0> Show Edit Destroy
So long guilt London GB Do something good for the person you feel guilty about. #<Category:0x0055a2d789f3f8> Show Edit Destroy
Call your mother to reduce your stress (according to science!) Wisconsin US It was published in the Scientific Amercian blog that "a phone call from Mom reduces stress as well as a hug" Read the article online! #<Category:0x0055a2d7873af0> Show Edit Destroy
Bach's to the rescue London GB Spray twice on the tongue before bed to help you sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2d784ae98> Show Edit Destroy
Miracle Drink using Manuka Honey London PE Drinking turmeric and manuka honey with hot water and lemon gets rid of a sore throat. #<Category:0x0055a2d78131f0> Show Edit Destroy
Acceptance is key London GB Everyone gets disappointed and everyone disappoints. As soon as you accept this you will be happier. #<Category:0x0055a2d77eed78> Show Edit Destroy
Granulated sugar as a cheap and cheerful exfoliant! London GB Sugar crystals rub against the skin, removing dead skin and cleansing and opening the pores, and its cheaper and easier than buying an expensive exfoliant! #<Category:0x0055a2d77b7738> Show Edit Destroy
Electrolytes London GB Travel with Dioralyte or Pedialyte to replenish electrolytes and minerals after a big night out. That mixed with the 1000mg vitamin c sachets are amazing and make everything better. #<Category:0x0055a2d775ac90> Show Edit Destroy
Dab brandy on the soles of your feet Bombay IN This is best done before bedtime. Basically dab a small amount of brandy on the soles of your feet, and then once it has soaked into your skin wear socks. #<Category:0x0055a2d77017d0> Show Edit Destroy
Paint your depression away Tehran IR Try picking up painting as a new hobby to help get rid of depression. #<Category:0x0055a2d76b6d70> Show Edit Destroy
Watch yourself in the mirror Beijing CN If you watch yourself pick your nose in the mirror, you'll never want to do it again because it looks, well, gross #<Category:0x0055a2d7625640> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin D makes you feel better New York US Take Vitamin D daily #<Category:0x0055a2d756ac28> Show Edit Destroy
Alka-Seltzer cures UTIs New York US Drinking Alka-Seltzer can get rid of UTI symptoms fast I take it for 3 days to make sure it is completely gone so that it doesn't come back. #<Category:0x0055a2d74a71d8> Show Edit Destroy
Home-made Detox Water Dubai AE Delicious detox water you can make at home which will help you lose weight. Remember to eat healthy food alongside drinking this #<Category:0x0055a2d7451d00> Show Edit Destroy
Bliss Product - Ingrown Hair New York City US The best product I have found so far is Bliss's Eliminating In Grown Hair pads. #<Category:0x0055a2d73f9448> Show Edit Destroy
Yeast and Yogurt JO Mix one tablespoon of Yeast and Yogurt and use as a mask for 15 minutes to get rid of acne. #<Category:0x0055a2d73b8bf0> Show Edit Destroy
Tea tree oil Hong Kong HK Dab two drops of tea tree oil onto your pimple after washing your face. Follow with a drop of pure Vitamin E if necessary. Use up to three drops #<Category:0x0055a2d7370210> Show Edit Destroy
Drink lots of fluid London GB Staying hydrated is key when trying to get over a cold. Drink lots of water and as much Vitamin C as possible. #<Category:0x0055a2d73107c0> Show Edit Destroy
Bleeding gums in pregnancy London GB Due to pregnancy hormones, your gums are more susceptible to bleeding and plaque build up. Swap your usual tooth brush to a SOFT bristle brush, and don't use alcohol based mouth wash #<Category:0x0055a2d7298ab8> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera eases the pain of blisters New York US Applying aloe vera to blisters reduces pain A healing alternative to aloe vera is vitamin E oil or zinc ointment. #<Category:0x0055a2d7232448> Show Edit Destroy
Prettier when you smile London GB Think about how much better you look when you are smiling :) #<Category:0x0055a2d71e4fe0> Show Edit Destroy
Fake it until you make it GB Pretend you are super confident, try everything and then one day you won't have to fake it anymore! The truth is everyone is faking it - pretending that they know what they are doing in their job etc. #<Category:0x0055a2d71479c0> Show Edit Destroy
Put some makeup on and off to the gym! Tel Aviv IL Do not let yourself sit in bed and feel sorry for yourself! Instead, do things to make yourself feel better on the both the inside and on the outside. Remember that you are awesome and its his/her loss! #<Category:0x0055a2d70cf358> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut water saves hangovers New York US Drinking coconut water before bed and upon rising will deter a hangover. Drink as much coconut water as possible, as soon as you realize you are tipsy and then again throughout the next day. Staying in the shade also helps a hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2d7050be8> Show Edit Destroy
Changing your breath to help you sleep GB Unless you have practiced yoga (pranayama) breathing techniques or a form of meditation, then this might be a new, enlightening technique for you to bring into your daily/night-time practice. It is so important to breath from the stomach, as it will help send more oxygen throughout your body and organs, allowing the body to relax, creating a more calm and restful nights sleep, with practice. Breathing is a good focus and evening practice that will also retrain your body to breathe in a different way, becoming an unconscious behaviour, if you do it on a regular basis. #<Category:0x0055a2d6ff3330> Show Edit Destroy
Siberian North Railroad GB A very useful and quick way to deal with anxiety is the "Siberian North Railroad" response, which has 5 steps: #<Category:0x0055a2d6fa7250> Show Edit Destroy
Listerine and blisters New York US We know it sounds nuts but applying Listerine to blisters apparently can really assist in healing them! #<Category:0x0055a2d5f29630> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Tree Brisbane AU Description: use tea tree oil on spots to reduce redness and inflammation #<Category:0x0055a2d5e6b428> Show Edit Destroy
drinking plenty of water US Increasing the amount of water you drink is a great way to flush out internal toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside out. having about 2 cups of water significantly boosted blood flow throughout the body and skin. #<Category:0x0055a2d5d9a058> Show Edit Destroy
A healthy diet London GB Healthy food contains less fat and preservatives which can reduce spots coming out Having plenty of water each day will drasticly help. #<Category:0x0055a2d5cc8260> Show Edit Destroy
Sulfur New York US Sulfur is a keratolytic which dries the skin and causes it to shed more quickly, unclogging pores. It als ohas antimicrobial qualities so it kills bacteria trapped within the pre that is now opened up! The Cure is (in addition to salicydic acid), benzol peroxide, and prescription drugs such as clindamicin and retanoids Use it in conjuction with other acne mdeications. #<Category:0x0055a2d6acc320> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste London GB Apply toothpaste to pimples before you go to sleep and allow to sit over night to dry out puss. Sleep with towel on pillow so toothpaste does not get on sheets during the night #<Category:0x0055a2d6a08420> Show Edit Destroy
Witch Hazel Clears up the Skin Alabama US Put witch hazel on breakout areas Repeat once a day until the breakout clears. You only need a small amount of with hazel to be effective. #<Category:0x0055a2d69548d0> Show Edit Destroy
The Brain Dump New York US Doing a brain dump is simply writing down everything and anything that is in your head about why you are feeling anxiety. It could be be anything that is on your mind you are afraid of, angry about, sad about and so on. A brain dump helps you to re-pattern your thoughts when you are stuck in negative thinking or self-sabotage. The brain dump not only gets the venom and upset out of your mind, it also lessens the power your internal dialog has over you and allows you to see the situation from a more constructive position. #<Category:0x0055a2d68d2588> Show Edit Destroy
Changing your taste buds - will power and slowly cut out. London GB Start cutting out sugary food slowly one by one over a couple of weeks till your taste buds change and you don’t crave the sugar Remember, it is not just the obvious things like cake or chocolate which has sugar in. Check the foods you are eating to see their sugar content. #<Category:0x0055a2d68786c8> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger tea London GB Cut a couple of small pieces of fresh ginger, pop in cup and add boiling water. Drink when it has cooled slightly. This seems to really help when feel nauseous. #<Category:0x0055a2d67c6e78> Show Edit Destroy
Replenish your body London GB Dehydration is a major cause of hangovers so ensure to replenish your body with fluids the next day. Sports drinks are best as they replace electrolytes which are deplected when drinking. Ensure there is no caffeine in your drink as it’s a diuretic. #<Category:0x0055a2d676a268> Show Edit Destroy
Rice in Chicken Broth Hangover Soup US Cook up some rice in chicken broth and eat! Works every time for me.... #<Category:0x0055a2d65cbb50> Show Edit Destroy
Sweat the stress away! East Coast US Working out is my go to remedy for stress. The hardest part is motivating yourself to workout. I promise you will feel better once you do! #<Category:0x0055a2d6563078> Show Edit Destroy
Fluids, Rest, Ibuprofen London GB Take lots of fluids and go to bed and try to sleep. If needed take Ibuprofen to bring down the fever. #<Category:0x0055a2d64ebb40> Show Edit Destroy
Quit cold turkey!!! Tel Aviv IS The only way to quit smoking from my experience is to just stop smoking! Remind yourself that you are in control of what you do. #<Category:0x0055a2d645cb20> Show Edit Destroy
paracetamol Melbourne AU Break the tablet in half and run into string #<Category:0x0055a2d63bece0> Show Edit Destroy
Breathe & shake it out London GB Oxygen and removing physical tension calms you. So take a couple of deep breaths and stand up, move around and shake it out. Really calms you before a big event. #<Category:0x0055a2d62f5908> Show Edit Destroy
Get moving to reduce your anxiety GB We know that regular exercise is a great cure for both anxiety and depression but often, especially when you are feeling anxious and as though you are already struggling, motivating yourself to get moving can feel like a mountain to climb. But it really can be so transformative to how you feel. Exercise, and not just the hard core sweat inducing high intensity stuff, but anything that gets you moving and your heart rate up, will release endorphins (the feel good hormone in the brain), which will not only make you feel happier and calmer. We just weren't designed to sit at desks all day, looking at computer and phone screens; our brains and bodies just haven't evolved that fast. So make time to get up and move, in whatever capacity that may be; running, dancing, walking, yoga. Whatever works for you, the important thing is that you prioritise it into your day as consistently as possible. #<Category:0x0055a2d623b490> Show Edit Destroy
Tea bags Salt JO Soak earl grey tea bags in water and let cool. Once cool lay down and place teabags directly on your eyes. Keep teabags on eyes for as long as you can (at least 30 minutes) Make sure to squeeze the teabags out before you put them on the eyes and do this lying down. #<Category:0x0055a2d61b2e38> Show Edit Destroy
Turn Off your Phone, Put it On Airplane Mode, Hide It. New York USA Make your phone less interesting by removing its capabilities and setting parameters on when you can and cannot use it. Think of your phone battery as your physical energy. The more you use it the more it gets depleted. Try to keep both batteries strong but using your phone more purposefully. #<Category:0x0055a2d61416c0> Show Edit Destroy
The best ever breakfast to keep you energised GB Low energy is one of the most common issues in the UK, and the problem is that there are so many reasons why we can be feeling lethargic or exhausted. Stress, low blood sugar, poor sleep, nutrient deficiencies and depression are common causes, but where do you start if you feel a few of these may be causing you issues? The key is to take things step by step and I recommend starting with just one change per week at the beginning. #<Category:0x0055a2d610c650> Show Edit Destroy
Fennel Tea Zurich CH Drink a cup of fennel tea to get rid of constipation. Once the tea is ready for drinking you do not have to remove fennel or fennel seeds. #<Category:0x0055a2d60ed340> Show Edit Destroy
Specific for bee sting Salt JO Put a finger ring around the bee sting and apply pressure. Use a tweezer to get the poison out. After, rub the area with garlic and salt. #<Category:0x0055a2d60b64a8> Show Edit Destroy
Siberian North Railroad method GB A great way to deal with anger and other negative emotions is the "Siberian North Railroad" method, which has 5 steps: #<Category:0x0055a2d6043048> Show Edit Destroy
Thieves essential oil inhalation Marseilles FR Inhaling/Diffusing oil blend kills viruses and bacteria and helps ease sinusitis Random Fact: Thieves used these oils as protection from the Black Death in the middle ages when they robbed victims of bubonic plague! #<Category:0x0055a2d6002188> Show Edit Destroy
"Hours of Power" cure cell phone addiction New York US Schedule specific times of day when you are allowed to look at your phone, and turn it off in between. It will make your phone usage more efficient, and will eliminate the craving for that instant gratification all day long Keep your phone off over night and first thing in the morning. Give yourself 1 hour after breakfast/arriving at work, 1 hour after lunch, and 1 hour in the evening before or after dinner. Inform the important people in your life that you are doing this so they know they cannot reach you at certain times. #<Category:0x0055a2d5fd1b50> Show Edit Destroy
Can of Coke London GB Drink a can of coke when you have a hangover. The sugar rush in your system will help clear the hangover Do not drink Diet Coke. You need the sugar in regular Coke to get rid of the hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2d5eca158> Show Edit Destroy
Dancing for Depression GB Movement is key with depression. Connecting to the breath and moving your body breaks the circle of depression. Put on your favourite songs (preferably upbeat) and dance. If this feels silly start by gently bouncing with both feet on the ground. #<Category:0x0055a2d5e40b10> Show Edit Destroy
Never cover a burn Sydney AU Whatever you do don't cover a burn with a cold wash cloth, or any topical cream as it will seal in the heat, and prevent it from healing as quickly. Running the burn under cold water. 10 - 15 mins under cold water should do the trick. #<Category:0x0055a2d5dafd68> Show Edit Destroy
Herbal rescue remedy drops help Tel Aviv IS Natural herbal drops, they also come in tasty gummy sweets. A natural remedy. that really works #<Category:0x0055a2d5d54238> Show Edit Destroy
Baking Soda to Whiten Your Teeth GB Use regular Baking Soda to whiten your teeth once a week. Or every night for a week to see the immediate effect. #<Category:0x0055a2d5cec200> Show Edit Destroy
Vaseline London GB Using a Q-Tip cote the inside of your nostrils with vaseline before you go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2d5157048> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Melbourne AU Drinking a warm glass of ginger in water helps get rid of jet lag. #<Category:0x0055a2d50bb300> Show Edit Destroy
Give it time Tel Aviv IL Disappointment is a part of life- give it time and remember that YOU WILL MOVE ON from whatever is bothering you. Next time will be better! #<Category:0x0055a2d4fd1390> Show Edit Destroy
Cool shower Tel Aviv IS Take a cool tempreture shower to bring body temperature down #<Category:0x0055a2d4f51848> Show Edit Destroy
Pump Up the Protein!! New York US Incorporate more lean protein into your diet to reduce hunger and to feel fuller much faster. Lean proteins: egg whites, white chicken breast, white turkey meat, grilled fish Only have 4-6 o.z. per each meal. #<Category:0x0055a2d4ef5b38> Show Edit Destroy
Bitters, lemon and sugar Boston US Eat a lemon wedge saturated with Angostura bitters to get rid of hiccups. Sugar can be added for taste. #<Category:0x0055a2d4e07488> Show Edit Destroy
Oregano Oil New York US (Ingested or inhaled) Oregano oil works wonders for flu bugs, plus has slight decongestant effect, and soothes throats #<Category:0x0055a2d4d6f160> Show Edit Destroy
Improve digestion New York US Improve digestion using these quick tips: Try to keep yourself stress-free too! More than 90% of body's serotonin is produced in the gut #<Category:0x0055a2d4c185f0> Show Edit Destroy
Five Good Mood Foods GB Try and include these 5 different foods in your diet. They all work to help improve your mood and make you happier! #<Category:0x0055a2d4aeb380> Show Edit Destroy
Say goodbye to hayfever with Vaseline! London GB Put vaseline around your nostrils. It catches pollen before it can enter your nose. #<Category:0x0055a2d4a12350> Show Edit Destroy
African basil brew Lagos NG This basic based brew helps to reduce fever. Boiling leaves with some cardamom (close to alligator pepper) in about two quarts of water, then mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk, brings down temperature. An extract of basil leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours; between doses you can give sips of cold water. This method is especially effective for reducing fevers in children #<Category:0x0055a2d42c06d8> Show Edit Destroy
Cayenne brings the fever down Virginia US Put cayenne pepper in your food Ensure you are doing just enough to make you sweat. Taste the food to ensure it isn't too spicy #<Category:0x0055a2d40f2950> Show Edit Destroy
Calendula. It works! Rocky Hill, CT US Spread some calendula ointment over the burn. Enjoy the soothing sensation.... or possibly just a reduction in severe pain. #<Category:0x0055a2d3f93758> Show Edit Destroy
Lavender Oil New York US Dab oil on burned areas Allow oil to sink into skin Do not wash off #<Category:0x0055a2dbec32a8> Show Edit Destroy
Reduce Seasonal Allergies with Nasya (Oiling Nasal Passages) IN We commonly see specialised Nasya blends created to include Sesame oil, Olive oil, Brahmi, Calamus, Skullcap, Eucalyptus essential oil - but you can achieve basically the same effect with Sesame Oil alone. Seasonal allergies can be reduced through many methods, however oiling the nasal passages daily creates an extra physical barrier for allergens to have to progress through. Especially for water soluble compounds, it provides greater resistance to allergens entering your bloodstream. Tilt your head back and/or lie supine (on your back) and drip 2-6 drops of oil in each nostril - sniff strongly to draw the oil back through the nasal passages and to coat as much surface area as possible. Wait in supine or with your head tilted back for a minute or so, and when you stand up you may need to blow your nose to remove the excess. Making this a daily, preventative practice has far greater impact than using it sporadically or as a quick-fix. It's best to do this first-thing in the morning. As an added bonus it also reduces the occurrence of bleeding noses (especially in dry climates). #<Category:0x0055a2da264850> Show Edit Destroy
Banana Peel your love bites away!! New York US Banana peelings have a soothing effect which help get rid of hickeys faster. The cooler the banana peel the better!! #<Category:0x0055a2da69a550> Show Edit Destroy
Parsley works! New York US All you have to do is chew on some fresh parsley to help reduce the bad breath #<Category:0x0055a2db619d28> Show Edit Destroy
Ice the Area Barcelona ES Apply ice to the brused area for 15 minutes and repeat in a couple of hours Make sure the ice is covered by a cloth before placing on the bruise so that the actual ice is not touching the skin. #<Category:0x0055a2db37da10> Show Edit Destroy
Say goodnight to your phone and computer!! New York US Leave your phone and computer in another room to help you fall asleep at night. I know how easy it is to scroll through your instagram feed last minute before turning off your light, but that will stop your body properly switching off. If you use your phone as your alarm clock, try setting it on airplane mode by 11 p.m. #<Category:0x0055a2db3df738> Show Edit Destroy
Humidify! New York US Dry air dries out your throat and nasal membranes which contributes to congestion. Sleep with a humidifying in your room to help get rid of snoring. Add peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the humidifier for extra relief. #<Category:0x0055a2dbad2bf8> Show Edit Destroy
No simple or complex carbohydrates after 5 p.m. New York US Try and stay away from all complex carbohydrates after 5 p.m. and stick to protein and green veggies for dinner. It is important to have some complex carbohydrates as part of your meal for breakfast or lunch to keep your metabolism going. Brown rice, quinoa, and farro are good examples of complex carbohydrates. #<Category:0x0055a2dbc0a570> Show Edit Destroy
turn to soup Tel Aviv IL When you crave comfort food, heat up a large bowl of soup made with lots of vegetables and beans. It’s flavourful, hearty, high in nutrition and low in fat, and it will keep you feeling full and satisfied. keep the soup thick and chunky, this will give you the sensation that you are chewing. #<Category:0x0055a2db0a5680> Show Edit Destroy
Increase your Calcium intake New York US Calcium can help reduce period cramps. The Mayo Clinic recommends 1,000 mg per day for women between the ages of 19-50. Foods high in calcium: dairy products, sesame seeds, almonds, leafy green vegetables. #<Category:0x0055a2db4904c0> Show Edit Destroy
Switch it up! New York US Change your shampoo and conditioner each time you wash your hair to help prevent and get rid of dandruff. Search for anti-dandruff shampoos #<Category:0x0055a2dc02c888> Show Edit Destroy
So Long Salt Paris FR Sodium increases water retention, which causes your breasts to swell. Cut down the salt in your diet to help get rid of breast tenderness. #<Category:0x0055a2da714468> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin K cream New York US Vitamin K prevents and helps get rid of blood clots and hence can be used to treat bruises. This vitamin helps your body reabsorb pooled blood and speed up the healing process. So no more embarrassing hickey.... #<Category:0x0055a2db380d78> Show Edit Destroy
All about Garlic to help you beat the flu FR Garlic is known to be a potent natural antibiotic and in this remedy you will use it just like you would take a pill. #<Category:0x0055a2dad822a0> Show Edit Destroy
Steer clear or alcohol New York US Try and cut down (limit if possible) on how much you alcohol you drink for weight loss. If you absolutely need to have a drink try and have a tequila soda with lime or whiskey. #<Category:0x0055a2dbaddeb8> Show Edit Destroy
Alleviate back pain with this simple practice US Back pain is a complex issue; more often than not, it is not actually always related to a physical issue, but an emotional one. Whether you have a physical injury or not, stress will amplify back pain. #<Category:0x0055a2dbabdfa0> Show Edit Destroy
Honey New York US Raw honey is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a great coating for painful canker sores. Make sure one of the times you reapply the honey is before you go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dab9a190> Show Edit Destroy
Try Aloe Vera Gel BS Always take a bottle of green Aloe gel on holiday. Make sure to apply plenty of gel to the burnt area. #<Category:0x0055a2db892910> Show Edit Destroy
Keep out of the sun! New York US When exposed to the sun, make sure your scars are always covered to stop the scaring from darkening aka becoming more noticeable. Use bandaids to cover scars. #<Category:0x0055a2da77c338> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon Juice exfoliation FR Cracked heels can be sorted in a very simple and beautifully scented way. Follow these simple and effective steps #<Category:0x0055a2db6e1c38> Show Edit Destroy
Take the stairs! New York City US exercise such as stair climbing stimulates circulation and keeps your skin dimple-free! opt for the stair every opportunity you can #<Category:0x0055a2dbbda7d0> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Water! New York City US This is more of a cellulite prevention rather than a cure. Water keeps the skin hydrated and flushes out toxins don't drink too much water as this could lead to swelling underneath the cellulite - 1.5/2.0 litres a day is plenty! #<Category:0x0055a2dbf97148> Show Edit Destroy
Kombucha tea CN Green tea is well renowned for relieving headaches and nausea. As Kombucha is a fermented green tea, during the fermentation process the symbiosis of yeast and bacteria the drink develops vitamins and antioxidants, and is also a source of probiotics. If you are feeling worse for wear from the night before, Kombucha is a tasty and refreshing way to start a day. #<Category:0x0055a2da2936c8> Show Edit Destroy
Breathing & Nutrition & Rest (avoid stress) AU There are 4 elements to this which need to be done in conjuction with the others to ensure you allow and encourage your body to heal. Breathing , Nutrition, managing Stress and Rest. #<Category:0x0055a2dc0536e0> Show Edit Destroy
Drink or eat diary products Lausanne CH If you have bad breath, drink or eat diary products. My hospitality teacher taught us this! Milk and Yogurt are the best ones. #<Category:0x0055a2dad1a470> Show Edit Destroy
Tame your Sugar Cravings New York City US L-glutamine supplement have been anecdotally shown to help reduce and eliminate sugar cravings. Between 750-200mg at bedtime may help avoid sugar cravings the next day. #<Category:0x0055a2db2e2970> Show Edit Destroy
Epsom Salts GB After sport or if your muscles are in pain, the best idea is to have a bath with Epsom Salts, which will help relieve the inflammation. Simply have a hot bath with a few cups of Epsom Salts #<Category:0x0055a2da23aac8> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga to help calm the mind New York US Practicing yoga or Tai Chi regularly can help make your ADHD much better. There are so many different kinds of yoga so experiment and find which one is best for you! #<Category:0x0055a2da8bc478> Show Edit Destroy
Ear Massage CN At least one study has shown that self-massage of the ears reduces smoking cravings. Specifically there are acupressure points on the ears that correlate to cravings in general (not just for smoking), but for our purposes here we'll be more general than individual points. When you feel a craving, instead of taking any other action, gently pinch your ear lobes between your thumb and forefinger. Hold for 2-3 breaths, and then begin to circle your fingertips. Repeat up the outer edge of your ears. #<Category:0x0055a2dc013e28> Show Edit Destroy
Self-Massage of Scar TH Scar massage is an important part of healing. With scar massage, you may notice that the scarring heals faster, there is more complete resolution, and a greatly reduced risk of scars adhering to other tissues. The main intention is to prevent the scar from being "stuck" to the underlying tissue. You'll notice what I mean if you have an old scar that you haven't taken care of and the rest of the surrounding skin moves easily, but the scar itself barely moves. #<Category:0x0055a2dba40898> Show Edit Destroy
Blast Acne with Garlic Beirut LB Garlic is one of those magic ingredients that helps soothe many skincare issues. Here's how to soothe and get rid of acne fast. #<Category:0x0055a2dc076bb8> Show Edit Destroy
Thyme and thyme again: cure for colds! FR Thyme has been my saviour and for many years. Not only does it work wonders for cough, colds but also for any digestive issues. Thyme is full of antioxidants and has antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities. It is rich in potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and selenium, vitamins A, B6, C, E, K and folic acid. It is the perfect beverage for Winter months as a prevention against bugs and viruses. Not bad for a cute little herb! #<Category:0x0055a2da3e6b88> Show Edit Destroy
Camellia Oil JP It works wonders as well on hair so simply massage your scalp before shampoo or add few drops on damp hair. Your hair will look healthy and shiny. Camelia Oil has been used for centuries in Japan on face, body, hair and nails. It is made from the extraction of Camellia flower seeds and it is rich in vitamins A, B, C. E and Polyphenol, a natural antioxidant which protects from pollution and UV. Camellia Oil is full of essential fatty acid so the skin feels soft and non greasy. I use Organic Camellia Oil when I give Tsuboki Japanese facial massage to my clients and their skin looks fresh and feels soft. As one of them once said: "You took years off me!". Et voila! #<Category:0x0055a2da2242c8> Show Edit Destroy
peppermint oil US A cross between watermint and spearmint, the peppermint plant has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy. It is thought to have the ability to relieve some gastrointestinal problems by blocking the flow of calcium into muscle cells in the intestines, which in turn reduces muscle contractions. peppermint oil is best when consumed in coated-capsule form, which reduces the likelihood of heartburn. #<Category:0x0055a2db6b0138> Show Edit Destroy
Help Indigestion with Apple Cider Vinegar London GB Despite what we are lead to believe, many cases of indigestion are to do with too LITTLE acidity in the stomach, which compromises digestion and means the stomach has to work even harder to start digesting food. #<Category:0x0055a2db38c128> Show Edit Destroy
Tongue Scraping IN There are specialized tongue scrapers you can purchase, however a metal spoon can also work wonders. Simply place the spoon or scraper at the back of your tongue and gently glide if forward towards the front of your tongue. As it goes it will collect "gunk" from your tongue - made up of undigested food and bacteria (delightful). Wash/rinse the metal implement and repeat until very little or no more gunk comes off. Do this first thing in the morning, every day and over time you'll reduce your bad breath! #<Category:0x0055a2da7ec9a8> Show Edit Destroy
elbow brace US An elbow strap or splint may help take the pressure off the inflamed tendon an elbow brace will keep your arm out of use as well as taking pressure off the area #<Category:0x0055a2dc01b060> Show Edit Destroy
ice the effected area US icing the area for 20 minutes twice a day helps to decrease inflammation and relieve pain #<Category:0x0055a2da7a5c38> Show Edit Destroy
make smart food choices! US While there are some foods that you should avoid, there are also some foods you can eat that can help IBS. foods containing probiotics, or bacteria or yeast that is helpful to your digestive system, have helped relieve some symptoms of IBS, such as bloating and gas. Foods including yoghurt, protein, and brown rice may be foods that help IBS #<Category:0x0055a2dac058c8> Show Edit Destroy
go easy on the dairy! US Dairy is an Irritable Bowel Syndrome trigger even if you're not lactose intolerant. It's simply not just the lactose. It's also not just the high fat content of most dairy products that can cause your IBS to flare. In addition to fat and lactose, dairy contains components such as the proteins whey and casein, which can cause severe digestion problems Some people who are lactose intolerant have IBS. In this case, you can try eating yogurt instead of milk for your dairy requirements. Yogurt is traditionally recommended as an "easily digestible" dairy product because fermentation has reduced the lactose levels #<Category:0x0055a2db030088> Show Edit Destroy
working out US Exercise is tried and true for many to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety, especially when it is done consistently. Anything that relieves stress can help with bowel discomfort by stimulating regular intestinal contractions. If you’re not used to exercising, be sure to start slow and work your way up to the amount of 30 minutes a day, five days a week. #<Category:0x0055a2db202488> Show Edit Destroy
Prioritise Positivity LA US Seek out a pleasant experience everyday. It doesn't have to be big, just simple things that you may enjoy such as: reading the chapter of a book, or taking a walk after dinner. Research shows that feeling positive emotions helps us to become more resilient and more able to cope with life's pressures. #<Category:0x0055a2da48a940> Show Edit Destroy
Steam Cape Town ZA Head over a bowl of steam to do an inhalation Sitting down at a table is more comfortable #<Category:0x0055a2da240a68> Show Edit Destroy
Red Rasberry Leaf Tea New York City US Red raspberry leaf tea may decrease bleeding, which can mean less cramping. “Have a cup in the morning with breakfast or before you go to bed in the evening #<Category:0x0055a2dc23f788> Show Edit Destroy
Baking powder GB If you burn yourself, run it under cold water for 10 minutes then put baking powder and water on it. It makes a white paste and fizzes. Leave it on there and reapply as necessary. It will stop blistering. #<Category:0x0055a2dc211ce8> Show Edit Destroy
Simple steps to get things done and move forward FR Our mind is so clever, it can justify almost anything. Particularly when we want to find excuses for not doing what we are supposed to do...and we might even blame others. Procrastination is a source of stress for many. Not anymore! Let's take responsibility here and now. Try the following tips and see what happens. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1aa480> Show Edit Destroy
Calm yourself right down GB This just takes two minutes. I would advise finding a quiet space so you won't be disturbed but really it can be done anywhere. Just remember it only takes two minutes and you will leave feeling focused, calm and ready to get back to the day. #<Category:0x0055a2dc18b530> Show Edit Destroy
Epsom Salts & Warm Bath Koln DE Have a bath and soak your neck in Epsom Salt - the magnesium in the salts is said to help release muscle aches and pain. Apparently the magnesium’s helps to reduce the rate of calcium binding after a muscle contracts as it competes for the same binding sites as calcium, which contracts a muscle. #<Category:0x0055a2dc130d60> Show Edit Destroy
Vodka scarf RU Great friends from Moscow told me this trick - wrap a cotton scarf in vodka and wrap it gently round your neck. The heat from your body heats up the vodka which sweats out the sore in the neck. Works every time. #<Category:0x0055a2dc0bdc98> Show Edit Destroy
Shot of olive oil CH Very useful to avoid any embarrassing office christmas party moments.... the olive oil helps line your stomach to help stop you getting too tipsy #<Category:0x0055a2dbf22c30> Show Edit Destroy
Eat papaya Hawaii US eat plenty of papaya and it will work its magic on loosening bowls! Fresh Papaya is the best #<Category:0x0055a2dbdf8648> Show Edit Destroy
Head Wrap for Migraines Pune IN A fantastic method that I have learnt from my Senior Iyengar Teachers is to wrap my head with a bandage (e.g. an ace bandage). Although some may find this strange at first the gentle pressure of the bandage against the head encourages the cranial and temporal muscles around the skull to release. It also allows some darkness which a lot of people undergoing migraines need. To start set your self up in a comfortable space either by your yoga mat with a couple props (you can read my yoga sequence for migraines to get more details) or in your room if you would prefer to lie in your bed. #<Category:0x0055a2dbdaf830> Show Edit Destroy
teatree oil US rub tea tree oil on your face #<Category:0x0055a2dbd73128> Show Edit Destroy
Preventative: Almond oil or Coconut oil London GB Mainly for use as a preventative if you want to avoid chemical creams. Use before and after bath and when changing nappies These are also great for after bath massage for your baby #<Category:0x0055a2dbd2ed20> Show Edit Destroy
Cold Cure Juice Recipe US Drink this cold formula juice at the first sign of a cold and it will shock your immune system and stop the cold in it's tracks. Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor and drink the entire juice within a couple hours. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd01140> Show Edit Destroy
Peanut Butter gets rid of lice! New York US This is a simple, safe and effective home remedy that really does help to get rid of hair lice fast. Apparently, peanut butter 'starves' the lice and eggs of oxygen. Maybe opt for smooth peanut butter instead of chunky for this one – but it sure does work. #<Category:0x0055a2dbb6fe30> Show Edit Destroy
Pure straight lemon juice and honey GB I have used this for years, especially with children... you just have to use pain lemon and honey together and that does the trick to get rid of a cough fast. #<Category:0x0055a2dba962c0> Show Edit Destroy
Hot gold for Sty Cape Town SA Heat up the gold and when it is just hot enough to bear, press it to affected area of eye and leave it there until it cools. Repeat a few times. #<Category:0x0055a2db3c45f0> Show Edit Destroy
Spices for helping the digestion IN At this time of the year we should be thinking of removing raw foods from our diets and eating warm cooked foods this will give us better protect against winter colds and improve our wellbeing in general. #<Category:0x0055a2da9a15c8> Show Edit Destroy
What craving chocolate actually means! AU Other than the fact that chocolate tastes finger-licking good, there is another reason why our body craves this delectable treat - Magnesium! Usually if our bodies crave something, it is a message that we are lacking or in need of more of something else. In the case of chocolate, magnesium is the culprit - a mineral vital to providing our bodies with energy. Opt for a few squares of dark chocolate as it contains magnesium without the added sugar in milk chocolate. If you have the will power and can steer away from chocolate all together, other food sources of magnesium include nuts, seeds, legumes, bananas and avocados. #<Category:0x0055a2da893668> Show Edit Destroy
Warm Bath GB A warm bath works for babies (and adults) to soothe tummies and spirits! #<Category:0x0055a2d9be5dd0> Show Edit Destroy
Cut out refined sugar GB Candida, the fungus responsible for thrush infections, is a yeast infection and yeast feeds on sugar, so it is therefore better to cut out all processed sugar from your diet and eat a whole food diet. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b8f9d0> Show Edit Destroy
Heat pack Dartford GB To place a wheat heat pack on your neck and relax for a good 10 minutes. #<Category:0x0055a2da294be0> Show Edit Destroy
Probiotics to help New York US Take one or two Probiotic pills everyday with a glass of water. Go see a nutritionist or a naturopath to direct you to take the right probiotic for your body. #<Category:0x0055a2daad91c0> Show Edit Destroy
Breathing San Diego US Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for your breath for 4 seconds, and then breath out for 4 seconds. Wait 4 seconds and repeat 10 times. Its very similar to breathing types of meditation - it helps with focus and calms your body down. #<Category:0x0055a2dac68d10> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger really does help Milan IT Boil some water, cut up some fresh ginger and put a little bit of lemon and drink it! #<Category:0x0055a2dad761d0> Show Edit Destroy
Crystallized Ginger London GB Eat crystallized ginger to help with morning sickness #<Category:0x0055a2db51d208> Show Edit Destroy
Laser Burns London GB Use a skin-healing ointment such as Aloe Vera gel or Aquaphor for burns caused by laser hair removal. Apply a generous amount directly on to the burn as frequently as required in order to keep the area moist. Use an ice-pack as necessary and stay out of the sun! #<Category:0x0055a2db279448> Show Edit Destroy
Life Coach GB Panic attacks are often triggered by the same emotion or event every time. Often you don't realise. A life coach can help identify your trigger and help you to understand what it causing the panic attack. They can then help you deal with these feelings/situations and prevent a full on panic attack. #<Category:0x0055a2dac97e30> Show Edit Destroy
Cut out sugar GB Cut out all processed sugar from your diet. Fruit is fine. Over the period of a few weeks you will find you have more constant energy levels, no longer experiencing that mid afternoon slump. You will also sleep better at night. Use a handful of nuts for a pick me up instead of that fizzy drink/ cake/ chocolate etc that might happen to find its way to your desk! #<Category:0x0055a2daae2298> Show Edit Destroy
Try wearing a splint GB At night use a splint on your hand. You can buy the splint at the chemist. The splint places the hand in a certain way which helps the blood circulate and takes the tingling and pain away. #<Category:0x0055a2da687ab8> Show Edit Destroy
tea tree oil Manchester GB Tea tree oil is a powerful weapon to kill the head lice without any harmful side effects Sleep it with a towel on your head over pillow to prevent possible staining. #<Category:0x0055a2da63d170> Show Edit Destroy
Vicks Vaporub on Soles of Feet Dublin IE Before going to sleep rub Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet then wear socks on top - this is one of the best products and home remedies that eases your cough quickly! #<Category:0x0055a2da5ee750> Show Edit Destroy
Stay out of the sun GB Try and stay out of the sun for long periods, wear a hat and always use sun cream and remember to put sun cream on your hands #<Category:0x0055a2da405f88> Show Edit Destroy
Glute Stretch AU Lie on your back. Bend knees and bring right one up 90º angle across the left knee. Lift left knee and hold thigh for 15 seconds or so. Don't bounce! Repeat other side. If you Google Glute Stretch, you can see image of how it is done. #<Category:0x0055a2da2efb80> Show Edit Destroy
Cold / Warm Compresses GB If an allergy is the problem, a cool compress may feel better. If the problem is caused by an infection, then a warm, moist compress may soothe your eye and help reduce redness and swelling. #<Category:0x0055a2da1da718> Show Edit Destroy
Hand and Nose Mask GB Make a mask with your hands and cover your mouth and nose; breathe quickly. #<Category:0x0055a2da1885f8> Show Edit Destroy
Make your intentions public GB By telling people exactly what you are going to do and by when, you instantly put yourself under more pressure to complete a task. Try telling a friend about what you need to do by the end of the week and get them to chase you up on it if you don't do it! #<Category:0x0055a2da1587e0> Show Edit Destroy
Dark Chocolate Milan IT Whenever I am feeling a little depressed, I find eating chocolate cheers me up and is comforting. Its just eat a little bit... #<Category:0x0055a2da115b20> Show Edit Destroy
Modified Heating Pads Washington DC US If you dont have a heat pad or a hot water bottle then you can use a Nalgene Water Bottle. Fill it boiling water and then put it to your stomache Learnt this from when you are camping and its really cold, and you heat water and put it in the heat proof water bottle and it acts as a hot water bottle! #<Category:0x0055a2d9bedc60> Show Edit Destroy
Saffron for Low Mood US Feeling a little low? First thing I would suggest is to get your Vitamin D levels checked to make sure they are within range as low levels are associated with low mood. Then I would add saffron! Clinical trials have shown antidepressant activity in humans. Dosage used was 30mg of the extract per day in supplemental form. Other things to help: #<Category:0x0055a2d9b37d70> Show Edit Destroy
Run under Cold water London GB Put the burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes, if needed cover the burn with a non sticking sterile wrap. If it still hurts repeat the process in an hour. If it keeps stinging, go back to putting the burn under cold running water. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b05230> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut Oil New York US Use coconut oil to get rid of lice by parting hair into small sections and completely coat each piece with coconut oil. Let sit for 3 hours and then comb back out with the small lice comb. This will take all the eggs out. #<Category:0x0055a2d9aa68c0> Show Edit Destroy
Guava Fruit Swat PK Guava Fruit has 4 times more vitamin C then oranges. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a799b0> Show Edit Destroy
Hot salt water GB Soak the area with the splinter in hot, salty water for ten minutes. This will soften the skin to make it easier to pull the splinter out with a tweeter. The salt water cleans the wound. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a0e688> Show Edit Destroy
2 Steps to Conquer a Fear of Flying CA I used to be scared of flying but for my work I travel all over the world constantly and also live half the year in Bali so 24 hour flights are a reality. These are two of my favorites and they are super simple. #<Category:0x0055a2d9983dd0> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Ginger Beer GB Drink a cold ginger beer. #<Category:0x0055a2d994ac60> Show Edit Destroy
Water & Crown Pull GB Dehydration and stress are two under looked factors to many headaches. There are two main contributor factors as to why dehydration causes headaches; 1) Dehydration causes your brain tissues to lose water which causes the brain to pull away from the skull as it shrinks, this triggers pain receptors that surround the brain. 2) Dehydration causes your blood volume to drop, which will lower the flow of blood to the brain and therefore oxygen. Hydrating, by drinking plenty of water will counteract these factors. Stress can also be a contributory factor to headaches, stress causes energy (which is invisible to many people) to accumulate and stagnate at the top of your head. By undertaking a crown pull on yourself you can release the stagnant energy and clear your headache. #<Category:0x0055a2d98fcce0> Show Edit Destroy
Spice it up - Chilli. Sydney AU Chilli contains a phytochemical called capsaicin, which research has shown can reduce the severe pain accompanying migraine headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches. How you ask? Capsaicin activates neurons to send out Substance P, a neurotransmitter partially responsible for the pain sensation. According to a study published in 1997, when the neurone are exposed to Capsaicin for an extended period, their levels of Substance P are depleted and are less able to transmit pain signals. #<Category:0x0055a2d98b1a60> Show Edit Destroy
Marma point for stimulating the brain IN Sometimes our brains get a little tired, you recognise that foggy feeling when your brain is not functioning as well as you might hope. Follow this easy steps to help you when your brain is feeling a little numb. #<Category:0x0055a2d9834768> Show Edit Destroy
Stop those thoughts from keeping you awake! London GB Your mind is probably racing with lots of thoughts stopping you from falling asleep or waking you up in the middle of the night. So: #<Category:0x0055a2d97f54f0> Show Edit Destroy
Olive Oil & Eggs Lahore PK A mix of Eggs and Olive Oil. I have done this so many times and it really works. #<Category:0x0055a2d97b3140> Show Edit Destroy
Water with lemon or lime BR Drink water with slices of lemon or lime throughout the day to prevent mouth ulcers. #<Category:0x0055a2d9769ef0> Show Edit Destroy
Fennel or ginger tea GB We always keep a good selection of herbal teas, more often that not ginger tea being the "go to" favourite for bloating. More recently I was introduced to fennel tea. While I'm not a fan of aniseed flavour, this tea is very refreshing and has worked well so far. #<Category:0x0055a2d96f7f80> Show Edit Destroy
Sparkling water GB Drinking sparkling water can sometimes help with acid reflux or heartburn #<Category:0x0055a2d9350698> Show Edit Destroy
Good for heartburn during pregnancy GB I have heard of many cures for heartburn or acid reflux from pregnant women in my classes and these include: yoghurt #<Category:0x0055a2d969aad8> Show Edit Destroy
Practice Meditation or Mindfulness to Alleviate Anxiety and Worries GB Everyone suffers anxiety to different degrees and meditation is a great tool for managing and hopefully overcoming your worries. Since worries usually surround future events and how they may or may not turn out, by bringing our attention back to the present moment we can calm the mind and create a feeling of inner peace. When your mind is calm is it easier to tackle life's every day anxieties with a more level head. There are thousands of different meditation techniques and you'll find many videos and step-by-step guides all over the internet. This is just one example of a quick three minute meditation that you can do anywhere from the kitchen to on the train. For just 3 minutes find somewhere where you can sit quietly and comfortably without being disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Thoughts will come and go, and that is ok. Just notice them and try not to get caught up in them. You can focus on deepening the breath, feeling the coolness of the air on the inhale and the warmth of the air on the exhale. Relax but don’t lose awareness of what you are doing. Stay totally present. #<Category:0x0055a2d9646938> Show Edit Destroy
Refocus the mind! London GB Our confidence drops when we focus on negate thoughts about ourself. In order to change this around and lift our confidence, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of ourselves. #<Category:0x0055a2d9618948> Show Edit Destroy
Divide into Categories US Usually when you are overwhelmed you are overwhelmed with work. Take a simple step by step approached. So take a step back and just think about what one thing needs to be done. And then re-asses and do the next 1 thing. #<Category:0x0055a2d7ac90c0> Show Edit Destroy
Brain Detox & Visualization GB We all hold so much in our thoughts and mind, to do lists, school activities with the kids, entertaining, work pressures.... the list goes on! I have found this particularly useful exercise both for myself and and with clients. Work through these simple steps productively with out pressure and stress. #<Category:0x0055a2d881c9c0> Show Edit Destroy
Extra zinc and vitamin C DE Make sure you take Vitamin C and zinc tablets. Will together help you feel better #<Category:0x0055a2d87b4fa0> Show Edit Destroy
Vaseline for your skin GB Before going to sleep rub cream like Vaseline on feet and hands then put on socks and gloves and sleep with them on. Within a couple of days you will have your problem solved. #<Category:0x0055a2d874e980> Show Edit Destroy
Acupressure point P6 CN Place 3 fingers of your opposite hand onto the centre of your wrist, from your fourth finger, going down to your index. Use your thumb to press into the point where the index was touching. Keep your thumb here until the nausea subsides. You can do either wrist. #<Category:0x0055a2d87037c8> Show Edit Destroy
Motion Sickness: Chew Mint Gum Hong Kong HK I suffer from motion sickness esp. in cars and boats. I find if I chew any mint gum it helps get rid of the nausea feeling #<Category:0x0055a2d86b0398> Show Edit Destroy
A spoonful of honey GB A spoonful of honey can help with acid reflux or heartburn #<Category:0x0055a2d8638f50> Show Edit Destroy
Count forward - and lambs... Tokyo JP We grew up being told to count Lambs, 1 lamb, 2 lamb, 3 lamb etc. Always count forward as counting backwards is to hard and keeps you awake and your brain stimulated. #<Category:0x0055a2d85e4f68> Show Edit Destroy
Sleep with a woolen hat SE Sleep with a woolen hat on at night to keep head warm. The warmer the hat the better #<Category:0x0055a2d8595120> Show Edit Destroy
Gargle with Green Tea Tokyo JP When you are have a sore throat, gargle with Green Tea. #<Category:0x0055a2d853f6d0> Show Edit Destroy
Double-layer socks GB Use double-layer socks, also called twin skin to prevent blisters while walking and/or running. #<Category:0x0055a2d84ed858> Show Edit Destroy
Very Hot Shower + Aquaphor Tokyo JP Defiantly doesn't work for everyone, but for me, if I shower with very hot water it creates an illusion that you are scratching your body so that it gives some relief. This stops you physically scratching and so helps. After showering follow up with a heavy body cream, like Aquaphor. #<Category:0x0055a2d84a29e8> Show Edit Destroy
Match the alcohol to water Tel Aviv IL For every glass of alcohol have a glass of water to prevent having a hangover in the morning. #<Category:0x0055a2d8416948> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Water and... Hanoi VN If you drink 5 cups of water, this will make you need to pee and will keep you distracted from the exams or public speaking whatever you are nervous about. Be sure to plan the timings well..... #<Category:0x0055a2d83c5430> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga and improved posture to change your outlook IN The way you carry yourself (your posture) reflects your state of mind and can negatively or positively influence your energy. Practice standing tall with your shoulders drawing down and back and your chest lifting. This will also help you to breathe more fully, which will energise and uplift you. Other yoga postures and breathing techniques will also help to lift your mood and release endorphins (feel good hormones) #<Category:0x0055a2d833f5d8> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste on your burn Delhi IN Put toothpaste on minor burns helps take away the pain and heal the burn faster. #<Category:0x0055a2d82e5d30> Show Edit Destroy
Protecting your system using Traditional Chinese Medicine London GB When your grandmother used to yell after you to put a scarf on, she wasn't being overly protective. In Chinese medicine- your skin is the first line of defence, it is often said that acute conditions can be treated by causing the pores to open to sweat out the toxins. (Ever broke out in a cold sweat after a bout of cold or flu and felt much better the next day? That's your body sending out the troops.) At the same time, the easiest way to defend against illness is to protect your body from attack at its vulnerable point which happens to be the occiput area at the back of your head, and the whole nape area of your neck in general. And the best way to do that? Wear a scarf. Wrap up warm in it during the colder months or drape it casually when it's warmer. Don't be deceived by sunny days - often they can be accompanied by quite a strong breeze. Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners around the world can often be found with a scarf, whatever the season and we're all better for it. #<Category:0x0055a2d82768e0> Show Edit Destroy
Put olive oil in your hair Modena IT When you have dry hair, once a week maximum, wash your hair with olive oil. #<Category:0x0055a2d8208480> Show Edit Destroy
Steam inhalation Somerset GB Pour boing water in to a head proof container and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil (Olbas Oli brand in the UK seems to work). Put your head over the container and place a towel over your head locking in the vapours. Breath deeply. #<Category:0x0055a2d8173538> Show Edit Destroy
Get that brush out Somerset GB To stimulate the hair in the scalp brush the hair regularly #<Category:0x0055a2d80f3838> Show Edit Destroy
Open Airways! GB Snoring occurs when the air you breath in and out meets resistance in your airways. This can be for a variety of reasons but the two main reasons are positioning and airway diameter. If positioned on your back, the tongue is allowed to fall back and to partially occlude the airway. This is worsened by alcohol which relaxes the tongue further. Using pillows to prop the head up to 30 degrees and sleeping on a side, will reduce this to some extent. Having good pillows (such as memory foam or orthopaedic pillows) which support your head and neck are also good, as they will maintain your position throughout the night. The diameter of your upper airways is affected by having allergies or respiratory tract diseases (such as colds and flu), in which case taking antihistamine or decongestants, respectively, could help. Nasal strips, which can be bought from most pharmacies, help to hold the nasal passages open and do reduce snoring in some people. #<Category:0x0055a2d803e1e0> Show Edit Destroy
Congested? Cayenne lemon hot drink recipe GB Squeeze a lemon into a mug and add boiled water, then add a healthy few shakes of cayenne pepper and some honey for taste. The cayenne really wakes up the system and gets all that mucus moving so that you can get it out! No more phlegm and no more blocked nose! #<Category:0x0055a2d7fdcda0> Show Edit Destroy
Pee on it Tokyo JP Especially for bee stings, if you pee on it it helps to take the sting out. #<Category:0x0055a2d7f5f558> Show Edit Destroy
Soften the skin and leave for later IT put cream on the area where the splinter is (i like to use an oily cream like 8 Hour Cream) and cover with a plaster. In a few hours remove the plaster and push the splinter out and remove with tweezers if needed- the skin will be soft and so the removal of the splinter will happen easier than if the skin around the splinter is hard. #<Category:0x0055a2d7f0bd90> Show Edit Destroy
Epsom Salts & Steaming Bath GB Have a steaming hot bath with Epson Salts and then eat Ginger Soup #<Category:0x0055a2d7ea47a8> Show Edit Destroy
Italian grandmas' remedy against the cold (and against anything that makes you sad) Modena IT Your cold is about to turn into flu? Your bones are heavy and your nose is blocked? Well, there is nothing better than a proper grandma's cure: a cup of hot milk with a sweet spoon of honey. Natural, warm, and homey. The secret ingredient of the recipe is actually adding a shot of COGNAC! #<Category:0x0055a2d7e3e520> Show Edit Destroy
Slice of Tomato Tokyo JP Put a silce of tomato on a small cut and leave it. If you can cover it with a bandage or something and sleep with it over night it really works #<Category:0x0055a2d7dd02f0> Show Edit Destroy
Hydration with non-caffeinated drinks GB Modern life involves working and living in very dry environments. Central heating and air conditioning both evaporate the moisture in the air, and in turn reduce the amount of moisture in our skin. Therefore to combat this inevitable drying of skin it is important to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluid (2.5-3 litres per day) which is non-caffeinated. Water is ideal. #<Category:0x0055a2d7d62408> Show Edit Destroy
Pump often CO If you are already massaging, using cabbage leaves, and cold and hot compresses I recommend you pump often to relieve the breasts and slowly dissolve the hard lumps. #<Category:0x0055a2d7c9a958> Show Edit Destroy
A guy's Perspective New York City US Its a mixture of things, sleep with as many girls as possible, honestly quality is irrelevant - Tinder helps! Some people say get as drunk as possible, helps with number 1! Work out as hard as possible, physically takes a lot out of you and it makes you look better for the next girlfriend. Focus and work really hard at your job. Helps distract you and positions you to make more money thus making you more attractive again for the next round. #<Category:0x0055a2d7c34a68> Show Edit Destroy
Foam Rollers New York City US Use a foam roller to roll out the muscles in your legs, before and after exercise. This helps release the lactic acid in your muscles and increases blood flow therefore speeding recovery. It also helps to prevent injuries #<Category:0x0055a2d7be7ab0> Show Edit Destroy
Specifically for physical exhaustion to do with exercise New York City US Eat Beets before bed. As many as you can eat. You can boil them, bake them, as long as you eat them. Beets are a natural sort of nitrates which converts into nitric oxide, which increases blood flow throughout your body which helps to remove the lactic acid from your muscles and hence speeds up recovery. #<Category:0x0055a2d7b1ff10> Show Edit Destroy
Soup diet at night Cologne DE Similar to "no carbs after 5" just have soups for dinner Don't have any chocolate in the house! #<Category:0x0055a2d7ab38b0> Show Edit Destroy
Posture and core strengthening exercises GB Most of our lifestyles don't promote perfect posture. This is only a brief summary of the most common posture problems I observe in clinic, everyone is individual and can be helped by Osteopaths and ergonomic assessors) #<Category:0x0055a2d7a816a8> Show Edit Destroy
Engage your audience US Before you begin your talk, look out to your audience and say good morning/afternoon/evening. This will engage them and leave them feeling you are speaking to them (which you are). #<Category:0x0055a2d7a519d0> Show Edit Destroy
Honey & Coffee Mix Tokyo JP Have a hot coffee and put a spoonful of good local honey in to it. Do it as you need it but remember you will be on caffeine #<Category:0x0055a2d7a247c8> Show Edit Destroy
Cold Turkey and Lots of Water Bogota CO Best to stop cold turkey from one day till the other and increase your intake of water. Water will help you feel more energised and will decrease the physical need for coffee. #<Category:0x0055a2d7951af8> Show Edit Destroy
Chaga Tea Eastern Europe and Asia US Tasteless, odorless. Benefits are endless... #<Category:0x0055a2d78efec0> Show Edit Destroy
Heat a spoon New York City US This is especially good for Mosquito bites. Place the metal spoon in a cup of very hot water for 5-10 seconds (to a temperature of a hot coffee) and then place the big surface against the bite. The heat brakes down the chemical the mosquito injects into you and relieves the itching and the bump. #<Category:0x0055a2d786ef78> Show Edit Destroy
Prilosec OTC New York US My Doctor told me when I get heartburn the best product to take is - available at all pharmacies across the US #<Category:0x0055a2d77b7210> Show Edit Destroy
Sea Water... Hvar HR When constipated, drink glass of seawater first thing in the morning. Wait couple of hours, results guaranteed. When no where near seawater - you can also just add salt to a glass of water and drink that #<Category:0x0055a2d76b5fb0> Show Edit Destroy
Local honey Reading GB Eat local honey regularly. Honey must be local and good quality for this to work. #<Category:0x0055a2d74e33b8> Show Edit Destroy
Nail Polish to relieve your stress New York City US When I am stressed, I do my nails, put on nail polish. A good distraction and your achieving something! Its a win-win... #<Category:0x0055a2d74344d0> Show Edit Destroy
Rescue Remedy CH Doctor Bach, Rescue Remedy is a mix of 5 flower essences combined to relief shock, anxiety, and any emotional disturbance where the body is in 'flight and fight' mood. There are a variety of different ways in which you can take the Rescue Remedy. The spray is easy to use however I personally prefer to use the tincture. #<Category:0x0055a2d7371480> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Soup, Rest and Stay Warm GB A good way to help improve a cold is through eating Ginger Soup, getting rest and sweating out the cold. To make this delicious and healing soup, follow these simple instructions. #<Category:0x0055a2d725a920> Show Edit Destroy
Massage the Dimples Away New York US Massaging the areas of your body that have cellulite stimulates circulation, and breaks up the fluids beneath your skin. The more pressure the better!! #<Category:0x0055a2d7162950> Show Edit Destroy
Get your heart rate up and sweat everything off New York US Go out for a run/speedy walk #<Category:0x0055a2d70af710> Show Edit Destroy
Cherries for a better nights sleep! GB Have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Cherry concentrate could be the answer! Cherries are a very rich source of melatonin (our hormone that helps us fall asleep at night) #<Category:0x0055a2d6ff1ee0> Show Edit Destroy
Sorry but... Clench your butt! Hong Kong HK Sorry to say but when you are feeling that you are falling asleep in meetings, you need to clench and tense your butt muscles. No one at the meeting can tell, and it keeps you awake as it takes effort to keep them clenthed! #<Category:0x0055a2d5fc1b60> Show Edit Destroy
Smother yourself in Tiger Balm London GB Rub on some Tiger Balm wherever you feel a little blocked up and all coldy. Trust me this really does help. When you first put the Tiger Balm on it will feel ice cold and then suddenly burning hot so be aware of that! Maybe start of small, i.e. just putting a tiny bit on and see how your skin reacts before doing the whole 'smothering' thing! It completely warms you and clears you up. I love this stuff. Preferably be lying down in bed, relaxed and ready to go! #<Category:0x0055a2d5dea3c8> Show Edit Destroy
Amazon editors favorite 2014 book - SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying US As both an airline captain and licensed therapist, what I've learned working with ten-thousand anxious fliers is included in detail in "SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying" which was chosen as "Amazon Editors' 2014 Favorite Book. Read the reviews (including one by the former Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy) and you'll see why. #<Category:0x0055a2d6aa0590> Show Edit Destroy
Strong Ginger tea (plus some other ingredients) Mexico City MX Drink a strong brew of ginger and a few other healing ingredients #<Category:0x0055a2d690b0e0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat foods rich in Calcium and Magnesium GB Eat more calcium and magnesium rich foods. These minerals are known as nature’s sedatives, helping to relax our bodies and mind. #<Category:0x0055a2d67baba0> Show Edit Destroy
Papaya Singapore SG Eat a small papaya first thing in the morning to help get rid of constipation. Other high fiber fruits: mango, persimmon, guava #<Category:0x0055a2d659e1c8> Show Edit Destroy
Try cutting dairy Wellington NZ After a lot of trial and error in conjunction with my doctor, I found that cutting out dairy stopped my migraines (which had on occasions been very severe). The focus is to give up Cows Diary - so you can still eat Goats cheese or milk, try buffalo mozzarella and so on. However, everyone will be different. #<Category:0x0055a2d64e9660> Show Edit Destroy
Water, healthy food & exercise London GB Drinking lots of water prior to boarding a plane and during the flight, eating healthy food on planes and exercise straight after a long haul flight can really help to fight jet-lag #<Category:0x0055a2d6317440> Show Edit Destroy
Eat a snack GB When I was younger, I would get angry when my sugar levels dropped. My mum would always make sure I ate something and hey presto! The anger would die down. Now, when I feel frustrated, I take a break and have a snack - it makes me fee much better 20 years on! #<Category:0x0055a2d619e320> Show Edit Destroy
Honey honey honey! Bristol GB Honey helps get rid of dandruff, as it is a natural humectant that helps hair hold onto moisture while also giving you a powerful boost of vitamins! My grandmother told me about this remedy when I was in my teens and getting dandruff for the first time. Trust me, it really does seem to help! #<Category:0x0055a2d60f04f0> Show Edit Destroy
Close your eyes and trace an elephant backwards! Philadelphia US When you have hiccups, shut your eyes and draw in your mind an elephant backwards whilst holding your breath. #<Category:0x0055a2d5fdc6e0> Show Edit Destroy
Chocolate Milk New York US As opposed to spending the extra circa $3 on Muscle Milk (protein packs) purchase a chocolate milk which you can buy at any deli or supermarket for the same muscle building benifits #<Category:0x0055a2d5e16108> Show Edit Destroy
Remove age spots lemon juice IR When squeezing lemons for juice cut the lemon half in half again and rub the flesh side on the spot. Keep the other 3 parts of the squeezed lemon for rubbing on later. Otherwise cut a slice of lemon and use that. #<Category:0x0055a2d5d47c68> Show Edit Destroy
Hydration, Hydration, Hydration London GB Due to the delicate nature of the skin under our eyes they are extremely susceptible to dehydration. You HAVE TO keep yourself hydrated! #<Category:0x0055a2d51681b8> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin B London GB Vitamin B deficiency is one of the major reasons for premature greying hair! #<Category:0x0055a2d4f4f188> Show Edit Destroy
Lemons Nicosia CY Using lemons to help with bad breath is great as the acidic contents in lemons stops the growing of foul bacteria in your mouth. Bonus, lemons smell great, so your breath will too! #<Category:0x0055a2d4db8b08> Show Edit Destroy
Baking Soda/Bicarbonate of Soda Boston US Bad breath can be caused by residue from acid-forming foods that are left sticking to your moth. By using baking soda this can rebalance the high levels of acid that are in the mouth, leaving your breath feeling fresh. #<Category:0x0055a2d4b9b4b0> Show Edit Destroy
Bee Propolis GB Apply bee propolis to the problem tooth. #<Category:0x0055a2d402dbf0> Show Edit Destroy
Vinegar will help take out the sting Guildford GB Wasp stings have high levels of alkaline in the venom; therefore you need to use an acid to neutralize the sting. Vinegar is great for this job! #<Category:0x0055a2d3f7efd8> Show Edit Destroy
Preventing Blisters on your hands from racquet sports New York US If you are a big tennis, or squash player or use any racquet sport, avoid putting cream on your hands, as it will soften the callaus and make you prone to blisters when you might otherwise have not gotten them. Salt water is good for toughening up skin so that can help! #<Category:0x0055a2d420bbc0> Show Edit Destroy
Wake up at the new time.... San Diego US Even if you are shattered, make sure you get up for at least two hours at the new time zone, then you can go back to bed for a few days. sleep with curtains open so you see the sun #<Category:0x0055a2d42a27f0> Show Edit Destroy
Set a time to hold out until... Philadelphia US So set an arbitary time to hold out having coffee before hitting the wall, and every week push it out further, increase by approx. an hour a day until you hit 6pm when you just don't have it. #<Category:0x0055a2d4c4e010> Show Edit Destroy
Detox Drink Barcelona ES Helps to detox your system and make you pee a lot and clear out your system. #<Category:0x0055a2d4eb2cc0> Show Edit Destroy
Rosemary Oil Washignton D.C US A really pungent smell can make you feel very alert, especially Rosemary. Either take a big whiff from a bottle before entering the meeting, or dab some oil on a tissue and sniff it whenever your feel yourself starting to nod off! #<Category:0x0055a2d4f01820> Show Edit Destroy
Chew Gum Edinburgh GB Chewing anything makes your body think its about to eat, therefore it will release insulin and keep your body alert, gum is perfect for this! Or you can chew ice, as the coldness will make it impossible for you to fall asleep. However ice is a little less subtle then gum. #<Category:0x0055a2d5129440> Show Edit Destroy
Turn your phone off GB I know it sounds impossible, like telling your heart to stop beating, but trust me, turn your phone off. It takes away all the notifications, urge to check, lifeline to multiple worlds far from where you actually are. Try for one hour at a time... #<Category:0x0055a2d5d9c6a0> Show Edit Destroy
Rose Oil London GB Get some rose oil, preferably organic, and rub all over your tummy. Rose oil has amazing curative properties.... #<Category:0x0055a2d5fedaf8> Show Edit Destroy
Ease Lower Back Pain with Hanging Forward Folds Washington, DC US Follow these simple steps to help you relieve your pain... #<Category:0x0055a2d6001b98> Show Edit Destroy
Massage the back of your neck under the shower London GB Putting the back of your neck under the hot water pressure in a shower really helps to reduce a migraine and feels great! A power shower is ideal, the stronger the better. #<Category:0x0055a2d60f63c8> Show Edit Destroy
Ice, Ice, Ice Spain ES This only offers quick relief from the horrible burning sensation that you get from heat rash, but it feels so much better once you do it! #<Category:0x0055a2d61aed38> Show Edit Destroy
Soak in the tub Nicosia CY Run yourself a piping hot bubble bath and submerge yourself in it for as long as possible. Not only do you feel cleaner but the heat relaxes your stomach muscles. Being in the bath also helps distract you from your pains. Candles and music add a nice touch #<Category:0x0055a2d61fdfa0> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar GB Make a solution of 50/50 apple cider vinegar (organic unpasteurised is best) and water. Pour over your hair and massage into the scalp. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with water. Repeat for a week. #<Category:0x0055a2d63eced8> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut Oil - natural solution London GB Coconut oil is great for the scalp as it not only has antifungal properties that help eliminate dandruff, it also helps soften the scalp which will stop it feeling too itchy. #<Category:0x0055a2d656fda0> Show Edit Destroy
Sleeping on your back London GB Bags under the eyes are caused when the delicate skin is damaged by fluid volume change. When you sleep on your side it can cause fluids to collect under your eyes due to gravity. In order to correct this it helps if you sleep on your back with a few pillows propped under your head. This will stop all the fluid flowing to your eyes. #<Category:0x0055a2d65c9508> Show Edit Destroy
Swollen Feet in Pregnancy GB During pregnancy the pregnant uterus reduces the return flow of blood to the heart. There is also an increase in the amount of fluid in the body. Both can lead to swelling in the feet. #<Category:0x0055a2d6a033a8> Show Edit Destroy
Breast Feeding - increasing milk production CN This Chicken and Ginger soup is an old Chinese remedy to increase milk production when breast feeding. #<Category:0x0055a2d5dbd6e8> Show Edit Destroy
Leg Cramps during Pregnancy GB Leg cramps are common during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. #<Category:0x0055a2d7018270> Show Edit Destroy
Lower Back Pain London GB Often referred pain to the lower back is due to an misaligned pelvic girdle. Stretching your gluteals and external hip rotators will lower the strain/pull on your hip flexors thus enabling a more neutral pelvic alignment and greater recruitment of your entire posterior chain. #<Category:0x0055a2d7053528> Show Edit Destroy
Leave your phone at home London GB One day a week try leaving your phone at home, removing all temptation to check it. Sunday is a good day to cut off email and cell phone usage. It might sounds impossible but you will be surprised at how much more relaxed you feel when you aren't constantly checking texts. #<Category:0x0055a2d724a908> Show Edit Destroy
Training Motivation biochemistry London GB Balance of certain amino acids can have a powerful impact on the brain and your willingness to train. Carnitine and BCAA aids the release of excitatory neurotransmitters and aid the process of mobilising stored fat, thus you gain a psychological edge over burning more fat whilst training harder! #<Category:0x0055a2d72c8fb0> Show Edit Destroy
Give yourself a break London GB Learn to give yourself breaks during the workday even if they are short ones. Go out for lunch instead of eating at your desk or take a short stroll in the park. Even just 10 minutes away from you desk can make a huge difference. #<Category:0x0055a2d73f1c98> Show Edit Destroy
Drink coffee with a straw London GB Coffee is one of the most common causes of yellowing teeth. Drinking coffee through a straw is an easy way to keep your teeth bright. #<Category:0x0055a2d767c210> Show Edit Destroy
white teeth using coconut oil London GB Rinsing your mouth with coconut oil can help you get that hollywood smile. The Lauric acid in coconut oil can rid your teeth of bacteria that reside in plaque which makes your teeth yellow. Coconut oil can also promote gum health and help keep your breath fresh. #<Category:0x0055a2d76c4b00> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise more london GB Exercise can help strengthen a persons neck muscles. This may help to prevent narrowing of the airways and can help reduce your snoring #<Category:0x0055a2d77ba118> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid Alcohol London GB Giving up that glass of wine with dinner might help reduce your snoring. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax more than usual during a nights sleep. This increase in relaxation makes the back of the throat collapse more readily, causing snoring #<Category:0x0055a2d77ee760> Show Edit Destroy
Get Moving! London GB Studies have shown that exercise cuts smoking cravings and may help your brain produce anti-craving chemicals. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings for cigarettes decrease during exercise and for as long as 50 minutes after exercise. Even a 5 minute stretch when the craving strikes can help you resist the urge to smoke. #<Category:0x0055a2d78a3110> Show Edit Destroy
Massage New York US Apparently having massage can really help #<Category:0x0055a2d79332d8> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint oil London GB Giving up coffee is not easy and after only a few hours the headaches will start. Use peppermint oil to help relive mild head pain and improve your energy levels. #<Category:0x0055a2d795d268> Show Edit Destroy
MSM - The Super Supplement London GB If you have to choose one supplement to take, MSM is what I recommend for men and women of all ages. Here is why: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur containing compound with numerous health benefits such as inflammation reduction, immune function and joint pain to name a few… It does this by providing all the cells in our body with bioactive sulfur which is one of the most important minerals for cell regeneration. As our bodies age and metabolic processes slow down, cells regenerate slower, joints get stiff and energy levels fall. MSM is an awesome mineral to boost the energy levels all over the body with fantastic internal and external results! Historically MSM was used for race horses to strengthen their joints because it had a massive impact on collagen and elastin regeneration. As this was translated for human use the benefits were endless. MSM makes cells more permeable allowing them to get rid of junk inside. This “junk” is what causes inflammation, cell damage and cell death. Toxins are released and happy clean cells remain. MSM also eliminates the build up of lactic acid (from exercise, causing that annoying soreness) allowing recovery from sports to be quicker. Sulfur plays and important role in the production of Glutathione - one of the body’s most important antioxidants. Glutathione plays an important part in protecting the cells from oxidative damage and oxidative stress. As the body is enjoying all these fantastic benefits, just imagine how happy your skin is! Skin benefits: -Protects collagen from inflammation and degenerative enzymes -Gives the body minerals to generate new healthy cells -Allows the cell membranes to detox from waste products -Protects the skin from free radicals and UV damage -Maintains the cells natural pH value -Helps tone down scarring and acne -Strengthens hair and nails Available in powder or pill form, Amazon stocks some great brands! Lindens, Oskia Skincare,Higher Nature #<Category:0x0055a2d7a15cf0> Show Edit Destroy
Keep fingers busy London GB When you or the culprit is doing an activity in which you/they are most likely to pick your/their nose e.g. watching television, make sure you have something at the ready to occupy your/their hands! #<Category:0x0055a2d7a29160> Show Edit Destroy
Apple cider vinegar London GB Apple cider vinegar is a natural way to maintain a healthy smile. The vinegar helps remove stains and kills bacteria in your mouth and gums. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a3d340> Show Edit Destroy
Tee tree oil London GB Everyone has experienced bad breath in their life and it can often be embarrassing. Tee tree oil is a natural cure for bad breath. A common cause of bad breath is an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria in your mouth. Tee tree oil is effective at wiping out this bacteria. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a7e340> Show Edit Destroy
Smelly but it works! Garlic London GB The pungent smell of the garlic will suffocate the lice and ultimately kill them. #<Category:0x0055a2d7a8fe60> Show Edit Destroy
Meditate Daily - As little as 5 minutes makes a difference! Washington, DC US Meditation is all about tapping into our inner stillness and experiencing the present moment in full awareness. It is a challenging practice but well worth the effort. Try it out for at least 5 minutes daily and you'll see the difference. Not good at self-motivating? Download an app like "Headspace" or "Calm" to get you started. #<Category:0x0055a2d7bbfc40> Show Edit Destroy
S-T-O-P for Anxiety Barrow in Furness GB STOP- THREE BREATHS - OBSERVE- PROCEED Where you are what ever you are doing simply STOP and take THREE deep BREATHS into the belly. It can help to bring your hands to your belly to feel the breath move into this area. OBSERVE your emotions and by observing you are distancing yourself from the thoughts which are creating the anxiety. Know what they are only thoughts. They are not who you are. Listen to what you need and PROCEED with this. It might be that you need to go for a walk, have some quiet time, eat some food. Whatever you need you should PROCEED to do this. #<Category:0x0055a2d7be21a0> Show Edit Destroy
Oatmeal Bath Bristol GB Submerge yourself in a large bath of oatmeal powder. It always makes you feel so much better #<Category:0x0055a2d7c5eae8> Show Edit Destroy
Lime Juice London GB Cool your heat rash from the inside out! Drink three glasses of lime juice a day! #<Category:0x0055a2d7d676d8> Show Edit Destroy
Keep busy London GB We all tend to snack when we are bored - so stay busy. Keep busy around the house or even take up a new hobby. Taking your mind off food will help to reduce your snacking #<Category:0x0055a2d7d91a28> Show Edit Destroy
Papaya paste london GB Apart from being delicious papaya not only reduces dry skin but also helps remove scars. #<Category:0x0055a2d7e10058> Show Edit Destroy
Looking to drop fat around your midsection? London GB Fat around the mid-section is highly correlated to excessive exposure to stress hormone. By simply eating regularly 2-3 hours, hydrating and consuming anti inflammatory foods such as seaweed and kelp will help to modulate your stress response and aid in reducing your tummy fat. #<Category:0x0055a2d7efe988> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera Gel London GB I like to follow the rule: when it doubt apply aloe vera gel. This rule definitely applies to dry skin. Many people swear by drinking aloe vera juice, taking care of yourself from the inside to out. #<Category:0x0055a2d7f23698> Show Edit Destroy
Buttermilk Curry New York US This is an old remedy used for treating grey hair, it also a great conditioner that helps keep your hair feeling super soft. #<Category:0x0055a2d7feee60> Show Edit Destroy
Eat and drink GINGER London GB My grandmother swears by ginger for preventing grey hair. #<Category:0x0055a2d801a178> Show Edit Destroy
Salt to get rid of lice London GB Salt manages to kill the lice through creating an environment of extreme dryness on your scalp. #<Category:0x0055a2d814a7a0> Show Edit Destroy
Meditation to ease your loneliness London GB Research has shown that simple meditation might be able to help you fight the feeling of loneliness. Meditation will help you get in touch with your feelings and help find the root of the issue. Learning to meditate takes time and guidance so it would be best to find a class. #<Category:0x0055a2d8177570> Show Edit Destroy
Volunteer and get out there London GB Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Find an activity that involves being in constant contact with other people whether its helping out at a soup kitchen or at your local charity store. Volunteering is a great way to focus on someone else, instead of yourself and know that you are doing some good in the world. #<Category:0x0055a2d8282870> Show Edit Destroy
Break it in to small steps GB Sometimes when you doubt what you are doing, or what you can do because it seems so big, so huge, so new, take a moment to break it into the smallest steps. Do one step at a time, and with each one you will feel more confident, and the 'huge' wall / staircase / mountain in front of you will grow smaller with each step. #<Category:0x0055a2d82f2788> Show Edit Destroy
flaxseeds US Some headaches are caused by inflammation, which can be reduced by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed can help provide headache relief because it’s rich in omega-3s. #<Category:0x0055a2d8319590> Show Edit Destroy
Hydrogen peroxide New York US Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and eliminates fungus. Soaking your feet in it helps get rid of athletes foot much faster. Make sure you’re using 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) #<Category:0x0055a2d841f110> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut oil for Acne GB Use coconut oil to help fight Acne. Coconut oil contains antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help fight acne infections and helps to prevent break outs. #<Category:0x0055a2d8465250> Show Edit Destroy
Tee tree oil toothpaste Edinburgh GB Tea tree oil helps kill off the bad bacteria that lives in our mouth and causes bad breath. Merely add some tee tree oil toothpaste into your daily oral hygiene regime, give your mouth and teeth a good brush and you are bound to see some results! #<Category:0x0055a2d85239a8> Show Edit Destroy
Replace Date Night GB If you used to set aside one night a week for 'Date Night', make sure you keep busy on that night to keep your mind off things. Use this time to meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while, to catch that exhibition you've meaning to see or to start the activity you've always wanted to try. Soon you'll no longer associate that day with your ex! #<Category:0x0055a2d85c87c8> Show Edit Destroy
Treat old and new bruises with essential oils Toronto CA This is a super easy and very effective cure to help with old and new bruises. Say goodbye to sore spots permanently. Make a blend of these essentials oils and apply as directed. #<Category:0x0055a2d85f09a8> Show Edit Destroy
Keep happy in the winter GB The winter weather puts our bodies into hibernation mode resulting in us moving less and getting less of that all important vitamin D that the sun so kindly bestows to us. These quick and easy tips help combat all that meaning we can enjoy the true beauty this season has to offer. #<Category:0x0055a2d869d860> Show Edit Destroy
Primrose Oil for PMS and hormone imbalance US take regularly, or especially as needed, for hormone imbalance and symptoms of PMS. #<Category:0x0055a2d87220d8> Show Edit Destroy
When your bowel motions go pear-shaped, eat a pear! US The astringent properties of pears (in plain English - their ability to absorb body fluids), make this delicious fruit an excellent aid for the treatment of loose bowel motions. #<Category:0x0055a2d8730f20> Show Edit Destroy
listen to the right kinds of music US When going through a heartbreak many of us like to feed our sadness by listening to "our" song or other depressing music. Pick yourself up with fast beat motivational music that has little or nothing to do with love Rap music works! Rap music often has little to do with love, I find it works best to take your mind off things #<Category:0x0055a2d88aad38> Show Edit Destroy
Drink this to mixture to help with diarrhoea ZW As soon as you have this, make this very easy to make drink. This will help stop the diarrhoea and dehydration #<Category:0x0055a2d7ac7ae0> Show Edit Destroy
brush your teeth Manchester GB Who wants to eat another sweet with the taste of mint on his or her tongue? So when you feel that urge to snack, try brushing your teath instead. use mouthwash too, this will intensify the mint taste. #<Category:0x0055a2d95869f8> Show Edit Destroy
Feeling anxious or out of control GB Some quick ways of helping you feel more in control #<Category:0x0055a2d95ce460> Show Edit Destroy
After Popping.... Hong Kong HK After popping the spot, apply naturally derived vitamin e oil. You should be able to buy this at any drug store or natural food store. Avoid chemically derived vitamin E. By doing this it will help reduce scaring and heal quicker #<Category:0x0055a2d967ac38> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Tree Oil for your spots Melbourne AU Put a little bit of tea tree oil on a pimple. It acts as a disinfectant and antibacterial. Also dries it out #<Category:0x0055a2d968d248> Show Edit Destroy
How to manage anger in the moment GB Anger can effect us all it's just some are able to manage it better than others. Here's a few quick, safe ways to vent your frustrations. #<Category:0x0055a2d96d6858> Show Edit Destroy
peppermint tea US Mint is one of the oldest of herbs. It was used by the ancient Assyrians, and was common to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who recognized its pain-killing properties. Menthol and methyl salicylate are the main active ingredients of peppermint. Internally, they have anti-spasmodic actions, with calming effects on the muscles of the stomach, intestinal tract, and uterus. They also have powerful analgesic (pain-killing) properties try using fresh mint for optimal taste and effect #<Category:0x0055a2d9700068> Show Edit Destroy
"Plant Blood" cured my allergies! Los Angeles US Add liquid Chlorophyll to a glass of water and drink 3 or more times a day. Why does it work? I have no idea. A hippy working in an herbal pharmacy claimed that chlorophyll, or "plant blood" as she called it, is good for allergies because it is very similar to human blood, and therefore mixing the two types of blood is good for allergies. While there are numerous gaps in logic and scientific faults in this line of reasoning, it did in fact help my allergies. Hippy 1, science 0. Buy the mint flavored drops. Even if it does nothing to improve your allergies, at least you can enjoy delicious mint-flavoured water. #<Category:0x0055a2d9731d20> Show Edit Destroy
Herbs New York US Herbs like ginkgo, ginseng, and passionflower help calm hyperactivity. #<Category:0x0055a2d97a2f48> Show Edit Destroy
Gargle with water (ideally cold/ice water) Wiltshire GB Fill a glass with cold water, for added effect add in ice to make it extra cold. Drink the water and gargle for at least 20 seconds and then swallow the water. Repeat until the hiccups have gone. One reason I was always told the reason this works is that you are concentrating on something else and helps relax your diaphragm/vocal cords. #<Category:0x0055a2d97d02b8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat foods that provide Lecithin New York City US Foods that are abundant in lecithin can help minimize cellulite pronouncement by reinforcing the skin's connective tissue. Eggs, apples, soy, spinach, cauliflower, peanuts and Iceberg lettuce are all Lecithin rich foods, so they're great for getting rid of cellulite. #<Category:0x0055a2d97e9e20> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Water Mixture Tokyo JP Make a paste, 1 to 5 of fresh ginger and water. Mix them together and you drink it. You can add honey if you really need to help the taste I do it 3 or 4 cups a day. It really helps clear your nose and sinusis when you are blocked up #<Category:0x0055a2d985a300> Show Edit Destroy
Crushed Garlic ZW When you have tooth ache, crush up some a small amount of garlic and apply to the gums. #<Category:0x0055a2d988f910> Show Edit Destroy
Milk Compress London GB Sounds odd but instead of just pressing a cloth soaked in cold water over your sunburn, add some cold milk to the water. It is more soothing than water alone due to the pH of the milk. #<Category:0x0055a2d98b9760> Show Edit Destroy
Omega-3 London GB Omega -3 helps regulate oil production and helps to keep your skin moist. You can get your dosage through fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel or you can take supplements found in any health store #<Category:0x0055a2d9943730> Show Edit Destroy
Pop 'em Singapore SG Adding an extra step of gently pricking the spot/pimple with a disinfected needle before squeezing gets rid of acne (especially spots which are white and which have puss in) and reduces scarring #<Category:0x0055a2d99bf308> Show Edit Destroy
PocketDerm San Diego US Log on to to get started The company was cofounded by a friend. While it is a commercial product it has prescription strength so it works much better than most OTC stuff products. #<Category:0x0055a2d99ed0c8> Show Edit Destroy
Wet Sock Treatment for an immune boost US Feel a cold or the flu coming on? Fight back without spending a dime with the "wet sock treatment," which can help boost your immune system right in the nick of time! A natural method of stimulating the immune system and zapping a cold or flu is called the “wet sock treatment.” The treatment, which is commonly prescribed by physicians at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, involves putting on ice-cold socks and … are you ready for this? … sleeping in them! It may sound strange, but it works because it rallies the body’s defenses, according to Jamey Wallace, ND, chief medical officer at Bastyr Center, the teaching clinic of Bastyr University. And the best part about it is that it uses the healing power of nature and doesn’t cost anything. The treatment is known as a "heating compress,” meaning that it's up to the body to heat the cold, wet socks, says Dr. Wallace. “The body reacts to the cold socks by increasing blood circulation, which also stimulates the immune system. You have to ‘rev up’ the immune system, so it’s ready for battle against the affliction or condition.” This treatment acts to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head and throat. It also has a sedating action, and many patients report that they sleep much better during the treatment. The treatment is also effective for pain relief and increases the healing response during acute infections. The wet sock treatment is used in conjunction with other modalities to treat inflammation, infection or soreness of the throat, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, bronchitis and sinus infections. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a05740> Show Edit Destroy
Talk to someone who thinks you're great GB There's no better way to cure self doubt than talking to someone who can tell you how great you are (friends, family) and boost your confidence. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a570e0> Show Edit Destroy
Take a walk LA US While it’s normal to feel lonely or isolated from time to time, too much loneliness can be linked to depression. So take a walk when you are feeling lonely to help fight it. Walking has been proven to offer many great health benefits both for the body and the mind. Just the feeling of walking down the street, surrounded by traffic and other people, can make you feel more involved in the pulse of your city or town. #<Category:0x0055a2d9acac98> Show Edit Destroy
Slowly decrease your intake New York US Gradually reduce caffeine intake over the days and weeks #<Category:0x0055a2d9af9110> Show Edit Destroy
Inhale a very small amount of Eucalyptus Oil London GB Eucalyptus Oil helps clear the nasal passages when inhaled. Making your own eucalyptus oil inhaler can help decongest the nose. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b55c58> Show Edit Destroy
Sugar US Just down the sugar. No other tips. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b6f518> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Honey and Lemon Tea CN A perfect way to warm your system and fight off the cold and flu #<Category:0x0055a2d9c00978> Show Edit Destroy
Different soaps GB Sometimes, cracked hands and feet comes from using soaps that dry out your skin. Try switching the soap you use to something milder and more gentle to the skin - oatmeal is a great ingredient in soaps that helps sooth itchy skin and reduces dryness so look for different products with oatmeal in them. #<Category:0x0055a2da14f050> Show Edit Destroy
Go see a hypnotist! New York US A friend went to see a hypnotist/therapist and after a 30-minute session, his nail biting was cured! Yay science! #<Category:0x0055a2da16ad78> Show Edit Destroy
Cut the Caffeine New York US Reducing or cutting caffeine when on your period can help get rid of period cramps. Try switching your morning cup of coffee with soothing caffeine free ginger or mint teas. Caffeine is also found in chocolate and soda. #<Category:0x0055a2da213d38> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint Tea will help your tummy AU Peppermint tea can help to relax stomach muscles. It also helps improve the flow of bile, which aids digestion, which is especially useful if suffering from indigestion or gas/bloating. #<Category:0x0055a2da2dff00> Show Edit Destroy
Try having green tea instead Tel Aviv IL Green tea is healthy and yummy , try replacing one coffee a day with green tea #<Category:0x0055a2da329358> Show Edit Destroy
Use more pillows London GB Nasal congestion can worsen when you lie flat or remain inactive. Gentle activity such as tilting your head or changing body positions can mobilise stagnant secretions and help ease nasal congestion. At bedtime, keeping the head elevated on at least 2 pillows helps air flow more freely through congested nasal passages. #<Category:0x0055a2da60c2f0> Show Edit Destroy
Have a massage London GB Massage increases local circulation by stimulating blood flow in the soft tissue. Many studies point to the overall effectiveness of massage in stimulating healing. #<Category:0x0055a2da679508> Show Edit Destroy
Take vitamin C London GB Recent research shows that Vitamin C, through its antioxidant effect protects cholesterol from damaging changes such as oxidation, that make it much more like to leave sediment on artery walls. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize - winning scientist believed vitamin C helps keep the lining of the arteries strong and healthy. Oranges and other citrus fruits have high vitamin C which is a natural blood thinner and prevents plaque build-up which leads to poor circulation. #<Category:0x0055a2da9504c0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Salmon and Avocado london GB Salmon and avocados contain heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids which research has shown to support the cardiovascular system and increase blood circulation. #<Category:0x0055a2daa454e8> Show Edit Destroy
Arnica Gel Helps Clear Bruises the Natural Way Washington, DC US Pick up arnica gel or cream from your local natural market. Apply up to 3x per day directly to bruises and massage the affected area uses small circular motions, moving in the direction of the heart. #<Category:0x0055a2dacc2c48> Show Edit Destroy
For PMS Moodiness - Cut the Coffee Toronto CA Coffee is a stimulate that increases the heat in your body, and in turn make you more firey. We would recommend you switch to a more cooling stimulant if you still need the morning boost. Try green tea. If you are just looking for something #<Category:0x0055a2dad0b8a8> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid spicy foods to help moodiness Tornoto CA Like coffee, spicy foods can make you extra irritable. When we say spicy, we mean chili peppers, hot sauce and black pepper. #<Category:0x0055a2db2f7f50> Show Edit Destroy
Moroccan Oil New York US Apply moroccan oil to the ends of your hair every other day to help get rid of dry hair. Try and keep it away from your roots because it makes your hair greasy. #<Category:0x0055a2db2d28b8> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Pear juice AU Australian government scientists found that drinking Asian Pear juice before a night of heavy drinking could reduce the effects of a hangover. Research showed that Asian pears contain properties that effect alcohol metabolism, reducing memory loss and boosting concentration. #<Category:0x0055a2dad4cda8> Show Edit Destroy
Wear a sleep bra GB I've found wearing a sleep bra overnight really helps with breast tenderness, especially if you're pregnant or it only comes on when you're due on your period. #<Category:0x0055a2daa3e6e8> Show Edit Destroy
The British Airways fear of flying course GB Understanding the physics, mechanics and fail-safe processes of aircraft really helped me overcome my fear. I would seriously recommend one of these courses, though I only experienced the BA one. #<Category:0x0055a2da967530> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga to help PMS Tornoto CA Focusing on your breathing in yoga is a great way to stabilize your mood, but some yoga poses can help you calm right down as well. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bd9490> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise helps ease PMS moods Tornoto CA Exercise is a great way to increase blood flow in your body as well as release nitric oxide, a very important neurotransmitter that affects the release of the other 3 neurotransmitters thus increasing your mood. What you will need: #<Category:0x0055a2da8e8e88> Show Edit Destroy
Give up Alcohol - Depressant London GB Hangover blues anyone? According to scientists there is a direct link between alcohol and depression and feeling down. Alcohol is a known depressant - so avoid all alcohol to help make you feel better. #<Category:0x0055a2da93e248> Show Edit Destroy
Stimulate your kidneys to get rid of your bags... CN Every morning, half an hour before you eat anything, add a tea spoon of organic, local honey to a mug of hot water and drink. This stimulates the digestion and the supports the kidneys, which in turn helps those bags to drain over time. If after a month or so you have noticed no difference and you are also exhausted then add a teaspoon of Royal Jelly to it, which is very nourishing for the kidney qi. #<Category:0x0055a2db3d2858> Show Edit Destroy
Drink a Diet Coke London GB Avoid food and drink a of Diet Coke. The best thing is if you let the coke go flat, so that there are no bubbles in it. #<Category:0x0055a2daeea4f8> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe vera juice London GB Aloe vera juice can help soothe the stomach by reducing inflammation. A study in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health recommends ingesting aloe vera juice to treat acid reflux and heal the lining of the stomach and esophagus. #<Category:0x0055a2dbbaac60> Show Edit Destroy
Don't break the splinter! Athens GR When you are you trying to take out the splinter, be really careful that you don't break the splinter as then when it is smaller it is so much harder to remove. #<Category:0x0055a2dbcc4ad8> Show Edit Destroy
Massage Coconut Oil Bombay IN Massage coconut oil into your hair - this really does work. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd22890> Show Edit Destroy
Eat cooling foods to help calm moods Tornoto CA Eat cooling foods such as cucumber, celery or watermelon. This will help calm irritability #<Category:0x0055a2dbd3bde0> Show Edit Destroy
Ice pack over your eyes London GB Migraines can be completely debilitating. I used to go blind from them! I found the only solution for me was to lie in a dark room with an ice pack over my eyes. Hope this helps #<Category:0x0055a2dbda3328> Show Edit Destroy
Hot Water Bottle Toronto CA Placing a warm water bottle on the abdomen can not only alleviate menstrual cramping but can also relieve pain caused by cystitis. Scientists have found that if warmth over 40 degrees Celsius is applied to the skin near to where internal pain is felt, it switches on heat receptors at the site of injury. These heat receptors in turn block the effect of chemical messengers that cause pain to be detected by the body. The relief in pain can last for up for an hour. #<Category:0x0055a2dbdc93c0> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise Stretch Vermont US There are a few different options but it has to be a comfortable twisting motion to either side. You can start by lying on your back and twisting your legs to the right, stay like that for a bit, and then twist to the left. Because twisting helps to move your organs around which helps to ease pressures in your stomach. Moving in a gentle way can really help move things around in your stomach and so help any stomach ache #<Category:0x0055a2dbdde018> Show Edit Destroy
Drink a martini London GB See instructions below #<Category:0x0055a2dc0bba88> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Water, Rice Water and eat Bananas, Rice Barcelona ES Drink water and when you can eat bananas, rice and drink rice water. To make rice water you boil the rice ensuring that there will be plenty of water left over. Continue with this diet until you stop the diarrhea. Drink small amounts of water but often. Important to keep hydrated. #<Category:0x0055a2dc11c770> Show Edit Destroy
Fluids and Vit C Connecticut US Drink Orange Juice, Grape Fruit juice. Drink a light tea, not a heavy caffeinated tea. #<Category:0x0055a2dc157758> Show Edit Destroy
You have to go out! New York City US Go out, have a drink with your closest friends and confess your weekend activities. Its great because you see your friends, you dont get depressed and its confessional! #<Category:0x0055a2dc1a24b0> Show Edit Destroy
Freedom App GB The 'Freedom' app blocks distracting websites on phones, tablets and computers to help you concentrate on your work! #<Category:0x0055a2dc1af8e0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat toasted coconut chips San Francisco US Eat a handful of toasted coconut chips when you have a sugar craving. The slight sweet flavor will satisfy the craving, while the high saturated fat content will make you naturally want to stop eating after a handful (too rich) Dang is my favorite brand of coconut chips #<Category:0x0055a2dc1f1768> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Good Fats New York City US Eat mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats with every meal to keep sugar cravings at bay. If eating sugar, including fruit, combine with protein and good fats to slow down the rate at which the sugar is absorbed into the blood steam and prevent sugar spikes/ crashes. Enjoy a handful of almonds with your next chocolate bar! #<Category:0x0055a2dc22c868> Show Edit Destroy
Make a To Do list London GB Write a detailed to do list. Mark the topics are vital and the ones which really are not so important so you can help organise your priorities. Always put something on your to do list which will take you two minutes to do so that you can cross it off quickly, giving you the satisfaction and encouragement to keep going. #<Category:0x0055a2da1e8d90> Show Edit Destroy
10 Almonds Lahore PK 10 Almonds. Apparently 10 almonds has the same strength of an aspirin and can help relieve headaches. I didn't believe it until I tried it but it actually worked Drink a big glass of water #<Category:0x0055a2da25dca8> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon Tuscany IT Squeeze lemon on the area you were stung Dont go back into the water as it will just come off #<Category:0x0055a2da4d4310> Show Edit Destroy
Superglue for cold cracks GB Superglue was first used medically during the 1st World War to glue soldier's injuries back together. If you have cold-induced cracks on your hands in winter, which are incredibly painful, use superglue on them to seal the crack and allow the skin underneath to heal - works a treat! #<Category:0x0055a2db16efd0> Show Edit Destroy
Preventative Jet Lag London GB Quick tips for preventing jet lag #<Category:0x0055a2db121a00> Show Edit Destroy
Scientific studies: Drink some ginger tea Toronto CA Ginger has been used for years in several countries for various medical aliments. Recently a study has found it to be as effective as advil (ibprofen) and mefenamic acid (ponstel) for treatment of menstrual pain. #<Category:0x0055a2db6eb2b0> Show Edit Destroy
Kombucha tea and chlorella GB Add a teaspoon or two of chlorella powder to kombucha tea and drink. The chlorella supports your liver and the kombucha tea will hydrate, refresh and boost the good bacteria in your gut. #<Category:0x0055a2db4804d0> Show Edit Destroy
Quit Facebook DK According to the Happiness Research Institute from Denmark quitting Facebook can increase your happiness levels. The study of 1,000 participants found that happiness whereby 500 carried on using the social media site as they always had, and 500 stopped using it altogether. Of the 500 who continued to use Facebook, 81% considered themselves “happy,” whereas 88% of the people who quit Facebook considered themselves as such. #<Category:0x0055a2da2b57a0> Show Edit Destroy
Remove your bra/ Wear wire free bra New York City US Whenever I have breast tenderness I remove my bra, it seems to help. Avoid wearing underwire bras #<Category:0x0055a2da829768> Show Edit Destroy
Mixture of things New York City US You need a mixture. Meditation and Mindfulness - thought regulation, controlling your thoughts. Upbeat music. Family & Friends Support. Grounding Foods. Massage. Fighting fear with data and logic #<Category:0x0055a2db4b4848> Show Edit Destroy
Chamomile Tea US Make some Chamomile tea. When it cools down a bit, take a big ball of cotton and dab on the effected eye. #<Category:0x0055a2dbca8090> Show Edit Destroy
Dry Brushing Ancient Greece GR Dry Brushing helps move the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins (byproducts of Candida), improving blood circulation. Do this every day. #<Category:0x0055a2dae10d70> Show Edit Destroy
Smash fear, learn anything London GB Watch this Ted Talk by Tim Ferriss entitled 'Smash fear and learn anything' It totally helped me understand my fear and how to tackle it #<Category:0x0055a2da7bb8f8> Show Edit Destroy
2-minute self-appreciation break London GB Take some time to appreciate yourself. This is a really simple, quick and easy exercise that can end up being quite fun! Take a few deep breaths, in and out slowly, eyes closed, and think of things that you appreciate about yourself. This can be anything from character traits to achievements, however small, as long as it is positive. It can be thoughts about the positive aspects of your character, a good deed you have done etc. For example: You successfully managed to do your morning yoga You are thoughtful and caring to animals You listened, when someone needed someone to listen to and a shoulder to cry on You made someone laugh today And lastly, do away with perfectionism. Do not strive for perfection, because it cannot be attained. Instead focus on you, what you have achieved at this moment in time. #<Category:0x0055a2dbf3fba0> Show Edit Destroy
Lumbar pillow at the office US If a yoga ball at work isn't for you.... try a lumbar pillow, in the small of your back, while working. It helps keep you back properly positioned for long amounts of time seating. #<Category:0x0055a2da3bfc18> Show Edit Destroy
morning stretch- knees to chest US it sounds too simple, but starting each morning, before getting out of bed and doing anything, with repetitive stretches, bringing your knees to your chest, straightening and repeating.... does much in the way of easing a tight back. #<Category:0x0055a2dae20ec8> Show Edit Destroy
Cucumber Eyes Zurich CH Apply sliced cucumber to your eyes to get rid of bags and dark circles under your eyes. Refrigerating the cucumbers beforehand also reduces puffiness (the colder the better) #<Category:0x0055a2dbfbd848> Show Edit Destroy
Onion in Honey Zermatt CH Chop up and onion and soak it in honey for a day, then sieve the onion out of the honey. Have a tablespoon of the honey 3 times a day until the cold goes away. Have another drink ready to go after the honey as it doesnt exactly taste great. #<Category:0x0055a2db6f18b8> Show Edit Destroy
Fibromyalgia and depression Long Island US Anti depressants are often used for Fibromyalgia. A parallel thought about it is: if you are living with pain, you may become depressed. If the depression is attended to, there is a likelihood the pain will ease. #<Category:0x0055a2da851128> Show Edit Destroy
Oregano Oil Shrinks Warts GB Apply small amount of oregano oil with a cotton bud to the wart daily until it disappears. #<Category:0x0055a2da6fe1e0> Show Edit Destroy
Dilution is the solution to Gout US If you are prone to producing an excess of uric acid, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to prevent gout attacks. Once symptoms appear, take an Aleve or Advil to reduce pain, elevate the area affected so that it is above the heart and place an ice pack on it for up to twenty minutes (make sure that the ice is not in direct contact with the skin to prevent frostbite). Repeat application of ice pack as needed and drink at least 3 quarts of water a day while symptoms last. #<Category:0x0055a2db8eba38> Show Edit Destroy
Reishi Mushrooms PE Reishi are medicinal mushrooms renowned in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are known as "The plant of immortality" Reishi mushrooms contain triterpenes which are steroid like molecules that inhibit histamine release. I recommend taking the tincture as opposed to the tea because the triterpenes will be more concentrated. #<Category:0x0055a2dbea0078> Show Edit Destroy
Cloves and honey London GB Cloves mixed with honey can help relieve morning sickness. Cloves also help with milk production and have the added benefit of purifying it #<Category:0x0055a2da314a70> Show Edit Destroy
To make sure your hair is shiny New York US Egg Yolk and Rum Mask Natural remedy for shiny hair. Mix ingredients together until smooth. Leave in hair for 30mins-1hr. Shampoo as usual. #<Category:0x0055a2d9901948> Show Edit Destroy
Just do it GB Rather than talking yourself out of something just do it. You will probably succeed. The worst that can happen is you get it wrong. It happens to everyone. #<Category:0x0055a2da56e640> Show Edit Destroy
An action packed film GB Download a gritty action packed film. Then there is no time to feel down in the dumps. To finish off the cure have a nice glass of wine. #<Category:0x0055a2db517290> Show Edit Destroy
A swim in the cold sea or pool GB A swim in a cold sea or pool will shock the body and give you a well needed burst of energy. #<Category:0x0055a2daa67cc8> Show Edit Destroy
Take control GB From personal experience I know how debilitating migraines can be. By accepting that the migraine is a part of you and focusing that it WILL get better, you'll feel more in control of the situation and everything will be more easily manageable. Drinking a lot of water and getting extra sleep is also very helpful. #<Category:0x0055a2dab84480> Show Edit Destroy
Its all about the Prune Juice New York City US 1 glass of prune juice per day - helps everything move Chase it with a glass of water #<Category:0x0055a2dba7c028> Show Edit Destroy
Put Toothpaste at night Tuscany IT Just put a small amount of toothpaste on the jelly fish sting, leave it there whilst you sleep. It will help reduce the pain #<Category:0x0055a2dba68960> Show Edit Destroy
Give yourself a challenga GB I found I was eating too many chocolates and other treats at work brought in by people from holidays. Therefore I banned myself from eating chocolate as way of reducing my snacking and sweet intake. After the first 30 days, I have no problem sticking to it. Try it, every little helps. #<Category:0x0055a2da1fca20> Show Edit Destroy
Baking Soda New York City US Get whatever brand of baking soda you like and put some on your toothbrush and brush away. Do it once a week. #<Category:0x0055a2da5b80b0> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint Tea to help ease bloating London GB Sipping peppermint tea after meals can really soothe the stomach and ease bloating. #<Category:0x0055a2dae941e8> Show Edit Destroy
Activated Charcoal (instant results) London GB For these instructions to achieve that glowing smile #<Category:0x0055a2da514cd0> Show Edit Destroy
Never Fall Asleep in a Meeting Again Windsor GB Enduring a long tedious meeting is a recipe for heavy eye lids and an attack of yawning never mind the impossibility of maintaining concentration. Caffeine is one option but there is another way to shake off drowsiness - assuming you are seated. Keeping your back straight, lift both of your feet about 1-2 inches off the ground and hold the pose for as long as possible. Try and keep a poker face as this is a relatively testing position to hold. Do this every time you are nodding off and you will be saved. #<Category:0x0055a2db9faff0> Show Edit Destroy
Change of focus GB Find reasons to look forward and get excited about the week ahead, instead of focusing that the weekend is over. #<Category:0x0055a2dc115858> Show Edit Destroy
L-Lysine: Doctor Recommended it to me BR I often get cold sores and my doctor recommended that I try L-Lysine as it helps to prevent cold sore outbreaks. For me it has really helped. #<Category:0x0055a2dadc8430> Show Edit Destroy
Plain or water cracker BR Eat a few plain or table water crackers before getting out of bed and at least 30 minutes before eating breakfast. This will line your stomach and prevent morning sickness. #<Category:0x0055a2dba4aed8> Show Edit Destroy
Cold Cabbage Leaves Oxford GB Keep a cabbage in the fridge and when the symptoms occur take a leaf and put it in your bra. If you can, keep feeding through the pain as this will help to unblock the duct. If you develop a fever and flu like symptoms go to straight to the doctor, as you'll need antibiotics. #<Category:0x0055a2da50af78> Show Edit Destroy
More sleep! New Jersey US This is not an immediate cure, but part of a lifestyle change that will reduce those puffy bags, lighten the dark circles, and create a more refreshed and energized you! #<Category:0x0055a2dbfa5e50> Show Edit Destroy
Snack little and often to help with nausea London GB Eat little and often throughout the day so that your stomach is not empty but also never too full. #<Category:0x0055a2d9528510> Show Edit Destroy
Snack on Carrots London GB Try grazing on raw carrot sticks when you feel sick. #<Category:0x0055a2db6d3ca0> Show Edit Destroy
Vegemite Melbourne AU Put Vegemite, a light coat on bread or toast in the morning and it helps cure your hangover. Why? It contains Vitamin B-12 which is supposedly good for helping hangovers #<Category:0x0055a2dbf78a18> Show Edit Destroy
For sobering up! Coffee with Salt and Lemon Modena IT Its all about mixing.... #<Category:0x0055a2dabf0c20> Show Edit Destroy
Sleep on a Slope GB Prop up your bed (magazines wrapped up in a pillow case works well) so that your head is a couple of inches higher than your feet. #<Category:0x0055a2dbb871e8> Show Edit Destroy
Be present GB One of the best ways to overcome FOMO is by being present and fully focused on enjoying the moment and what is around you. #<Category:0x0055a2d955f218> Show Edit Destroy
Up your Glutamine level US Glutamine is an amino acid that provides energy in the brain and helps build and maintain muscle. While it is most commonly used by body-builders to help reduce muscle deterioration during and post-workout, glutamine may also help reduce cravings for sugar. This is due to glutamine's stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels - ie. when blood sugar levels are low, glutamine suppresses insulin to prevent a further decline. It also stimulates the release of glycogen to help increase blood sugar to normal levels. Glutamine is found in protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, beans, and dairy and is also present in vegetables such as raw parsley, spinach and cabbage. #<Category:0x0055a2dabaee38> Show Edit Destroy
Natural remedies for UTI/Cystitis relief London GB Cystitis is a urinary tract infection (UTI), or inflammation in the bladder, an irritating condition that usually affects women, though men and children can also be affected. Over half the women in the U.K. will suffer from cystitis at some stage in their lives, often recurring more often after you first get it. The most common cause of acute cystitis or urinary tract infection is when bacteria, enters the urethra and travels into the bladder. This can happen during sexual intercourse, when inserting tampons or by wiping/washing your bottom from back to front. Women who use the contraceptive diaphragm may also be at risk of cystitis. Here are some foods to eat, herbal solutions to drinks, things to avoid, supplements/herbs or alternative medicines, and practical tips to help you treat your UTI naturally at home: #<Category:0x0055a2dbec1048> Show Edit Destroy
Red wine+boring read ES Whenever you can't sleep, forget about herbal teas or hot milk. Drink a glass of red wine and start reading something boring; you will fall asleep in the blink of an eye #<Category:0x0055a2d955ca90> Show Edit Destroy
Best way to fall asleep - Sex GB This is a great way to relax before going to sleep. It will clear the mind of any troubles as long as both partners are in the right mood. #<Category:0x0055a2da34d500> Show Edit Destroy
Can't Sleep? Its all about the milk Nairobi KE Have a nice big glass of warm milk before bed... #<Category:0x0055a2dbfb1f48> Show Edit Destroy
Regular Exercise Rome IT Exercise is a great way to strip off stress! According to Dr. John Ratey, the author of: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and Brain, exercise not only reduce stress, but can also reverse them! #<Category:0x0055a2da265f70> Show Edit Destroy
Eat the right food Rome IT Make sure you eat stress reducing foods like blueberries or oranges. These amazing fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, which prevent spikes in blood pressure. By stabilizing your blood and insulin levels you can keep calm and carry on all day long! Try my easy ‘BlueOrange FruitBeetx” recipe #<Category:0x0055a2dbb84df8> Show Edit Destroy
Cold Towel to reduce the heat Nairobi KE Check your temperature properly. Put a cold towel on your forehead and lie down for 30 mins. Simple & easy! #<Category:0x0055a2d9671048> Show Edit Destroy
Yogurt (Probiotics) London GB Regularly consuming yogurt with active cultures increases lactobacillus and bifidobacterium – the “good" bacteria – in the digestive tract, which facilitate efficient digestion and prevention of bloating. The best source is plain, non-fat or low-fat yogurt - do not get flavoured yogurts as they are packed with sugar which increases bloating. #<Category:0x0055a2daef99f8> Show Edit Destroy
A side of Mushrooms, please! AU Mushrooms are packed with wrinkle preventing nutrients such as zinc, selenium and ergothioneine! And the good news is, this versatile vegetable can be eaten as a side dish, as well as a tasty addition to most mains. #<Category:0x0055a2db33a5d0> Show Edit Destroy
Tomatoes will help AU Tomatoes are rich in chromium, a mineral that aids in stabilising blood sugar levels. Further, tomatoes are a great source of serotonin! Why is this important? Studies suggest that decreases in serotonin levels can cause us to crave sugar! Try snacking on a sweet variety of tomatoes, such as cherry or grape tomatoes. #<Category:0x0055a2da5cb0e8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat More Frequently (And Don't Skip Meals). US Think twice before you skip breakfast or any meal for that matter, as this is one of the most common causes of sugar cravings. When you skip a meal or leave long periods between eating, your energy levels drop, and your body begins to crave sugary foods to give you a quick energy boost. Avoid this trap by eating consistently and frequently throughout the day. Try eating five to six small meals as opposed to 3 or 4 large meals, as this will provide your body with a more steady supply of energy. #<Category:0x0055a2dabb7a10> Show Edit Destroy
Boost your Chromium levels! US WHAT IS CHROMIUM? Chromium is a mineral which plays an important role in stabilizing blood sugar levels, which in turn can help eliminate sugar cravings. In some cases, sweet cravings can simply be a product of chromium deficiency. It is important to avoid processed foods as processing decreases the chromium content of foods. WHO IS AT RISK? Studies have shown that physically active people, people who consume lots of coffee, and funnily enough - people who consume high amounts of sugar have an elevated risk of being deficient in chromium. #<Category:0x0055a2da69bf90> Show Edit Destroy
Nutmeg to help reduce acne ID Sprinkle a little bit of ground nutmeg over your food every day, it has great anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce spot size #<Category:0x0055a2dd98c300> Show Edit Destroy
Almond Milk for a more restful night's sleep GB Research on melatonin in people with insomnia is mixed, however, some research shows that taking it restores and improves sleep in people with insomnia. Melatonin might be of benefit to people with issues such as jet lag or shift work, but why not try the natural way? Warm up some Almond milk, which is an excellent source of calcium, to help the brain make melatonin, as well as magnesium which is important for sleep regulation. Almond Milk is a great soothing addition – almonds are a great source of Tryptophan to balance the hormones and giving you protein during the night. Try Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk to help you beat insomnia and sleep better through the night. Plus, warm milk may spark pleasant and relaxing memories of your mother helping you fall asleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dddf0f68> Show Edit Destroy
Hot and cold compress London GB Before feeding place a hot compress or heated flannel on your breasts to help with the let down of the milk. Between feeds place a cold compress on your breasts to help with the pain and reduce any swelling. #<Category:0x0055a2dafb1210> Show Edit Destroy
Massage London GB Massage your breasts in the shower, working from the outsides/ where they feel lumpy and hard towards the nipple. Try to massage from right after you have given birth as a preventative measure to keep the areas supple and clear even before any pain has occurred. #<Category:0x0055a2dd50d400> Show Edit Destroy
Stop vomitting with this trick Harare ZW When you are hungover or really sick and you can't stop throwing up, or are unable to keep food/water/pills down due to continuously vomiting just do this... #<Category:0x0055a2dc0a5648> Show Edit Destroy
List Pros and Cons Oxford GB Make a list of Pros and Cons and rate each Pro and each Con on a scale of 1-5 (1 = least important, 5= most important). Then add up the total scores for your Pros and your Cons and compare them. You'll know what decision you want to make when you see the numbers! #<Category:0x0055a2db61ac28> Show Edit Destroy
Power Pose! Oxford GB Stick you hands up in the air, spread your feet wide and hold the pose for two minutes, it helps gain confidence. For more information, watch this TED talk: #<Category:0x0055a2dc7cfa18> Show Edit Destroy
Say sorry / talk it out GB It's way better to talk to the person you are feeling guilty about so you can both express your feelings and more importantly SAY SORRY. It helps you get rid of guilt in no time! #<Category:0x0055a2db007098> Show Edit Destroy
Way to stop trembling GB A great way to stop trembling when you are speaking in front of people is to clench your thighs / butt. Works every time! #<Category:0x0055a2dd924ed0> Show Edit Destroy
Separate facts from assumptions GB Often when you are jealous, you are assuming certain things about someone (for example: He has lots of money therefore he must be happy). Trying separating facts from assumptions as it may help stop your jealous spiralling out of control! #<Category:0x0055a2dbc61f00> Show Edit Destroy
Gratitute GB Focus on the great things you already have (friends, family etc.) rather than worrying about what you are missing out on. Think about what you are thankful for. #<Category:0x0055a2dd56a7e0> Show Edit Destroy
Lemons for sure! Memphis, Tennessee US We tried a spoon full of sugar or bite into lemon or scaring him, holding breath. ***Lemon was the cure** #<Category:0x0055a2dc61e4f8> Show Edit Destroy
Weigh in the science US Do you know how many calories are in 1lb of fat or muscle? Probably not because your obsessed with "what your eating." If your goal is weight loss, thats right, not how you look, but the actual change in the number, than pay attention to one number. Calories in calories out. The answer to the question is 3500 cal/1lb of fat or muscle. If your goal is to lose 1 pound per week it requires a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day for 7 days = 3500 calories. #<Category:0x0055a2dd25a690> Show Edit Destroy
To shape and contour: slimming massage Bogota CO As part of regimen of diet and exercise, you can incorporate a slimming massage. The point of which is he or she will give you a very strong (and often painful) massage to help your body metabolize fat quicker. #<Category:0x0055a2dd07f028> Show Edit Destroy
Lion's Breath IN This is an extremely powerful stress relieving breath. Follow these simple steps to help your body deal with the anger you are feeling #<Category:0x0055a2dc3af550> Show Edit Destroy
Metanium cream or Drapoline cream GB Both of these creams will help with bad nappy rash. #<Category:0x0055a2dd0df518> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise GB Simple. Exercise, even in moderate form helps bring frustration in to perspective. The level of frustration may denote how long to exercise for. The resulting endorphins bring a calm and more rational perspective. Even a simple 10 minute power walk can do the trick #<Category:0x0055a2dd4a7650> Show Edit Destroy
Technology Holidays GB When you go on holiday, tell everyone you won't have your phone / be able to reply to emails. Then sit back and enjoy the freedom. ...Or you can even just do it for a weekend at home! #<Category:0x0055a2dd2830e0> Show Edit Destroy
Cold Turkey GB Try this website: to download an app which temporarily blocks you from social media websites, addictive websites and games. Great for preventing hours wasted Facebook stalking. #<Category:0x0055a2daedf210> Show Edit Destroy
Still trying to get rid of .... GB Put duct tape on wart, so air tight, for 6 days. Soak, file and repeat #<Category:0x0055a2dd4bb718> Show Edit Destroy
Zinc: Prevention & Treatment of Colds New York City US Zinc prevents catching colds, but also helps with treating them. When taken within 24 hours of the first sniffle or sore throat, zinc supplements (lozenges, tablets, or syrups) can significantly reduce the duration (from 7 down to 4 days) and severity (coughing for 2 days instead of 5) of common colds. Stick to brands that can be ordered only by a healthcare professional, as they are tested for quality and tend to include fewer unnecessary filler ingredients. #<Category:0x0055a2dbe701e8> Show Edit Destroy
Drinking Water upside down. Modena IT Tricky to do but take a half filled cup of water, bend over and drink it from the other side of the cup... so it appears you are drinking the water upside down. For some reason this really helps get rid of hiccups. #<Category:0x0055a2da5bc638> Show Edit Destroy
'Am I Going Down' App GB This app calculates your risk of crashing by getting you to enter the type of plane you are flying in and your flight route. It uses statistics of previous plane crashes to calculate the probability that you are going to crash. Not for the more nervous fliers but good if you like statistics! #<Category:0x0055a2da508048> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture for Hay Fever London GB I asked my acupuncturist if he could help with hay fever. He inserted tiny thin needles in my face (sounds scary and painful but wasn't at all), and it made a huge difference to improving my streaming eyes and running nose during hay fever season. I only had one hay fever treatment, but I have heard that repeated acupuncture treatments for hay fever are very effective. #<Category:0x0055a2dd073db8> Show Edit Destroy
BREATHE through your fear GB Breathing is the best way to calm yourself down quickly. Take 10 deep, slow breaths and it will give you a clearer head to think! #<Category:0x0055a2dd219ca8> Show Edit Destroy
StayFocusd (Google Chrome app) US StayFocusd is an app you can use on Google Chrome where you can block out certain websites for certain parts of the day #<Category:0x0055a2dd806620> Show Edit Destroy
Get the blood flowing US When recovering from exercise there is no bigger healer than blood. Your blood carries the oxygen and nutrients that will help repair broken down tissue. After a tough workout, find a low intensity modality like a bike to increase circulation to the sore areas. You will find the increased circulation decreases your recovery time. #<Category:0x0055a2da0da430> Show Edit Destroy
Zinc Tablets Toas US Obtain zinc tablets and suck on them. Usually it requires one every two hours. #<Category:0x0055a2dd956278> Show Edit Destroy
Digestive Yoga CA A great Yoga move to help with digestion is to lie on your back with your knees up at right angles from your torso. Then slowly swing your legs around, drawing circles with your feet. Do 10 circles one direction and 10 in the other. For more information on great yoga poses that help with digestion: #<Category:0x0055a2dd432b98> Show Edit Destroy
Allergy tablet of choice Oxford GB During peak hayfever seasons, take your hayfever tablet of choice in the morning before you even feel any symptoms developing. By the time you are sneezing its too late for the tablets to work! #<Category:0x0055a2db7d37b8> Show Edit Destroy
Be Present! GB It sounds simple but being 'in the moment' is absolutely key to public speaking success and calming the nerves. Give yourself a little pep talk before your speech and make sure that you are 100% in the moment #<Category:0x0055a2dc067938> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut oil Wiltshire GB Use coconut oil and/or coconut butter on dry skin #<Category:0x0055a2d945b880> Show Edit Destroy
Alleviate colic pain with ball GB To soothe a baby that is suffering from colic and very fussy, put the baby in a sling/wrap and bounce up and down on a yoga/birthing ball. It calms the child almost immediately! #<Category:0x0055a2db500158> Show Edit Destroy
Salty food Paris FR When feeling nauseous or sea sick, eat salty foods such as potato chips. #<Category:0x0055a2dba74a58> Show Edit Destroy
Snort Salt Water New York City US Sounds odd but it works. #<Category:0x0055a2dbc510d8> Show Edit Destroy
Sudocrem for your burns London GB Sudocrem is a fantastic product to help ease basic burns such as from a hot pan fast. My wife is a chef and it's a trick all of the professionals use! Don't knock it, we have loads around the house. #<Category:0x0055a2db4918e8> Show Edit Destroy
Acetyl Glutathione, CoQ10, Magnesium - supplements to support sleep deprived GB Acetyl Glutathione: powerful antioxidant produced by our body. Regulates metabolic processes and essential for energy production. ('Acetyl' glutathione is absorbed into our bodies through oral supplements. Other forms are broken down through digestion) CoQ10: another powerful antioxidant, huge range of benefits for most people:anti-agin, energy producer, improved cardiac and cellular health. Magnesium: mineral responsible for correct metabolic function of more than 300 enzymes in the body. Food sources: Leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds. Take 400-800mg of magnesium at bedtime - it works by calming your nervous system, helping you sleep. Other benefits: relaxes muscles, helps you unwind, supports healthy blood pressure and eases constipation. #<Category:0x0055a2dadc9d80> Show Edit Destroy
Colouring in London GB Colouring in has been shown to help reduce stress. You can now buy adult colouring in books in lots of shops, especially book shops. I guess it's the same idea as doodling as both can be quite calming and easy to do where ever, when ever. #<Category:0x0055a2dbeb1508> Show Edit Destroy
Black Pepper Corn New Delhi IN Take 1-5 un-crushed black pepper corn and suck on them. This will sooth whatever is in your throat. DO NOT chew or swallow the peppercorns. Do it for 5-15 minutes and then spit them out. Sounds disgusting but it really works. #<Category:0x0055a2dc0821c0> Show Edit Destroy
Fruit Wiltshire GB For me, during my first pregnancy, it was apples. In my second, it was any fruit that wasn't too acidic. Melon, for example. I have heard others who ate oranges, cucumbers or peaches by the dozen too. #<Category:0x0055a2dc9272f8> Show Edit Destroy
Your destination... London GB I read an amazing article in the Mirror about how to help the fear of flying - the key takeaway for me was Concentrate on your destination - think about the holiday, or business meeting, or going home - whatever you are travelling for. #<Category:0x0055a2ddccf148> Show Edit Destroy
Pinch New York US When you have a nose bleed, sit or lie down, lean your head back, and pinch the bridge of your nose with your thumb and forefinger until the bleeding stops #<Category:0x0055a2dd4cee80> Show Edit Destroy
Strawberries Seoul KR Mash strawberries and mix with half a spoon of baking powder and apply mixture on teeth for three minutes. Wash off. #<Category:0x0055a2daea7720> Show Edit Destroy
Preventive: Almond oil or Coconut oil London GB Helps prevent stretch marks developing on breast, tummy and thighs during pregnancy. Tried it during pregnancy and it worked! #<Category:0x0055a2dd37f908> Show Edit Destroy
Prescription: Singulair Long Island US As I have asthma and allergies my doctor proscribes me Singulair. Its great. I used to cough constantly and it has help that. After two months on this drug no more cough and I feel great. #<Category:0x0055a2dd3ab3f0> Show Edit Destroy
Onion for pain and swelling London GB Once the sting is removed ( if you are dealing with a bee sting), onions can help reduced the swelling and pain. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc4f728> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut Oil Overnight Mask GB Cold British winters can leave hair brittle, dry and lifeless, especially for those who colour their hair. A simple overnight coconut oil hair mask will have your locks soft and luscious again by the time you wake up! #<Category:0x0055a2dcc53c60> Show Edit Destroy
Berries Houston US If you really feel the urge to snack on something sweet, pick berries, any type of berries, because they are sweet it replaces your candy craving and makes you feel fresh #<Category:0x0055a2dccdff58> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon, Salt and Sugar Tea Lahore PK Drink a tea mixture made of Lemon, Salt and Sugar and Water. Drink it every few hours until the nausea goes #<Category:0x0055a2da728238> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger honey lemon tea London GB Fresh lemon, fresh ginger and creamy honey in boiled water. Daily. Use cream honey (instead of clear one) for better sweeter taste #<Category:0x0055a2daae8328> Show Edit Destroy
No acidic foods! Salt JO Stay away from any acidic foods to help get rid of morning sickness. Eat lots of plain crackers #<Category:0x0055a2dae94aa8> Show Edit Destroy
Hangover curing Korean Broth (Haejangguk) KR Go out and find a Korean restaurant and it will have this as a meal #<Category:0x0055a2db380760> Show Edit Destroy
PMS Fighting Foods Hong Kong CH Eat Avocado & Sardines, Chia seeds and turkey. Start eating them a few days before your period, they all contain Omega 3 fatty acids and so they naturally increase serotonin which makes you happy and helps to avoid the lows of PMS Making a sandwich of all of this is comfort food and will make you happy! #<Category:0x0055a2db2f0688> Show Edit Destroy
Borax soak for athlete's foot London GB Soaking your feet daily in a bowl of Borax solution will get rid of the most stubborn of athletes foot. Borax is a natural mineral with a chemical formula found usually in household cleaning and bathroom products like toothpaste and laundry detergent. Borax is sodium borate, sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate. Athlete's foot happens when fungus grows on the feet. You can catch the fungus through direct contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, and it spreads in hot environments like showers, locker rooms and pools. Borax is one of the best cheap and easy to use products to get rid of athlete's foot fast at home. #<Category:0x0055a2daa50870> Show Edit Destroy
Lucas' Papaw Ointment works wonders Syndey AU As soon as you get bitten or stung, rub on a good dollop of Lucas' Papaw Ointment on the area and it will stop the itching for 24 hours. It works for me and my children. A godsend, truly! #<Category:0x0055a2da5b9078> Show Edit Destroy
Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth Santa Barbara US When you get brain freeze after cold drinks or ice cream - if you stick your tongue to the roof or your mouth for 5 seconds then it helps stops the brain freeze. #<Category:0x0055a2dbb09568> Show Edit Destroy
For Hair Thinning: Prescription Pill Long Island US Prescription Pill called. Propecia (Fanasteride 1mg). You need your doctor to prescribe it. Its the most effective thing on the market #<Category:0x0055a2da765610> Show Edit Destroy
Biore pore strips Singapore SG Biore makes strips that you stick on your nose, and when you peel it off blackheads come off with it. There are Youtube videos where girls show you how to maximize effectiveness of these strips #<Category:0x0055a2dad819e0> Show Edit Destroy
CVS only product! Long Island US Take: CVS Fly & Server Cold Daytime Liquid Cherry. I gargle it and then drink it as it numbs the throat if your throat is bothering you. #<Category:0x0055a2da1fd6f0> Show Edit Destroy
Combination of Dermol 500, Dermol 600 and Epaderm GB We tried every cream/bath cream etc out there for my sons eczema. Eventually saw an amazing skin specialist who prescribed the following as the basic foundation for his care (we also had to use steroid cream on some very stubborn areas to get them under control). Dermol 500 cream before bath all over the body (its a soap/cream combo), Dermol 600 in the bath, Epaderm all over the body after bath (thick enough to write your name in). Was amazing - whenever he starts drying out we up the number of times a day we use the Epaderm #<Category:0x0055a2dbc21c70> Show Edit Destroy
Pillow Boxing GB As soon as you possibly can, PAUSE, BREATHE. Remember your anger is yours, it’s a perfectly healthy feeling to have and that blaming anyone may dig you into a hole that you then have to crawl out of. Resist the strong temptation to fight. #<Category:0x0055a2dbb2dcb0> Show Edit Destroy
Solving cracked nipples ES Use a cream called Blastoestimulina on the cracked nipple. This is seriously a miracle cream. Overnight the crack literally disappeared. Cracked nipples are one of the most common causes of mastitis as this is how infection gets in. You cannot buy this in England - it was prescribed by a doctor in Spain and can be bought over the counter in many European countries. Use until the crack disappears after every feed. #<Category:0x0055a2dbade7c8> Show Edit Destroy
D-Mannose pills GB Take 2-3 pills as soon as any symptoms appear and then again every 3 hours or so until symptoms disappear. Then take 2-3 pills every night for a few nights before bed to prevent symptoms returning. #<Category:0x0055a2dba6a698> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid salts! US Really simple prophylactic: Avoid salty food and drink! Hydrate as much as poss. #<Category:0x0055a2dc23ac60> Show Edit Destroy
Early stages tips Long Island US Gargle Salt, or alternatively eat a bunch of olives, as the water the olives sit in is very salty #<Category:0x0055a2dc0c3ad0> Show Edit Destroy
Light, plain food and water PT Drink lots of water and warm chamomile tea to keep hydrated. On the first day eat specially lightly - only bread/toasts with nothing, and chicken soup. Then, depending on the severity of the food poisoning, you can be up to a week eating only: plain bread/toasts, plain yogurt (not flavored), chicken soup, grilled beef/chicken breast (with salt only), boiled rice/potatoes, and boiled apple (fabulous desert in any occasion and great for food poisoning, since it tastes good and calms the stomach). Keep drinking water and tea. #<Category:0x0055a2dbabfd00> Show Edit Destroy
Sore and bleeding gums - Gingivitis London GB If you suffer from bleeding gums firstly you should always go and see your dentist to ensure correct dental hygiene and mouth health. If however, all is good and you are still experiencing the symptoms you might be able to take a supplement of Co Enzyme Q10 of 60-100 mg which might be helpful. Try this for 3 months to see if this helps. #<Category:0x0055a2dba7d478> Show Edit Destroy
Follow these simple steps to help improve PMS London GB If you suffer from PMS try this steps and your symptoms should improve. #<Category:0x0055a2dba39868> Show Edit Destroy
Best way to get rid of zits GB If you just have to get rid of a spot or pimple right away, a better alternative to popping it is this; run a small towel or cloth under very hot water (carefully!). Once the towel is warm, gently apply it to the spot and leave it there for about 20 seconds. Then, slide the towel over the pimple and it should slide right off; if not, just repeat a couple of times. This is a great way to get rid of zits without scarring and inflaming the skin around them! #<Category:0x0055a2db9ada70> Show Edit Destroy
Tree Pollen Hayfever London GB If you suffer from hay fever in early summer the symptoms of which usually subside by early June the cause is often tree pollens. Due to a cross reaction to other allergens, avoid eating the following foods to see if your symptoms improve. #<Category:0x0055a2dab9a8e8> Show Edit Destroy
Aros Sleep Hoodie for when you travel GB Just found this and think I might be newly obsessed. A hoodie that has a hidden inflatable pillow in the hood - great for people looking for warmth and comfort on long plane or bus journeys. What is not to love! #<Category:0x0055a2dab86618> Show Edit Destroy
Over the Counter: Allegra Long Island US For daily allergies I take Allegra, which is available over the counter. This one for me works exceptionally well. Doesnt make me drowsy at all. Take it as directed but usually its one pill, once a day. #<Category:0x0055a2dbae2e68> Show Edit Destroy
Raw Cacao is a great Immune System Booster GE Raw Cacao has a huge number of health benefits including increasing the release of endorphins which can help to create a ‘feel good’ buzz and help improve your mood. More importantly, if you are exhausted and run down, your immune system might be low – that's when raw cacao comes in. Cacao is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system. It also contains a number of important vitamins & minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, B-complex vitamins and iron. Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing un-roasted cocoa beans. The process keeps the living enzymes in the cocoa and removes the fat (cacao butter). Then, you heat it to a certain temperature and enjoy as a warm or hot drink. When consumed regularly, raw cacao has the ability to help you feel more energized, boost your concentration and fuel your body's immune system. #<Category:0x0055a2db92b6b0> Show Edit Destroy
Slow down your eating & enjoy your food GB Focus on the food you’re eating and don’t just wolf it down. Don’t eat dinner in front of the TV or lunch in front of your computer. Take time out to enjoy your meal and actually pay attention to what you’re having. Chewing your food properly will aid efficient digestion, stop you from overeating and reduce any uncomfortable bloating you may experience from eating too quickly. It will also ensure your brain actually registers when you’ve eaten enough food… before it’s too late. #<Category:0x0055a2db8936a8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat healthy fats… DON’T try go fat-free GB This means eating good, healthy unsaturated fats found in nuts, peanut butter, avocado, olive oil & various other healthy oils. These fats should be included in your daily diet, as they are proven to lower the risk of heart disease and aid the body in absorption of vitamins and minerals. Eating good fat will help keep you full and satisfied, and is also the key to brain health! In its absence, we tend to reach for sweet and starchy foods. Incorporating good fats into your diet will help reduce sugar cravings, increase energy levels and keep you fuller for longer. Saturated and trans-fats, found in fatty meats, full-fat dairy, cakes, biscuits and pastries, should be AVOIDED as much as possible. #<Category:0x0055a2db403570> Show Edit Destroy
Self Care is Self Love New York US Two of the biggest things that people with fibromyalgia struggle with are sleep, or the lack thereof, and anxiety. There are many factors that contribute to these two challenges - and I will follow up with more tips I promise! - but let's start with a couple baby steps. #<Category:0x0055a2dd498038> Show Edit Destroy
Prickly Pear MX The prickly pear, or 'pear cactus' contains many antioxidants and also acts to reduce inflammation in the body which causes many of the hangover symptoms like headache, pain and nausea. Taking it before drinking alcohol has been shown to reduce the likelihood of hangover symptoms dry mouth. It may seem strange but you can buy the supplements in health pharmacies or opt for a special grocer that has the actual juice. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc24c80> Show Edit Destroy
Gentle Yoga Flow Soothes Period Pains GB When you're suffering from cramps the only thing that seems to appeal is curling up with a hot water bottle and feeling sorry for yourself, but there is nothing more effective that some gentle movement. Swimming, walking and yoga are all great options for low impact and low effort movement - getting your muscles warm will help them relax and stop them from cramping, plus keeping busy will take your mind off the pain. For a very gentle yoga flow try lots of seated and reclined poses, move slowly from asana to asana and really connect with your breath. Supta Baddha Konasana (with one hand on your belly and one on your heart) is a lovely restorative to pose to end your practice with. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc28a60> Show Edit Destroy
Green Diet to help beat your Acne LK The Green Diet is a very well known Yogic diet to aid cleansing and it is recommended to do it especially around spring time. This is a rebuilding diet. It is used to alkalinize the body, which helps your body do a number of things which include correct acne and help clear up skin problems. helps you to lose weight, cleanse the liver and everything else in the body. It is also know to be a good way to relieve a toxic mucus condition. #<Category:0x0055a2dd798788> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut Oil Long Island US You can use any version of coconut oil. But the product I use is called Nutiva Coconut Oil (can be bought on Amazon). For me it only worked once or twice and then stopped working. So use it rarely, only in dire emergencies. #<Category:0x0055a2dd79d418> Show Edit Destroy
Allergy shots! Long Island US Go see an Allergist and get immune shots. I was allergic to cats, dust, grass etc and I did the shots for two years and now I don't have a reaction to them. For me it worked amazingly well but ask your doctor. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7a1838> Show Edit Destroy
Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar New Jersey US Drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar before a meal, plus a glass of water. Do it before every meal. Keep a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar at your office so you can keep this going #<Category:0x0055a2dc735468> Show Edit Destroy
Do These 4 Things London GB 1. Eat only when you are physically hungry. 2. Eat a balanced diet. 3. Eat s-l-o-w-l-y. 4. Get active #<Category:0x0055a2dc7396a8> Show Edit Destroy
Try Something New! GB There are so many different types of exercise out there so try them all out and see which one is for you! It's easy to get bored and disheartened if all you're doing is pounding the treadmill for 45 minutes, so try a group exercise class like Zumba or step aerobics in which you can burn around 500 calories at a time. If you're not a big cardio fan try a strength workout like Pilates, or try lifting some weights; it's true that muscles burn more calories than fat so by increasing your muscle mass your weight loss will also speed up! #<Category:0x0055a2ddc96208> Show Edit Destroy
Join a Team GB A great way to have fun and lose weight at the same time is to join a local sports team, for example football, rugby or netball. This way you won't be able to skip a work out session without letting down your team. Having teammates around really helps to motivate you to run faster, jump higher, and play harder! #<Category:0x0055a2ddc99cc8> Show Edit Destroy
Put on an Audiobook GB Whenever I can't get to sleep no matter how hard I try, I put an audiobook on. Make it something familiar that you've read before (I recommend the Stephen Fry recordings of Harry Potter). If you put the volume down very low so you can just about hear it you will be asleep in no time. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc35c10> Show Edit Destroy
Pattern Disruption London GB Six days before you stop smoking, start smoking with the opposite hand to the one you normally smoke with and hold the cigarette between your second and third fingers. Begin changing your smoking routine, such as smoking a different brand and buying them in a different shop. Delay your first cigarette of the day and also the ones after meals by thirty minutes. Have all drinks and cigarettes separately. When the big day comes for you to quit you will have already changed your unwanted habit and so getting rid of it entirely will be much easier. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc3a7b0> Show Edit Destroy
Helps get to the right area to ease the pain GB Difflam Spray - gets to the back of the throat where its needed #<Category:0x0055a2dcc3ee50> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger mix Tokyo JP Mixture of a whole peice of ginger, honey and boiling water. Let it soak for 1 hour whilst it on a low boil and then drink it! Make sure you peel the skin of ginger and chop it up. #<Category:0x0055a2dd38ab28> Show Edit Destroy
Tips for dry hair London GB Cutting your hair regularly reduces dry, split and dead hair, making it look much more healthy and shiny. Steamy hot baths and showers are great for leaving on a regular conditioning treatment. The steam opens the cuticle to allow the product to penetrate into the cortex where hair can be most damaged. Invest in a good quality nourishing shampoo and conditioner to help repair damaged or dry hair. Using a deep conditioning masque regularly for 45 minutes will help keep your hair nourished. #<Category:0x0055a2dd38e7f0> Show Edit Destroy
Products for grey hair London GB Embrace your grey hair with great cut and use the right products to help maintain clarity and shine. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Shine Blonde shampoo is a great product to use as it banishes unwanted yellowing or brassiness, and removes impurities. Grey hair can naturally have a different texture and shape, so you may find that the hair feels more coarse or wiry. Invest in a good quality protein shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen your hair and protect it from breakage. #<Category:0x0055a2dd393480> Show Edit Destroy
Watch 'The True Cost' film US Amazing documentary on the impact of the fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, on the environment and the people who work at the bottom of the chain. Guaranteed to make you think twice about buying cheap and cheerful clothing! #<Category:0x0055a2dcfe4e10> Show Edit Destroy
Beating the Afternoon Sweet Tooth New York US Often in the mid-afternoon, are insulin levels have just come down from a post lunch spike and we start to feel tired/lazy/in need of a pick-me-up. Our culture has trained us to think the quickest fix is some sugar or caffeine, when in reality this is the last thing we need. In order to beat the sugar craving and keep your energy levels up, I have a few tips and best practices! Of course this can work for any time of day - I'm just using the mid-afternoon as the example of a common time for a sugar craving. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfe8ce0> Show Edit Destroy
Make Sure You Never Get TOO Hungry GB When you’re ravenous, anything and everything looks and tastes delicious! And it takes a lot more food to feel satisfied. Eating small, healthy snacks between meals will help keep your blood sugar stable and your metabolism going strong. Always carry healthy snacks with you if you know you’re going to be out and about for a while or working long hours, and there’s a risk of this happening. Snacks should be 200 calories or less and a combination of fibre, healthy fats and protein for optimum satisfaction and blood sugar stability – such as a portion of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter, or whole-grain crackers with hummus. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfed268> Show Edit Destroy
Drink more GB Often when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as well as 1-2 glasses BEFORE every meal or snack you have. Water aids weight loss by keeping your cells functioning at their fat-burning best, and also helps your kidneys flush out excess toxins and chemicals, which may be slowing down your metabolism. If you have difficulty drinking enough plain water (around 2 litres a day), herbal teas, green tea (hot or iced), lemon in hot water, etc. are all just as good! #<Category:0x0055a2dbc65f38> Show Edit Destroy
Invest in friendship London GB In places like London, New York, Paris or any other major city, loneliness is not only stressful, but is one of the primary causes of depression. The feeling of being cared about and accepted, of 'belonging', can make you more resilient and make you able to deal with the day to day 'ups and downs'. Cities are rich in opportunities to pursue hobbies and interests and you can meet like minded people wth whom you feel affinity. Get involved, open up, make new friends! #<Category:0x0055a2dbc6a060> Show Edit Destroy
Establish a link with nature London GB Take regular walks in public parks, forests, or large estates open to the public. Find a quite place and sit. Concentrate on your surroundings, the sound of the wind in the trees, the feel of the breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin the sounds of the birds, the animals in the fields. Try to abandon any other thoughts, take deep breaths and become one with your surroundings. If you are with another person, try to not say a word, just silently share the experience. Latest research has demonstrated the importance for human beings of being surrounded by nature as a way to deal with stress and enhance wellbeing. #<Category:0x0055a2dbc6dd50> Show Edit Destroy
A Hot Bath to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Wellbeing London GB Taking a nice hot bath, not only relaxes tired and tense muscles, it encourages blood flow and dilates blood vessels. Make it a sensual, relaxing experience and just let the thoughts flow, without seizing upon any of them. A truly stress reducing experience #<Category:0x0055a2dca99f50> Show Edit Destroy
Sugar’s Not So Sweet GB Excess refined sugar consumed (other than in circumstances such as right after weight training), will be stored as fat. Satisfy your sweet tooth with whole, fresh fruit, or dark chocolate (70% or above) instead of highly processed sugary milk chocolate. Replace sugary beverages with water or refreshing herbal teas. Don’t think you should avoid fruit – it’s full of vitamins, minerals and fibre - even if it has some sugar, it’s all natural fruit sugars and far better for you than any cakes, biscuits or sweets and it helps keep cravings at bay! #<Category:0x0055a2dca9eb90> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga Poses for Bloating New York, New York US While there of course are many different causes for bloating and sometimes more serious actions need to be put in place, sometimes just helping to get your digestive system moving can relieve stomach bloating and get you back to "regular" for the day! I personally use these poses and am always very relieved after they help my situation, and my students feel the same way. Often I will do them right when I get up in the morning to get my digestive track off to a good start for the day! #<Category:0x0055a2dcaa36e0> Show Edit Destroy
Be kind to your gut! New York US If you have a really hard workout in the gym at 8pm on a Tuesday night would you expect your body to be able to hit it hard again the next morning at 7am? Probably not. If you are joining me as one of the estimated 10-20% of people in the western world who deal with acid reflux or GERD please read on! #<Category:0x0055a2dd19a868> Show Edit Destroy
YuBe Moisturising Skin Cream JP My grandma recommended this skin cream to me. I get really painfully dry hands in the winter months and this cream is a lifesaver!! It contains glycerin and is very concentrated so you only need a tiny amount. It smells a bit like camphor when you first apply it but the smell disappears and leaves you with silky smooth skin. You can buy it from Sephora in the US or from Space N.K. in the UK. #<Category:0x0055a2dd19e120> Show Edit Destroy
Crest 3D Whitestrips US I really wanted to whiten my teeth and saw this product advertised so decided to try it. It is basically two plastic strips which have whitening gel on them that you apply to your top and bottom teeth and leave for half an hour. I do this once a day for about 7-10 days and I notice a real difference! #<Category:0x0055a2dd1a2d88> Show Edit Destroy
Arabian Jasmine LB This handy roll-on Arabian Jasmine, or Jasmine Sambac, perfume is made of essential and natural oils. Simply roll on your wrists when you are suffering from a headache, then take a deep breath to inhale the flowery fragrance. Your headache will disappear as fast as any pill! You can buy traditional versions in the Middle East, and most likely in organic/health pharmacies around the world. This one is by Ahlan Perfume and lasts for months when used regularly. #<Category:0x0055a2dd1a7c20> Show Edit Destroy
Become a camera of life London GB Learn to appreciate the beauty of the everyday world. Be a camera, taking snapshots of the the lovely little scenes that you see every day. A couple walking hand in hand, your dog greeting you when you come in the door, the person who gave you an amazing spontaneous smile. All of these wonderful images are 'resources' to you. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7f3930> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin B2 to help prevent migraine symptoms London GB Multiple studies show that riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a safe and well-tolerated option for preventing migraine symptoms in adults, with fewer complications and side effects than some drugs. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7f70d0> Show Edit Destroy
Taking the edge off London GB Few of us in the developed world can escape feelings of anxiety on a daily, if not hourly, basis. While on one level we know that the problems that we have are, in common parlance, ‘middle-class problems’ they can still feel acute and overwhelming. Finding a way to experience anxiety without being overwhelmed by it is a key to navigating our way through the day without feeling permanently on the brink of collapse. These simple 3-minute techniques that can help alleviate the immediate feeling of pressure include: #<Category:0x0055a2dd7fb900> Show Edit Destroy
Mud & Clay for Oily Skin GB Clay & mud masks can help to reduce oiliness by drawing out impurities from the skin. They are most effective if used on a weekly basis and there are some great natural face mask products including 'Montagne Jeunesse'. #<Category:0x0055a2dd200ed8> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint for a Happy Tummy AE The essential oils in peppermint are tummy friendly. They can relax the smooth muscle which lines the intestinal tract as well as stimulating the flow of bile (a digestive juice which breaks down fat). Simply enjoy fresh mint with your meal as a garnish, swirled into pestos or crushed into salsas or a fresh take on salsa verde. Alternatively, steep peppermint leaves in hot water for 3-5 minutes, strain and enjoy after a meal. #<Category:0x0055a2dd204998> Show Edit Destroy
Pre Menstrual Breast Tenderness CN In Chinese Medicine breast tenderness before your period relates to stagnation in your system, specifically in your Liver. This stagnation can originate from a number of lifestyle factors, however, I have found that a general key to reducing the tenderness in the premenstrual phase is by cutting out processed food; especially dairy, gluten and sugar. These foods are among the main culprits for causing what we call 'Damp' in TCM. Damp, as you would imagine, doesn't flow, its heavy and inert therefore, contributing hugely to stagnation, leading to tenderness in the breasts. Stress is also an important factor to bear in mind. Stress causes the flow of our energy to become stuck generally which is then exacerbated before our period and by a diet high in damp forming foods. So the key is to meditate, walk in the woods, calm your system regularly with exercise and eat a clean diet free from highly processed sugary foods. #<Category:0x0055a2dd2090d8> Show Edit Destroy
Getting unstuck London GB We all know that feeling, for me in the pit of my stomach, when there is something that I know I should be getting around to that I’m studiously trying to put off doing. There are 101 reasons for this - worry that we can’t do it, not being properly engaged with the subject to sheer boredom – and yet it can cast a shadow on other areas of our life, impacting the degree to which we can fully enjoy ourselves elsewhere. Unfortunately personal growth and effectiveness require us to tackle many things we’d prefer to procrastinate over, rather than become defter in delaying activity. These few tips can help unblock things and get you moving forward. #<Category:0x0055a2ddacccd8> Show Edit Destroy
Zinc Rich Foods to help your Eczema GB Increase your intake of zinc-rich foods like pumpkin seeds or chia seeds. The zinc is crucial for skin health, increasing wound healing abilities and metabolising fatty acids. Even having 2 tablespoons of these seeds daily should help to see some improvement in eczema symptoms. #<Category:0x0055a2ddad0158> Show Edit Destroy
Essential self-care for Postnatal Depression GB This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good place to start. And please remember three things: You are not alone. Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. You can get better. #<Category:0x0055a2ddad45a0> Show Edit Destroy
Houseplants to help clean the air you live in GB The addition of plants and flowers is important in your home. Nasa research now suggests that houseplants act as living air purifiers and will act to absorb chemical pollutants being emitted from synthetic materials in your home. With asthma on the rise worldwise we need all the help we can get to ensure clean air. #<Category:0x0055a2da2386d8> Show Edit Destroy
Tips to help with 'wakeful' sleep London GB The idea of an eight hour continuous period of sleep as the ideal is a recent invention. Most other animals sleep in varying chunks of time over the 24 hour period. And many researchers believe that a bi-phasic sleep pattern is the norm for humans. People vary in their needs and natural sleep tendencies. So follow these tips to ensure relaxed and peaceful sleeps! #<Category:0x0055a2dbfbcd08> Show Edit Destroy
Foam Rolling to help ease muscle knots US Deep-tissue massage and trigger-point therapy using either a foam roller or firm round object encourages the release of muscle knots. #<Category:0x0055a2dba20d68> Show Edit Destroy
Vodka helps get rid of smelly feet! GB Vodka is great for banishing those smelly odours from your shoes/feet. Just grab some cheap vodka and an old spray bottle and spritz your smelly shoes. The alcohol in the vodka kills the horrid odour bacteria that make them smell in the first place and will dry odour-free too! #<Category:0x0055a2dd7b2a70> Show Edit Destroy
Maximising your workout GB To get the absolute most out of your weights session try to shut off your killer playlist and be present in the room - just you and the weights. Mindless exercise can make a huge difference on the results you see versus just going through the motions of an exercise. You need to really feel the exercise and engage the key muscles. Be mindful of your muscles contracting and celebrate that you're becoming stronger and more powerful with each rep. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7b63f0> Show Edit Destroy
Yogurt for yeast infection GB Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which kills yeast by producing hydrogen peroxide through the process of fermentation. Simply add yogurt to your daily diet - best to go for natural yogurts without any flavoring. Alternatively, you can apply the yogurt directly to the affected area, leave for an hour before wiping off and repeat 3-4 times a week. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7ba590> Show Edit Destroy
Oil Pulling IN White teeth; the exclusive domain of actresses and models? Not so today as increasingly people are opting for various chemical teeth whitening solutions, however, I there is a safer way to pearly whites with this ancient technique from India called Oil Pulling. This is hugely effective and once you get over the initial revulsion at having oil in your mouth that long and start to see and feel the benefits for yourself you will become a convert I promise! Not only does it help with white teeth but it also works as a powerful detox in the morning and helps with bad breath. In the Ayurvedic Texts they used Sesame Oil, however, you can use Coconut Oil as well if you prefer the taste. Its best to do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfc6578> Show Edit Destroy
Diet tips to help treat eczema GB Turn to food to tackle your eczema and eat more oily fish to tackle inflammation while improving your skin's function and appearance. Essential fatty acids found in wild-caught fish (and flaxseed oil for non-fish eaters) can dampen eczema symptoms, especially reducing itching. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfca8f8> Show Edit Destroy
Go and see a nutritionist London GB When my friend was in her mid twenties, she suffered very badly from acne and big spots and there was nothing she could buy which would resolve the issue. She ended up going to see a nutritionist who put her on a special diet removing food categories such as diary from her diet and her acne cleared up completely. She has kept on the diet and her skin is completely free of any spots of acne. I did not realise until her diet program that food and drink played SUCH a huge part in how your skin behaves. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfcefe8> Show Edit Destroy
Electrostimulation (EMS) Cure for injury recovery and muscle soreness US Electrostimulation is effective in keeping a muscle fit during injury rehabilitation by increasing blood flow to the damaged muscle. Eg. If you have injured your knee and cannot perform any lower body exercises, an electrostimulation strength set for your quads will stimulate the muscle, keeping it active and minimizing losses in strength and mass. #<Category:0x0055a2dd0e06e8> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of posture - this wearable device will totally help US I discovered this tip from a friend who and it really does seem to help. Its called Lumo Lift and you attach it your clothing, you get in the right position which the device monitors and then whenever you slouch it vibrates reminding you to fix your posture. Really great especially if you sit behind a desk all day. #<Category:0x0055a2dc614a70> Show Edit Destroy
Wearable tech you fix to your clothing which vibrates when you slouch US I discovered this awesome product called Lumo Lift. It attaches to your clothes and whenever you slouch it vibrates reminding you to correct your posture. Its also tiny so really discreet and has a few different options for colours so basically it looks like you are wearing a badge or a broach. Worth trying! #<Category:0x0055a2dba42558> Show Edit Destroy
Masage Stick to help ease muscle knots – calves, neck, hips. US This is a portable deep-tissue massage and trigger-point devise, and has a similar affect to a foam roller, encouraging the release of muscle knots. The massage stick is particularly useful for use on calves, forearms, neck or hips. #<Category:0x0055a2db3f2428> Show Edit Destroy
Hold your breath New York City US Hold your breath for 40 seconds and make sure you count in your head as it helps to focus. Repeat after a few minutes if it didn't work #<Category:0x0055a2db35f268> Show Edit Destroy
Apple = coffee New York City US I recently read somewhere that an apple has a similar amount of caffine then a small cup of coffee. So a healthier option when you are exhausted is eat a lot of apples #<Category:0x0055a2dbc2bc20> Show Edit Destroy
Duct Tape GB Putting everyday duct tape on warts effectively starves it of oxygen. Just a cut a small square of duct tape, enough to cover the entire wart. Make sure that the skin is clean and completely dry so that no moisture of dirt gets trapped underneath. Replace as necessary but always remember to keep it clean and dry before replacing the tape. #<Category:0x0055a2db94c400> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste for insect bites GB The anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients like menthol and baking soda can help reduce the itchiness brought on by insect bites. Simply apply a small, fingertip-size piece of toothpaste to the bite and it can provide hours of relief from the itchiness. #<Category:0x0055a2db9510b8> Show Edit Destroy
Dark chocolate for coughs GB Scientist have apparently found that the key ingredient in chocolate can be more effective in reducing the common cough than the conventional medicine, codeine. The chocolate forms a layer of protection at the back of the mouth - dark chocolate works best, as does letting it melt in your mouth. #<Category:0x0055a2db9550f0> Show Edit Destroy
Products with Tea Tree Oil Long Island US Tea Tree Oil. You can get shampoos with Tea Tree Oils which really seem to help. The products that I recommend are Jasons' Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (you can buy through Amazon). The other one I love is Nature's Gate Shampoo (again Amazon). This one's ingredients on the bottle also give you an idea of what will help to treat it - specifically Jojoba Oil! If you also put Tea Tree Oil on the other effected parts it seems to help. #<Category:0x0055a2dbf3f768> Show Edit Destroy
Wet teabags for minor burns GB When you suffer a minor burn that doesn't necessarily need medical attention, a couple of wet tea bags placed on the burn will suffice. Place the tea bags in cold water and let it steep for a couple of minutes and then dab them on the burn to relieve the sting, if needs be you can then cover the area with a gauze to keep a protected. #<Category:0x0055a2d9555790> Show Edit Destroy
Child's Pose US Child's Pose in yoga (known in Sanskrit as Balasana) is a very basic position and accessible to most people, and it has the wonderful benefit of offering a gentle lengthening stretch for the lower back, which can alleviate certain types of back pain. #<Category:0x0055a2da7b95f8> Show Edit Destroy
Blow your nose! GB Sounds counter-intuitive I know, but it removes any clots which are keeping your blood vessels open, once the clot is out of the way the fibers can contract and close around the opening. #<Category:0x0055a2da3e5c10> Show Edit Destroy
Re-hydrate and Re-fuel Immediately US Replacing fluids, fuel, and (in some cases) electrolytes lost during a workout immediately is key for optimal recovery. But you don't need fancy protein shakes, bars, or beverages to do this! Water and real food will do! Make sure to drink enough non-caffeinated fluids to replace what you've lost through sweat. Then have a meal or snack within 30 minutes that contains a high-quality protein AND carbohydrates to bring your muscles the amino acids and fuel it needs to recover. And if you sweat a lot, make sure that the food you eat includes a little bit of sodium since this electrolyte is essential in fluid balance and cell function throughout your body. #<Category:0x0055a2dbcfa2f0> Show Edit Destroy
Pre-Portion Out The Snacks US How many of you buy a box of crackers, or a bag of cookies, or a bag of popcorn, bring it home and open it with the intention of eating just one serving, only to look up and find you've eaten half the bag (or more)? It is extremely easy to overeat if you eat straight out a multiple-serving bag or box of snacks. The danger is even greater with the even bigger, family-sized bags/boxes that we buy in an effort to save money. The bigger the container, the more you are likely to overeat. It is also tempting to want more once you are done with one serving if you see the rest of the snacks. It's therefore helpful to put away the remainder of the snacks in the cupboard, in drawers, or behind another item to make them less visible. #<Category:0x0055a2db226f18> Show Edit Destroy
Teaspoon of Baking Soda Swat PK Put half a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water and drink it. Someone told me to do this with warmer water but I have never tried it. #<Category:0x0055a2daca7510> Show Edit Destroy
Argan oil Brussels BE This Moroccan Oil; argan oil. For even better results, sleep with it or at least keep it in your hair for more then an hour #<Category:0x0055a2da227bf8> Show Edit Destroy
Find a fit friend GB Lack of motivation is the most common reason why people fail to stick to their fitness plan. The BEST way to help keep you on track is to find a fit friend who's on a similar fitness journey to you - someone you can train, complain and celebrate with. It makes the world of difference to have a fitfam community to support and encourage you through the tough periods (we all have them!). So get out there, meet some new friends and train together to achieve your goals. #<Category:0x0055a2dbe4f538> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise complements diet GB If you want to lose weight, adjustments will likely first need to be made in the kitchen not the gym. Remember that there are 168 hours in a week and if you train for one hour, three days a week (that's great by the way!) there are still 165 hours left in the week when you're not training and probably putting the wrong foods into your system. Adjustments to your diet need to come first so that you're correctly fuelled to work hard when you exercise and that sessions with your PT are effective towards your weight lose goals and compliment your new diet. #<Category:0x0055a2dca643c8> Show Edit Destroy
Stretch Tokyo JP Stretch like a dog! So go on all fours, and then look up and then look down and so it stretches your tummy and back. Repeat 15-10 times #<Category:0x0055a2dca68900> Show Edit Destroy
Vaseline Gloves/Socks For Dry Skin US If you suffer from really dry, cracked hands or feet during the cold months, the best tip is to slather Vaseline all over them, then cover with thin gloves or socks. #<Category:0x0055a2dca6caa0> Show Edit Destroy
Make Sense of Your Dreams and Nightmares US If you're keen to understand your dreams or nightmares, here's one effective way of working with them from the Gestalt Psychology model. #<Category:0x0055a2dae12aa8> Show Edit Destroy
Elderberries for Winter Colds London GB Elderberries are packed with anti-viral properties to allay winter colds. Add them to food or brew them in tea, or if you can't find any fresh ones, you can buy it as a syrup called Sambucol in health food shops. #<Category:0x0055a2db6b2ca8> Show Edit Destroy
Yogurt GB Either eat a natural yogurt every day, or if you have an active infection, smear the yogurt over the infection to reduce itching! #<Category:0x0055a2db1f2038> Show Edit Destroy
Chlorophyll CA Adding liquid chlorophyll to your drinking water not only helps with body odour and bad breath, but makes the water taste minty and more inviting! #<Category:0x0055a2da3febc0> Show Edit Destroy
Activated Charcoal Tabs eliminate Gas from the tummy PE I first learned about this trick many years ago on a trip to Cuzco in Peru. In the Andes at altitude people suffer from gas and indigestion due to the lack of Oxygen in the air from the altitude. Many pharmacies in the Andes sell charcoal tabs and they worked immediately! #<Category:0x0055a2dbcaa7f0> Show Edit Destroy
The Tiger Hold GB The “Tiger-in-the-tree” technique: lay your baby along one of your arms facing downwards with their head by your elbow. Your arm should be supporting their weight, while your hand is firmly holding the top of the leg. This allows you to rest your free hand on their back for extra support or gently massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction to help alleviate colic discomfort. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfa3de8> Show Edit Destroy
Simplifying Procrastination New York US Let's simplify procrastination......It's just not doing what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it. We often think of procrastination as something big and deep or difficult. It's not at all - it's simple. In fact the more you put something off the bigger it becomes and the more negative space it takes up in your mind. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfa61d8> Show Edit Destroy
Omega 3 helps keep your skin moist GB Omega -3 helps regulate oil production and helps to keep your skin moist. You can get your dosage through fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel or you can take supplements found in any health store #<Category:0x0055a2dc931fc8> Show Edit Destroy
Add some Ginger London GB In Ayurveda, ginger is know as the 'universal medicine' because it is practically a pharmacy in itself. For indigestion, it is recommended to chew a piece of ginger before meals with a little salt on it to stimulate the digestion. You can also add ginger to food to making it easier to digest and help control any flatulence #<Category:0x0055a2dc935c40> Show Edit Destroy
Mustard Seed for poor circulation London GB Mustard seeds are very effective at stimulating circulation, according to Ayurvedic medicine. So, to help poor circulation, tie two teaspoons worth of mustard seeds in a cheesecloth and immerse in hot water, then soak your feet in it. #<Category:0x0055a2dc939f48> Show Edit Destroy
Evening Primrose GB Evening Primrose pills work really really well if you have shooting pain and tenderness in your breasts. It only take a couple of days for them to take effect, and you really do notice the difference. I was recommended this by a doctor who says that most women feel instant relief and live pain free when they start taking evening primrose! #<Category:0x0055a2dc93dcb0> Show Edit Destroy
Weleda Evening Primrose Body Lotion GB I had heard that Evening primrose eases breast tenderness, but I don't really like taking pills, but then came across the Evening Primrose Body Lotion by Weleda. After trying it for a few weeks on the sore areas, I have to say it does work, however maybe more as an indulgent body cream rather than a treatment – but maybe a few more weeks will do the job! #<Category:0x0055a2dae4e2d8> Show Edit Destroy
Feeling sluggish? This acupressure point can help London GB Feeling sluggish with a heavy head from lack of sleep or a really long working week? You're not sick enough to stay home but not well enough to function at your best? Try this acupressure point to help you feel better #<Category:0x0055a2dae52c98> Show Edit Destroy
Say good bye to the Sore Throat with these 3 tips GB I used to suffer with sore throats regularly.. if my immune system was down and I was tired that's where it would hit me straight away, so I've honestly tried and tested a lot of remedies and these are by far the best cures I've come across: #<Category:0x0055a2dae56eb0> Show Edit Destroy
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion New York US If you have one of those angry spots that just won't go away, this is the product for you! It saved me so many times, when I thought I would have to hide under a blanket for days on end while it calmed down. Mario Badescu drying lotion helps dry out blemishes and balances oil in the skin. It contains natural ingredients to help draw impurities from the skin too. It's kind of pretty too with a pink powder settles at the bottom of the clear bottle and clear solution over it. You don't shake the powder to mix in, rather you dap a cotton tip to the bottom then dab on your spot, and voila! PS. Don't use over broken skin as it can burn a bit. #<Category:0x0055a2dae5b168> Show Edit Destroy
Cardamom oil for ache relief London GB Use cardamom oil to relieve toothache before going to the dentist. #<Category:0x0055a2dcd9f3d0> Show Edit Destroy
Black Pepper and Garlic Mix London GB Pepper comforts coughs and colds by helping your body sweat them out #<Category:0x0055a2dcda31b0> Show Edit Destroy
Chew sugar free gum Swat PK If you chew sugar free gum for 30 minutes after you eat it really helps with the acid reflux #<Category:0x0055a2dcda61d0> Show Edit Destroy
Let it all out! GB Food poisoning is caused when a bacteria present in the food eaten causes disruption of the digestive tract. In general most food (especially meat and fish) contain bacteria and our guts are able to manage this with the natural bacteria which grows and lives in our gastroinstenstinal tract. However when food starts to get old or has not been cleaned, prepared or cooked correctly bacteria levels in the food can exceed our ability to cope with it and this causes vomiting and diarrhoea. This response is to try to rid the body of the bacteria through the vomit and faeces and therefore under no circumstances should any medication be taken which reduces these symptoms. Taking tablets such as Imodium risk the bacteria being kept inside the body and potentially migrating through the gut wall into the blood stream causing blood poisoning (sepsis). The best thing to do is let is all out. #<Category:0x0055a2dc75fa88> Show Edit Destroy
Echinacea to help build your immune system New York City US Take Echinacea pills when you are exhausted and run down to ensure you don't get sick #<Category:0x0055a2dc761838> Show Edit Destroy
Pillow Sleep Alarm (App) GB Although some say measuring your sleep makes you more stressed about whether you have/ haven't slept well, I always find it so useful to know how I'm sleeping and getting my alarm set for the right time in my sleep pattern. So, I LOVE Pillow - it measures your sleep and uses that to set your alarm so you wake up when your sleep is lightest, meaning you feel way more refreshed! #<Category:0x0055a2dc76bc70> Show Edit Destroy
Black cohosh Rochester, Minnesota US As it has effects similar to the female hormone estrogen, black cohosh has been proved by several trials to improve menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, headaches and mood disorders. It is also known as black snakeroot and bugbane. #<Category:0x0055a2dd58f1a8> Show Edit Destroy
White Noise App GB Great for everyone (like me) who has voices and thoughts buzzing around in their head as soon as they lie down. White Noise app plays sounds like crashing waves while you sleep and also lets you add your own favourite sounds. Works a treat for catch the zzz s. #<Category:0x0055a2dd590f58> Show Edit Destroy
Make your bedroom the perfect sleep environment London GB The National Sleep Foundation have created a part of their website with articles, statistics and tips that really help you prepare your bedroom to make it your sanctuary and the perfect place for relaxation and sleep - perfect for helping prevent insomnia. #<Category:0x0055a2dcad22b0> Show Edit Destroy
How does stress manifest in your body? GB One way to help you learn to deal with stress is to understand and recognise how stress shows up in your body and so realise that your body might be more stressed then you recognise you are. For example, some people get stomach upsets, some head headaches, some have problems sleeping or sleep to much, and others (like me) get really tight muscles particularly shoulder muscles which then lead to stress/tension headaches. Some symptoms are obvious but not all. #<Category:0x0055a2dcadb748> Show Edit Destroy
Butterbur to relive symptoms Rochester, Minnesota US Butterbur was shown in several studies to relieve the stuffiness and nasal congestion of hayfever. This may be due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to relax blood vessel walls. #<Category:0x0055a2dcadc850> Show Edit Destroy
Slow and steady wins the race Rochester, Minnesota US Weight loss is best - and most likely to be retained - when it's gradual and results from a change in lifestyle habits. You should think in terms of losing no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. Here's a way to do the maths on how to lose weight and keep it off. 3,500 calories = approx. 1 pound of body fat. Therefore, to lose 1 pound a week, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume - thats about 500 fewer calories a day. You could try lowering your calorie intake by eating less calorie-intense foods, get more physical activity, or even better yet, do both! #<Category:0x0055a2dd125db0> Show Edit Destroy
Temporary solution to aid - Fat Loss Massage to help get rid of body waste GB This is not a magical solution to losing weight (sadly) but it can AID in in your mission to lose weight - through water and waste retention and its only temporary for a few days. However, some friends of mine swear by this in helping to speed up their weight loss when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise. Maybe its just their excuse to have a massage! #<Category:0x0055a2dd12f068> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut Organic All-Purpose Salve San Francisco US My skin is usually oily, but as soon as the coldest month comes along, my skin shuts down completely and flakes like crazy! I found this little brand when visiting the states last summer and bought one to try out last winter and it worked like a charm! A tiny bit of organic coconut oil, mixed with yellow beeswax and lavender oil moisturised my skin and helped restore balance. #<Category:0x0055a2dcdec428> Show Edit Destroy
Plain Rice & Yoghurt Beirut LB Getting food poisoning is THE WORST. Luckily there are some fool-proof ways to start feeling better as soon as the nausea subsides! Plain, cooked rice (white or brown) topped with cool plain yoghurt and a dash of salt, restores your body's energy slowly, while rebalancing your salt levels and boosts calcium. It's the only dish that actually helps with nausea rather than adds to it! Eat slowly and gradually, never force it down! If your tummy's not ready, take it slow! The best part is that if you live alone and can barely move this can be eaten cold, is super easy to do when you have no energy and can be left unrefrigerated for a while. #<Category:0x0055a2dcdf6a68> Show Edit Destroy
The Fast Metabolism Diet London GB What the diet does is increase your metabolism by making changes to your daily diet. By eating the right foods approved by the diet everyday, it can help your body achieve the optimal rate of metabolism to lose weight fast. Think of your metabolism as a car engine. Unlike an engine, our body has to be constantly fed with fuel, hence our metabolism is slowed down when we sleep because our body senses that there is no fuel intake. That is why we always hear the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our engine revs up again when we eat breakfast after a night of fasting. The idea behind the fast metabolism diet is to constantly feed your body with the right fuel so that your engine can burn the fuel fast and keep on going. #<Category:0x0055a2dcdf8520> Show Edit Destroy
Devil's claw Rochester, Minnesota US Devil's claw has been used in the traditional medicine of the people of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa to treat back pain. It it now used extensively in Europe to treat pain due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. #<Category:0x0055a2dd22d758> Show Edit Destroy
This natural oil helps with wrinkles - Rodin Face oil Texas US I have used Rodin Face oil for many years and I find this is one of the best oils to help with wrinkles. Although it is super expensive it lasts a long time as you only need to use a little bit of the oil at a time. Its a fully natural using essential oils. #<Category:0x0055a2dd237208> Show Edit Destroy
Keeping a stress diary Winchester GB Although the sound of this might make some people stressed just thinking about it this really is an amazing tool to help understand and monitor your stress levels and your body's response to them. Once you are able to identify what causes you stress and both the physical and mental symptoms you can then start dealing with what causes you stress. You might be surprised. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc00718> Show Edit Destroy
Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment great for minor burns Brisbane AU This stuff is honestly amazing. Growing up in Australia this is what my mother swears by. Lucas Papaw Ointment has anti- bacterial and antimicrobial properties and you can use it on so many different basic skin issues. #<Category:0x0055a2dcc09d68> Show Edit Destroy
What About Anti-Anxiety Medication US Most anxious fliers find that anti-anxiety medication may "take the edge off" when first used, with continued use, they stop working and make anxiety worse. Shanna Treworgy, Psy.D., of the Dartmouth Geisel Medical School, said that though there may be reduced anxiety initially, benzodiazepines cause increased long-term anxiety reactions. Research at the Stanford University School of Medicine showed that though a person taking anti-anxiety medication may feel more relaxed psychologically, there is increased arousal physiologically. “Alprazolam increases physiological activation under acute stress conditions and hinders therapeutic effects of exposure in flying phobia.” Reference: #<Category:0x0055a2da1ef6b8> Show Edit Destroy
Don't Rely On Breathing Or Relaxation Exercises US Though breathing exercises are often recommended to fearful fliers as an effective way to control fear, anxiety, and panic, research shows they don't work. They are a way to focus your attention away from the flight, but a movie or a magazine can do that just as well. Having been told they work, when they don't, an anxious flier might think "nothing works; I'm a failure." #<Category:0x0055a2dc4aec08> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid Imagination US Keep the “visual channel” of your mind fully occupied with something concrete to keep imagination from gaining a foothold. Buy several magazines with splashy color pictures. Just flip through the pictures to keep the “visual” part of your mind busy. This is a great time to focus on needlepoint or puzzles, if you like those activities. Bring a movie or a video game on your smartphone or tablet. Keep the “auditory channel” of your mind occupied. Bring along an audio player with plenty of music. Noise-cancelling headsets are also helpful. #<Category:0x0055a2dadb28b0> Show Edit Destroy
Know About Noise Abatement (why the engine noises change at certain points) GB After the plane leaves the runway, it climbs rapidly with the nose about 18 degrees above the horizon. At one-thousand feet above the runway (roughly twenty-five seconds after liftoff), the pilot reduces the power. With less power, the nose has to be lowered. As the nose is being lowered from 18 degrees above the horizon to about 14 degrees, you feel lightheaded. This is the same feeling as when an elevator slows its ascent to stop at the selected floor. In an elevator or in a plane, the feeling lasts for only two seconds. But it can be frightening if you don't know what it's all about. The reduced engine noise could make you think the engines have failed. The lightheaded feelings could make you think the plane is falling. Not true, of course. Ask the captain when you meet him or her if the power will be changed significantly after take off, and ask how it will feel. #<Category:0x0055a2dc4bb138> Show Edit Destroy
Meet The Captain US No fear of flying tip is as important as this one. Why? Because fear of flying has a lot to do with not being in control. When you meet the person who is in control, and sense that he or she is alert, confident, and competent, you will feel better. Meeting the captain keeps you from feeling alone. It also puts you in personal contact with control. You will sense their competence and confident. It helps to know they – also – want to get back home to their family, and they have been doing so for years. They will make extra announcements for you. Embarrassing? Blame it on me; tell them I made you promise to do it. #<Category:0x0055a2dc8542b8> Show Edit Destroy
Being Relaxed Doesn’t Tempt Fate. US Are you someone who thinks this: "Every time I feel more relaxed about flying, my subconscious imposes on myself that I just have to be scared. I feel that not being scared is abnormal for me." #<Category:0x0055a2dc85e380> Show Edit Destroy
Temporarily Free Your Mind Of Anxiety With The 5-4-3-2-1 Exercise US Start by doing the 5-4-3-2-1 every five minutes. Then every fifteen minutes. Then every hour. It is nothing more than a focusing exercise, something to intensely occupy your mind so disturbing thoughts can't take hold. · #<Category:0x0055a2dc860ef0> Show Edit Destroy
Stop snacking by identifying your underlying emotional need. Cape Town ZA Snacking can be an unconsious habit that leads you to piling on the pounds. We often snack due to an emotional need that needs to be soothed. Do you eat when bored? Lonely? Angry? Try finding another behaviour to soothe that feeling instead of using food. Bored? Phone a friend or go for a walk. Lonely? Get outside, go see a movie or visit a family member. Angry? Try and do some exercise, get rid of the anger in a way that empowers rather than disempowers you. #<Category:0x0055a2dd856968> Show Edit Destroy
Goats Milk Soap Texas US This is really great to use in the shower - goats milk soap - (which is also good for dry skin). I buy it from a local guy in Texas but any goats milk soap is good… Zum Bar is a brand which is sold at Whole Foods I think is good. #<Category:0x0055a2da3c6b30> Show Edit Destroy
Get rid of sugar cravings by fuelling on fat! Cape Town ZA When craving sugar in any form try and take a teaspoon of coconut oil instead. Nourish your brain instead of compromising it. #<Category:0x0055a2dd862d58> Show Edit Destroy
Laura Mercier Repair Eye Cream London GB The laura Mercier Repair Eye Cream is my favourite eye cream on the market! Not only does it serve as an anti-wrinkle cream that reduces swelling around the eyes, it smells amazing! It's super moisturising and hydrating and helps yours concealer glide on smoothly if you're applying in the morning. The high content of vitamin A reduces fine lines and makes your under eye skin feel firm and lifted. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8641f8> Show Edit Destroy
Turn off 'Autopilot' London GB Much like any compulsive behaviour, in the moments when we're acting out on our unwanted habits, we're unlikely to be able to bring to the forefront of our minds why we don't want to be engaging in them. When it comes to shopping addiction, there are so many different types of ways to act compulsively without slowing down the process to question it. We live in an age where we can spend thousands of pounds by simply providing a finger print on our phones. Further, we are constantly bombarded with items that we didn't know existed, let alone think we needed. One practical tip is to make the process of buying online harder for ourselves by removing automatic payment methods from 'high-risk' sites, or indeed deleting the apps altogether. Another is to have days where we only carry cash for what we will need. For example if you enjoy going to the flower market, take just enough to buy your flowers and a coffee, perhaps. Then even if you spot a blouse or picture frame that seems an irresistible bargain, you simply don't have the means to purchase it. The urge to purchase is much like the compulsive urge to relieve ourselves with substances. We can 'ride the wave' and sense of urgency will pass, sometimes we just have to take a moment to give it the opportunity to. Finally, notice the moments when you're feeling most like shopping for something you know you don't really need. Is there anything else going on? Try to zoom out and observe your behaviour as though you're studying the human condition. Where are you? How are you feeling? Are you generally feeling bored or insecure? Has something or someone recently shaken your sense of identity? As with all addiction, self awareness practices such as these can serve not just to take the strain off our bank accounts, but also to help us identify what needs are being met by our behaviours and take active steps towards addressing these in a healthy and compassionate way. Finally, don't reward yourself for not shopping by shopping! #<Category:0x0055a2dcff9180> Show Edit Destroy
Anusol Cream! London GB Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy but it really works! Anusol cream for hemorrhoids actually help reduce puffy bags under eyes! This product contains some anti-inflammatory chemicals so only a tiny little bit should be rubbed on to the bags under your eyes once in a while. It also works as an anti-wrinkle cream as it basically shrinks swollen areas. #<Category:0x0055a2db06eb30> Show Edit Destroy
Drink Milk and Diary products Brussels BE Drinking Milk and diary products helps with the stomach issues with a hangover. Doesn't help with the headache side or the exhaustion but seems to settle the stomache Full fat milk is always the best #<Category:0x0055a2ddc7bd40> Show Edit Destroy
Retrain your brain to deal with sugar cravings Cape Town ZA When craving your favourite sweet treat take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to take away the craving. Retrain your brain by not rewarding it with what you are craving. The aim of this trick is to stop the association of craving sweetness with a sweet reward. #<Category:0x0055a2ddc7cc68> Show Edit Destroy
What is your jealousy telling you? London GB Jealousy can stir up pre verbal feelings in us. Ultimately, it brings us back to the time when we first wanted what someone else had – our mother’s attention is usually the first one – and couldn’t fully express that. So when we’re envying someone else’s achievements what we’re experiencing is something very young within ourselves. As such, we need to go gently on ourselves. #<Category:0x0055a2ddc86a60> Show Edit Destroy
Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions US My closest friend told me about this and she was right. This is a clearing concealer which not only hides your spots but also really helps get rid of them fast. #<Category:0x0055a2ddc88a68> Show Edit Destroy
Mata Natural Aloe Vera Gel TH I recently came across this product when I was in holiday in Thailand. It is really fantastic for helping relieve sunburnt skin, helping to cool it down and take the sting out. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7cea40> Show Edit Destroy
Aura restorer FR Your aura is the expression of your 'energetic' well-being, and reflects the health or vitality of your thoughts, emotions and inner state of being. Although invisible to our sense of sight, a weak aura is dark and cloudy, and can leave you vulnerable to emotional instability and even physical illness. A strong bright aura serves as a protective shield to any negativity and chaos going on around you, and keeps you centred and clear, no matter the challenges of life. A strong aura brings us resilience and the capacity for inner strength in all situations. One excellent method to strengthen the aura is to spend more time in connection with Nature - particularly trees. Yes, it's true, they can help clear our auric field, because the elements at work in Nature reflect the very balance we need in our energetic systems. We are a part of the great work of Nature but it's just that our energy bodies have become over-burdened with the stress and speed of our urban lives that our balance is off. Reconnecting to the essence of who we are through simply spending more time in the green parks, woods and forests of our world can restore this inner balance. A simple, yet powerful and effective practice you can do is below. #<Category:0x0055a2dd7d5930> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Bags GB A natural way of reducing puffiness around the eyes is to use good old tea bags! Make sure you use caffeinated tea bags as they contain natural tannins which as also mild diuretics a, and have been used for decades to deal with the problem area! Soak two tea bags in warm water (make sure you don't boil it then put on to your face!) and then chill the bags for a few minutes in the fridge – this activated the caffeine and makes it safe for you to place on your eyes. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes. My nan did this all the time and I'm so glad she taught it to me because it actually works without having to put chemicals around your eyes! Also really good alternative for people with sensitive skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dd406b38> Show Edit Destroy
Duoderm US You can get the generic versions on Amazon - its an adhesive, so you put it over the affected area and you can shower and sleep with it, stops it getting infected, helps with the pain and reduces scars. Its great because its very low maintenance, so rather then continually having to change the bandage you can leave it on for 3-4 days. If you are going to a big cycle or motorbike trip worth packing some of this stuff just in case #<Category:0x0055a2dd40d640> Show Edit Destroy
YES Power! New York US Using the word "YES" as a mantra along with simple gesture, you can pump yourself up to a high-energy state that will channel your nervous energy into an awesome performance. This also works for groups of people who all need to get pumped up together. #<Category:0x0055a2dd417f00> Show Edit Destroy
Oenobiol solaire capsules Paris FR Oenobiol solaire. According to the site they: Prepares, stimulates and prolongs the sun tan, Cellular antioxidant protection. Intensive Hydrating Tan Enhancer - but actually if you are the type of person who gets heat rash you can take these pills preventative. It works wonders for my friend who couldn't even sit in the shade without getting a heat rash Take them two weeks before you will be in heat #<Category:0x0055a2dd41b588> Show Edit Destroy
Crushed Aspirin on your spots Sacremento, California US Take an aspirin, mix it with a little bit of water, crush it and make it into a little paste. Then apply to the pimples at night, 15 minutes minimum and then wash it off. #<Category:0x0055a2dd5bdd50> Show Edit Destroy
Banish the word 'should' US Focusing on what you 'should' have done pulls us into a negative thought cycle where we can become increasingly self critical. We have to realise that we can never change past events and instead focus on more positive thoughts. By turning guilty, negative thoughts into positive ones regularly, we can help ourselves achieve a more positive mindset overall. #<Category:0x0055a2dcfdef38> Show Edit Destroy
Skin Food Snail Mask! US Snail masks are al the rage now and I'm so glad I discovered this amazing product to help with my dry skin! Whatever it is snails are doing, it's working to give us baby soft skin! Your skin gets tighter, less blotchy and more even. It's got natural ingredients like plant extract so is gentle on the skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dca1c758> Show Edit Destroy
Savlon Antiseptic Cream GB Savlon Antiseptic Cream can help with ingrown hair and red pimples on your bikini line! When you use it every night on clean and dry skin after the below tips, you will notice that the inflammation will go down very quickly. #<Category:0x0055a2db4708f0> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid beer! GB My father had gout problems and my mum and I discovered that staying away from food and drink that are high in purines can increase uric acid in your blood. Foods like seafood, liver, and fatty foods should be avoided along with sugary drinks that have added fructose. But one f the worst things is beer! It can really elevate the uric acid much more than fructose-sweetened drinks so watch out! #<Category:0x0055a2dd5c9830> Show Edit Destroy
Cold compresses US If you suffer from gout, use cold packs or compresses on the painful area to ease inflammation. You can buy the gel freeze ice packs so that it moulds to the form of your foot when you apple. #<Category:0x0055a2dd5d3808> Show Edit Destroy
Remember to breath and stand up straight! london GB Follow these steps #<Category:0x0055a2dd96d680> Show Edit Destroy
Homemade Ice Pack London GB If my children ever managed to get very badly sunburnt I would wrap a few pieces of ice in a soft flannel and press it gently over the burnt areas. It gives immediate relief and is very soothing on the worst red areas. #<Category:0x0055a2dd977590> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Watermelon London GB Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated when you are really sunburnt. An alternate way to do this is to eat lots of watermelon- it is delicious but also has really high water content (as the name suggests!). #<Category:0x0055a2dd978fd0> Show Edit Destroy
Dry yourself properly GB Remember when your mum told you to make sure everywhere was properly dry after a bath? Well, she was right, it turns out that dry areas make it harder for bacteria to breed, as they usually prefer moist surfaces. #<Category:0x0055a2dd9835c0> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar GB Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic and can help kill bacteria without harming your skin. If you can buy the spray version of this then even better, so you can really use it to treat body odour. #<Category:0x0055a2dcbb0e98> Show Edit Destroy
Look for the silver lining GB Every cloud has one, right? If you focus on finding the positive side of a disappointing situation, you can see a chance to grow as a person, learn something new or get some good feedback. As Alexander Graham-Bell says "When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." #<Category:0x0055a2dcbba3f8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Oily Fish London GB Your diet makes a massive difference to the appearance of your skin! Try to eat fish like salmon, tuna or mackerel, which contain lots of Omega-3. These fatty acids lower your cholesterol, which in turn boosts circulation and improves the appearance of cellulite. Try to eat oily fish once or twice a week to see the effect! #<Category:0x0055a2dcbc3a98> Show Edit Destroy
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash London GB This is one of the best products out there- it has salicylic acid in it so it is tough on blackheads but it doesn’t dry your skin out like other acne products. Just use it every morning and moisturize afterwards. #<Category:0x0055a2dcbc50c8> Show Edit Destroy
Treat yourself as you would treat a friend GB This is what my mum always used to tell me when I felt guilty about something as a child. It's a great technique for making sure you are not being too critical on yourself, by imagining your friend in the same situation and what you would say to them. #<Category:0x0055a2ddbee468> Show Edit Destroy
Go to Sleep! London GB Possibly only relevant for long haul flights. What I’ve found is if you try and get to sleep as soon as possible on a flight you’ll miss any of the unsettling turbulence you sometimes encounter and the whole experience is over a lot quicker. Bring your own travel pillow or an ergonomic neck pillow to allow you to fall asleep easily. #<Category:0x0055a2db3e8568> Show Edit Destroy
Pop on some Britney London GB I once read a quote from someone who was afraid of flying who said that whenever they got nervous on a plane they always listened to a Britney Spears album, as ‘no-one can ever be scared listening to Britney’. It sounds ridiculous but it does comfort me slightly, and now whenever there is turbulence (my least favourite part of flying) I make sure to put on some Britney and it always makes me feel better! #<Category:0x0055a2ddbfad58> Show Edit Destroy
Egg White Mask London GB A very odd remedy but this does the trick. It helps to tighten up your pores and preventing them from becoming blocked in the first place, which is how blackheads are formed. First what you want to do is separate the egg white from the egg yolks. Next, apply a thin layer of the egg white onto your face and then place a thin paper towel on top. You can repeat this step 2 or 3 times and wait for everything to dry- it should feel a little tighter than usual. Once it has dried peel it all off and cleanse your face. #<Category:0x0055a2dd0b4d68> Show Edit Destroy
Over Indulgence Milk Thistle Tablets (Holland & Barrett) GB The only hangover cure I need! Does the trick every time and also works for upset stomachs with indigestion. #<Category:0x0055a2ddbfec00> Show Edit Destroy
Repetition helps your baby GB Following a sequence of events so your baby learns to recognize when it is nap time. #<Category:0x0055a2ddc00de8> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of gratitude practise to boost your happiness US Realising what you are happy about, what you are grateful about and focusing on those things is the best happiness booster I have found! Try this practise for just 1 week and I know you will really feel happier. It totally worked for me. #<Category:0x0055a2ddc0a9b0> Show Edit Destroy
Stay hair free GB Because hair is porous, it absorbs odours very easily. In exactly the same way that your hair smells of bonfire when you've been sitting next to a campfire, your underarm hair will absorb the smell of your sweat. Underarm hair can also trap moisture, creating a swampy environment that bacteria that cause the smell love. #<Category:0x0055a2da523438> Show Edit Destroy
Anti-Fungal Creams London GB Get yourself some basic over the counter creams, e.g. clotrimazole or miconazole. Apply to all affected areas for however long you need to; shouldn’t take longer than a couple of weeks to get to work. #<Category:0x0055a2dda9e310> Show Edit Destroy
Sprayology Travel Ease Spray US Best cure for jet lag - does exactly what it says on the label, which is combat symptoms of jetlag like tiredness, dehydration, disorientation and sleeplessness. #<Category:0x0055a2ddaa7668> Show Edit Destroy
Link between Turmeric & treating Depression US I have recently read a few articles about studies being conducted on people with depression and the role turmeric can play with helping. #<Category:0x0055a2ddaa91c0> Show Edit Destroy
Virgin Flying without Fear Course GB My brother couldn't fly until he took this course - and they claim to have a 98% success rate. Highly recommended for any age. #<Category:0x0055a2db38a2d8> Show Edit Destroy
Fitbit US I got this as a present and having been very skeptical about these sort of tech gadgets, I'm now a complete convert. The Fitbit keeps you moving every day by setting you a step goal, and you stay motivated by competing with your friends and even setting weekly or daily challenges. It tracks your exercise, sleep and even acts as an alarm. Truly amazing and I've seen the difference with my weight already. #<Category:0x0055a2ddab6208> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of Sustainable Weight Loss New York City US 4 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss #<Category:0x0055a2dce9f988> Show Edit Destroy
Lose Weight and Keep It Off! US 4 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss #<Category:0x0055a2dcea0bd0> Show Edit Destroy
Check out this course 'The Science of Happiness' by UC Berkeley scientists California US Looking to boost your happiness levels? Scientists at Berkeley University are now giving out a free online course teaching positive psychology. In this 8 week course participants earn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. Whats not to love! #<Category:0x0055a2dceaa220> Show Edit Destroy
No perfumed products GB Most soaps and perfumes have dyes and fragrances in them. Even though they smell great, they can also inflame your psoriasis. hey can make you smell great but they also can irritate skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dcead268> Show Edit Destroy
Magnesium GB Magnesium and calcium for that matter are really important for your muscles and nervous system. If you don't have enough in your system then you will have issues with tension and holding stress in your jaw and around your neck. The right amount of magnesium can help you naturally relax and unblock all that tension you hold in those areas especially at night. #<Category:0x0055a2dceb53f0> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid Caffeine & Chocolate GB If you grind your teeth in your sleep then you probably suffer from a sore jaw too. I found that if you avoid caffeine, especially at night it makes it easier for you to relax your mind and the muscles in your jaw before bed. Also, try to avoid eating chocolate at night too as the sugar, even if it's low content can naturally make you what to snap your teeth together in your sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dcebe130> Show Edit Destroy
Calcium supplements GB Teeth grinding can be really painful and hard to control in your sleep, but one thing you can control is the quality and maintenance to keep your teeth as healthy as possible if you are wreaking havoc in your sleep! One way to do this is by taking calcium supplements or including more calcium in your diet. I've recently discovered an intolerance to harsh dairy products so have opted for calcium supplements. #<Category:0x0055a2dd76b4e0> Show Edit Destroy
Drink water! GB Drinking water cleans out your system and keeps your nose clearer, meaning you are less likely to pick it. #<Category:0x0055a2dd76c2f0> Show Edit Destroy
Clarisonic Cleansing Brush London GB Since using this I have noticed such a decrease in the number of blackheads I’ve been getting! All you do is use it with your everyday cleanser and brush it using circular motions around your whole face. It makes your skin feel so smooth. It is quite expensive though, which is the only downside. #<Category:0x0055a2dd775828> Show Edit Destroy
Adopt a daily motto GB Pick a quote. Make up your own. Write it out and stick it on your mirror. Read it every morning before putting on make-up or brushing teeth. Read it, believe it, own it. #<Category:0x0055a2dd77fc10> Show Edit Destroy
Meditation/Affirmations GB I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep for years, so much that I've actually shaved off the points in my teeth. I saw a therapist for it who recommended mediation and affirmations like, 'I will wake up if I grind my teeth'. And it helps. It takes a while for your brain to connect the two and for it to start working. I woke up a lot the first few weeks. But now my jaw feels less tense when I wake up, which means it's working #<Category:0x0055a2dd7820c8> Show Edit Destroy
Try using Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. GB With Far Infrared Sauna unlike a traditional sauna you heat up from the inside. You may have indulged in a traditional sauna before but have you heard about the amazing benefits of Far Infrared? The heater in this type of sauna emits infrared rays, which constitute the same energy as the sun. The rays penetrate your body and get into your tissues, warming you from the inside out. This stimulates detoxifying sweat benefiting the mind and body. Perfect for SAD sufferers. #<Category:0x0055a2dd78be70> Show Edit Destroy
Far Infrared sauna helps reduce some of the muscle pain London GB I recently came across using far infrared saunas and for me it is a game changer. If I feel the muscle soreness flaring up 30 minutes in a far infrared sauna really does help to relive some of the symptoms #<Category:0x0055a2dd78db08> Show Edit Destroy
Coco White Oil Pulling GB Coco White oil pulling sachets are so convenient and easy to use. Swirling oil around the mouth has been around for thousands of years in India. This brand divides the right amount in handy little packets so you don't feel overwhelmed having to swirl for 5-20 minutes! Oil pulling reduces the amount of plaque in the mouth and brightens your pearly whites! You should notice a difference even after the first time but after 14 days, you'll notice a big difference! Take before and after pictures to see for yourself. #<Category:0x0055a2db4c4b80> Show Edit Destroy
Improvement with vitamin E New York US Vitamin E cream should over time improve the look of wrinkles. Best for wrinkles on the face. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8ce2b0> Show Edit Destroy
Stick to the middle London GB Make sure you stay towards the middle of the ship. There’s less motion here than on the bow or the stern so you should feel more at ease. Try and stay above deck as well to get a constant supply of fresh air. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8d5ab0> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture im London GB If there are any issues that are preventing or slowing down natural conception, having regular acupuncture treatments will regulate your menstrual cycle, improve your ovulation and if you are suffering from endometriosis, reduce uterine inflammation and relieve pain. It will also improve micro circulation and oxygenation in the lower abdomen and pelvic areas. Acupuncture can contribute to the production of the healthy sperm in a male partner, and will improve the egg quality in women, essential to increase the chances of healthy pregnancy. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8df6f0> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture reduces back pain London GB Acupuncture provides pain relief by stimulating nerves located in muscles and other tissues and leads to release of endorphins and changes the processing of pain in the brain and spinal cord. It is excellent in reducing inflammation through promoting release of vascular factors and great for improving muscle stiffness and joint mobility as it increases local microcirculation and reduces swelling and bruising. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8e08c0> Show Edit Destroy
Manage your expectations GB Are you comparing your baby too much? - Don't worry what friends, neighbors and relatives babies are doing, every baby is unique and yours may take slightly longer to get there. Remain calm, and confident in your approach, and always ask for help if you feel you need it. #<Category:0x0055a2dd8ea140> Show Edit Destroy
A and D ointment Dublin IE Apply A and D ointment directly onto rash and let it soak into the skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dcb6b460> Show Edit Destroy
Pace Yourself New York US So many medical professionals recommend that people with fibromyalgia exercise in order to feel better. I agree that exercise is vital to reducing fibro symptoms but not all kinds of exercise are created equal. Consider that your neurological system is easily overloaded when you have fibromyalgia and also consider that you will want to build up slowly over time. #<Category:0x0055a2dcb6c478> Show Edit Destroy
Make it dark and comfortable - 3 tried & tested tips GB Try and work with these 3 simple tips #<Category:0x0055a2dcb75820> Show Edit Destroy
Swaddling - Newborn babies (Under 12 weeks) GB Newborn babies love the womb and as a result like secure feeling of being swaddled, this reduces the startle reflex significantly which can disrupt babies sleep in the first few weeks. #<Category:0x0055a2dcb7ef38> Show Edit Destroy
How to handle your envy London GB Envy can stir up pre verbal feelings in us. Ultimately, it brings us back to the time when we first wanted what someone else had – our mother’s attention is usually the first one – and couldn’t fully express that. So when we’re envying someone else’s achievements what we’re experiencing is something very young within ourselves. As such, we need to go gently on ourselves. #<Category:0x0055a2dcb85a90> Show Edit Destroy
This website is amazing to help with happiness! US I discovered this website and it really is one of the best mental health websites I have come across. The premise for the site is that they say it is all about how you choose to perceive things that happen to you and changing your mindset. It focuses on gratitude, both the things that have happened but also (which I really love) the people you are grateful for. It texts you reminders every day to think about what you are grateful for and every 3 weeks to remind you to thank the people you are grateful for. #<Category:0x0055a2dcb8fb30> Show Edit Destroy
Here comes the sun New York US Vitamin D is a great way to beat jet lag, so after getting off a long flight, take a walk outside in the sun. Wear sunscreen! #<Category:0x0055a2dcb91340> Show Edit Destroy
Witch hazel stops the itch! Dublin IR Any bug bite, but primarily mosquito bites, will be significantly less itchy after applying some witch hazel. Works really well for mosquito bites. Remember try not to itch the bug bites! #<Category:0x0055a2d955aad8> Show Edit Destroy
Wet Towel on your head New York City US Put a wet towel on your head covering your forehead, sinus and temples and lie down. Sleep with it on. #<Category:0x0055a2dd9e72a0> Show Edit Destroy
Homemade Paste Dublin IE Create a homemade paste out of baking mixed with water that will dry out the blister and help it to heal. Make sure you let the paste dry on the blister after applying it #<Category:0x0055a2dd9e8b78> Show Edit Destroy
Bite your thumb nail only New York City US Its hard to go cold turkey, so just bite your thumb nails. You dont see your thumbs as much as the rest of your fingers and so it hides the bad habit. Then cut it down to a single thumb. Odd I know but it works. #<Category:0x0055a2dd9f1ed0> Show Edit Destroy
Celery sticks New Jersey US Whenever you feel the urge to snack, chew on celery stalks. (validated by Linny the Guinea Pig of the WonderPets) #<Category:0x0055a2dd9fb700> Show Edit Destroy
Orange Juice New York City US I got told to eat oranges when I felt sick. I actually drunk a lot of orange juice and it helped relieve symptoms. Fresh Orange juice which you make at home is the best. #<Category:0x0055a2dd9fc588> Show Edit Destroy
How to approach the menopause holistically London GB Hormones can start to get out of balance years before the menopause. Many women find that from their 40s their periods are never the same. Hormones decline but at different rates: usually progesterone declines before oestrogen. Even if periods are still regular, women may notice that they suffer from much worse PMS, or experience hot flushes before their periods, or start to feel foggy or increasingly anxious and unable to cope. Menopause is the absence of a period for one year after the age of 50 (or two years under the age of 50) plus menopausal blood tests. Although menopausal symptoms are worst in this first year of not having a period, even after this one year, i.e.once a woman is 'through the menopause', she may well still continue to have symptoms. Some women have hot flushes into their nineties! Studies have shown the average duration of hot flushes to be 7-10 years!! Perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms can include the following: Physical: hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, irregular bleeding, dry skin, hair loss, breast tenderness, acne or facial hair, migraines, heart palpitations, weight gain, joint aches, itchy skin, dry eyes, bladder symptoms, vaginal dryness and loss of libido. Emotional/mental: anxiety, depression, irritability, weepiness, memory loss, depersonalisation, feeling unable to cope, memory loss and lack of motivation or joy. So what can you do? #<Category:0x0055a2dda056b0> Show Edit Destroy
5 Tips for Body Awareness Tips Public Speaking Success London GB Try to practise these steps to help #<Category:0x0055a2dda0eaa8> Show Edit Destroy
CalmKeeper App London GB This is a great app designed by psychologists for coping with panic attacks. It is only £3.99 but well worth that. It helps you learn about the causes of your panic attacks and has tools that you use when you are in the middle of a panic attack; there’s a breathing tool to help calm you down and slow your heart rate and a couple of simple games to help distract you and focus your mind elsewhere. The app is written really simply and clearly and is a great help when I’m suffering from an attack. #<Category:0x0055a2dad625e0> Show Edit Destroy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Guildford GB CBT is one of the most effective treatments for panic attacks. Go and see a GP and hopefully they will refer you to a therapist to start CBT, which involves having regular sessions (usually for about an hour every week). CBT looks at the relationship between your thoughts and your moods. Your therapist will examine why you feel panicked and help you develop techniques to cope with when an attack does hit. #<Category:0x0055a2da392df8> Show Edit Destroy
No Nicotine/Caffeine London GB Stay away from cigarettes and coffee if you struggle with anxiety! The caffeine can stimulate your nervous system, possibly triggering a panic attack, and smoking obviously hinders your breathing, which is key to overcoming an attack. #<Category:0x0055a2dda1e430> Show Edit Destroy
Learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally BR Question yourself. Do I do love myself? You do? Really? I am Brazilian and growing up in a culture where so much value is given to the exterior, I thought that self-love means to have my nails done weekly, blow dry my hair before going out on the weekend, go to the gym and try to “look” as cool as possible! Well, fast forward few years ,my concept of self-love has changed completely; I now go within observing my thoughts towards myself, and listening carefully the words I use when I speak about me. Obviously, it is a work in progress, but at least I am now aware of what’s going on in my life, consciously observing my behaviours and actions towards myself. and loving me no matter what! Below are my new beliefs about self-love: #<Category:0x0055a2dda333d0> Show Edit Destroy
Carry a nail file New York City US Carry a Nail File because if your nails are uneven or if there is a snag you will just want to bite your nails. This way you can train yourself so that every time you have the need to bite your nails you just file them If no nail file - find a match box and use the lighter side of it to file your nails... #<Category:0x0055a2dda357c0> Show Edit Destroy
Bagel, Egg, Cheese and Ham New York City US This used to work for my hangover, when I got pregnant and had morning sickness I tried this out and it totally stopped me feeling nauseous. Protein really helps you feel better. Tried and True! #<Category:0x0055a2dda3f180> Show Edit Destroy
RevitaLash Advanced grows lashes fast US RevitaLash Advanced is an amazing eyelash conditioner. If you use it regularly, you'll see that your lashes will grow after only two weeks! I've used it myself for 2 months straight and my eyelashes have actually doubled in size – no exaggeration! I also have seen my friends use the conditioner and the results were incredible on each of them, no matter how their lashes were to begin with. I recommend to buy 2ml to try for about 3 months, and you will see your eyelashes grow amazingly long! #<Category:0x0055a2dda412f0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Blackcurrants Copenhagen DK Eat a handful Blackcurrants - helps give you energy #<Category:0x0055a2dda4b638> Show Edit Destroy
Pre-emptively prevent blisters in the first place Edinburgh GB If you want to ensure you dont get blisters in the first place this tip really does help. Pre-emptively use compeed or similar cushioned dressing on high-risk areas of feet / (or whatever hot spots you are trying to stop the blister occurring). If you know you usually get a blister say on your toe or heel put the compeed around the area before you go hiking, before the blister has had a chance to form. #<Category:0x0055a2dda4c5d8> Show Edit Destroy
Corticosteroid Injections Guildford GB These injections really helped my daughter after she had carpal tunnel syndrome. Corticosteroids are hormones produced naturally by the body that act to reduce inflammation and so should help to reduce any pain. They can also be given in the form of tablets. #<Category:0x0055a2dda56880> Show Edit Destroy
Cupping Therapy CN Cupping therapy has its roots in many parts of the world beyond China, but it is now a mainstay of Eastern Medicine. It is used primarily by trained practitioners (such as licensed acupuncturists). Cupping can reduce mild fevers. #<Category:0x0055a2dda580e0> Show Edit Destroy
Aroma blend to help with PMS GB Aromatherapy can be very beneficial for assisting period cramping, abdominal pains, reducing moodswings and irritability, easing headaches, tension and balancing hormones. Add: #<Category:0x0055a2dda61eb0> Show Edit Destroy
Red Gingseng London GB Red Ginseng (also referred to as Korean Gingseng) is often called ‘herbal viagra’ and has been proven in many studies to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. It has been used in the Far East for centuries as a libido booster. You can buy it in the form of a supplement or tablet from health stores. #<Category:0x0055a2dda693e0> Show Edit Destroy
Aromatherapy to help with Impotence GB Aromatherapy can be a soothing way to reduce the anxiety and tension caused by mental pressure to perform. Erectile dysfunction could be physical or emotional, and often related to stress. Essential oils such as Sandalwood, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Jasmine, Clary Sage can help to relaxing the nervous system and calm the mind, whilst their aphrodisiac properties can also awaken the body senses and increase libido. #<Category:0x0055a2dda72ee0> Show Edit Destroy
Vitamin E Pills New York City US Buy Vitamin E pills, Crack them open, you might have to cut them open, and apply on the scaring area. Repeat every single day. You can apply it twice a day, morning and night. #<Category:0x0055a2dda74858> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon and Honey Sacremento, California US Put lemon and honey together in to a paste. Put it on the scar, also works for Acne scars. Leave it on for 15 minutes, every day. #<Category:0x0055a2dda7e0d8> Show Edit Destroy
Tea and Sugar New Jersey US Whenever you feel the urge to snack make a earl grey tea and add in some sugar or honey. This helps you to stop craving something sweet. #<Category:0x0055a2dd337cc0> Show Edit Destroy
Remember - You are enough! GB FOMO is simply a cry for Love and acceptance. This part of the Ego mind that tells us we have to be in ‘part’ of action, ‘included’ can trigger our deeper fears of abandonment and rejection. Our mind doesn’t know that on deep soul level we are whole and complete just the way we are, and it goes on searching for LOVE. The cosmic joke is, we already have it. Our true essence is LOVE. Love doesn’t need anything. Therefore there is nothing to get, nowhere to go, nothing to prove, no one to be. Just be and relax in the present- as you are. YOU ARE ENOUGH. #<Category:0x0055a2dd3391b0> Show Edit Destroy
Become Abundant... GB Fear of missing out is driven from a sense of Lack, and therefore ‘Need’ of something. Have you ever been in a social situation and felt the desperation of someone trying to be noticed! It can be very unattractive. This sense of neediness; be it for: attention, love, approval, status or material gain, sends out an energetic message that ‘I don’t have enough; I don’t feel enough’. Consequently’ our FOMO actions can become ‘grasping’ and driven from Fear rather than Abundance. Ask yourself that is exactly that you are missing out on? The law of attraction suggest we are like a magnet, attracting the same energy we send out. Lack attracts LESS. Abundance attracts MORE. The more feel we don’t have something the more of ‘not having that thing’ we experience. Vice versa, the more we get our energy onto the frequency of having enough, the more life effortlessly delivers more of everything. #<Category:0x0055a2dd343ac0> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint Tea London GB Peppermint tea has been used for years to relieve flatulence and other gas-induced symptoms like bloating and cramps. It acts as a relaxant to calm the muscles in the stomach, which allows food and bile to pass through the gastrointestinal system more smoothly and allows gas to pass through easily. Drink a small cup of hot peppermint tea before mealtimes and see if it helps your gas problem. #<Category:0x0055a2dbfaa298> Show Edit Destroy
Charcoal Tablets Guildford GB These are tablets available over the counter and could help you reduce your flatulence. The charcoal will absorb excess gas in your digestive system. Take a tablet on an empty stomach and make sure to drink a large glass of water afterwards so that the pill can make its way through your digestive system! #<Category:0x0055a2dde13b80> Show Edit Destroy
Pay with cash London GB Paying with cash only will help you take control of the situation. Start spending with cash and leave your credit cards at home. Cards make people feel disconnected from money whereas spending is more real. You will be less likely to go on a spending spree when you have a limited amount of money to spend. #<Category:0x0055a2dde15e58> Show Edit Destroy
Flaxseed Oil London GB Flaxseed oil contains high concentrations of omega 3- fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation that causes the pain in carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many different ways to incorporate flaxseed into your diet including it in smoothies, salad dressings, and even roasting vegetables in it. #<Category:0x0055a2dde1fc28> Show Edit Destroy
Masters-Johnson Method California US This method was devised by the famous American sex therapists Masters and Johnson. It has a high success rate as long as the method is properly and professionally taught and dutifully followed. It employs a special ‘penis grip’ that is very effective at delaying ejaculation. Try looking up your local Relate branch and they will be able to put you in contact with a counselor. #<Category:0x0055a2dde27e78> Show Edit Destroy
Long Love Condoms London GB These are specially made condoms designed to help you last longer in bed. They contain a local anaesthetic within the condom itself, which helps to mildly desensitize the penis and make you last for longer. You can buy these off Amazon. #<Category:0x0055a2dde29728> Show Edit Destroy
Think about Baseball Boston US An old American saying. If you have only a mild issue with ejaculating prematurely then try to distract yourself during sex when you feel ready to finish. Think about something utterly unrelated to sex (e.g. baseball!) or else something very boring. Or, pinch yourself to further distract you. This should help to delay things a bit. #<Category:0x0055a2dbb47ef8> Show Edit Destroy
Sex Therapist London GB Your GP can refer you to a sex therapist who will talk about the possible psychological roots of your problems. They may give you exercises to perform alone or with a partner to help you. May not be available on the NHS so you could have to pay to see one privately. #<Category:0x0055a2dde37d50> Show Edit Destroy
Aromatherapy Headache Balm GB To create a headache balm. Mix together and pour into a small metal or glass jar with a wide opening (an empty Vaseline container is ideal) Place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set. Apply to temple, forehead and under nose area. #<Category:0x0055a2dde39678> Show Edit Destroy
Aromatherapy for headaches GB Relieve migraine and headaches with the following aromatherapy recipe: #<Category:0x0055a2dde438f8> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint Oil London GB Rub some peppermint oil on your hickey! A hickey/love bite is caused when the skin is sucked or kissed too hard, leading to broken blood capillaries beneath the surface of the skin and blood clotting. Peppermint oil improves blood circulation, which gets rid of the clots and the coloured bruising. #<Category:0x0055a2dde45130> Show Edit Destroy
Hot Compress London GB Press a hot compress onto the ingrown hair for as long as possible (ideally for 15 minutes). Repeat this 3 times a day and this will soften the skin and bring the hair to the surface of the skin. If you want you can then use a sterile pair of tweezers or a needle to get the hair out. #<Category:0x0055a2dde4e988> Show Edit Destroy
Beauty Protector Protect & Oil London GB This is without a doubt the best haircare product I have ever owned. I got it in my Birchbox a couple of months back and have been obsessed with it ever since. Take just one or two drops and work them into the palms of your hands and apply to the ends of your hair (I find it works best when dry). Your hair will be the softest it has ever been and also will smell amazing! I think you can buy a full size bottle from the Birchbox website. #<Category:0x0055a2dde50198> Show Edit Destroy
Stop Smoking Exeter GB Stop Smoking! Smoking is terrible for your general health but it also could be causing your flatulence. Firstly, the tobacco smoke will irritate your digestive system and harm the essential bacteria in your stomach. Secondly, by inhaling smoke you will swallow a lot more air than usual, increasing the chance of flatulence. Give up smoking and see if you notice a difference! #<Category:0x0055a2dde59d60> Show Edit Destroy
Miso Soup Guildford GB This was recommended to my husband by a nutritionist friend of ours. Miso is a great source of probiotics apparently which help maintain a healthy digestive system. You can buy sachets of this from Asian food stores or really from big supermarkets now as well. Just add hot water to it and you're good to go! Try having miso soup as a mid-morning snack or before your lunch or dinner. #<Category:0x0055a2dde63a68> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Tea Exeter GB Ginger tea is a great way to reduce flatulence. Try having some before mealtimes to reduce gas. The ginger relaxes your intestinal muscles, which reduces flatulence, and it also stimulates the production of saliva and bile, which both aid the digestive process. #<Category:0x0055a2dde65700> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise London GB As if there weren’t enough reasons to get out there and do some exercise! Get moving around as this aids your digestive system and helps the passage of gas. Try talking a light walk after a meal to get things moving. #<Category:0x0055a2dde6f4f8> Show Edit Destroy
Stop Smoking Durham GB It is well known that the causes of erectile dysfunction are wide and varied. One thing that is generally agreed on is that living a healthy lifestyle has been shown to help with ED problems. This means giving up alcohol (or at least cutting down), stopping smoking, exercising regularly. Smoking in particular contributes to ED as the circulation of nicotine in your body constricts blood vessels and makes it harder to maintain an erection. Before trying any medication try making these small changes to your life and see if your situation improves. #<Category:0x0055a2dde70ee8> Show Edit Destroy
Saagara App US Recommended by my brother a year ago and have used it ever since. I've found it so useful for mantra meditation, which I found out about a few months ago. Saagara gives you loads of pre-prepared mantras for beginners, intermediate and advanced meditators. It also gives you guided and group meditations. #<Category:0x0055a2dde7a768> Show Edit Destroy
Proper Shaving Technique London GB Part of the reason that ingrown hairs develop is poor shaving technique. Follow these steps to shave properly and reduce irritation. Try to also limit the amount of times you shave to avoid further skin irritation! #<Category:0x0055a2dde83ed0> Show Edit Destroy
Six Small Meals Guildford GB Try this trick to aid your flatulence problems. My husband did this and noticed a marked improvement in his gas problems. Instead of eating the standard 3 meals a day, eat six smaller meals. Because you are eating less food at every mealtime your body will be able to digest your food more easily and should be less likely to produce gas. #<Category:0x0055a2dde850a0> Show Edit Destroy
Probiotics London GB Everyone knows the importance of maintaining ‘good bacteria’ in your stomach- we’ve all seen those Activia adverts on TV! These bacteria aid the process of digestion and therefore reduce the likelihood of gas building up. Try taking a probiotic supplement or a probiotic yoghurt (e.g. Bacillus coagulans), which has been shown to reduce gas. #<Category:0x0055a2dde8ffa0> Show Edit Destroy
Hydrogen Peroxide for Bad Breath GB Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Using hydrogen peroxide as an oral mouth rinse helps eliminate existing odor-causing bacteria. Either use it as a mouth wash (50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water) or for a more thorough approach combine hydrogen peroxide and warm water 50/50 and soak the tooth brush in it to kill bacteria on it. Then scrape tongue , brush teeth with toothpaste using the decontaminated brush then swish and gargle for 45 seconds with the 50/50 mixture. #<Category:0x0055a2dde92a70> Show Edit Destroy
Natural Remedies for Gout GB Gout is the build up of Uric acid which forms crystals that accumulate in the joints. Two top foods which help with gout are: Apple cider vinegar- a couple of tablespoons mixed in with water Cherries- 1 cup minimum of dark sweet cherries #<Category:0x0055a2dde94e60> Show Edit Destroy
Brush it Away London GB Use a very soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush the skin where the hickey is. Doing so improves blood circulation and so gets rid of the discolored and embarrassing bruising! #<Category:0x0055a2dde9fdd8> Show Edit Destroy
Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux GB Treatment for acid reflux requires the neutralization of the stomach acid that escapes the stomach. While it may seem counterintuitive to use an acidic compound to solve an acid problem this has been proven to work time and again. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar 2. Pickle Juice 3. Apples 4. Aloe Vera The most effect one is apple cider vinegar… put a table spoon in water and it should help! #<Category:0x0055a2ddea1368> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera Exeter GB Aloe Vera is amazing for all sorts of skin complaints. It is best to use gel directly from the plant but if you don’t have that luxury then try and find some Aloe Vera juice from any good health store. Apply all over the skin for a rejuvenated and even complexion. #<Category:0x0055a2ddeab098> Show Edit Destroy
Buttermilk London GB This is an old remedy I remember my grandma using growing up. She would always apply buttermilk in the morning and evening onto her skin and she swore it helped her look younger and avoid age spots. Apparently it acts as a mild exfoliator and smoothens out your skin. #<Category:0x0055a2ddeac6a0> Show Edit Destroy
Intense Pulsed Light New York US Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) is very effective for age spots. It destroys the cells that produce the pigments that cause age spots. You may require several sessions of this but you will soon see a marked improvement. #<Category:0x0055a2ddeb61f0> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar Guildford GB Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of nature’s miracle workers! It also works wonders on your age spots. I love the Bragg brand which you can buy from health stores and also online from Amazon. ACV contains alpha-hydroxy acids (an ingredient in many high-end skincare products) that help to remove dead skin cells and even out your complexion. #<Category:0x0055a2da68a790> Show Edit Destroy
Glycolic Acid New York US Choose a cream that contains glycolic acid. This ingredient is used in many anti-aging skincare products as it evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots dramatically. Keep applying it to your age spots morning and night- persistence is key! #<Category:0x0055a2ddec3ad0> Show Edit Destroy
Metta Meditation IN Heard about this from a meditation guru on a retreat I went on a while ago and it really helps whenever I can feel the anger welling up inside. This type of meditation needs you to find a quiet space to let go of all your negative feelings and replace them with kindness using a step by step process. You also get to feel better about yourself during the process, so its a win win! #<Category:0x0055a2ddec7090> Show Edit Destroy
Dry Brushing Guildford GB This is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs and to leave your skin baby smooth! Buy yourself a natural bristle brush with a long handle so you can reach all over your body. #<Category:0x0055a2ddecb2f8> Show Edit Destroy
Body Awareness Tips for Public Speaking: Posture London GB Posture is essential for having a powerful voice, being grounded, and connecting with others. #<Category:0x0055a2ddeceae8> Show Edit Destroy
Attack those pressure points! GB There are 6 pressure points you can activate to cure an onset of hiccups. Gently apply pressure to the following parts of your body: #<Category:0x0055a2dded1d60> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise GB Regular exercise not only helps to control weight but also controls blood sugar levels which allows better blood flow. Exercise also raises your heart rate which keeps you warm and releases endorphins which make you happy :) #<Category:0x0055a2dded60b8> Show Edit Destroy
Abdominal Bellow Breathing Technique IN Really effective way to reduce nerves before an exam, interview or any other nerve-racking event. #<Category:0x0055a2dded93f8> Show Edit Destroy
Healing Lavender GB Apply pure neat Lavender essential oil to insect bites to alleviate itching and soreness caused by insect bites. Lavender is a natural anti inflammatory and insecticide. Add a couple of drops to your ankles and wrists in the summer months to keep the mosquitos at bay. #<Category:0x0055a2ddedd250> Show Edit Destroy
Putting a ball in pyjamas GB In a dorm room snoring was not an option. So the matron if the problem got very bad did this... #<Category:0x0055a2ddee1ee0> Show Edit Destroy
Deep Breathing GB Do 5 mins of deep breathing My uncle who is a musician told me that everyone technically has learnt how to breath in the wrong way. When you breath in push your stomach out and fill up your whole lungs and breath through your nose. Breathing out your stomach should come in and you should breath out your mouth. #<Category:0x0055a2ddee5630> Show Edit Destroy
Saturday on Sunday GB Do Sunday on Saturday. In my experience I always take saturday as the day off and then have all the obligations to do on sunday. Try and do a few chores on the saturday when you are in a better mood and then sunday you will have less chores to do which will make you feel joy. Similarly makeover sunday night…. instead of being a “doing nothing” night get out and go to the cinema. Go do something! #<Category:0x0055a2ddee8858> Show Edit Destroy
Frozen Ginger Chips KE When I was teaching at a school in Kenya this is what I got told to do when feeling ill. Apparently this is good during pregnancy swell. #<Category:0x0055a2db218698> Show Edit Destroy
Start your mindful eating practice London GB Mindful eating is a great way to connect to your body numerous times throughout the day. Being aware of what you are putting in your mouth and being aware of the sensations as you feel hunger, smell, taste, chew, swallow and digest your food you will have a deeper awareness as to how foods affect you and learn to know what your body actually needs. Most of us simply eat at mealtime despite our hunger levels because we just think we “should “ eat. #<Category:0x0055a2db5b07b0> Show Edit Destroy
Drinking water for to lose weight London GB Not only is water imperative to keeping the entire body healthy and thriving but it is one of the best ways to boost the metabolic rate and improve body composition. #<Category:0x0055a2ddefbc00> Show Edit Destroy
Gargle Garlic KE Gargle twice daily with a solution of six pressed garlic cloves mixed into a glass of warm (not hot) water. Follow the regimen for 3 days.The garlic juice helps with the pain and the warm liquid soothes the throat! #<Category:0x0055a2ddeff210> Show Edit Destroy
Anything to do with heat! GB Tea…. tea solves everything. A warm cup of tea I have found solves and settles everything. A hot water bottle is the next thing. A combination of the two in my opinion is unbeatable #<Category:0x0055a2ddf02fc8> Show Edit Destroy
Accept, Reassess and Believe in Yourself! GB Life is full of ups and downs. But it takes a few lows to realise and appreciate those truly good things in life. So next time you've an unexpected knock, do not despair. Keep believing in yourself and remember, disappointments frequently make us better, stronger people in the long term. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf39258> Show Edit Destroy
Best advice GB Here are a few tips that people have told me from previous break ups: #<Category:0x0055a2ddf3d808> Show Edit Destroy
Exericses that can be done during a long commute London GB Long commutes can be a drag but there is a great exercise you can do for your core whilst seated on long journeys that will actually create excellent results. Its amazing how simple breath work can do a lot of toning and be quite muscle engaging if using your breath in a focused way. #<Category:0x0055a2da4d60c0> Show Edit Destroy
Home workout routines for busy people London GB It can be challenging to motivate after a long day but there are so many short and intense and results oriented workout videos or apps you can download to motivate. YouTube is also a great place to get a 'flash' workout. Its also worth looking at when you are most motivated to train to get the most from your workouts. #<Category:0x0055a2da4891f8> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid knee pain during runs London GB The best thing for knee pain during and post runs is to make sure to warm up the muscles properly before hitting the pavement, trails or treadmill. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf4d370> Show Edit Destroy
When is the best time to my biggest meal of the day?  London GB This can vary from person to person but overall lunch is the ideal time of day for your biggest meal. Eating heavier and richer foods in the middle of the day allows the body to digest and assimilate nutrients before bedtime for optimal sleep quality. Having a large meal at the end of the day can cause disturbances to sleep, which wreak havoc on all hormones impeding on wellness goals. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf50f98> Show Edit Destroy
Don't drink before sleep GB Drinking before sleep causes fluid retention which causes eye bags. This makes the thin, frail skin around our eyes become droopy as fluid builds up. To avoid this, some doctors suggest abstaining from drinking any fluids a few hours before sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf54c10> Show Edit Destroy
Post workout recover snack London GB Real food should always fuel our bodies over protein shakes, so I suggest a balanced meal or smoothie of healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins just post workout (within 30 minutes) for optimal muscle recovery. #<Category:0x0055a2da1ebdb0> Show Edit Destroy
NEUROSCIENCE FACTS TO SPEAK LIKE A ROCKSTAR! London GB Here are some neuroscience facts to understand the importance of body language in public speaking. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bcf0d0> Show Edit Destroy
Body Awareness Tips for Public Speaking: Eye Contact London GB Attention goes where your eyes go. If you place your attention on the audience, the audience will place theirs on you. If you look to the floor, or to your sides, or your eyes move erratically from one person to another, you are asking your audience to be distracted. With your eyes you are able to include and engage everyone in the room. Here's how: #<Category:0x0055a2dc269d58> Show Edit Destroy
Go with it don't fight it! LONDON GB In a plane it is fighting the feelings and thoughts and not accepting them that is the problem, not the plane possibly crashing. We CONSTRUCT our negative thinking needs to be seriously rationalised when in the air. Secondly, in turbulence, go with the bumps, and enjoy the ride by imagining its no more than driving your car down a bumpy country lane.. This is fact Breath, and do a relaxing scan that top to toe is relaxed. Do the to toes, or toes to top. Be serious about this. Crossing the road is seriously scary with gigantic amounts of iron and metal on wheels going and hurtling in all directions. Flying is infinitely safer. Lastly, in the 14 million to one chance of you dying in a plane crash, the chances won't experience a thing. So enjoy the flight, and celebrate the brilliance of safety in modern aeronautics. #<Category:0x0055a2dc260a00> Show Edit Destroy
Potatoes on Eyes GB Potatoes, like cucumbers, reduce puffiness in eyes and diminish under-eye bags. Sprinkle water on eyes and apply a slice of potato to each eye for 10-15 minutes. Then remove and dry the skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dc254728> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture London GB If you suffer from chronic tension-type headaches, try acupuncture. I had a 10-week course and it made such a difference to my chronic headaches. Find a local reputable acupuncturist and talk to them about your symptoms to see if treatment is right for you. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf70988> Show Edit Destroy
Hydration London GB The most common cause of tension headaches is dehydration so when you get a headache, drink a big glass of water. If dehydration is the cause of your headache then you should feel better after no more than an hour. #<Category:0x0055a2dc23fb70> Show Edit Destroy
Magnesium GB If you regularly get stomach or leg cramps, try increasing your magnesium intake. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of magnesium, as are whole grains, spinach and quinoa. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf7ff50> Show Edit Destroy
Big Picture Know Your Accounting Strengths and Weaknesses New York US Address overspending or no-budget spending behaviors by leveraging your strengths. Knowledge is power so learn about money and becoming financially calm and empowered. Additionally, realize that overspending is usually not about money. It is really a reaction to deeper emotions. Money often gets linked to a spectrum of confusing emotions. Appreciate that you may need to address these too. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf83a60> Show Edit Destroy
No food before bed! Ascot GB Nightmares are not just something you get when you are a child! They can seriously disrupt your sleep quality, as they tend to happen in the early hours of the morning, in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. If you suffer from them try to stay away from food in the hour or so before you go to bed; eating will speed up your metabolism and signal the brain to stay active. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf87930> Show Edit Destroy
Safety blanket Guildford GB My children suffered from terrible nightmares growing up. One method we used to cope with this was to give them each a ‘safety’ or ‘security’ blanket for them to take to bed with them at night. That way the children felt like they were doing something proactive to prevent their nightmares and this helped them to feel more at ease with going to bed (and consequentially less likely to have nightmares). #<Category:0x0055a2ddf8b008> Show Edit Destroy
Nightlight London GB A dim nightlight in the corner of my son’s room helped with his persistent nightmares. He felt calmer going to bed and I think that made a real difference to his quality of sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dd31e8d8> Show Edit Destroy
Listen and reassure Guildford GB When your child wakes up from a nightmare it is very important to listen to their fears and let them know that everything is okay. Don't trivialize or make fun of their dreams, just reassure them that they are safe as much as possible. If they are very restless, let them know that you will come in and check on them regularly and they should feel safer and less unsettled. #<Category:0x0055a2dddb62a0> Show Edit Destroy
Write it down New York US Sometimes if a nightmare is so bad that it wakes me up in the middle of the night, I will write the dream down on a notepad I keep by my bedside. This way, I can put it out of mind easier and when I fall back to sleep I am less likely to continue the nightmare. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf8d2e0> Show Edit Destroy
Pulse band Brooklyn US These little wristbands seem a bit gimmicky but they really do work! They are elasticated bands with a ball that you position on the ‘Nei Kuan’ acupressure point on your wrist, between the two tendons on your inner arm. As long as I put my band on before a big trip in the car I never feel nauseous! My tip would be don’t bother shelling out a premium price for these at the chemist, just go online (e.g. Amazon) and get them from there for a fraction of the price. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf95fd0> Show Edit Destroy
Pinching Upper Lip GB When you start to feel muscle cramps, take hold of your upper lip between your thumb and index finger. Maintain constant, firm pressure. The cramp should start to fade away within 20-30 seconds, but may sometimes take a little longer. I often pinch for a good 2 minutes to ensure the cramp is fully faded. It sounds a little quirky as a cure, but trust me – it works. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf9a210> Show Edit Destroy
Sit on something Brooklyn US A very odd tip but I promise that this works! In a car sometimes the vibrations of the car seat can make you feel even more nauseous. A family friend told me to put something between the seat and me; i.e. a blanket, coat, or a sweater and then sit down. I honestly think this has been the best carsickness tip anyone has ever given me! It really stops me from feeling nauseous and is easy to do. #<Category:0x0055a2ddf9e068> Show Edit Destroy
No reading! New York US A very obvious tip but even though we know that reading will make us feel worse, everyone still goes on their phone or tablet in the car! This is still reading- tell your kids to get off their phones and focus on a spot on the horizon, or put the radio on and get them to close their eyes instead. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfa1600> Show Edit Destroy
Floatation Tanks New York US Try using floatation tanks to help back pain - you basically just like in heavily salted water so that its like lying in the dead sea, you float, its very relaxing and seems to help with back pain. I had chronic lower back pain for 6 months, the day after I did an hour's floatation tank session I woke up finally without the pain I have always done the normal one which is lights off, no music. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfa4c88> Show Edit Destroy
Sleep hygiene London GB A weird phrase for what most of us know we should already be doing. Sleep deprivation can lead to nightmares so make sure that you get a good nights sleep by making your bedroom a calming place you associate with going to sleep. Try not to work or do other stressful activities in your bedroom don’t use your phone or other electronic devices too soon before trying to go to sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1a1b28> Show Edit Destroy
Bottle of water London GB My sister used to suffer terribly from carsickness- any journey over half an hour and we would have to stop the car without fail. One thing that we always had to make sure we had in the car was a big bottle of water- it would help her not feel as sick until we could find somewhere to pull over. #<Category:0x0055a2dc19d280> Show Edit Destroy
Calcuim Supplements GB A high proportion of cramps are caused my calcium deficiency. Try to increase your natural calcium intake by eating products such as dark leafy greens, cheese, low fat milk and yoghurt, almonds, tofu, green beans, broccoli and fish. If you already take calcium supplements every day but you still have cramps, you may need to switch supplements. There are hundreds of calcium supplements out there, but the best ones contain other elements along with calcium. Try to look for supplements that combine calcium with the digestive acid betaine hydrochloride, magnesium, and vitamin D. These will allow your body to increase the amount of calcium it is able to absorb into your system. #<Category:0x0055a2dc198f50> Show Edit Destroy
Take an antihistamine London GB A friend taught me this trick a couple of years back- take an antihistamine tablet a couple of hours before the trip and you won’t feel nauseous at all! Apparently antihistamines are used to control sickness as well and they don't really have any side effects (bar drowsiness) compared to other motion sickness medication. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfbbca8> Show Edit Destroy
Call shotgun London GB Make sure that if you get carsick easily you sit in the front seat of the car. I always feel much more nauseous if I am stuck in the back of the car; being in the front allows you to focus on the horizon and also to have control over the airflow. Don’t feel guilty about asking for this seat; I’m sure your fellow passengers would much prefer this than having to deal with unwanted accidents! #<Category:0x0055a2ddfbfb28> Show Edit Destroy
Ginger Ale Guildford GB Ginger is a brilliant and natural treatment for nausea. Try eating any food with ginger (must be in its natural form- not just artificial ginger flavoring)- for example ginger cookies. Ginger ale I found worked best for my children as it is easier to sip on during a voyage and their stomachs could tolerate it more easily. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfc3c00> Show Edit Destroy
Green Apples New York US My husband swears by green apples on a cruise! Apparently they get rid of his feelings of nausea very quickly. Green apples contain pectin which will neutralise any excess acid in your stomach and stop you from feeling nauseous. Most large cruise ships should have supplies of fresh green apples so make sure to order some for breakfast! #<Category:0x0055a2ddfc6c70> Show Edit Destroy
Magnesium Spray GB Magnesium spray is an effective means of aiding muscle and joint recovery post exercise. Helps to prevent stiffness and discomfort. Magnesium spray can be applied to any area of the body. Apply 5-10 sprays each morning and evening and gently massage into skin for optimum absorption. Upon initial usage, you may feel a slight tingling sensation after spraying onto skin. This is a sign of Magnesium deficiency and will reduce as your magnesium levels increase. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfcb130> Show Edit Destroy
Castor Oil GB Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which works as an anti-inflammatory. It can help reduce breast pain and increase circulation. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfcf7f8> Show Edit Destroy
Getting what you want New York, New York US She walked into my office at 70 years old. She had done it all – she had children, an elderly mother, and a 28-year marriage that ended in divorce. She had been to yoga, meditation, and week-long retreats encouraging her to dive into her soul. She even had a career in business and real estate. She wanted to start a new business. She heard from a friend that I was the magical person who could help her get her business going and growing. I believed in her business idea, so I agreed to work with her. Was she rich? No. She had a small savings of $100 dollar bills that she kept in an envelope hidden in her bathroom. She was paying for my services out of her secret bathroom stash. For several weeks, we talked about her business idea. We came up with the nuts and bolts of how she wants to spend her time and how much money she wants to make. We also prepared for a soft launch where she would be giving a talk at a local business bureau. She went after that business – she collected 20 potential clients after ONE twenty-minute talk! She took herself on vacation. She was doing things she had not done in years. And she looked at me and said, “I am still waiting for my breakthrough.” She felt miserable, alone and unfulfilled. She leaned in close and told me that all this success wasn’t really making her happy. She wanted someone to share it with. What did she really want? A PARTNER. HOW DO YOU START AGAIN WHEN YOU’RE “SUPPOSED” TO BE SLOWING DOWN? Her divorce and relationships had left her in relationship paralysis. She was afraid. Afraid to start again. Afraid to be vulnerable. Afraid that her old patterns would show up again. Afraid that she would feel like a tramp if she walked into a bar. HOW DO YOU MOVE FORWARD WHEN YOU FEEL EMBARRASSED AND “TOO OLD”? During a weekly session, I wondered about this question and asked her a few things. I said, “Tell me what you’re liking about our work together.” She paused and put thought into her answer and said, “I like that you are competent and I feel safe with you. But you’re hard on me sometimes, and even though that’s what I came here for, it’s not always ‘fun’!” I laughed at her answer and exclaimed, “Ha! You’re right. Sometimes it may feel like I am being hard on you. I’m curious, do you feel my being hard on you comes from a place of love?” She immediately responded, “Actually, yes. I do feel that.” I had predicted that she would have felt challenged and supported by me at the same time, since most of my clients feel that way. I replied, “Good. I’m glad, because here’s the truth: You’ve said to me that you’re here for a breakthrough. And there’s no way that you can have a breakthrough if you don’t face some tough stuff. We can sit here all day and meditate, make vision boards, and go deep into your soul. But the truth is, if you want results you have to take action and do things.” She could hardly look me in the eye, and said, “Yes. But it’s very scary”. I was inspired by her honesty and I could not have agreed with her more. I said “ YES – INCREDIBLY SCARY! But if it’s scary then I think it means you’re up to something big.” Her eyes widened and she said, “You’re right. I never even thought of it that way”. We immediately got down to work and decided exactly how she would put herself first, and how she would take action toward her goal of meeting a fulfilling partner. So, here’s my question for YOU, my reader: How do you put yourself first? How do you get to where you truly want to go? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? And – probably most importantly – will you be alone forever? The answer is: Only if you want to. My philosophy: I believe that no matter how old you are, you can have the business and the life that you love. My expertise: I help people unlock their true desires. My specialty: I help people live lives that they love! What are you waiting for? #<Category:0x0055a2dd80bbe8> Show Edit Destroy
Dry Shampoo London GB If you get greasy hair or are in the stage of trying to increase the amount of time between hair washes then you better become acquainted with dry shampoo pretty quickly! It is a godsend. I like the unscented original version of Batiste dry shampoo. #<Category:0x0055a2dc1526e0> Show Edit Destroy
8 tips to stop emotional eating London GB Emotional eating can lead to us feeding our feelings, not our hunger. Here I reveal my top tips to help stop emotional eating its tracks and get in touch with real hunger and fullness. Good eating is not defined by what or how you eat but by how you think and feel about yourself. Whether it’s overeating, starving or a combination of both, emotional eaters use food for reasons other than hunger, often to cope with stress, stifle anger, relax or even celebrate. And they’re common. If this is you, here are a few tips to help. 1. Get off the ‘diet’ Diets detach you from yourself. Eating normally means you learn to listen to your body which is the only thing you need to listen to. No diet sheet, pill or potion will help you re-connect with you to start the journey of connection and understanding to your hunger and fullness. 2. Change your ‘wagon’ thinking Going on the wagon, being really ‘good’ ultimately and inevitably means you are going to come off the ‘wagon’ and be really ‘bad’ but ‘badder, faster and harder’ than the last time. Coming off the wagon once and for all means its all acceptable and allowable. It sounds a scary but it’s the only way to total freedom. No. More. Wagon. 3. Allowance is the key. Telling yourself you are not ‘allowed’ a certain food will only make you want it more. You know this. Allowing, like really, really allowing any food means you take the power away from the food and back to yourself. Yes, you may well eat croissants for four mornings in a row for the whole week but, and this is a definite, by week two, croissants just don’t look that sexy any more and actually that green juice just looks so much more appealing. Yes, this happens. 4. Remove your judgements Judging yourself is mean. When you judge yourself for your behaviour you are missing your lessons. Taking away the judgement means you LEARN so much more. Exploring why you did what you did and asking yourself kind questions speeds up the process of understanding yourself and therefore changing behaviour. Be kind. 5. Talk to Yourself I know this sounds weird but I use this with my clients a lot. The next time you are standing at the fridge with the door open using a teaspoon to get to that last bit of Nutella at the bottom of the jar ask yourself this question ‘If I didn’t care about this Nutella right now, what else would be going on for me?’ The answers will amaze you. I hate my job, my boyfriend doesn’t understand me etc etc. Once you have some real answers you can start to look at the real stuff going on. It’s never about the Nutella. 6. Remember it’s a journey. You might not ‘get it’ straight away but the point is, you are trying and trying this is better than repeating a destructive behaviour of diet/binge! 7. No one has ‘perfect’ food. In other words, no one is eating perfectly all the time. Perfect does not exist. Some days we eat fruit and vegetables and other days we eat burgers and fries, its normal! To become a normal eater you must remember that perfect doesn’t exist (no matter what you see on social media!) 8. Love yourself. Seriously, the best way to learn how to eat is to come from a place of love first. You can never get to ‘normal eating’ by hating yourself. You have to love you first. And why not, because you are after all, amazing #<Category:0x0055a2ddfdb418> Show Edit Destroy
Use smaller plates Suffolk GB Plate size has grown by 30% in recent years, which means so has our portion size. However, only filling half a plate makes your brain think its being starved. Therefore, by swopping to a small plate it not only becomes easier to manage your portion size but you're still looking at a full plate and you don't feel cheated. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfdf1d0> Show Edit Destroy
Mindfulness London GB If certain emotional triggers such as angry or lonely prompt you to shop, mindfulness might be able to help. Mindfulness well help address your needs without turning to excessive shopping. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfe2a88> Show Edit Destroy
Drink warm water London GB Brain freeze is brought on by a rapid increase in blood flow through a major blood vessel into the brain. Researchers believe that the rush of cold blood causes the blood vessels to dilate and produces an intense pain as their blood vessels first open and close. The best way to reduce brain freeze is to stop eating the cold food and drink warm water. Warm water will help increase the temperature in your mouth. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfe5648> Show Edit Destroy
Paying rent (and swinging a Kettle Bell!) New York, New York US Paying rent? What does paying my monthly rent have to do with swinging kettle bells? As I listened closely, I couldn’t get over the connection… A few weeks ago, I was in an exercise class and the teacher began the class with an intention. He began to talk about “paying rent”. Every month, there is a letter in my mailbox at the front door of my apartment building. My doorman makes the same joke every month and says, “There’s a love letter here for you!” I always laugh and groan a little because I know it’s time to hand over a solid chunk of change in order to pay rent for my Upper West Side apartment. Without fail, I send my monthly payment and I am never late. I feel proud that I always pay my rent on time and I feel ownership over my home. My teacher’s question was, “ARE YOU PAYING RENT?” He didn’t just mean in your home. He meant, are you paying rent in other areas of your life? This question stung me like a bunch of bees. I live in my body every day. I am 50% of many relationships every day. I’m building a business every day. I see clients every day. AM I PAYING RENT IN ALL OF THOSE AREAS? To me, paying rent means putting in energy. Money is energy too. Putting energy into my home means paying my rent. I began to wonder, am I paying my full rent in all of these other areas of my life? The answer was an astounding NO. What it feels like when we live RENT FREE: RELATIONSHIPS: · You have relationships that have become easy. You stopped putting in effort because you know your counterpart will always be there for you. · Most likely, you’re not excited to see friends and family. You also aren’t going out to find fulfilling friendships and relationships. You don’t have the time, you don’t have the desire, and you don’t wanna! · Maybe you’re a freeloader? Maybe you’re a “taker”? You learn this about yourself and you don’t feel good about it. BODY: · You don’t care much about what you put into your body (Wine and Doritos, anybody? Pass the cigs?) · You haven’t moved your body in a long time. · Maybe you are just getting by on a mere 5 hours of sleep because of work, responsibilities, and let’s face it, hours on Facebook before bed. CAREER: · Maybe you are showing up late to work? · You have you lost the connection to your WHY. · You don’t make the effort to create goals and follow through. · You’ve given up on the bigger vision for yourself and your career. CONNECTION TO SELF: · When was the last time you really thought about what you truly desired in life? · Every time we connect to ourselves and act out of personal integrity, we are paying the rent. What it feels like when we are OVERPAYING RENT: · Do you feel like you’re overextending yourself in relationships? · Do you worry to the point of anxiety about what goes into your body? · Are you pushing yourself to the point of unhealthy exhaustion to make sure you make your way up the corporate ladder? · Are you so self-involved you can’t even see others around you? If any of these sound familiar, you are being overcharged and you’re overpaying. #<Category:0x0055a2ddfe8708> Show Edit Destroy
Relieve Tension/ Stress: Water Light Floatation Washington, DC US The water is really dense, full of salt, you lie in the water, floating on the surface. You book session for approx an hour, Water is the same temparature as your skin and body, so yu dont even feel the water. You can do it with the lights on, lights off, music. Very relaxing whilst you are doing it adn then afterwards you feel less tension. #<Category:0x0055a2dc11f2b8> Show Edit Destroy
Schedule Snacking London GB If you find yourself constantly wanting to reach out and have that chocolate bar when you are not hungry, try to schedule a small health snack into your day. So that you know at say any given time for example 4:30pm is your snack time. Buy a healthy snack ahead of time so you dont get the urge to buy the 20 sweets or giant chocolate when you letting yourself snack #<Category:0x0055a2dc11a538> Show Edit Destroy
Home Food Modena IT Whenever you feel homesick cook or eat food that reminds you of home. Whilst living in NY I found that when I was homesick I would go to traditional Italian stores or restaurants. #<Category:0x0055a2ddffbd08> Show Edit Destroy
Open up your psoas muscle to begin emotional healing London GB Many people are not aware of what the psoas muscle is (pronounced ‘so-az’) – let alone how important it is! In terms of its physical location, the psoas is the only muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body so the functional ramifications are vast. The psoas has crucial fascia connections to support the surrounding organs – so through muscular contraction of the psoas muscle these organs can be stimulated and massaged - which directly affects our digestive system and elimination/detoxification and even reproduction processes of the body. There are clearly many physical reasons to strengthen and stabilize the psoas but here I’m just going to briefly explain why there are other ‘emotional’ reasons why it’s helpful to free and release this muscle. I’m sure most people using this website are already of the belief that everything is connected – particularly when it comes to our minds and bodies. The gut/brain connection is rapidly becoming a hot topic and there is now evidence to suggest that a badly functioning gut can even be related to depression. When we experience extreme stress, the pent up energy can be held in our bodies as memory and can then appear as actual physical symptoms such as depression, PTSD, addictions, anxiety, OCD, sleep disorders and many many more. According to Psoas expert Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones: “The deep location and connection of the psoas affects the central and peripheral nervous systems. Having a fundamental role in behavioral patterns, the memory of traumatic stress can be held in the psoas major as an organ of perception. Its involvement can cause tightness, unresponsiveness, and pain. Its release can begin a HEALING PROCESS. Impulses from the central nervous system can be called emotional responses or ‘feelings’. These can create muscle tension which affects the psoas because of its central location in the body. Therefore when the psoas is released, emotions such as fear and anxiety and other disturbances can surface – once they surface they can be ‘let go’.” WHERE IS IT? The psoas major is a huge muscle that connects the spine to the legs and can be found deep within the anterior hip joint and lower spine. Sources: ‘The Vital Psoas Muscle – Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being’ by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones Dr Gary Mascilak #<Category:0x0055a2ddffe6e8> Show Edit Destroy
Melatonin GB This is a hormone that is synthesised by the pineal gland in humans, it plays a critical role in the regulation of the sleeping and waking cycle and other circadian rhythms. Melatonin has been studied as a possible treatment of circadian rhythm disorders. I have found it to be very helpful at reducing sleep disturbances caused by jet lag or night shifts. Melatonin works by triggering chemical receptors in the brain to encourage sleep. Melatonin is available by prescription only and is given as a short-term treatment of insomnia in people age 55 and over. The medication should not be used for longer than 13 weeks. #<Category:0x0055a2de001fa0> Show Edit Destroy
It is all about the Sesame Seed Oil! Manchester GB Sesame seed oil is high in antibacterial, antifungal and natural insecticide properties. It is great at tackling the bane that is head lice! Follow these easy steps to lice free hair! #<Category:0x0055a2de0057e0> Show Edit Destroy
Amino Acids London GB Amino acids help make up our neurotransmitters, which are the feel good-chemicals in our brain. Many of our brains have become depleted of these chemicals due to a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore we reach for a drug to pick us up – caffeine – usually in the form of coffee. You can take amino acids in the form of DPLA (D, L Phenylalanine). #<Category:0x0055a2de00a4c0> Show Edit Destroy
Valerian Root London GB Valerian root is great at calming you down, just making you feel that bit more relaxed which can really take the edge off just before a public speech. #<Category:0x0055a2de00e138> Show Edit Destroy
Mayonnaise GB Mayonnaise is largely made up of oil which helps suffocate head lice. #<Category:0x0055a2de0114a0> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Tree Oil 1 vs. Hair Lice 0 GB Tea tree oil is a natural insecticide. It is one of the most effective, if not the most effective, treatment for head lice. #<Category:0x0055a2de014f60> Show Edit Destroy
Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly GB Petroleum jelly can have a stifling effect on roaming lice. #<Category:0x0055a2de019ba0> Show Edit Destroy
Salt Solution GB Salt helps gets rid of nits through desiccation. #<Category:0x0055a2de01dc50> Show Edit Destroy
Baby oil/ Olive oil GB Baby oil and olive oil have a repugnant smell which helps suffocate hair lice. #<Category:0x0055a2de021198> Show Edit Destroy
Neem Oil GB Neem oil is the most effective means I’ve found to treat nits and head lice. It is extracted from fruits and seeds of the neem tree, which is native to the Indian subcontinent. Neem oil contains an insecticidal ingredient called azadirachtin which prevents the growth and reproduction of lice. The oil can also be used as a preventative treatment as the lice loathe its overpowering odour which stops new lice from crawling into your hair. Neem oil also moisturises the scalp and leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny! #<Category:0x0055a2de0247d0> Show Edit Destroy
White Vinegar Home Remedy for Lice! GB White vinegar is a foolproof and economical means for eliminating nits. It contains acetic acid which destroys the lice. #<Category:0x0055a2de0282e0> Show Edit Destroy
Garlic to ward of the lice.... Oxford GB Garlic has a strong fragrance which can suffocate and kill lice - only problem is, it the smell might be too bad for you and your kids who you are treating! #<Category:0x0055a2dbddc650> Show Edit Destroy
Get the right socks GB Athletes foot thrives in moist, warm, dark environments. Therefore any sort of dampness in socks and shoes will make you more susceptible. Many socks made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton are effective at absorbing perspiration and keeping the feet dry. Acrylic socks arguably do the same even more effectively by wicking moisture away from the feet. To find out which works best for you, try both and see which keeps your feet drier and more omfortable. Socks made of natural fibers such as cotton and wool help to absorb perspiration and keep the feet dry. However, some research suggests acrylic socks may do an even better job of keeping feet dry by wicking moisture away from the feet. So what kind do you choose? Try a pair of both, and see which one keeps your feet drier and more comfortable. If your feet naturally sweat a lot or if you're participating in activities such as sports that make your feet sweat more than usual, change your socks two or three times a day. #<Category:0x0055a2de0378f8> Show Edit Destroy
Baby-Rash cream..... Winchester GB This is perfect for skin quality as opposed to purely treating acne. Its for nappy rash (diaper rash) and has Zinc Oxide as the primary ingredient. I use Sudoecrem #<Category:0x0055a2de03ada0> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise US Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder causing aches, pains or sensations in the legs when a person is sitting or lying down. With restless leg syndrome, your legs feel like exercising even though the rest of your body and mind are ready for sleep. Perhaps the most effective preventative remedy for RLS is exercise. Medical research has shown that exercising daily for 30-60 minutes reduces RLS symptoms and promotes better sleep. The exercise doesn't have to be intense - walking and yoga are particularly beneficial to RLS sufferers. #<Category:0x0055a2dbdb69a0> Show Edit Destroy
Supplements GB Some research has suggested a connection between Restless Leg Syndrome and Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of Iron or Vitamins C and E may also increase the symptoms of RLS. To limit the symptoms, try taking Vitamin supplements to make up for any deficiencies you may have. #<Category:0x0055a2dbdac7c0> Show Edit Destroy
Reduce Stress GB Stress is frequently a cause of aggravated RLS, so be tackling the stress in your life you can minimise the symptoms of RLS. Relaxation techniques - breathing, meditation and yoga can help to reduce stress levels Hot bath - relaxes your muscles and can help reduce muscle pain. Massaging the leg muscles also helps alleviate discomfort #<Category:0x0055a2de04b2e0> Show Edit Destroy
Early Morning Exercise GB Make the most of the calm before the storm. Get up 30 mins before your partner/ kids and get in a 20-30 minute exercise routine. To minimise distraction, make this a digital-free session (you don't want to be sidetracked by work emails or the draw of social media). Yes, you will be loosing 30 minutes of precious sleep. Yet the energy boost you get from exercising first thing will more than make up for this lost sleepy time. You'll also be able to get ready more quickly after a workout as your body will be energised. If you are really tight on time, prepare breakfast the night before and know what you're going to wear that day. Then go right ahead and enjoy your workout! An early morning exercise DVD or a gentle jog around the local park will set you up for a productive day! #<Category:0x0055a2de04e4b8> Show Edit Destroy
Workout whilst watching TV US You might be a busy person, but chances are you do indulge in your favourite TV show or watch the News every now and then. Why not incorporate exercise time into TV catch-up time? Put on the TV or watch something on your laptop, and indulge whilst doing some physical activity at the same time... plank, sit-ups, leg raises, or even just a bit of yoga, pilates or stretching. Ideal way to get fit and enjoy your favourite programmes guilt-free! #<Category:0x0055a2de052518> Show Edit Destroy
Betadine seems to work every time for athletes foot New York US Athlete's foot is the most common fungal infection of the skin. It is more common amongst men than women as men are more prone to wear heavy, often airtight shoes in whose hot, moist and dark environment the fungus thrive. Skin that is irritated, weakened, or continuously moist is liable to athlete's foot infection. Some medications, including antibiotics, corticosteroids, birth control pills, and drugs that suppress immune function, can make you more susceptible. I have tried a couple of different things and this is the one that always seems to work. #<Category:0x0055a2de056500> Show Edit Destroy
Stop Smoking London GB Smoking makes you age prematurely, when you age prematurely you are likely to encourage grey hair! #<Category:0x0055a2de05a3f8> Show Edit Destroy
Moderate exercise London GB Moderate, low impact exercises such as walking or yoga can can help aid digestion. Exercise also helps keep your weight in check, which can help reduce the severity of heartburn. #<Category:0x0055a2de05d0f8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Raw Foods London GB Eat more crunchy fruit and vegetables such as carrots, celery and apples. Raw fruit and vegetables can help scrape out the plaque buildups that are responsible for causing mild forms of bad breath. They will also add an extra dose of immune boosting nutrients to your diet. These foods also help trigger an increased production of saliva which help fight bacteria in the mouth. #<Category:0x0055a2de060fc8> Show Edit Destroy
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm GB Burt's Bees is a natural product company. Their natural beeswax lip balm is full of coconut and sunflower oils and is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. These help nourish, condition and soften your lips. This product is available in an old-fashioned yellow tin or in a recycled plastic tube. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd4caa0> Show Edit Destroy
No need to take drugs GB Take a look at Nevasic.... #<Category:0x0055a2de06ff00> Show Edit Destroy
Calcium Tablets Hong Kong HK Take Calcium Tablets, start taking them a few days before you know your period is coming. Take as the bottle directs you. Stop taking it when your period ends After the approximate age of 30-35 women stop producing as much calcium so this really does help #<Category:0x0055a2de0728b8> Show Edit Destroy
Dr Organic Lip Balm US Dr Organic lip balms hydrate, protect and soothe lips. They contain organic coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax which provide instant relief from dryness and protect against UV rays (SPF15). This product is ideal for everyday usage, and is available in a wide range of flavours. #<Category:0x0055a2de075540> Show Edit Destroy
Wall Head Slides London GB It’s a small movement but it helps to lengthen the neck muscles. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd14d80> Show Edit Destroy
Eat more fish/ Fish Oil Supplements GB Fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids which, over the long term, help improve brain function. It may take a while for the effects of the omega-3 acids to kick in, so incorporate fish into your diet on a regular basis and take cod liver oil or other omega-3-rich nutrients on a daily basis. #<Category:0x0055a2dbd0c630> Show Edit Destroy
Green Smoothies US Green smoothies are a popular, effective means of detoxifying your body. They help rid the body of harmful toxins and provide a large number of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. By incorporating green vegetables, green smoothies contain chlorophyll which helps detoxification and the elimination of heavy metals commonly found in pesticides. Green smoothies are also a great source of energy and kick start your metabolism for the day! #<Category:0x0055a2de084f18> Show Edit Destroy
Ginseng GB Ginseng is perhaps the most famous Chinese herb and its meaning derives from a Greek word meaning "all healing." Amongst its many powers is its ability to boost concentration and memory function. It can: #<Category:0x0055a2de089428> Show Edit Destroy
Fennel GB Fennel helps rebalance female hormones and prevent water retention, and prevents the buildup of toxins in the body. This helps reduce premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstruation breast pains. #<Category:0x0055a2de08cce0> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar GB Apple cider vinegar helps remove toxins from the body, reduce water retention and regulate hormones. This helps reduce breast pain and tenderness. #<Category:0x0055a2dd9285d0> Show Edit Destroy
Dandelion US Dandelion is a natural diuretic and contains potassium which helps flush extra fluids out of the body and prevents water retention. This can help reduce breast tenderness. #<Category:0x0055a2de090de0> Show Edit Destroy
Lemons = Detoxifying Delight! GB Lemons and lemon juice are powerful alkalis and detoxifiers. They stimulate the production of bile in the liver and boost mineral intake. Lemons are high in antioxidants and vitamin C which will help strengthen your immune system. The key aspect is that warm lemon water in the morning helps kickstart the digestion process for the day. #<Category:0x0055a2de0944e0> Show Edit Destroy
Coffee GB It's common knowledge that coffee helps wake us up in the morning and stay alert in the day. Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants that together help improve alertness, concentration and better information retention. Rather than drinking coffee as a habit, try to drink it only when you feel like you need it. #<Category:0x0055a2de0980b8> Show Edit Destroy
Ginkgo Biloba US Ginkgo bilboa is one of the oldest living tree specimens, and has been attributed to curing many illnesses and diseases, from cancer to dementia. However it is best known for its brain-boosting abilities, in particular its ability to improve memory and cognitive function. Although ginkgo bilboa is found in many nutrition bars and sports drinks, these doses are too low to be effective. #<Category:0x0055a2de0a3558> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Healthy Carbs to help PMS moods Tornoto CA Eating healthy carbs increases serotonin production, an important part of the good mood equation. #<Category:0x0055a2de0a60a0> Show Edit Destroy
Wasabi! London GB If you have congestion in your sinuses, eat a little bit of wasabi (not too much!) and that should clear it up. #<Category:0x0055a2de0a9b60> Show Edit Destroy
Almonds GB Almonds contain salicin which is a natural pain reliever. Rather than taking a painkiller next time you have a headache, reach for a handful of almonds instead. #<Category:0x0055a2de0ad2d8> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Tree Oil Busts the BO! GB Tea tree oil is an antibacterial and antiseptic which means it helps kill bacteria on the skin and combat body odour. It is also an astringent so helps control sweating. #<Category:0x0055a2de0b0fa0> Show Edit Destroy
Regular Short Breaks (50:10 Ratio) GB Taking short, regular breaks will keep up your concentration levels and increase your ability to work. Studies have shown that we are effective and productive for around 50 minutes before needing a short break. #<Category:0x0055a2de0b4308> Show Edit Destroy
Be more efficient with a computer to cut down the hours on the mobile... London GB Mobiles / cell phones are so convenient it's easy just to sit for hours tapping away as it's (just there". But it takes up valuable hours of your life and isn't great for your eyes to be staring at a tiny screen. #<Category:0x0055a2dba2f3b8> Show Edit Destroy
Feel happier and optimistic GB Those who experience gratitude at regular intervals throughout their day are more optimistic and feel happier. As you continue practicing this tip, you will strengthen neuro-pathways in the brain that look for what’s good in your life, making it easier over time for your brain to find things to appreciate. You can be grateful for big things, like a promotion, or the everyday simple things like warm weather or a lovely meal. #<Category:0x0055a2d956f500> Show Edit Destroy
Meditation to help you focus on your weight New York City US In addition to interventions you're probably already familiar with, like changes to your diet and exercise regimen, meditation is a powerful ally in your weight loss process. Meditation switches your body's operating instructions from the usual sympathetic "fight or flight" mode, into the parasympathetic "rest and digest" mode. When we are in "fight or flight" mode, which is most of the time in our modern lives, we are constantly producing too much of the hormones that tell our bodies to eat more (to replace the calories we lost in the fight or flight), resulting in a hormonal cascade that has even been linked all the way with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and obesity. Meditation turns off the stress program and eases you into the "rest and digest" mode, which will balance out all of those hormones, turn off the hunger signals, and allow you to fully digest your meals. #<Category:0x0055a2de0c0130> Show Edit Destroy
Massage yourself GB Massaging your breasts on a regular basis will help reduce inflammation and improve circulation. This helps maintain healthy breast tissue, and better circulation also allows more nutrients to reach the breasts to prevent pain and tenderness. #<Category:0x0055a2db6bebc0> Show Edit Destroy
Ice Pack for Breast Relief :) US An ice back can help reduce breast tenderness as the cold ice will numb the tender area and reduce swelling and pain. #<Category:0x0055a2daeebbf0> Show Edit Destroy
Move! GB You might not feel like being active when suffering from a headache, but going outside and getting some fresh air if possible, or at least walking around a bit, can help to loosen up taught muscles that cause headaches. Moving around will also distract you from the pain caused by the headache. #<Category:0x0055a2db4ef740> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar Compress GB Making an apple cider vinegar compress will help relieve a tension headache. #<Category:0x0055a2db3d3640> Show Edit Destroy
Rosemary 2 in 1: Combats Odour and Gives Fresh Fragrance! GB Rosemary contains menthol and chlorophyll which have natural deodorant properties that counteract strong body odour and inhibit the growth of odour-producing bacteria. It also contains zinc, a deficiency of which increases body odour. Rosemary gives you a nice, fresh fragrance! #<Category:0x0055a2db3c63f0> Show Edit Destroy
Its all about the Apple Cider Vinegar US Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, including as a potent bacteria-fighting agent. It can help do away with body odour by balancing the pH level of the skin. #<Category:0x0055a2dab74f08> Show Edit Destroy
Baking Soda does the job US Baking soda absorbs moisture from the skin, so it can help absorb sweat and reduce body odour. It also kills bacteria and works as a natural deodorant. #<Category:0x0055a2dab65198> Show Edit Destroy
Fertility Support/ Get Pregnant GB The power of visualisation is particularly helpful when trying to get pregnant, either through natural or assisted conception. In fact, the more you can relax and visualise what you want your body to do, the better the chances of conception. Practice these visualisations daily as a way to guide the mind and body to work together to become pregnant. The more you can visualise exactly what you want from your mind and body, the easier it is for it to do as you wish. #<Category:0x0055a2dab34ac0> Show Edit Destroy
Preventative - Bio Oil Liverpool GB Bio Oil can be bought in most UK pharmacies. Apply day and night to stomach and anywhere else that feels like it is getting a stretch! #<Category:0x0055a2dab15058> Show Edit Destroy
Time for a new bra Taos, NM US I experience breast tenderness when my jog bras are no longer strong enough to give my breasts proper support. My bras may look absolutely fine, but if my breast start hurting they aren't doing their job anymore. Time to get a new jog bra! #<Category:0x0055a2da9a9160> Show Edit Destroy
Beetroot Juice Powers! GB An easy trick for improving exercise performance! Research has shown that beetroot juice can help reduce the oxygen cost of exercise and improve our energy production efficiency! Beetroot is rich in nitrates which convert to nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide stimulates a relaxing of our blood vessels which increases the amount of oxygen we can transport around our body. Therefore during exercise our muscles can operate at the same level without an increase in oxygen demand! As such, exercise can seem easier or we can exercise for longer, theoretically! Do not worry if beetroots are not your favourite, it has been suggested that an equivalent effect can be had with a diet high in root and leafy green vegetables. As of yet, an optimal dose-response relationship has not been identified but, brands have released small shot-sized bottles for pre-exercise ingestion. If it works for professional athletes, perhaps it is worth a try! #<Category:0x0055a2de0f1618> Show Edit Destroy
Easy floor movement to release lower back pain London GB Lower back pain is such a common by-product of everyday, modern living (caused by compression and weight into the back from sitting for extended periods of time). We get used to just putting up with the constant ache or else paying for expensive treatments with massage therapists, physios, chiropractors etc. While these solutions are extremely valuable and worthwhile, sometimes you can experience enormous relief from just trying this very simple Pilates/Yoga style movement for just a minute or two a couple of times a day, or at least once a day after a nice hot shower in the evening when your body will be more receptive to being mobilised. #<Category:0x0055a2de0f59c0> Show Edit Destroy
Body Emotion Mapping GB A new fun way of checking yourself out in the mirror! Beyond the anatomical reasons for our posture lies a complementary method of analysis. Body Emotion Mapping involves relating different parts of the body to various parts of our lives. This can provide potentially hidden information about why we may be slouching or feeling pain in a joint. So how does it work? The left side of your body is the Yin side which indicates issues with female motherly energy, emotions, and internal issues we are dealing with. The right side is Yang with male fatherly energy, work-related issues and external issues, how we want the world to see us. Try this: #<Category:0x0055a2da93dcf8> Show Edit Destroy
How to Allieviate Hand Warts CA Experiencing warts on your hands and/ or fingers? Use tea tree oil on a cotton ball, and that's it! Like this: #<Category:0x0055a2da928ad8> Show Edit Destroy
Honey for Dry Skin on the Face CA Place 1 tbsp. of raw honey in a bowl. With clean hands apply this honey to a clean face. Allow it to sit for ten minutes then wipe off with a clean wash cloth and your skin will be left feeling smooth. #<Category:0x0055a2da8e8460> Show Edit Destroy
Nevasic is a product proven to work through National Health Service research. GB Take a look at Nevasic. Research by the UK National Health Service with pregnant mothers showed an over 90% success rate in dealing with the symptoms of NVP. Why is this important? The information gathered from research is not based on anecdotal hearsay. The product has no drugs, chemicals, side effect or contra-indications. Nothing is ingested Nothing is left with the body after cessation of use No overdose risk Use anywhere Use at any time #<Category:0x0055a2de10adc0> Show Edit Destroy
Five Element Meditation for Emotional Issues CN The five elements for this meditation are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. As different elements can relate to various emotional attributes, this meditation can help release varying stressors depending on your mood and needs. Earth: Strong, reliable, stubborn, reluctant, frustration and empathy. Fire: Passionate, creative, destructive, unpredictable, happiness and grief. Water: Restorative, overwhelming, cleansing, relaxed and wary. Air: Considered, naïve, flowing, self-belief and apprehension. Space: Emptiness, Being. The meditation is outlined below but effectively each element has a symbol and colour which you visualise. For the first time it is recommended to visualise all five, after that you can pick and choose which ones to visualise as you wish. This is a seated meditation with hands on your lap in a comfortable open position. You may breathe through your nose and mouth, whichever is natural. The order is Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Space and back to Earth to ground yourself. Earth is a clay-red circle. Fire is a bright red triangle pointing up. Water is a blue triangle pointing down. Air is a white figure of 8. Space is a black horizontal figure of 8 (the infinity symbol) Visualise all of the symbols enveloping your body like this: #<Category:0x0055a2de10d9a8> Show Edit Destroy
Elimination Diet London GB Often bloating is a result of your gut not being able to handle a category of food that you are eating. If the bloating is persistent consider an elimination diet where food groups are removed from your diet for a period of time and then reintroduced one at a time. This will let you pin point what food group is causing a problem for your system, or better yet, the diet will allow your gut a moment to repair its lining, and so function as it should - meaning that you will be able to go back to eating all food groups after a period of rest. #<Category:0x0055a2de111d00> Show Edit Destroy
Take a 5 minute break Rome IT Is life overwhelming? Just STOP! Take 5min each day to breathe and be in touch with inner yourself. Meditate, breathe and repeat!! Meditation and breathing activities are proven to lower your stress levels. If you can’t do it alone then join a yoga class and make sure you stay for the most important part: Shavasana!! #<Category:0x0055a2de114820> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture and CFS London GB I tried acupuncture with a renowned practitioner (who is also a qualified doctor), and having it at regular intervals of 6 weeks improved my condition dramatically. The regularity is important, and although I stopped going for 2 years when I was better, I have started going again recently as it makes a huge difference to my energy levels and the strength of my immune system. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bdf570> Show Edit Destroy
Create small habits GB Losing weight permanently is best achieved by letting go of unnecessary weight gradually through lifestyle changes. This way the unconscious mind doesn’t feel the need to sabotage and try and lure you back to your previous heavier weight and you don’t have to worry about falling off from any wagon because you are never on one. We have many habits in life, like brushing our teeth, which we don’t think about but just do them. So we want to use the power of habit forming to create ways to make changes. The key here is that the habits are very small. One change leads to another and another, so no matter how small the change, more will follow. #<Category:0x0055a2d9bc4c48> Show Edit Destroy
4 reasons when a detox is NOT beneficial Amsterdam NL A detox is NOT for you if, if you are looking to do it for the following reasons. #<Category:0x0055a2de127d08> Show Edit Destroy
Food to help symptoms of bloating GB Chew food thoroughly to allow acid and digestive enzymes to act on the food. Eat slowly, eating too fast leads to swallowing of air. Reduce quantity of food eaten to allow digestive enzymes to work. Reduce any reliance on antacids. B1 and Zinc are needed for acid production because it is an essential nutrient in the production of HCL from the parietal cells. Sources of zinc are oysters, fish, beef, poultry (dark meat), liver, brewers yeast, eggs, whole grains and pumpkin seeds. Avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates and fruits – these ferment producing gas and feed bacteria which also produce gas #<Category:0x0055a2de12b1b0> Show Edit Destroy
How to boost your Autumn immunity GB The change in seasons can place greater demands on our immune system as the temperature changes and we head back to work and our children go back to school. We tend to shift away from a more relaxed summer holiday state to being more stressed as work and school pressures increase. Here are my top 5 tips to eat yourself well this Autumn: #<Category:0x0055a2de12e770> Show Edit Destroy
Bromelain to help with respiratory irritation and inflammation associated with allergies Devon GB Bromelain is a natural compound found in pineapples, but you can also find it in supplement form. Several studies have found it to be effective at treating the respiratory irritation and inflammation associated with allergies. Sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, tickly throat, sinus pressure and trouble sleeping are just some of the symptoms that hay fever sufferers have to contend with as the temperatures start to rise. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies. People with hay fever can be sensitive to one or more of a range of pollens from trees and grasses. An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance (allergen). As the allergen - in this case, pollen - is inhaled, white blood cells produce an antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE). This attaches to the pollen, triggering the release of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals that cause the classic hay fever symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. #<Category:0x0055a2de131970> Show Edit Destroy
Quercetin is an antioxidant with antihistamine effects Devon GB Sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, tickly throat, sinus pressure and trouble sleeping are just some of the symptoms that hay fever sufferers have to contend with as the temperatures start to rise. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies. People with hay fever can be sensitive to one or more of a range of pollens from trees and grasses. An allergic reaction occurs when your immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance (allergen). As the allergen - in this case, pollen - is inhaled, white blood cells produce an antibody called immunoglobulin E (IgE). This attaches to the pollen, triggering the release of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals that cause the classic hay fever symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. #<Category:0x0055a2de135138> Show Edit Destroy
Food based intervention for acne GB Support beneficial bacteria in the bowel. Balance blood sugar – don't skip meals and make sure you have quality sources of protein in each meal and snack. Limit intake of high fat foods and trans fatty acids such as margarines, milk products, fried foods as they disrupt sebaceous secretions. Reduce dairy due to possible hormone content. Support liver function – lots of fresh ginger, turmeric, brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, kale). Increase Vitamin A in diet via beta-carotene eg; green leafy veg, (the greater the intensity of green the more beta-carotene), brightly coloured fruits and vegetables – orange coloured fruit & veg eg: mango, sweet potato, carrot, apricot, peppers. Also legumes, wholegrains, seeds, egg yolks. Vitamin E – nuts, seeds, eggs, wheatgerm, green leafy veg. For proper functioning of Vitamin A Keep skin clean – gently wash twice a day, don’t scrub. Use a tea tree product as antibacterial. Reduce exposure to pollutants eg; machine oils, coal tar derivatives, cosmetics, #<Category:0x0055a2de139030> Show Edit Destroy
Stick to your guns! Koln DE Once you have made your pros and cons lists, considered all eventualities, and finally listened to your gut (or best friend) to make a decision; the most important thing is to let it go now. You have done the work, and now enjoy the decision you made. DO NOT go back every two seconds with a new argument and try and persuade you or anyone else otherwise. #<Category:0x0055a2da296008> Show Edit Destroy
Fall in Love Taos, NM US Fall in love. I'm not sure why it works, but it worked for me. Maybe it has something to do with a willingness to surrender. #<Category:0x0055a2da1b0af8> Show Edit Destroy
How to make a decision easier New York US Making decisions can be difficult and confronting at times. Often we are disconnected with what we want and our goals or simply fearful of putting a stake in the ground and making a commitment. Understand that there is typically no "right" or "wrong" decision necessarily - just different paths for you to take. #<Category:0x0055a2de14bfa0> Show Edit Destroy
Keep a diary London GB Keep a diary with you and record in it when you notice a flare-up of your IBS symptoms. This way you can pinpoint any particular stressors that keep causing you to feel ill; for example, if your symptoms always occur right before you take a long car ride. When you have identified what caused you to feel worse you can set about dealing with this, whether by pro-actively taking medication or by practicing calming techniques. #<Category:0x0055a2da9646c8> Show Edit Destroy
Keep a regular food schedule Guildford GB Try to eat your meals at the same time every day (within reason). This will help to regulate your bowel functions. Experiment with having smaller, more frequent meals rather than 3 a day and see if this helps. #<Category:0x0055a2da998770> Show Edit Destroy
Manage your stress London GB Manage your stress! Anxiety is a risk factor in developing IBS and may also cause your symptoms to persist, due to the complicated and close relationship between your brain and your gut. Before stress or anxiety causes your next flare-up, consider starting a stress-relieving activity such as yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises to calm your mind. #<Category:0x0055a2de157850> Show Edit Destroy
Spoons in the freezer Washington DC US Stick metal kitchen spoons in the freezer, leave them there for a few hours until they are mega cold. Then take them out and put them on the hickey #<Category:0x0055a2de15b2c0> Show Edit Destroy
Hero Pose - slow stretch to release front of the thighs London GB When you know you've worked your quads and hip flexors hard - whether from running, cycling or a leg workout at the gym - it's good to try this long-hold stretch for at least 3 minutes. In yoga, it's called Hero Pose, or Virasana. It effectively releases the hips, thighs, knees, ankles and feet. It also improves circulation, significantly relieving tiredness in the legs. #<Category:0x0055a2de15e038> Show Edit Destroy
Home brew 'Fire Cider'! New England US Fire cider not only stops colds in their tracks, it stops them from even starting! Just a tablespoon (5 ml) each morning will scare away the germs. It's best to look up a recipe online that you like, since there is lots of room for taste -- mine is a combination of apple cider vinegar, onions, honey, horseradish, garlic, and orange rinds, left to stew for a few weeks. Trust me, the bacteria will dissolve instantly before this outrageous and healing mixture. #<Category:0x0055a2de161968> Show Edit Destroy
Power of Stinging Nettle to help relieve hayfever Devon GB Stinging Nettle relieved symptoms in 58% of study participants taking 300mg of freeze-dried nettles a day. #<Category:0x0055a2de1643c0> Show Edit Destroy
Cultivate Optimism LA US Try the "best possible self" exercise. Take a moment to imagine your life in the future and make it the best you can possibly imagine. Research suggests that building optimism about the future motivates people to work towards their goals. This then makes the desired future more likely to become a reality. You are not only increasing your happiness in the present, you are also paving the way for sustained happiness down the line. This exercise also teaches you what you want, helps you to restructure your priorities and increases your sense of control over your life. #<Category:0x0055a2dac73670> Show Edit Destroy
Practise Random Acts of Kindness LA US This involves doing five kind things in one day and then writing about them. See steps below. When you have completed your acts of kindness write down what you did and how they made you feel, for an extra boost. Chances are you will want to do it again. Research shows this practise makes us feel happier because it makes us think more highly of ourselves and we become more aware of other positive social interactions, which also increases happiness. #<Category:0x0055a2de173b68> Show Edit Destroy
Green Tea eye mask New York US Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it perfect to deal with your stye. #<Category:0x0055a2de176020> Show Edit Destroy
Warm compress Guildford GB Styes are the worst. Here's how you can ease the pain and discomfort from home: #<Category:0x0055a2de1784b0> Show Edit Destroy
Grounding techniques London GB Panic can be a self perpetuating cycle, whereby the cause of the initial panic is exacerbated by anxiety about the signs and symptoms of feeling panicked, which in turn leads to more panic. In essence panicking about being panicked! Whilst the cause of the panic needs to be addressed in the mid to longer term, the initial attack can be managed by using grounding techniques. This involves thinking or talking about topics well known to you such as your family, a happy time in your life or your pets etc. Another similar technique is to give yourself a task which is easy but requires a little thought such as trying to name the A to Z of fruit and vegetables or naming 3 countries beginning with the letter B etc. These help to draw attention away from the cause of the panic and the symptoms of the panic attack and often reduce these symptoms completely. #<Category:0x0055a2de17c560> Show Edit Destroy
Drain the pus London GB Sometimes if you have a particularly persistent stye the pus will need to be drained. First of all, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Go to a doctor where they may make a very small incision to drain the pus and get rid of your stye. #<Category:0x0055a2de180430> Show Edit Destroy
Coriander seed wash London GB Coriander seeds are said to have anti-inflammatory properties so try this wash when you next have a stye. Follow these steps: #<Category:0x0055a2dad77d00> Show Edit Destroy
Only condition the tips Windsor GB Only apply hair conditioner to the very tips of your hair- applying it to the roots means they get clogged and your scalp will produce more oil! #<Category:0x0055a2dae05df8> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera London GB A trick I learned abroad. Aloe helps to nourish your hair and control oil production. Try this: #<Category:0x0055a2db25d680> Show Edit Destroy
Braid it up New York US My daughters had fairly greasy hair growing up and sometimes nothing would fix it. If we didn't have time to wash it I would just quickly french braid their hair close to their scalps and you would never know; in fact, the oilier the hair is the better it actually holds the braids! #<Category:0x0055a2db2d0d10> Show Edit Destroy
Skip a shampoo London GB Shampooing strips your hair of the natural oil produced by the scalp, sebum, which in turn makes the scalp produce more oil and therefore makes your hair look greasier. It is a vicious cycle! Try to only wash your hair every couple of days; it will look greasier at first but only in the short term and you will soon notice that you are able to leave longer and longer in between washes. It sounds disgusting but I can now get away without washing my hair for about 5 days (with some help from a ponytail on the final day!). #<Category:0x0055a2de19bca8> Show Edit Destroy
Keep the area clean Guildford GB The stye was caused by a bacterial infection in the first place so it is essential to keep your eye clean to allow the infection to be fought effectively by your body. You can do this by making a mix of mild baby shampoo (e.g. Johnsons) and soaking a cotton pad or puff in this. #<Category:0x0055a2de19ef70> Show Edit Destroy
Indian Gooseberry aka Amla IN For natural and fast hair growth, you can use Indian gooseberry, also known as amla. Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, a deficiency in vitamin C can cause hair loss. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and the exfoliating properties present in Indian gooseberry can help maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. #<Category:0x0055a2de1a3228> Show Edit Destroy
Artichoke drops for flying GB It is normal when flying to feel more bloated, we retain water and our digestion can become more sluggish due to the altitude, and lack of movement. Artichoke drops A fresh herb tincture of Globe Artichoke known for its liver cleansing properties as well as its action on the digestive system help to alleviate colic, wind, bloating and fluid retention. Very helpful to have a diluted glass if you do have an alcoholic beverage on the plane. A.Vogel Artichoke tincture is recommended. Benefits Made from freshly harvested Cynara scolymus (Globe Artichoke) leaves Organically grown Botanical food supplement containing cynarin #<Category:0x0055a2de1a46c8> Show Edit Destroy
Castor oil for wart removal Washington DC US Apply a small amount of pure cold pressed castor oil to the ward and cover it with a bandage, repeat until the ward has gone. Castor oil works on both plantar warts and common warts #<Category:0x0055a2db29c650> Show Edit Destroy
Stretch marks in pregnancy; chill out and accept them - they're genetic! GB Stretch marks are when the middle layer of skin (dermis) is stretched over time, leaving the characteristic narrow thin pink lines. Two studies found that two leading brands who claimed they reduced stretch marks showed that they had little to no effect on the stretch marks! Whether you will develop stretch marks or not, depends on your skin type and how elastic it is - - so don't waste money on expensive creams, and instead treat yourself to a manicure for the photos when you're baby has arrived! It's a good idea to use a moisturiser though to help reduce the itchiness that accompanies an expanding abdomen during pregnancy. #<Category:0x0055a2de1b3f60> Show Edit Destroy
Ice Chips Guildford GB This is an effective way to reduce the pain and irritation that an ulcer brings. Get some ice cubes or chips (ideally smaller sized rectangular shapes) and place on where the ulcer is. #<Category:0x0055a2de1b7c50> Show Edit Destroy
Oil up GB No need for buying heavily artificial products! Everyone has some kind of oil (olive, vegetable) in their kitchen cupboard, so why not use it on psoriasis and sore patches and skin. The oil will moisturise the area and lock in nutrients. #<Category:0x0055a2de1bb8c8> Show Edit Destroy
Rosehip is pretty Hip ZA Rose hip oil is an extract from the seeds of the rose hip, the berrylike fruit of the rose plant. It is known for its positive effects on the health and regeneration of the skin. It also penetrates into deep layers of the skin, making it an excellent moisturiser. One of the oil's biggest benefits is its ability to improve the condition of skin scarred by acne, surgery, stretch marks and injury. #<Category:0x0055a2de1be898> Show Edit Destroy
Don't throw away that Banana Peel ZA Banana peel is the great way to help get rid of acne at home, so don't throw away that peel! Antiseptic properties in the banana peel coming from alcohol containing it. Also this property has a lot of starch which dry the irritated skin around the acne and relieves itching. Use ripe Banana's *You can use banana skin for acne scars. #<Category:0x0055a2de1c25d8> Show Edit Destroy
Focus on what's strong to deal with what's wrong London GB When working with clients to increase self esteem, I often ask that they keep running lists in the notes section of their smartphones, entitled 'things I'm good at' and 'things I did right.' Getting into the habit of capturing those moments when we've done ourselves proud can be a useful way of remembering how capable we've demonstrated that we are. Lists like these are especially useful to refer to in moments when we are criticised, or our self-belief takes a knock. I'm a great believer in that people who know what they're good at are happy to admit what they're not-so-good at, thus putting them in a better position to accept feedback and develop without letting it impact their self confidence negatively. As a starting point it can help to think about what and strengths we admire in others and consider when we've demonstrated these things. A lot of the time we realise that the characteristics that make us proud of other people are ones that we possess ourselves! #<Category:0x0055a2de1c61b0> Show Edit Destroy
Teeth whitening IN Oil pulling with coconut oil is best if you are primarily swishing for whiter teeth, as it has a natural antiviral property known to help brighten and clean teeth. I 100% noticed a difference even after 1 week. #<Category:0x0055a2de1c9ef0> Show Edit Destroy
Put band aids around fingers US This was recommended by a friend and worked so well with my kids. It makes them realise what they are doing and band aids make fingers bigger and scratchy, the perfect way to stop kids from reaching up to pick their noses! #<Category:0x0055a2de1cd370> Show Edit Destroy
Vinegar to stop the itch London GB Rub on gently with finger tips... we use Organic Cider Vinegar because it's in the cupboard and it works. My son went off happily to school this morning basted with vinegar... #<Category:0x0055a2de1d0020> Show Edit Destroy
Towel stretch London GB A good stretch to do to get rid of painful cramps in your calf muscles. #<Category:0x0055a2dac97250> Show Edit Destroy
Magnesium Guildford GB When I was pregnant I experienced very bad cramps and was told to eat nuts and seeds- they contain magnesium, which apparently helps with cramps. #<Category:0x0055a2de1d8298> Show Edit Destroy
Epsom Salt Soak London GB Best natural remedy for sore muscles that are cramping. #<Category:0x0055a2dac5f530> Show Edit Destroy
On Your Bike London GB A good exercise to do to prevent leg cramps from occurring is cycling. Get on the stationary bike at the gym and try to do half an hour on it at a relatively low intensity whenever you can to stretch out your muscles and condition them. #<Category:0x0055a2dac56368> Show Edit Destroy
Antimicrobial mouthwash New York US Buy an antimicrobial mouthwash (e.g. Listerine®, available from most drugstores) and use it once a day. This will reduce the chance of the ulcer getting infected and painful. #<Category:0x0055a2de1ebd48> Show Edit Destroy
Salt water gargle Guildford GB A natural disinfectant and a good way to ensure no bacteria enters the ulcer. Try this: #<Category:0x0055a2de1edd50> Show Edit Destroy
Good Oral Hygiene London GB Maintaining good oral hygiene is key! Most of the time mouth ulcers will heal on their own without the need for intervention, but sometimes if the ulcer is exposed to bacteria it can get infected. Follow these steps: #<Category:0x0055a2daba5040> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise smart London GB If you are embarking on a new intense exercise regime be cautious- make sure you stretch before and after your workouts. Overworking your muscles is a major cause of muscle cramp, be careful to: #<Category:0x0055a2de1fbe00> Show Edit Destroy
Electrolyte replenishment New York US Electrolytes- like potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride- are lost when your body sweats, for example during exercise. As electrolytes are vital for proper muscle contraction you should try to tailor your diet so it is rich in foods that contain these substances. #<Category:0x0055a2daa88658> Show Edit Destroy
Hydration is key! London GB If you have not been drinking enough water this can lead to a drop in the salt levels in your body, which in turn sometime causes muscle cramps. Make sure you are drinking the correct amount of water per day. If you find drinking this amount of water difficult why not make your own flavoured water at home using a fruit infuser, or otherwise try to drink green tea. #<Category:0x0055a2de203c90> Show Edit Destroy
Tips for overcoming SAD GB What is SAD? Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons, and it is thought to be caused by a lack of daylight. It usually starts as the days become shorter in autumn and continues through until the end of winter. Symptoms of SAD Lacking in energy Feeling tired even after a good nights sleep Anxiety Feeling less social, not wanting to go out Sadness and light depression for no real reason Increased appetite, cravings for carbs and/or sugar Having problems with sleeping Having difficulty concentrating Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? How to help: Dark chocolate The good news is that chocolate is on the list (and I’m putting it first). Lets not go mad and start inhaling the stuff but you can definitely add some (more) in. It is full of antioxidants and capable of delivering the endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin that your brain needs to regulate your mood. However, before you do an online order for galaxy caramel, not all chocolate is equal. Sadly, the processing of chocolate to create high street stuff actually removes the healthy compounds and they have additives that completely counteract what we are trying to do here. So steer clear of those and opt for dark chocolate! Avocado Filled with protein and packed with serotonin boosting monounsaturated fats, avocados are great when it comes to supporting a good mood. They’re also a great natural source of B vitamins which help keep our bodies ticking over. Add into a smoothie, have them on toast, sneak them into chocolate mousse or simply just add them to salads… easy! Berries Berries are a great source of antioxidants. Studies have shown that a steady supply of antioxidants can help lower levels of depression. They are also are rich in vitamin C, which has been shown to be helpful in combating stress. Add some to smoothies, sprinkle some on your yoghurt or even just munch on them as a snack. Fatty fish – Salmon/Mackerel/Tuna The fatty acids found in these types of fish have brain-boosting properties. They are a good source of vitamin D, protein, some B vitamins and selenium. Try and add in at least three portions a week to your diet. Apart from the above foods, be mindful that starchy white carbohydrates are completely lacking in nutrients and will also drain your body of energy. Add in as many colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet and drink plenty of water. Other things that help: Exercise Try out a new yoga class, go for a run in the park, anything to keep your body moving. Reduce stress Take some time for yourself, have a long bath, maybe try going to meditation or a candle light yoga class. Light therapy Light therapy is exposure to light that is brighter than indoor light. It is used to help treat SAD (it can also help with jet lag and sleep disorders). It works by replacing the lost sunlight exposure and resets the body’s internal clock. You can buy light boxes and programme them to come on when you wake up. If you feel like you are really suffering from SAD it could be a good addition, but for more information it is best to visit your GP and talk to them about it. #<Category:0x0055a2de206800> Show Edit Destroy
Challenge yourself GB Low confidence can feel like a hard one to overcome. How do you “create” confidence? One of the best ways I have seen to do this is to try something that challenges you. Often our low confidence comes from not challenging ourselves enough (and living in our comfort zone). When you don’t try things that challenge or stretch you, you don’t get to see what you are capable of. And you don’t experience the stimulation and satisfaction of learning and growing. As time goes on, your confidence drops and the feeling of “I can’t” grows. #<Category:0x0055a2de208060> Show Edit Destroy
Increase confidence instantly GB This technique works by changing your biochemistry which means that you can feel more confident and those around you perceive you as being more confident. It takes 2 minutes and by the end your levels of testosterone will rise, giving the feeling and impression of dominance and your cortisol levels will decrease, which means that you’ll be able to think more clearly. #<Category:0x0055a2de20ca20> Show Edit Destroy
MyFitnessPal GB MyFitnessPal is a great app if you are trying to lose weight. It lets you track all your food in it and keeps a count of all the calories they contain. You can also add in any cardio/strength training you do throughout the day and log the calories you've burnt then. There is a paid version of the app but I've been using the free one for months and wouldn't say there is any point in getting the paid one! #<Category:0x0055a2da951b40> Show Edit Destroy
Aloclair® London GB These are great for treating mouth ulcers. The product comes in various forms; as a mouthwash, a gel, and a spray. It contains Aloe Vera as an ingredient, which is great for soothing the ulcer, and is safe for children to use. I used it to treat ulcers caused by my braces and it worked really well. #<Category:0x0055a2da8fcaf0> Show Edit Destroy
Keep a diary Guildford GB Sometimes it can seem like you have not made any progress towards your goals. If you keep a diary of your progress; whether that is writing down every time you exercise willpower and resist temptation, or taking photographs of yourself every week if you are trying to lose weight, when you feel like you have made no progress you will be able to look back and see physical evidence of your past successes. This should help you to keep making progress. #<Category:0x0055a2da6beef0> Show Edit Destroy
Aromatherapy for flying GB Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes. #<Category:0x0055a2da6a4c58> Show Edit Destroy
Expect roadblocks New York US Even with the best planning in the world things don’t always go as you’d expect. Allow for this to happen and accept that your journey may not always be perfect; you may make mistakes along the way and that’s okay. Once you accept this you are far less likely to give up completely at any small setback or failure of willpower, but instead you will view it as just a blip on the road to your goal. #<Category:0x0055a2de22bbf0> Show Edit Destroy
Practice meditation New York US Take 5 minutes out of your day to meditate and focus your mind. By doing so you can harness your more impulsive tendencies and keep them firmly under control the next time you feel temptation. #<Category:0x0055a2de22f2c8> Show Edit Destroy
Honey cover London GB Honey is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory and makes a soothing coating for a mouth ulcer. Try to do this at a time when you will not be eating/drinking/talking for at least an hour or two. #<Category:0x0055a2de233f80> Show Edit Destroy
Hot Yoga Therapy New York US The winter blues are a real thing, and whether or not you actually have Seasonal Affective Disorder, it's always a good thing to tackle an issue before it gets worse! My favorite way to combat that feeling I get when I haven't seen the sun in one too many days is to have a serious sweat sessions in a hot yoga class! It warms your body up on the inside and out, allowing your muscles to loosen up, your breathing to deepen, and most importantly your body temperature to rise! #<Category:0x0055a2de236ed8> Show Edit Destroy
Don't take your thinking seriously GB Most people get into difficulty in life because they take their thinking too seriously. We are thinking beings - all the meditation in the world won’t fix that - but we can know that it’s all an illusion that we create for ourselves. You and I could stand side-by-side and have the exact same experience and take two completely different meanings from it. Neither is ‘true’, just perspective. #<Category:0x0055a2de23ad08> Show Edit Destroy
Top tips to treat eczema GB Milky oat baths are a natural, affordable and very accessible wayto soothe itchy and inflamed skin. three times a week to soothe the skin and lessen itching. #<Category:0x0055a2de23ee08> Show Edit Destroy
Tips for hair loss London GB First check to see whether your hair loss is related to stress, a medical condition or hereditary. If it’s hereditary, unfortunately there’s not much you can do, but you can look after the hair you have with the right products and diet. Healthy hair starts from the inside, so it’s very important to have a balanced diet that is rich and varied in nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin D, fish oils, protein and zinc are all key to ensuring the health of the hair. Styling your hair in a certain way can help disguise patches, but cutting or colour can make it worse – too much layering can make it appear thin, and too dark a colour can make your scalp appear more visible. It’s important to concentrate on the hair you have and keep it in good condition; there are many treatments available to help you do this, for example Viviscal, which nourishes the hair follicles and helps maintain healthy hair from within. #<Category:0x0055a2de241888> Show Edit Destroy
Cure the “Muffin Top” CA Now is the time of year when many of us look in the mirror and wonder where our beach bodies went over the course of the winter. The fact is a number of factors combined with a more sedentary lifestyle during the winter months can lead to the dreaded “muffin top” in which our body spills out over our bathing suits. Thankfully there are some easy steps to follow that will help you lose weight, keep fit and look great in that swim suit. Below are a nine tips for curing the muffin top. #<Category:0x0055a2de245780> Show Edit Destroy
Iglü Gel London GB This gel works as a coat to protect the ulcer as it heals and it also contains antiseptic ingredients to prevent further infections. You can buy it from most pharmacies and it is very easy to use- simply dab the product directly onto the ulcer so it forms a protective layer on top of it. #<Category:0x0055a2de249268> Show Edit Destroy
Start small London GB Willpower is like a muscle and can be trained, but just as you wouldn’t immediately start training for a marathon by running 26 miles, you should start with small goals. Even setting yourself small initial targets of not using swear words or sitting up straight can strengthen your self-control, which will make it more effective when you use it towards your larger, more meaningful goals. #<Category:0x0055a2da5efa88> Show Edit Destroy
Advance rewards New York US Set yourself a reward for achieving a particular goal in advance. Our brains are hardwired to pursue positive rewards! You will be a lot more likely to stick to a diet through the week, for example, if you promise yourself that on Sunday you will allow yourself to have a candy bar. #<Category:0x0055a2da4ff100> Show Edit Destroy
Change the meaning of your stimuli London GB If you are having a hard time staying away from something, try thinking about the effect it will cause you. For example, instead of viewing chocolate as a delicious and tempting treat, think about the negative aspects of it; think about how sluggish and sick you might feel after over-indulging in it. In this way you will eventually associate things you crave with the negative feelings they cause in you. #<Category:0x0055a2da47a888> Show Edit Destroy
Keep healthy New York US Try to keep your body healthy and you will find that this manifests in a healthier mind. Stay away from unhealthy foods, make sure you are well rested and getting enough sleep and try to exercise regularly. #<Category:0x0055a2da464498> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid strong smells London GB Try to steer clear of very pungent smells; it is obvious that bad food might make you feel ill but even supposedly nice smells like a perfume if too strong can induce seasickness. If you do feel ill move into an area of fresh air as soon as possible and this should help. #<Category:0x0055a2de263dc0> Show Edit Destroy
Bonine London GB This is an over the counter medication that really works. You can buy this from pharmacies or online. Try taking a tablet before your trip; it is also non-drowsy so hopefully shouldn’t put you too out and will leave you still able to enjoy your voyage. #<Category:0x0055a2de2675b0> Show Edit Destroy
Make it routine London GB This is how I have found it easy to keep up my own gym routine. If you treat going to the gym as part of your normal everyday routine it no longer seems like an effort or requires as much willpower to turn up there. So in my mind, just as I am expected to turn up to work everyday and do that, I also am expected to turn up to the gym everyday. This is most successful if you can keep the time of your gym visits regular, e.g. always go straight after work or before work. #<Category:0x0055a2de26a8c8> Show Edit Destroy
Keep Hydrated GB This may seem obvious but often when we fly we do not drink nearly enough water, keeping hydrated is essential to our health. #<Category:0x0055a2ddce2590> Show Edit Destroy
No alcohol New York US If you are trying to diet or give up smoking DO NOT drink too much! Too much alcohol will impair your judgment and make it harder for you to remember what all your hard work is for. #<Category:0x0055a2ddce7298> Show Edit Destroy
One at a time Guildford GB Some people go cold turkey on all the things that are bad for them; i.e. try to give up smoking, chocolate and alcohol all at once. This will never work! #<Category:0x0055a2ddceb0a0> Show Edit Destroy
Take your vitamin-packed product Internet GB We all know how stressful travel can be from the moment you get to the check in point to the long lines at security checkpoints. Taking a Berocca is an easy way to get an immune-boosting complex vitamin formualtions which can help counter stress, which is known to lower your resistant to common ailments. #<Category:0x0055a2ddcef1a0> Show Edit Destroy
Walk for inspiration GB As a species, the human race is spending far less time outdoors than ever before. This impacts how we breathe, how we move, and how we think. It leads to a certain kind of disconnect. I promise you it will have a positive impact in your decision making, in your sense of wellbeing and in the ideas that occur to you differently about how you can move through your life. #<Category:0x0055a2ddcf2f80> Show Edit Destroy
Ayurveda travel tip - supported shoulder stand IN The evening prior to travel and day of travel, practice sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand). After the relaxed inversion, your brain and feet will experience fresh blood’s flow and help prevent swollen soles during the long travel day ahead. This asana also promotes a restless nights sleep. #<Category:0x0055a2ddcf64f0> Show Edit Destroy
Positive Affirmation New York US In the morning when you are on a cruise, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat to yourself 3 times (with conviction!) ‘I don’t get seasick’. Half of the battle with seasickness is mental so try and fool yourself in this way and you are on your way to beating it! #<Category:0x0055a2ddcf9858> Show Edit Destroy
Keep your eyes on the horizon London GB When on a long boat journey try to focus on the horizon. If the seas are rough this may be the only stationary point of focus and so fixing your gaze on this should help to rebalance you and alleviate your symptoms. #<Category:0x0055a2ddcfd3e0> Show Edit Destroy
Small Talk Helps LA US Take a stroll to your local store and create some small talk with whoever is working that day. Our connections with other people are instrumental to our happiness and even micro moments of positive interaction achieve health and spread health. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd01c38> Show Edit Destroy
Overcoming cravings GB So many people ask me what they should be doing when the 4pm slump hits... Here are some tips. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd069e0> Show Edit Destroy
Find the inner stretch GB Most people live in a pretty safe way. Safety is great but it’s not where growth lives. To grow, to expand and to learn is key to living a fulfilled life. Try to live life just outside of your comfort zone. It is where you will discover who you can truly be. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd0a950> Show Edit Destroy
Go Swimming! New York US One of the tricks we’ve picked up on our travels is that if you are on a cruise ship with a swimming pool, get in it! This will stop you feeling the rocking motion of the boat that may be causing your sickness. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd0e848> Show Edit Destroy
Prunes to get things moving... London GB Eat 5 prunes or have a glass of prune juice first thing in the morning to help get rid of constipation. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd12cb8> Show Edit Destroy
Nutty putty with salt Salt JO Add one teaspoon salt and one cup of warm water to a nutty putty and use from nose to nose. Rinse after. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd16570> Show Edit Destroy
Believe you can GB Have you ever heard the phrase “if you think you can, or think you can’t, you're right.”? Every action, achievement, creation, successful business or great relationship started with someone believing it was possible. If you don’t believe it for yourself, who will? And the good news is that because a belief is just a thought you get to create the thoughts that support who you want to be. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd19ce8> Show Edit Destroy
Debate and Dispute with that Voice NYC US Do you have a voice that says you are not 'good enough'? Debate and dispute with it by asking the following: For whom am I not good enough - where is my audience? Would a scientist agree with what I am saying? Where does this type of thinking get me? Would I like to see a friend thinking of theirself like that? Am I being reasonable? What is a more useful thing I can tell myself? Believing you must have the approval of others and if you don't means you are not 'good enough' is irrational and unrealistic. Don't let self limiting beliefs go unchallenged. Learn to accept your unique and special self and remember, at the end of the day we are all fallible. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd1ddc0> Show Edit Destroy
Get a good night’s sleep London GB Sleep is essential for proper brain activity. When your brain is not rested properly it is under stress and doesn't function effectively for the rest of the day. You will then find it harder to exercise willpower. Adults should normally aim to sleep between 6-8 hours a night so try and get that if you can. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd21380> Show Edit Destroy
Be yourself Durham GB If you spend all your time and energy trying to please other people and pretending to be something you’re not, you will have no energy left for exercising your willpower and achieving your own goals! #<Category:0x0055a2ddd24e18> Show Edit Destroy
Choose slow-energy releasing foods London GB Author of NY Times bestseller ‘Willpower’ Professor Roy Baumeister describes willpower ‘like a muscle that needs training. You don't trick it with thought games; you build it up slowly, by exercising it. And, just like a muscle, it suffers short-term fatigue.’ He believes that the source of willpower comes from blood glucose levels, so it is important to eat foods that provide a slow release of energy (and therefore glucose). #<Category:0x0055a2ddd28950> Show Edit Destroy
Stress-Related High Hair Fall London GB When we are stressed we often don't take care of ourselves very well. We may skip meals, or grab something on the go with poor nutritional content. This results in vitamin imbalances, iron deficiency and inadequate protein and calorie intake. Poor nutrition is a leading cause of hair loss, particularly in women. So, reduce your stress levels with yoga or meditation. Studies have shown that Mindfulness can and does provide the necessary tools to deal with every day stress and feelings of overwhelm. Speak to your Doctor about having a blood test to check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, notably B12 and Ferritin. You may then want to discuss taking some supplements. In terms of diet - eat well balanced meals at regular intervals and don't skip meals. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd2c938> Show Edit Destroy
Food Addiction: How to beat it for good CA We’ve all been there: you get to the grocery store, with only the best intentions, and somehow when you get to the checkout, you wonder how those chips and cheese dip made it into your basket. Or you go to the kitchen, with the clear idea of that you will be getting that apple and almond butter for your afternoon snack, and find yourself going for a few cookies instead. Food addiction is a very real phenomenon that affects almost everyone, whether we know it or not. But the good news is, like any addiction, we can overcome it and train ourselves and our brain how to make healthy, better food choices instead. How does food addiction work? If you’ve ever tried to kick a food habit, you know just how much of a challenge you’re facing. Sometimes it can feel demoralizing, thinking you’re weak-willed or glutinous, and although personal responsibility and empowerment do play a factor, the reality is that food addiction (like any addiction) is biochemical – your brain chemistry and hormones play the main role in your sugar, fat and carb cravings. When we consume these sugary, fatty, or refined carby (and usually pretty palatable) foods, the pleasure centre in our brain releases dopamine, the feel good hormone. As outlined in Dr. Pam Peeke’s new bestseller, The Hunger Fix, research shows that as a result of consuming these ‘feel good’ foods, the pleasure centers light up in your brain and release the feel good hormones, having a very similar biochemical effect in the brain as cocaine and heroin. No wonder these food cravings can be hard to resist. But, unlike drugs that we do not need to survive, we do require food to survive. So the patterns and choices made by a drug addict can be dropped cold turkey, where as we cannot just stop eating food altogether. This makes food addiction one of the most difficult addiction battles one can face. Yet, by managing our cravings in ways that line us up for success, we can manage addictive food behaviours, eventually kicking the cravings to the curb, for good. How do we stop food addictions? The more we are aware of the biochemical forces at play, the more we can stop judging ourselves and start practicing mindfulness, eliminating temptation, and detoxing, on the journey to better choices, and better health. #<Category:0x0055a2da15b8c8> Show Edit Destroy
Build your letting go muscle New York City US We’re constantly holding on to things in our past, and it can tend to weigh heavy on our souls and even give us low self-esteem. The more blocks we clear, the more we can really live big in the area of self-love. Although we may do this as a way to protect ourselves from hurting, it’s really only holding us back from moving forward to reaching optimal self-acceptance and loving who we are. #<Category:0x0055a2da14ed08> Show Edit Destroy
Explore your spirituality New York City US Faith is the foundation for self-love, no matter what you believe. Believing in something opens up your soul to the beauty of belief and trust. It will build your intuition and help you make decisions based on your gut. When you explore your spirituality it will also take you on a journey to learning things about yourself and those new thoughts, feelings, passions, and raw emotions will make you appreciate yourself for being authentically you. #<Category:0x0055a2da14a000> Show Edit Destroy
Congratulate yourself regularly GB If you don’t take stock of where you’re at, you are always moving towards an unobtainable goal. You are awesome. Make sure you take time to feel it, to see why and to understand how you can create more of the good stuff. There is beauty in every moment. Its in appreciating the small things in this moment that true happiness lives. Give yourself permission to experience it today. So if you were to step into a bit more of your incredible today, what would you do? How would you move through the world differently? I encourage you to play with this idea and see where you go with it. You might just be surprised at what starts to look different as a result. #<Category:0x0055a2da141bd0> Show Edit Destroy
Fill the space US Just before any big interview, speech, challenge or event, find a quiet, private spot - preferably in front of a mirror. Take the standard 10 deep, measured breaths but each time you exhale let your arms float above your head into the fullest possible extension with palms facing forwards. At the same time rise up onto tip-toes. Make yourself as imposing as possible. Be unrepentant about your posturing. Relax your face. Smile. You will arrive with a spring in your step and able to fill any space set before you. #<Category:0x0055a2da131460> Show Edit Destroy
Create a self-love ritual US Turn off the TV and unplug from social media for 15 minutes to get centered while self-pampering. My favorite way to do this is to moisturize my skin with intention. As I massage my feet I thank them for getting me to where I need to go; as I moisturize my hands I love them for all the transactions and introductions they’ve helped me with throughout my life. #<Category:0x0055a2da124cd8> Show Edit Destroy
Find your happy place New York City US Think of a place that makes it simple to just be. That means being able to sit quietly and embrace the here and now. Not thinking about what’s due at work or what bills need to be paid, you owe this happy place to yourself. Self-love is all about connecting with yourself, and one of the easiest places to do that is your happy place. #<Category:0x0055a2da114810> Show Edit Destroy
Do something you're good at New York City US If this isn’t the ultimate self-esteem booster, I don’t know what is! Self-esteem and self-love often go hand in hand, and participating in a hobby you’re good at will not only boost your endorphins, but will bring out the best version of you. If you love to cook, then cook! If you love to run, then grab those sneakers, head outside and run for your life. #<Category:0x0055a2da10c610> Show Edit Destroy
Build a precious community New York City US As much as we would like to think we can, we can’t do everything ourselves. You need the support and love from people around you to stay motivated and on track–something I like to call a Love Entourage. Positive energy is contagious, so whether you’re building a network or planning to go to a fun event, it’s always important to have a community you value around you regularly. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd57480> Show Edit Destroy
How to prevent premature skin ageing GB We cannot stop the natural ageing process. With time, we will all develop visible lines or wrinkles and our faces will lose their youthful fullness. This process is largely influenced by our genes, however there are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that can cause our skin to age prematurely. Prevention is key to minimising wrinkles and the earlier you start to take care of your skin before they appear the better. The following lifestyle changes, products and medical procedures can be used to keep your skin looking fresher for longer. I would strongly recommend that you do your research and find a suitably qualified medical practitioner if you are considering any of these procedures. Confirmation that a doctor is on the specialist register can easily done by checking the GMC list of registered medical practitioners ( #<Category:0x0055a2ddd5b490> Show Edit Destroy
Vicks VapoRu helps you sleep when you have a cough GB This product really does help when you have a little bit of a chesty cough, dry cough or cold and flu at night, and if you are coughing a lot. Super simple and you can buy in nearly all chemists that I have seen. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd5ef50> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga for Depression GB Practicing yoga is a great way to maintain a healthy mind-body balance, using constructive physical practices to manifest favourable positive mindsets. Despite the well-known mental and physical benefits of yoga, it is only fairly recently that research has begun into using yoga as a prevention and treatment mechanism for depression and anxiety. I am not simply referring to the physical practice of the asanas, which make up only one of the eight limbs of yoga. The use of breathing and meditation techniques cultivates mental awareness and a greater sense of presence. For many suffering from depression or anxiety, worries and negative thoughts often arise when dwelling on the past or worrying about future. You can break your mind’s connection with these time-related concerns by bringing your attention back to the present moment, through meditation or Pranayama. The physical practice of yoga is traditionally seen as a means to better the body as a vehicle for the soul. Whilst asana practice is a fun and rewarding form of exercise, it is the emotional progression that accompanies it that is key. Anyone questioning the ability of yoga to alleviate the difficulties of living with depression should compare a list of common symptoms of depression with the apparent benefits experienced through the regular practice of yoga. By improving sleep, increasing mental clarity and reducing stress levels through your practice, you are directly targeting some of depression’s most widespread side effects. If not curing the illness, you can at least ease your symptoms enough to give yourself the strength to deal with depression other ways. Exercise has long been known to release feel-good endorphins and yoga does this and more. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd62178> Show Edit Destroy
Hyaluronic Acid - a super skin hydrator London GB Hyaluronic Acid is a natural element of the skin, present throughout the human body. Its beauty is its ability to retain moisture and a lot of it. The skin’s ability to hold moisture is increasingly important as we age as the skin doesn’t retain moisture as well as it once did, resulting in a loss of firmness, pliancy and suppleness. Hyaluronic Acid can help enhance moisture content beyond compare and at the same time, revitalise the skin’s outer layer making it appear softer, smoother and plumper. Like a drink for the skin, it is not actually an acid, it wont strip the skin, it does the exact opposite, soothing and hydrating and is a bit of a super star ingredient when it comes to making the skin look youthful. When using HA, many people report that their skin is 'dewier' in appearance, that the bags under their eyes become lighter and that their overall skin texture is smoother. Hyaluronic acid as a skincare ingredient is one of a few that benefits every skin type. For those with oily skin, hyaluronic acid in a fluid solution has a lightweight texture. For those with sensitive skin, it’s also incredibly gentle while providing optimal hydration. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd65a58> Show Edit Destroy
Homemade paste will help GB Found this tip in a newspaper, tried it and it totally worked my kids! #<Category:0x0055a2ddd695e0> Show Edit Destroy
Baking soda New York US Gout is a build up of uric acid crystals in the joints, this happens when the PH of the blood becomes too acidic. Baking soda mixed with water can help to alkalize the blood and help to dissolve the crystals. #<Category:0x0055a2ddd6c498> Show Edit Destroy
Plan Your Workouts GB Everyone gets the Sunday blues, but I've found that instead of stressing about the week ahead no matter what you have going on – work/family/social commitments – planning your exercise routines for the week seems to calm me down and helps me look forward to my days. I like to switch it up too – on Mondays, do a high intensity cardio class, Wednesdays a yoga or meditation class and a fun dance class on Fridays to get ready for the weekend! I find that the combination is good for the mind and is not repetitive so you don't get bored easily. Try it! #<Category:0x0055a2ddd70048> Show Edit Destroy
Breathing Exercises GB Whenever I feel nervous, like before a meeting where I have to speak to a large group of people, or even meeting new clients, I always remember what my sister taught me. Breathing exercises can really help you take control of your emotions, fears and even the shakes! So now, when I know I have 10 minutes before I have to face the fact, I go to a quiet spot and sit by myself. Start by taking 3 deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then, I count to 20, very slowly. With each count, I take a big breath in and out again. Doing this for only 20 counts really calms my nerves and makes me feel like I have control over my body again. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b575a8> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint Tea GB If you feel sluggish or uncomfortable after a meal, you may be suffering from indigestion. My sister recommended to sip on warm peppermint tea after a meal to help the digestive system. Peppermint helps calm the stomach and it's tasty so you'll be happy to have this herbal tea when you're full! #<Category:0x0055a2d9b4ada8> Show Edit Destroy
Herbs for Dry Skin US Calendula and comfrey have skin softening properties. They can be used in a facial sauna or to make herbal or floral waters. Comfrey also reduces redness and soothes irritated skin. Allantoin, an ingredient in many skin care products is derived from comfrey. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b3d5b8> Show Edit Destroy
Know that your body is a loving vessel New York City US Treating your body like a loving vessel will not only boost your self-love, but also your energy. Be intentional about what you put into your body, not only because you want to look good but because you want to feel good. Feeding your body nutrient-rich foods will have you oozing love out of every pore. #<Category:0x0055a2d9b342b0> Show Edit Destroy
Move to a Sunny Place!! US You tell yourself you like the changing seasons, because the start of spring and summer get you so high, and the foliage of autumn is so pleasant. But as soon as the clock pushes back, you're miserable. Stop the cycle, and move somewhere closer to the equator, dummy! #<Category:0x0055a2ddd8b820> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste paste! United Kingdom GB As soon as you get the burn put the toothpaste on it in quite a thick layer and leave on for a few hours. It will help reduce the blister! #<Category:0x0055a2ddd8f6c8> Show Edit Destroy
Battle of the Compliment Zurich CH Spend a few minutes with a close family member or friend (someone who knows you very well) and throw compliments at each other to boost self esteem. Try to make the compliments a little detailed and not too superficial such as 'you are so pretty' 'you are so smart' instead focus on actual things that person has achieved so that they realise you are not just being nice but there are awesome things to back up their compliments. Don't let yourself roll your eyes or make a funny face! #<Category:0x0055a2de26f058> Show Edit Destroy
Arthritius, finger joint pain GB Every morning and every evening take 1 Turmeric capsule and one Devils Claw herbal capsule to reduce inflammation, pain and improve mobility of small joint pain in your hands. Holland and Barretts brand of these capsules are the best and I have found work excellently! They are natural and I find are a lot better than living on paracetamol and other anti inflammatories prescribed by doctors. #<Category:0x0055a2d9afa6c8> Show Edit Destroy
Ease your migraine naturally with essential oils. London GB This is by far the most potent and quickest way I have found to cure my migraines. I do this by using a combination of essential oils. I have personally experienced amazing results using pure essential oils, all without having to resort to taking patent medications, which I personally do not like ingesting if I can avoid them. #<Category:0x0055a2d9aecc30> Show Edit Destroy
Three Basic Principles GB Weight loss is a subjective process but these three basic principles will help establish effective habits: #<Category:0x0055a2de27f020> Show Edit Destroy
Drink loads of water BEFORE you go to bed Cologne DE Drink as much water as possible, ideally 1 litre just BEFORE you go to bed. Ideally with an advil, or any sort of headache pill. #<Category:0x0055a2de283288> Show Edit Destroy
Boost your confidence with affirmations Cape Town ZA So many of us are searching for 'external' solutions to 'internal' problems. We look outside ourselves for affirmations, relationships and experiences to boost our confidence. The truth is that the only way we will every really build our confidence is by looking within. One of the best ways to do this is by using affirmations. Affirmations help us acknowledge the beauty we possess within by focussing on our greatness instead of our shortcomings. Create your own affirmation and say it to yourself often! Some examples of affirmations: "I am good enough exactly as I am" "I am kind and loving" "I am a beautiful person indside and outside" Focus on the positive within you and watch it grow. #<Category:0x0055a2de285b00> Show Edit Destroy
S. boulardii probiotic GB Having a bout of diarrhoea? Bizarre as it may sound, research suggests that a natural yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii may be able to come to your rescue. This particular probiotic may help reduce the runs. S. boulardii has a sticky outer membrane which attaches itself to bacteria which can be harmful to us, such as E. Coli and Salmonella, and removes them from the system – naturally. One particular study showed it to be as fast and effective as some anti-diarrhoeal medications, but yet it is a completely natural supplement. S. boulardii is one of the most researched probiotics in the world. #<Category:0x0055a2de289138> Show Edit Destroy
The secret to smooth sexy skin (and calm nerves!) IN One of guiding principles of Ayurvedic medicine is oil self-massage, known as “abhyanga” – it is cleansing, nourishing, relaxing and balancing for the complete mind-body system. Not only does it emolliate and nourish the skin (the largest organ in our body) but it regulates and calms the nervous system, tonifies the body and boosts circulation. More specifically, it also protects the skin from degenerative diseases, keeps the skin youthful and helps prevent arthritis and cracking joints (often associated with dry skin). If the skin is particularly dry, also consider increasing the uptake of high quality fat ingested in food in addition to externally applying oil to the skin. Oil self-massage is also a great act of self-love! #<Category:0x0055a2de28d710> Show Edit Destroy
Get Rid Of Your Acid Reflux For Good By Treating The Root Cause London GB Conventional medicine will usually treat heartburn and acidity with antacids (acid suppressing medicines) however, surprisingly, the actual cause of indigestion and heartburn in 90% of the population is insufficient stomach acid! So how do we treat this? The “puzzle” metaphor here is key: As the Eastern saying goes, if it took you 5 years to get sick, it will take you 5 years to get better. Healing is a process that happens over time, requiring patience, diligence, and unconditional love towards your body no matter how long it takes. #<Category:0x0055a2de290578> Show Edit Destroy
Don't go overboard with strips London GB Don’t go overboard and use too much whitening toothpastes – they tend to be quite abrasive and can actually make you’re teeth look more yellow in the long term! Brush your teeth and floss regularly to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible allowing the whiteness of your teeth to shine naturally. Try to a void using whitening strips regularly as they tend to strip the outer layers of your teeth. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a93450> Show Edit Destroy
Progress through increments GB Set a goal for the session and then forget about it. Focus instead on the most immediate activity in hand - the repetition you are currently performing, the stride you are currently taking. Concentrate of the minutiae of you movement. Exclude all distraction. Come out of your mind and into your body. Resolve to make each rep/stride/movement better than the last. The improvement might be infinitesimally small but it is improvement nevertheless. Make each squat slightly more controlled, each step more fluid. Take pride in the detail and your ability to better your form. We exercise to improve ourselves and that should be our sole focus. Simply completing the numbers or focusing too much on the goal can be daunting. It also negates the value of the process and distorts our perception of what we can achieve. #<Category:0x0055a2de29f438> Show Edit Destroy
Hair of the dog, fish oil, plant-based protein, Pilates GB Follow the below four steps for optimum exercise recovery: #<Category:0x0055a2de2a2fe8> Show Edit Destroy
Alkalise your system to help with Arthritis IR You can greatly ease the pain from arthritis by eating an organic plant-based diet and focusing on alkalising your system.. An alkaline diet is based on the belief that certain foods can affect the acidity and pH of bodily fluids, including the urine or blood, and can therefore be used to treat or prevent diseases. You can alkalise your body by slowly reducing your meat, fish, dairy, black tea, coffee, processed food, starches and refined sugars intake. In fact all sugars, even ‘healthy’ ones like honey, use low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia, yacon syrup or xylitol. People usually become disappointed by the idea that their favourite fruit contains a high amount of sugar and should be limited, but the reality is that fruits are very acidic. To keep yourself sane, don’t cut out this important food group completely, rather stick to one or two pieces of low glycemic fruit a day, like an organic apple or pear, lemons, limes or berries. #<Category:0x0055a2de2a6cd8> Show Edit Destroy
Make this drink to help reduce the arthritis pain naturally IR Make this concoction and drink a small amount of it everyday. #<Category:0x0055a2de2aa748> Show Edit Destroy
Infra red sauna to ease inflammation IE Why not try an infra red sauna that can accelerate detoxification and ease inflammation. #<Category:0x0055a2de2adba0> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid most over the counter cough medicines GB Cough medicines are supposed to relieve coughs by controlling the cough reflex. However, the medical evidence behind them is weak. In many countries, they are not recommended for young children because of this. #<Category:0x0055a2de2b0530> Show Edit Destroy
Pharmacy pill you buy in Spain - Biodramina Galicia ES When I was a child, I used to get really bad car-sickness and my parents always gave me Biodramina. Its a pill you can buy in any pharmacy across Spain, and trust me it really does work. #<Category:0x0055a2de2bbd90> Show Edit Destroy
Navy SEALS Technique for Staying Calm US I recently took a survival training with a group of Navy SEALS, and one thing they were adamant about throughout the entire training is how staying relaxed under pressure is a learned skill, not the inherent human trait of our imagination. Here's how to do it: Practice this, and over time, you will be able to summon the technique whenever needed. Granted, it may not stop an attack from occurring, but it will lessen the intensity of the attack enough for you to seek additional care. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a2c520> Show Edit Destroy
Run more fluidly GB When running concentrate on your foot-strike. Take ownership of your foot alignment first and foremost. Try to land the foot in line with the direction in which you are heading to make all your effort count. On each strike, find the sweet spot of the foot. Follow these steps: #<Category:0x0055a2de2c3630> Show Edit Destroy
Take Eucommia Bark to help your body become more flexible. Vancouver CA Eucommia Bark comes from a small tree native to China, often called the "Chinese rubber tree" because of its latex-bearing qualities. The bark of the tree has been used for many centuries as a tonic herb because apparently it has great effects on increasing the overall strength of the skeletal structure. I got told this is a popular herb among athletes, as eucommia is known to help improve flexibility and well as increase physical energy! #<Category:0x0055a2d9a0f600> Show Edit Destroy
Anti-Mosquito Spray - from Milk + Honey which is DEET free Austin US My husband bought me this anti-mosquito spray which is fully natural and no chemicals in it. It honestly works in warding of the mosquitos. The ingredients are cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Worth buying. #<Category:0x0055a2d9a05600> Show Edit Destroy
Baking Soda and Honey GB Whiteheads are caused when a pore (hair follicle) is blocked by the build-up of oil, dirt and dead skin cells. They are under the skin and not exposed to air, which is why they remain looking like a white pimple. Blackheads are so called because the clogged pore is open to air, which causes oxidation, turning the blockage black. Squeezing whiteheads may remove them, but can also damage the skin. Therefore, the gentle exfoliation power of baking soda combined with the natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties of honey make this a really simple and effective home remedy. #<Category:0x0055a2de2d2478> Show Edit Destroy
Drink water through a straw & block your ears! London GB When I was really young, my grandmother always said that the best cure for hiccups is blocking your ears! You know that awful feeling on being on an airplane? That's the one, only you can mimic that feeling whenever you get the hiccups, to then get rid of them! #<Category:0x0055a2de2d65a0> Show Edit Destroy
Send Your Sore Throat Away With This Culinary Herb London GB Thyme is a herb found in many kitchen cupboards possessing incredible healing benefits. The benefits of thyme have been recognized for thousands of years in Mediterranean countries. This substance is also a common agent in Ayurverdic practice. Today, among the many producers of thyme, France, Morocco, and Spain emerge as the primary ones. Thyme is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, great for treating many ailments. #<Category:0x0055a2de2da0b0> Show Edit Destroy
Change directions of your bed CN In ancient Indian and Chinese cultures, it’s known that the proper orientation of your bed can enhance the quality of your sleep. So move your bed around if possible in your bedroom to try to get into the right position for a great nights sleep #<Category:0x0055a2de2dd058> Show Edit Destroy
10-Minute Breathing Meditation US All too often anxiety is caused by worries or problems that exist outside of the present moment.This simple technique will help you shift your focus to the "here and now." #<Category:0x0055a2de2e7620> Show Edit Destroy
Train more efficiently GB Make what limited time you have to train count. You don't necessarily need a gym. That immediately saves valuable, productive time. Cut out the peripheral nonsense and make sure your workout (even 5-10 minutes per day) includes the holy trinity of exercises: a squat, a combination movement (burpees or squat thrusts) and a pull-up (feet on ground or band-assisted if necessary). Trainers will hate to admit it, but routines containing these three elements will allow you to reach a beneficial intensity in a short space of time whilst triggering a highly functional, neuro-muscular response throughout your physique (i.e. your body will thank you for it!). #<Category:0x0055a2de2ea3e8> Show Edit Destroy
Apple Cider Vinegar to treat a verruca GB Apple cider vinegar is such an awesome natural remedy to get rid of verrucas. If you've tried all kinds of over the counter products like I have and nothing has seemed to work, look no further than apple cider vinegar! Honestly, it works so much faster than topical gels and is less work and less expensive, as it's multipurpose. #<Category:0x0055a2de2ec1c0> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of seeing your healthcare provider and a healthy lifestyle London GB Gout is a condition where a build up of high levels of uric acid crystallises into joints and tendons, causing pain, redness and inflammation. Genetic factors may predispose one to have high levels of uric acid but it is also hugely attributed to lifestyle, diet, medicines and pre-existing medical conditions such being overweight and high blood pressure. #<Category:0x0055a2d9993370> Show Edit Destroy
Lemon balm to help Cold Sores GB Lemon balm is known to reduce blisters, so it's no surprise that it can help get rid of pesky (and unsightly!) cold sores. If you can, buy lemon balm, or a lip balm containing a high percentage of lemon, from a herbal pharmacy and apply frequently. #<Category:0x0055a2d9982c28> Show Edit Destroy
Get Active and Move More GB All the symptoms of anxiety are signals that your body is preparing to take physical exercise in some way to avoid or tackle a perceived threat. Just like when you exercise or move briskly, your breathing rate increases, your heart beats faster, you get hotter and may feel restless or be unable to settle. To give all that adrenaline, oxygen and energy an outlet, go for a 10 - 15 minute walk every day. By being more active you give your body a way to use these things up rather than having them circulate. As you walk, aim to avoid looking at the floor ad instead look up and notice what you can see around you. #<Category:0x0055a2d9976770> Show Edit Destroy
Use Your In Built Relaxation Response GB When you feel anxious, your breathing gets faster, shallower and you breathe from your chest as your body gets ready for action against some perceived danger or threat. If you were exercising it would seem natural to breathe quicker and faster yet with anxiety, this same response is happening when you don't need it so it seems strange and can trigger all those anxious thoughts. To kick start your in built relaxation response you need to extend your out breath so that it is longer than your in breath. This is how we breathe when we feel more relaxed. To benefit from this, extend your out breathe and you will start to physically feel calmer. #<Category:0x0055a2d996dff8> Show Edit Destroy
Try the Plate Method New York City US The USDA MyPlate replaced the food pyramid a few years ago, suggesting a new model for healthy eating. The plate method recommends that one-half of your plate is filled with non-starchy vegetables, one-quarter with lean protein, and one-quarter with whole grains. Making the base, or one-half, of your meal vegetables ensures that you get plenty of volume for fewer calories – creating a calorie deficit that keeps you feeling full and helps with weight loss. #<Category:0x0055a2d99626d0> Show Edit Destroy
Focus on Protein and Fiber for a Filling Snack New York City US There’s nothing wrong with having a snack or two in between meals. In fact, it’s encouraged – our bodies typically need something to eat about every 3-4 hours. #<Category:0x0055a2d99559a8> Show Edit Destroy
Potatoes! GB This might sound strange, but it really does work! The starch found in potatoes can be an awesome DIY remedy for stretch marks. Potatoes contain nutrients that are super restorative so if you're avoiding eating them (curbing your carbs maybe?) then use them in the bathroom instead! By applying them to stretch marks it can help blur the affected areas. #<Category:0x0055a2de30fc88> Show Edit Destroy
My 5 Skincare Tips London GB My 5 Skincare Tips: In order to get the best out of your products and not stress too much about what ingredients you are using, follow these five simple steps to get your skin going... and glowing: 1. Buy Cosmetics/Skincare in Pumps No matter what you buy, if a product comes in pump form you are cutting out nasty preservatives as you don't need to put your fingers in a pot. Makes sense right? Brands like Goldfaden MD and Ren have this down to a T. 2. Keep your Eye cream in the Fridge Wake up your tired eyes with this easy tip- the cooling effect will tone down puffiness and your product will stay fresh for longer. Good morning! 3. There is no Debate- Always Exfoliate! Wether you use an acid mask or a manual scrub, brush away those stubborn dead skin cells at least twice a week. Build up of make up, dirt and skin is gone, leaving your serum and cream sink in deeper. You will be left with a more even and glowing complexion. Buy Lactic acid masks- they are the most gentle of them, even for rosacea and sensitive types! 4. Don't forget your SPF! London, Honolulu, Bangkok or Stockholm- there is no excuse to skip the protection of SPF. Sun factor 30 will do the trick- no need to go higher as stronger factors contain nasty metals and chemicals. Follow this equation- SPF 30 x10= you are protected from burning for 300 minutes. Always remember to re-apply! 5. Don't be fooled by Organic Oils Read up on non comedogenic oils. This is a rating from 0-5 telling you which oil will let your skin breathe and which oil will cause you to break out. 0- the best, most breathable, 5- blocks and congests your skin. #<Category:0x0055a2de3125a0> Show Edit Destroy
A spoonful of mustard GB Mustard is an alkalizing food packed with nutrients similar to vinegar, which means it's very effective in the treatment of acid reflux. Taking a spoonful a day can dramatically reduce the pain, heat and discomfort in the throat by neutralising the contents found in acid. It might taste a little harsh but it sure does work! #<Category:0x0055a2de3153e0> Show Edit Destroy
Himalayan Pink Salt IN If you suffer from teeth grinding in your sleep, try gargling with himalayan pink salt! I developed this awful habit recently and found that this is the most effective solution. Himalayan pink salt contains over 84 minerals so it's super helpful in restoring nutrients that you may be deficient in that are causing you to grind your teeth. #<Category:0x0055a2de319440> Show Edit Destroy
Wear Silk L.A US A little bit of luxury can really help aid your dry skin. Invest in a silk pillow case/pajamas/underwear. The smooth fibers of silk help keep moisture close to the skin and leave your skin feeling so hydrated, this is certainly noticeable after a night spent on silk sheets #<Category:0x0055a2de31c7d0> Show Edit Destroy
Natural Puffy Eye Remedy Bath US The following formula draws out toxicity, supports the kidneys by removing uric acid, and the body also releases a lot of fluids thereby de-puffing the eyes! #<Category:0x0055a2d98df0f0> Show Edit Destroy
Floss! London GB If you don’t floss regularly, you’re not cleaning around 40% of your tooth surfaces! This can be detrimental to keeping your gums as healthy as possible and affect the colour of your teeth. #<Category:0x0055a2de32ba78> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid acidic juices London GB If you’re drinking a lot of smoothies and juicing try to use a straw – our diets are becoming quite acidic which can lead to tooth erosion. #<Category:0x0055a2de32fce0> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid mouthwash after brushing London GB Tooth ache can be caused by a combination of things, and one of them is not understanding when to use certain products. Don’t use mouthwash at the same time as brushing your teeth – it will just wash away all the good fluoride in your toothpaste. Instead, use it at a different time like after lunch. Stripping away the good chemicals found in toothpaste can lead to further tooth ache. #<Category:0x0055a2de333660> Show Edit Destroy
Chew on cloves London GB If you’re ever stuck in the middle of nowhere and are unlucky enough to get a toothache, sometimes chewing on some cloves can help alleviate the pain – oil of cloves is used in dentistry as it can dull nerve pain and can be found in most supermarkets. So if you tend to get tooth aches on the regular, make sure to always have some cloves on you! #<Category:0x0055a2de336ba8> Show Edit Destroy
Cupping Therapy CN Cupping therapy has its roots in many parts of the world beyond China, but it is now a mainstay of Eastern Medicine. It is used primarily by trained practitioners (such as licensed acupuncturists). Cupping decreases oxidative stress, by removing oxidants, lactic acid, and stagnant dead blood cells and lymph from the body; this is why athletes are fans, as it speeds recovery from injury and training. #<Category:0x0055a2de33a488> Show Edit Destroy
Cupping Therapy CN Cupping therapy has its roots in many parts of the world beyond China, but it is now a mainstay of Eastern Medicine. It is used primarily by trained practitioners (such as licensed acupuncturists). Several recent systematic reviews of thousands of clinical studies found that the majority of studies show benefit for many musculoskeletal pain conditions, but especially neck pain. #<Category:0x0055a2de33e538> Show Edit Destroy
Cupping Therapy CN Cupping therapy has its roots in many parts of the world beyond China, but it is now a mainstay of Eastern Medicine. It is used primarily by trained practitioners (such as licensed acupuncturists). Several recent systematic reviews of thousands of clinical studies found that the majority of studies show benefit for many musculoskeletal pain conditions, but especially nonspecific lower back pain. #<Category:0x0055a2de341760> Show Edit Destroy
Herbal Facial Steam US A weekly facial steam using the herbs chamomile, lavender and peppermint is good for dry skin. #<Category:0x0055a2d9867ca8> Show Edit Destroy
Goats Milk Soap to help with dry skin Texas US If you have for dry skin this really does help. When in the shower I use goats milk soap - (which is also supposed to be good for eczema). I buy it from a local guy in Texas but any goats milk soap is good… Zum Bar is a brand which is sold at Whole Foods I think is good. #<Category:0x0055a2d985b750> Show Edit Destroy
How to create a better body image GB 1. UNDERSTAND THAT BODY IMAGE IS NOT BASED ON FACT Your body image is not based on fact, but rather your own perception. It is the way you think about your body. ‘My tummy sticks out; I have fat thighs’. It is how you feel about your body. ‘I’m not attractive compared to all my amazing friends’. It is how you feel in your body ‘I’m the fat girl’. If your thoughts and feelings about your body are consistently downbeat, how will you feel? BAD. ANXIOUS. UPSET. CROSS. Maybe? And are they really true? They may FEEL true. This does not make them a fact though. 2. DEVELOP AWARENESS OF YOUR BODY TALK Every single day, thousands of thoughts flicker through your mind, many repetitive and with the potent ability to affect how you feel. If you are constantly berating yourself, you will feel deflated and judged. So take a BIG step back and begin to observe your thoughts. Start to question them. Would you talk to a friend like this? By starting to develop a kinder and more compassionate mind, this is going to help you feel infinitely better. 3. VALUE AND APPRECIATE YOUR BODY TODAY In ten years time you might give your right hand for the body you have today. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to be able to run for that bus and touch your toes; to move independently and enjoy the feeling of physical movement. Focus less on aesthetics and appreciate what your body can do for you. 4. TAKE CARE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA If you are an Instagram stalker of seemingly perfect health-guru bodies; or if you constantly compare yourself to airbrushed and manipulated pictures, then you are not giving yourself a fair comparison. No-one is going to post a photo when they have just rolled out of bed or wearing their holey old pyjamas. 5. GET OFF THOSE WEIGHING SCALES If you are always jumping on and off the weighing scales to attain an instant calibration of your self-worth, guess what will dominate your thoughts. Your weight is not your worth. Use weighing scales occasionally but do not make them your master. 6. STOP COMPARISONS There is nothing more likely to bring on a ‘fat attack’ than looking at your friend’s salad whilst concluding that you are ‘the weak willed unhealthy one’ as you choose the sandwich. Stop worrying about what others are eating and think about what your body needs. Listen and respect it. If you are hungry, feed your body. If not, give it whatever else it needs. 7. QUIT THE BODY CHECKING When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you view your whole and celebrate your curves, your beautiful eyes or your glossy hair? Or do you spend the majority of time scrutinising and prodding your stomach? See yourself as a whole, not just in terms of the body parts you dislike. 8. BE SUPER KIND TO YOUR BODY EVERY DAY Luxury bubble baths, creamy moisturiser, painting your nails, relaxation, movement and stretching. Eat nourishing and tasty foods. If you desire cake, have the cake. Sit down and enjoy every mouthful, without guilt. 9. EXERCISE Moving your body brings improved emotional and physical well-being. Exercise for joy and movement. It doesn’t need to be a slog or something that becomes a punishment or compensation for eating. 10. ROOT OUT THE GHOSTS OF BODY IMAGE PAST Often our body image perceptions can be deep-rooted. For example, even if you are a healthy weight now but were bullied about your size as a child you might still ‘feel fat’, which will undeniably affect your confidence. Question and shake off the old labels. 11. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CHANGE. You can have fabulous shiny hair and a super stylish haircut. You can wear make-up to enhance your features. You can wear clothes that express your own style and flatter your body shape. You can smile. You can have a positive outlook. 12. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE If your body image has been gloomy for a while, you are going to have to invest time into turning this around. It is worth every ounce of effort though and you will reap the benefits through improved self-confidence and self-esteem. #<Category:0x0055a2d984e208> Show Edit Destroy
Mosquito bites – Stop the Itching TH Tiger Balm is a Chinese herbal formulation with roots dating back to Chinese Emperor times. There are two main types of Tiger Balm, red and white. The red balm is a more concentrated and powerful version so if you have sensitivities begin with the white formula. I discovered this trick when I was in Thailand #<Category:0x0055a2d9841300> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of not cutting yourself off from friends and family GB Stay in contact with your friends and family and let them cheer you up as you are allowed to ask for understanding and help. #<Category:0x0055a2de35bc28> Show Edit Destroy
Icepack GB A good old-fashioned ice pack is really soothing on puffy, irritated eyes. #<Category:0x0055a2de35ee50> Show Edit Destroy
This might be gross but.... don't wash your hair London GB Apparently Nits (Hair Lice) do not like dirty hair as much as clean hair. So if you are at risk of catching lice (children at school with lice going around) try to reduce the number of times you wash you hair using shampoo. #<Category:0x0055a2de3625f0> Show Edit Destroy
Choose High Potassium Foods New York City US Try eating high potassium containing foods to beat bloat. Potassium helps to counteract sodium, which makes our bodies retain water. #<Category:0x0055a2de366060> Show Edit Destroy
Ground Yourself US When we experience fear, we often live in our mind and entertain anxiety. Next time you feel this, try breathing into your legs and feet, feeling the earth underneath you. The below yoga poses can help a lot as a way to physically create the sensation of grounding in your body and literally move the center of gravity lower down. #<Category:0x0055a2de369b98> Show Edit Destroy
Find a Mantra You Love US Mantra means to protect the mind. Therefore a mantra practice is a powerful and beautiful way to practice self-love. You can write your own mantra that resonates such as "I love myself, I trust myself'. #<Category:0x0055a2de36d6f8> Show Edit Destroy
Treat Yourself like You Would Treat a Loved One US If you struggle with food and body issues, you may likely have some distorted views of yourself and your body. When you notice these thoughts coming up, practice asking yourself how would I speak to a dear friend or loved one who is struggling right now? What words of wisdom would I offer to him/her to offer support? Then, invite yourself to practice turning those words of wisdom back inwards and offering them to yourself as a gesture of self-compassion. #<Category:0x0055a2de3708f8> Show Edit Destroy
Superhero Stance New York US Scientifically proven that your emotions and self-image can change significantly through adopting certain postures and movements. So stand like a superhero, imagine your a superhero and know that you are a superhero! If repetoire of superheros is limited consult the internet for inspiration #<Category:0x0055a2d97ded40> Show Edit Destroy
Workout Buffalo, NY US Before a big event which I am anxious or nervous about I exercise, any type of exercise which is about sweating and endorphin. Pumps me up and gets my energy up and into a positive attitude. Good pump up music whilst you are working out really helps. #<Category:0x0055a2d97d12a8> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid Drugs & Alchohol GB Keep away from drugs and alcohol. Certain drugs will drain your dopamine system causing a high that sends you plummeting into a depressive state when it’s over. #<Category:0x0055a2d97c47d8> Show Edit Destroy
Exercise and depression GB Exercise as much as you can as exercising releases dopamine and serotonin amongst many other positive outcomes. You can keep your body healthy and boost your psychological immune system. #<Category:0x0055a2de3873f0> Show Edit Destroy
Importance of your diet GB Eat healthy and check if you have intolerances for any food groups. The wrong nourishment can lead to depression symptoms or even a full blown depression. #<Category:0x0055a2de38a528> Show Edit Destroy
Eat Foods with Soluble Fiber New York City US Increase soluble fiber in the diet to help reduce diarrhea. Soluble fiber adds bulk to stool and slows down transit time through the stomach, both which help to lessen diarrhea. #<Category:0x0055a2de38d138> Show Edit Destroy
Keep a food journal CA There could be a number of triggers or reasons for indigestion, bloating, etc., and this varies greatly depending on the person. One of the most common triggers could be intolerance to a specific food, which again could be different for each individual, so one great way to help identify the trigger is keeping a food journal. This is basically writing down what you eat and what time, and then writing down when you're symptoms appear, what they are, and what time. There could be many other triggers for digestive issues, just some of which are: lack of digestive enzymes, lack of healthy gut bacteria, IBS, celiac disease, water and sodium intake, etc.). So if keeping a food and symptom journal doesn't help, the best advice would be to work with a health professional such as dietitian to help understand and troubleshoot what the issue might be (also, keeping a food journal before seeing a health professional such as a dietitian is always a good idea). #<Category:0x0055a2dd599018> Show Edit Destroy
Awareness of Ourselves and Our Surroundings GB In these hectic fast-flowing times it can be easy to let the little things pass us by. This can potentially lead to an under-appreciation of our surroundings. Taking the time to list one or two things/people/places for which we are grateful each day is a small step which can help re-ignite our child-like wonder for the world. As we increase our awareness of the outside world, it is important to recognise our internal state and needs. Learning to read the signs and symptoms of our mind and body can help us decide when to push the accelerator and when to slow down. Here is an easy full body awareness meditation which can be done at any time. #<Category:0x0055a2dd59c8d0> Show Edit Destroy
Feeling sick GB I've struggled with IBS for years and I often feel very bad nausea because of it. I have found a great tip is fresh ginger tea. If it is organic, you can leave the skin on, just wash it. #<Category:0x0055a2d9777d20> Show Edit Destroy
Otovent Balloon GB The horrible sensation you experience as the plane has levelled out after take-off, but you ears still haven't popped, can be very painful and/or uncomfortable. The Otovent is a balloon with a little device attached to it that allows you blow up the balloon using your nose. Use of the Otovent balloon equalises pressure to relieve pain in the middle ear. It is especially useful for children. #<Category:0x0055a2dd5aa7c8> Show Edit Destroy
Positive self-talk CA As cheesy as it sounds, positive self-talk is very important. Many people (of all shapes and sizes) put themselves down and they don’t even realize it (or they do realize it and can’t help it), and in turn it ends up hindering their goals and their progress because they already feel defeated. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend or a family member, don’t say it to yourself. Eff the media’s beauty standards (because that’s what really makes us feel this way), and fall in love with your body the way it is, and do this for other reasons that don’t just have to do with your body itself, such as confidence, strength, health (short-term and long-term), endurance, energy, etc.). It takes some getting used to, and even practice, but it gets easier and becomes more of a habit if you keep practicing. #<Category:0x0055a2dd5add60> Show Edit Destroy
Do not let yourself get too hungry CA Try not to let yourself get hungry throughout the day/night. Allowing yourself to feel full and satisfied throughout the day with the right foods (filling foods with healthy complex carbs with fibre, fats and proteins), will give your body the energy and the fuel it needs, as well as to help prevent you from picking or unnecessarily snacking during the day or evening. #<Category:0x0055a2de390540> Show Edit Destroy
Going Beyond the Body US If you notice yourself getting stuck in negative self- talk and negative body image, ask yourself who else am I besides my physical body? We tend to place so much importance on our physical appearance and comparing to others, often at the expense of connecting to what nourishes our spirit and soul. What are the non-physical qualities that feel like you? #<Category:0x0055a2d973fee8> Show Edit Destroy
BYOB - Bring Your Own Boots GB Properly fitting equipment and being comfortable on the slopes is a must. There is nothing worse than having numb feet, or gritting through the pain of a pressure point on your shin after the first run. If you are uncomfortable or in pain, that with be reflected in your skiing, turning it into a not so fun experience. Having your own equipment, even just boots is definitely worth it. However, if you are renting a pair, make sure you are totally comfortable and if they give you any pain, don’t hesitate to go back to the rental shop to find a pair that are right for you. #<Category:0x0055a2de39ef78> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga Inversions can help make you happy GB Inversions such as shoulder stands and head stands are known to boost your mood & connect to joy. #<Category:0x0055a2de3a2998> Show Edit Destroy
Time for Tea GB Yet another use for tea that you probably didn’t know about! Tea is a natural astringent. Astringents are substances that shrink or contract body tissues. Tea acts to shrink the pores in the skin, so reduces the amount you sweat. The bad odour from sweat is not actually the sweat itself, rather it is the bacteria living on our skin breaking down the sweat. Tea has antibacterial properties, so it kills the odour causing bacteria that are present on your feet. #<Category:0x0055a2de3a5e40> Show Edit Destroy
Purge Breathing GB Various deep breathing exercises are a great way to compensate for the decreased intake of oxygen at higher altitudes, and being mindful of how you breath at high altitudes can prevent the onset of altitude sickness. Purge breathing is used by free-divers to hyper-oxygenate their blood before holding their breaths for up to 20 mins, and this can be really helpful for overcoming or preventing altitude sickness. #<Category:0x0055a2de3a8d20> Show Edit Destroy
Massage your jaw to help with teeth grinding London GB If you suffer from teeth grinding, spend a moment to massage your jaw. Teeth grinding is sometimes seen solely as a dental issue, however it directly relates to the temporal-mandibular joint (the contact point between the jaw and the rest of the head). Tension at the joint leads to grinding. #<Category:0x0055a2de3acb50> Show Edit Destroy
Hit the gym GB Skiing is definitely a full body workout. It works all the major muscle groups, especially your quads and glutes, as well as being great cardiovascular exercise. Chances are, unless you ski regularly, your body will get a bit of a shock when you get back on the slopes. Though there is nothing like actual skiing to get your ski legs back on track, you can give yourself a helping hand by doing a little varied exercise to help you get the best out of your holiday. #<Category:0x0055a2d96eb0f0> Show Edit Destroy
Hand Position to help give your confidence a boost London GB You can use this in meetings or at times when you need to lead. This is a position known to increase relaxation and grounded power. In fact it is one you will see German Prime Minister Angela Merkel use from time to time. #<Category:0x0055a2d96decd8> Show Edit Destroy
Ramp up calcium intake GB Women start to lose bone density from the age of around 35, but after the onset of menopause bone loss speeds up exponentially, making post-menopausal women more susceptible to osteoporosis and bone fractures. This is due to the gradual loss of the female hormone oestrogen, which helps protect bone strength. Trying to increase your intake of foods that contain calcium is a great way for slowing down the loss of bone density. This can be done through a variety of foods such as dairy products and leafy green vegetables, or with the help of a supplement. #<Category:0x0055a2d96d57c8> Show Edit Destroy
Protect your paws GB The most common reason why most people suffer from dry, brittle and soft nails is usually frequent exposure to water and strong soaps. The constant cycle of nails getting wet, then dry, then wet again in combination with these strong soaps draws the moisture out of the nails, causing them to become dry and brittle. The best thing to do to try and prevent this is to protect your hand. #<Category:0x0055a2de3c10f0> Show Edit Destroy
Diprobase London GB After washing, use Diprobase to sooth the skin and counteract eczeme flaring up. Make sure you apply after washing when the skin is clean. #<Category:0x0055a2de3c4480> Show Edit Destroy
Leave them alone! GB No matter how much you may want to, avoid picking or popping your whiteheads. Unless your hands are clean, there is a chance that the thousands of strains of bacteria living on them and the dirt you have accumulated throughout the day could cause infection, causing further inflammation that can possibly make the whiteheads worse. Breaking of the skin an causing a wound can also add to inflammation, therefore taking the whitehead longer to heal. #<Category:0x0055a2d934a838> Show Edit Destroy
A great way to Rebalance the Pelvis London GB This simple trick will help you rebalance the Pelvis and may help to relieve some of the back pain you were experiencing. #<Category:0x0055a2d933d430> Show Edit Destroy
Whats your type? London GB We spend so much time, effort and money on our precious skincare products and routines but we are never fully satisfied with the results... This is usually down to the fact that we never really know what skin type we have. To quickly find out what skin type you have, cleans your face and let it dry. Wait an hour and see how it feels. If a feeling of tightness and pulling starts, perhaps a few fine lines and a mild rash? - You've got dry skin! Your skin needs instant replenishment after cleansing to feel good. If after cleansing your skin feels smooth and cool, but after an hour an oil residue appears, you have oily skin. Enlarged pores, shiny forehead and a general suffering of breakouts... that's right, oily skin. A cousin of the oily skin type is Mr. Combination Skin. Dry patches followed by an oily T zone and redness are the main signs of this skin type. Seasonal changes have a big impact on the general behavior of your skin - Humidity and sunshine cause excess oil while winters bring severe dryness. If you feel tightness, burning, frequent breakouts and react to most products your skin is sensitive, This is a sub-category of skin types nowadays as many of us react to various cosmetics due to nasty chemicals and alcohol hidden away in the beautiful packaged jars and bottles. What we all try to strive towards is normal skin. This skin type has an even skin tone, a radiant complexion with rare cases of breakouts. Products feel fine on the skin and there are no changes through out the day. #<Category:0x0055a2d96b8a88> Show Edit Destroy
3 different techniques to improve your flexibility London GB Natural flexibility varies from individual to individual and it is important not to compare yourself to others. There are several factors which influences one’s range of motion and these include gender, age, genetics and time dedicated to practice. Some people are naturally more flexible than others as they have a higher proportion of a stretchy substance called elastin in relation to the harder firm substance collagen which make up the connective tissues. Flexibility has several health benefits such as reducing risks of injury and better posture etc and can be improved when practising yoga or similar sports. Too much natural flexibility can result in unstable joints and potential dislocations so building strength in the muscles is also as important. #<Category:0x0055a2d96ac170> Show Edit Destroy
Toothbrush and Lip Balm London GB This is a sort of mini lip 'facial' to soothe the horrible sting and the feeling of dry, chapped lips. Lips are prone to getting especially chapped in winter, or during a flight on an aeroplane. This is because the dry air, cold winds and/or constant air filtration can really wreak havoc on the state of your lips, drying them out. This little routine can be easily recreated at home, or indeed anywhere, when the need arises. The 1st step - liberal application of lip balm adds moisture to your lips. The 2nd step, the mint toothpaste gives a soothing, cooling sensation and then your toothbrush helps to exfoliate away the dead skin. The 3rd step or more lip balm application soothes and moisturises your lips, helping to prevent them getting dry again. #<Category:0x0055a2de3dfcd0> Show Edit Destroy
Recurrent Vaginal Thrush or Candida London GB This is a very common yeast infection in women with symptoms of vaginal cheesy white discharge, intensely itchy skin and sometimes soreness. Other than the localised symptoms you are well in yourself. I often see recurrent thrush and this can be highly upsetting for the individual. #<Category:0x0055a2de3e27f0> Show Edit Destroy
Tested by the UK NHS and once distributed by the NCT GB The Nevasic app - was tested by the NHS and their published report in the Practising Midwife Journal showed an over 90% success rate in reducing and eliminating symptoms of NVP. #<Category:0x0055a2de3e5428> Show Edit Destroy
FOMO is designed to make you sad. Turn away! US FOMO is a natural response to life. We think where ever we are is not good enough. This is part of the not wanting to be present phenomenon. My friend Larry used to say, "Any party we are at is the best party in town, cause we are here" Thats true party enlightenment. Thank your friends for having a great time while you are off somewhere else and go enjoy your life. Cure is if you ever feel FOMO for even a second, SMASH IT! Don't let it live at all! Turn away and move on. #<Category:0x0055a2de3e9140> Show Edit Destroy
Stretch after a hot bath GB There are so many benefits to stretching: It reduces the risk of injury, encourages blood flow throughout your limbs – delivering oxygen to tired muscles to help them repair properly. I think stretching, when done properly, can feel so satisfying. It also helps you relax, keeps you feeling good and helps to improve your posture, so no more slouching! Normally you would stretch after exercising, when your muscles are warm and the blood flow to limbs and muscles is optimal. You shouldn’t try to stretch out cold muscles as it can heighten risk of pulling or straining one, and heighten the risk of injury. Therefore stretching after a hot bath is ideal if you haven’t warmed up your muscles already with a workout. #<Category:0x0055a2d9676f70> Show Edit Destroy
Homemade sugar scrub GB Do you suffer from dry lips constantly? I know I do as I have a habit of biting my lip absentmindedly or when anxious and nervous. It all tends to be a bit of a vicious cycle. I find this homemade scrub really helps to slough off that dry dead skin and reveal the soft, pout-ready lip underneath. The honey, especially if it is raw honey, has antibacterial qualities so can help with healing. Some people say that vanilla can help ward off cold sores, so that is also a plus. Both of these combined with sugar really tastes good. I have to be careful I don’t eat it all off! (If you find the honey too sticky, you can always use coconut oil or olive oil) #<Category:0x0055a2d964f790> Show Edit Destroy
Sage (Salvia officinalis) GB People have been using pleasant smells to mask nasty smells for a hundreds of years, usually pungent, sweet sickly smells. Sage, otherwise known as Salvia officinalis, on the other hand has a savoury, slightly peppery smell, and you would think it is an unusual choice for combatting bad odour. That is right, because the smell is nowhere near strong enough to combat the foot pong! However, sage has intrinsic antibacterial and anti fungal properties and also contains tannic acid, which helps to reduce sweat, thereby helping to decrease foot odour. #<Category:0x0055a2d9647450> Show Edit Destroy
Ground your senses GB Just as you try to calm your mind after awaking from a particularly horrible nightmare, it it really important to ground your senses. It is a way reassure your body, as well as your mind, that you are awake, safe, and in a safe space. You want to ground each of your senses as soon as you get up: taste, touch, smell and sound. #<Category:0x0055a2d963def0> Show Edit Destroy
To help with loneliness: Self-Enquiry & Non- Attachment London GB Another method is the path of self-enquiry and non-attachment. #<Category:0x0055a2d96356b0> Show Edit Destroy
Balance your hormones naturally, and reduce symptoms of PMS London GB PMS symptoms, heavy periods, cramps and blood clots are often a sign that your sex hormones are out of balance. In order to truly deal with the core root of the problem, and not just the symptoms you would therefore need to try to rebalance your hormones. #<Category:0x0055a2d9629590> Show Edit Destroy
Act! Depression is a sign that we are not acting. NY US Depression isn't real (nothing is real). Depression is a state that we go to when we disconnect with source energy. Reconnecting with source can be done through prayer and meditation. Those are staples to a good day. When we utilize prayer and meditation we will be led to "do" things that will connect us with others. Those actions are the cure and prayer and meditation are sure tools to guide us to right action. #<Category:0x0055a2d9618600> Show Edit Destroy
How to rid yourself of Gout naturally GB Gout is the build up of Uric Acid in the body, which it forms crystals around the joints causing inflammation, swelling and pain. People with gout either over-produce uric acid or are less efficient than others at eliminating it. My grandfather has suffered for years with gout, and modern treatments irritated his ulcer, so for years he put up with the pain and frequent outbreaks. I suggested this formula and it has worked wonders. Outbreaks are less frequent and he is able to deal with the symptoms at the first sign of an outbreak; reducing the pain and inflammation that he previously was experiencing. #<Category:0x0055a2d9608520> Show Edit Destroy
Labour starting the the middle of the night Sydney AU Going in to labour is exciting and terrifying, especially the first time it happens. When it starts at night there is an instant feeling of getting up and doing your timing, waking up your partner and getting ready for the big event. Labour is tiring at the best of times, but going through the night (especially labour starting at night) can easily make you exhausted. The more tired you are the less resistance you have to pain and the harder it becomes to deal with it. Here are some tips to help you to conserve your energy and start your labour in the best possible way. Good luck! #<Category:0x0055a2de412ab8> Show Edit Destroy
7 Ways to Change Your Thinking About Working Out US Perhaps each evening you say to yourself, “Tomorrow morning I will do it. I will put on my sneakers and make it happen!” Only to find that the morning gets eaten up by responding to emails, sleep, getting your kids out the door or cleaning your bathroom floor. (It’s amazing what we will do to avoid moving our bodies!) Whatever it is that is keeping you from getting in a workout, I wanted to share a few ways to help you make it happen. And please believe me when I say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As much as I love to move, I often battle with the long list of things I want to do in addition to exercising. Here are some of my best tricks: #<Category:0x0055a2de4164d8> Show Edit Destroy
Meditation to Discover or Implement Purpose - Your Life's Calling US Purpose can be defined as a goal, an intention, or an objective. There is no right or wrong way to do this meditation on purpose. The focus is to work with one specific purpose or objective in your life, to allow the full range of emotions associated with it and to clear any issues that present themselves. If you do not have a defined purpose, this meditation will also help you discover one. #<Category:0x0055a2de419318> Show Edit Destroy
Yin Yoga to Beat the Blues GB There is nothing like a relaxing yin yoga practice to beat the Sunday night blues, chill you out and get you ready for a good night's sleep! There are some amazing videos of different lengths available online to guide you through your practice. Even a quick 15 minutes will leave you feeling amazing! Try having a long bath and getting ready for bed before, so you can slip under the covers right after your savasana. Dim the lights or light some candles, play some gentle music, burn some incense or use aromatherapy oils to calm you and focus on your breath throughout your practice. Yoga is a brilliant way to empty the mind of thoughts and worries, and a restorative yin practice is perfect for tired bodies on a Sunday night! #<Category:0x0055a2de41d670> Show Edit Destroy
Oil Pulling GB Bad breath is a sign that there is an imbalance of bacteria in your mouth. Many people turn to mouth wash as the solution, but this can often make the problem worse, by killing the 'good' bacteria in your mouth, making way for more 'bad' bacteria to colonise. This is an ancient Ayurvedic method that benefits not only dental hygiene but has a positive effect on immunity and helps to clear skin. #<Category:0x0055a2de420a50> Show Edit Destroy
Magical Turmeric Balm GB Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and works wonders on healing small cuts and scratches. Simply mix 1/2 a teaspoon of dried turmeric with 2-3 drops of water and mix into a paste. Rub into cuts and scratches then cover with a plaster and leave for up to 24 hours, making sure to try and keep the area dry. #<Category:0x0055a2de424178> Show Edit Destroy
Sex and Orgasms GB Sex, and orgasms in particular, releases endorphins which can completely outshine the pain sensations from a light headache, plus it's also a great distraction. #<Category:0x0055a2d952f3d8> Show Edit Destroy
Honey GB Good quality honey not only soothes the throat nicely but also has antibacterial properties which can help soothe a sore throat #<Category:0x0055a2de433fb0> Show Edit Destroy
Peppermint helps with gas GB Peppermint tablets or peppermint tea can help alleviate symptoms like bloating, flatulence, and digestive problems in general. #<Category:0x0055a2de435540> Show Edit Destroy
Using Intuition to Learn Self-Trust US Intuition is a capacity you’re born with as a human being, not a power one acquires. It’s innate. Most of us as children learn not to trust our inner wisdom, therefore grow up questions ourselves. We may have a gut feeling about something or hear a quiet whisper but lack the trust in ourselves to follow through on what we're being guided to do. The main result of this is lack of self-esteem. Intuition, when learned to be used as practical, everyday tool, builds self-esteem and the courage to follow through on our internal guidance. You are always receiving data from your intuition, you’re just usually unaware of the process. The trick to using your intuition more effectively is to bring the unconscious data to a place your mind can interpret it. It is often symbolic and fragmented – not linear and clear. Expresses itself through metaphors and symbols. It doesn’t often make sense especially if it’s about the future, which is why it’s so important to verify it! There are no feelings attached to it – it’s just information. We attach feeling to it based on our lifetime of experiences. Following intuition is about becoming congruent with your souls yearnings, and hearts’ desire. With practice, over time, this exercise will give you the direct experience of intuition. You will begin to understand how your intuition speaks to you and through you. It is only through verifying the information that intuition becomes useful and relevant. Intuition will help simplify an already complex world and mind. And by asking the right questions and applying these techniques efficiently, what you think you want/need versus what your subconscious will allow will become glaringly present. It is amazing how different these may be. Bottom line: It’s the simplest, most basic part of us. Don’t complicate it. Just keep practicing, document it for verification – and have fun!   #<Category:0x0055a2de43ea50> Show Edit Destroy
Eat More Pumpkin Seeds US Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, a mineral that's important for immune system function. Enjoy them in salads, as a soup topping, or sprinkled over oatmeal or yogurt. You can even grind them in a food processor with basil, olive oil, and parmesan cheese to make pumpkin seed pesto to enjoy with pasta. #<Category:0x0055a2d7abbe98> Show Edit Destroy
Try Headspace's "Fear of Flying" meditation GB Headspace has a great meditation app with specific meditations for those with fear of flying. Download the app + meditation before you board the plane and listen to them before you take off or during your flight and watch your nervousness melt away. Obviously, regular meditation by simply paying attention to your breath will work too. #<Category:0x0055a2de449db0> Show Edit Destroy
Deeper Healing for Sore Throats - Speak your Inner Truth US Sore throats can be caused for many reasons. This remedy helps deal with underlying, energetic reasons that will help heal your sore throat. A sore throat can be a sign of not speaking your authentic truth and not listening to your Higher Self. It may be hard to tell people what you're really feeling, your needs, your desires or your dreams. Below are a few exercises that will help you practice speaking your truth in a safe place so that you can build courage and confidence to speak to others in a truthful and compassionate way which owns personal responsibility. #<Category:0x0055a2de453b58> Show Edit Destroy
Get off the sugar roller coaster London GB Cravings for sugar or refined carbohydrates tend to happen when our body needs an energy boost. As our body can extract energy from sugar very quickly, it is therefore the 'go to' food for when we feel low. Overcome this energy slump by eating for sustained energy. Have meals that are low in glycemic load – whole unprocessed foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and beans. Include good fats and lean protein too to slow down stomach emptying and increase satiety. #<Category:0x0055a2de455d40> Show Edit Destroy
Do a food allergy / intolerance test GB If you're looking for a natural cure for eczema, it could be worth to have a food allergy and tolerance test done. I discovered I was intolerant for cow's and sheep's dairy and my eczema has gone since I've eliminated these out of my diet. #<Category:0x0055a2de45f8b8> Show Edit Destroy
Let it out! GB Anger is a normal human emotion and it's healthy to let it out. Cropping up anger can lead to unreasonable and destructive outbursts. When you feel angry, take yourself away from the trigger and find an environment or activity that allows you to let off steam in a controlled and safe manner, for example: physical exercise (boxing and running work very well for me personally), screaming in your pillow when no-one's there, yoga, meditation or simply getting things off your chest with an impartial loved one. #<Category:0x0055a2de460b00> Show Edit Destroy
Try Egyptian Magic Cream GB If regular body lotions and even coconut oil don't do the trick, try Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream. It's done wonders for my dry, parched skin. You can get it on Amazon. #<Category:0x0055a2de46ac18> Show Edit Destroy
Your own spit for Mosquito Bites GB Going on holiday, if you forget to bring your after-bite cream with you, apparently your spit can help stop the itching of mosquito bites, although only temporarily. #<Category:0x0055a2de46c8d8> Show Edit Destroy
Coconut water super hydrator GB When you're really dehydrated, getting the extra electrolytes from coconut water rather than water can make for faster rehydration, and help with the symptoms of a hangover. #<Category:0x0055a2de477120> Show Edit Destroy
Breathing Meditation for Calming Anxiety US When you find your mind spinning out of control, or you feel like someone is stepping on your chest, or the feeling like you have to run out of situation you are in, this is a powerful way to get back into your body. This meditation calms your mind, brings you back into the present moment and helps overcome anxiety all around. It can be done anytime and anyplace. Standing, sitting, walking and anything in between. You can even be in the middle of a conversation with someone - they will never know. #<Category:0x0055a2de4781b0> Show Edit Destroy
A Life Coach's view of fear London GB Fear and excitement are the same thing. On the other side of fear is excitement. It is this excitement that entices us to move through the fear. The best method to alleviate fear is to welcome it. Fear means that you are alive and you are about to grow. Whether it’s asking your date for a kiss or singing in front of hundreds of people or going through a health crisis. #<Category:0x0055a2de4825e8> Show Edit Destroy
Milk and Yoghurt! Guildford GB There have been many scientific studies linking a calcium- rich diet with a decrease in various PMS symptoms. Eat and drink calcium rich foods such as yoghurt, milk, cheese, sardines or spinach or otherwise take a calcium supplement and see if that helps your PMS. #<Category:0x0055a2de485a90> Show Edit Destroy
Clue App London GB A friend recommended this app to me and I am obsessed with it! It takes about 3 minutes to set up and gives you a really comprehensive look at your cycle, and helps you to track various PMS symptoms like bloating, pain, and mood changes. It also tells you when you are ovulating and when your fertile window, and you can set reminders on it for when your period is arriving and even use it to remind you to take your birth control. My favourite part of the app is that they also explain a lot of the science behind your period. If you have a daughter/niece/young relative who has just started their period, get them this; it has all the basic information about their cycle and should help them feel a bit more at ease about the whole situation. Best of all, the app is free! #<Category:0x0055a2d883e458> Show Edit Destroy
Can't shake off the sadness..? GB Grief is a natural reaction to any kind of loss. It’s the norm, and sometimes conflicting feelings are caused by loss. It is usually associated with the death of someone we love, a partner, family member, friend or pet. However, there are many other life experiences that can produce grief, such as miscarriages, major health changes, moving location or loss of opportunities. Grief is a fundamental part of the human condition. We grieve all of life’s losses, not just bereavement. These endings are also a kind of death, bringing with them deep sorrows that require time and space to heal. Such ‘deaths’ involve losing aspects of ourselves and they can happen not just a few times in our lifetime, but monthly, weekly and even daily. We all experience loss many times in our lives but for most of us we have been socialised to believe that expressing these feelings is abnormal or wrong in some way. Over time the pain of unresolved grief is cumulative and can have a lifelong impact on a persons capacity for happiness. Depressive mood, hopelessness and anxious feelings are common reactions to unprocessed grief. I believe we need to honour these losses in the same way that we mark the gains in our lives, because both events fundamentally change us. You could say that, just as we celebrate the ‘comings’ of life, such as an 18th birthday, marriage and childbirth, we also need to honour the ‘goings’. Whilst we have the ritual of funerals to help us through the loss of friends and family, we are rarely taught how to honour and let go of other hurts, losses and betrayals in ways that are healthy for us. The result is that many of us store up this grief, accumulating them year after year until, in our middle adult years, we find ourselves bursting with a pain so great that we can not even contemplate examining it. Instead, many of us simply batten down the hatches of our heart and endure. The result is that our life becomes smaller, shallower and narrower. Everything is less than it could be, including ourselves. This sense of ‘less than’ can mean not only that we lose our potential to thrive and make the most of our lives, but also that a coldness and bitterness of heart can set in. This is the reason why many of us walk around in a cloud of negativity and indulge in moaning, bitching and gossip, both at work and at home. But I believe such negative behaviour is often a sign of unexpressed hurt, sadness and pain, what the Psychotherapist David Richo calls ‘a poor man’s grief’? The impact of this avoidance can be far-reaching. In my work as a coach and facilitator of personal development programmes I have worked with hundreds of people who describe themselves, or have been diagnosed, as ‘depressed’ or ‘anxious’. And I have found again and again over the years that for many people this is a misdiagnosis because what they are really suffering from is unprocessed grief. The truth is that failure to process the impact of major life challenges can result in symptoms that look similar to depression. This is of course not to deny that some people have clinical depression or anxiety disorders. What I am suggesting is that there are others who sense that they are misdiagnosed, or who believe they are depressives, but in fact are suffering from a failure to turn and face specific issues of loss in their life that can actually be resolved and in the process save themselves from a lifetime of pain and suffering. But, how to tell the difference? In my experience, if people are allowed a safe and nurturing space to express and make sense of blocked emotions arising from past hurts, betrayals and losses, what happens is this, quite simply, they get better. Here are my top ten tips to help deal with the feelings of grief. #<Category:0x0055a2d881d7d0> Show Edit Destroy
Lack of sleep London GB Lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time can result in exhaustion and effect your health in the long term. If you feel alert at bed time and your mind cannot switch off try the following tips. Create a simple bedtime ritual to help you wind down and signal to your body that it’s time to relax and get ready for sleep. - Did you know the light from electronic devices can interfere with your ability to fall asleep. So turn off the gadgets like the TV, computer or any screens at least an hour before bed. - Have a warm cup of chamomile tea - Read a book - Listen to a short guided meditation #<Category:0x0055a2de499f68> Show Edit Destroy
Turmeric Face Mask IN Whenever I feel my skin flaring up, I make this turmeric mask for both my face & neck. It reduces inflammation, any redness, and heals the skin. It's easy to make, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin so nicely. #<Category:0x0055a2de4a3dd8> Show Edit Destroy
Suffering From Bloating Discomfort? London GB There are so many causes to bloating, which range from digestive issues, food intolerance, too much fibre, etc. Try and monitor what time of the day you feel bloated, for example do you wake up feeling bloated or does it gradually build up over the day. Can you link it eating certain foods which you may be intolerant to. #<Category:0x0055a2de4a6970> Show Edit Destroy
How to make a brain boosting smoothie GB If you think about what happens when you blend food. It starts to break down the fiber and protein within the fruit and veg that you choose to add. Breaking this down effectively starts the digestion process outside of the body. Although the chewing of food is important for nourishment, and many processes in the digestive tract are only activated under the circumstance of chewing. So, is blending a good way to pack in your nutrients? #<Category:0x0055a2d87dbd30> Show Edit Destroy
Rosemary oil ZA With stress on the rise and with technology taking over, many people constantly report having difficulties concentrating. Although like everything, even concentration needs to be treated holistically and lifestyle and diet are key! But that does not mean that there aren't specific tricks one can rely on and of course, nature caters for that too! essential oils are true magic and there is one for practically every ailment of problem! and of course, one for concentration too! Rosemary is absolutely wonderful to create a calm environment and stimulating the brain. This effect has energy levels picking up and our mind becoming sharper. The blood flows through the brain, taking more oxygen with it too, so neurological functions pick up and improve. Rosemary also has a nervine action, which calms and soothes the nerves. So even as energy levels boost, they can be channeled into the right mental space , keeping us in a positive frame of mind and giving us the energy we need to focus better and concentrate. #<Category:0x0055a2de4b3cb0> Show Edit Destroy
Heal your Gut for good breath ZA Bad Breath (Halitosis) can be a very disturbing condition and it affects a fair amount of people unfortunately. Although sometimes bad breath goes down to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking and eating the wrong food, or poor oral hygiene, there can be deeper issues to take into consideration and it all always goes back to the gut! Digestive disorders can cause an accumulation of toxins that can, amongst other things, show up as bad breath. When working with clients I like to tackle all possible scenarios so i start with oral hygiene all the way down to healing the digestive system #<Category:0x0055a2de4b5f60> Show Edit Destroy
How to respond to the ‘Are you going to have children’ question GB You may know what it’s like. That dreaded question get’s asked. ‘So are you thinking of having children?’ or variation of such words. How do you answer it without attracting more unnecessary attention? Agree a standard response with your partner. Agree what you both willing to say and not to say. When we were asked we used to have a standard response which was ‘We are not sure we can have children but we are OK about that.’ It was far more honest than people expected which prevented the conversation going any further and it also didn’t indicate who had the problem, we agreed never to disclose that apart to very close friends. You may or may not want to say something similar however having a rehearsed response prevents you from getting caught up in the emotion of the situation and being on tender hooks afraid of people asking. #<Category:0x0055a2de4bed68> Show Edit Destroy
Don't struggle alone GB Infertility can be a very lonely journey. Even friends and family don’t really understand what it’s like. People underestimate the level of stress women experience when struggling to conceive. A Harvard Medical School study demonstrated that the stress levels of women experiencing infertility were equivalent to those with AIDS, cancer and heart disease. And no-one tells them just to relax! There is support out there. Fertility Network UK are a national support charity providing support for couples struggling to conceive as well as campaigning for fairness in IVF funding. They have support groups as well as a support/advice line. Check out their services here: There are numerous online support forums, Fertility Friends being the biggest. #<Category:0x0055a2de4c0758> Show Edit Destroy
Fertility Visualisation GB The mind and body are one system. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. Your unconscious mind controls all your bodily functions, sometimes it could benefit from a little helping hand. Visualising your body doing what you want it to do can make all the difference. Whether it is your ovulating, harvesting a large number of healthy eggs for IVF or the embryo embedding safely. Your imagination is a gateway to your unconscious mind. You don’t need to visualise things in medical or accurate way, whatever metaphor comes to mind for you. For example if I am ill I visualise a pac-man inside me eating up the virus. If I have sports injury I imagine little workmen in my body fixing my muscle. Let your unconscious mind know exactly what you want it to do. Do this for about 2-3 minutes three times a day. To add some more power to it, feel in to the visualisation. Feel what it would feel like knowing your body was doing that. #<Category:0x0055a2d879cf68> Show Edit Destroy
Use a natural based oil at night... London GB If you suffer from spots and oily skin, use a natural based oil instead of a night cream. You trick the skin by making it think there is enough oil already and over time sebum production and breakouts go down. Try it! #<Category:0x0055a2de4ce7e0> Show Edit Destroy
It's not WHAT you do it's WHY you do it GB On the journey to getting pregnant it is easy to do more and more things that you hope will make a difference. Whether taking your daily temperatures, acupuncture, yoga, herbs, checking your diet etc. etc. It can be never ending. However, these things could be actually damaging your chances of getting pregnant. It’s not what you do it’s why you do it that has a bigger impact. If you are doing things out of fear of not getting pregnant, out of fear of not doing them then that fear could be doing more damage than the benefit of the thing itself. If it feels inspiring do it. If it feels like you are doing it out of fear stop it. It doesn’t have to be for ever but trust your instinct. Do the things that inspire you. Nothing else. The rest is fear. Don’t feed it. #<Category:0x0055a2d877f9e0> Show Edit Destroy
Project You v Project Baby GB Project You v Project Baby The journey to getting pregnant can become a mission. Life becomes ‘Project Baby’. Life feels like it is on hold and you can’t get on and build the life you want until Project Baby is complete, and successful. This is fuelled by fear. Fear of not getting pregnant, fear of being too old if it doesn’t happen soon etc. This fear is going to make it more challenging to get pregnant. What are you putting on hold because of Project Baby? The more we feel stuck the more our body and systems feel stuck. How can you get life flowing again, even in the smallest of ways ahead of having a baby? Whether is doing more creative things you have not been doing for some time, starting the business you’ve always wanted to do, whatever it may be when life flows, you flow and your body flows in a more healthy and harmoneous way. #<Category:0x0055a2de4db3a0> Show Edit Destroy
Are the reasons you exercise preventing you from being happy? London GB Happiness can be thought of as a process, rather than a goal. If we are only exercising to look a certain way (social media certainly doesn't help here!) then the goal posts, and consequently our feelings of achievement and self-worth, will of course keeping moving further away too. This means happiness, the supposed end result, will never be attained. We need to try and re-frame the way we view exercise and fitness - it should be functional, sustainable and most of all enjoyable. This means each time we exercise we can feel satisfied in the here and now, that we have achieved something and done something our mind-body will thank us for immediately - not when we have that six pack or can run a half marathon necessarily. Exercise is a way to be present, and we all know that being present and mindful can lead us to being more accepting of who and what we are. This is ultimately happiness, and by integrating sustainable exercise routines into our everyday life, we can extend these moments of adrenaline rushes and serotonin releases naturally and healthily into our lives, without being consumed by it as a goal in itself. #<Category:0x0055a2dda824d0> Show Edit Destroy
Magnesium glycinate for anxiety US Try magnesium glycinate (not magnesium citrate!) at a dose of 300-500mg twice per day for anxiety. This form of magnesium also helps with insomnia, and it can help restless leg syndrome, menstrual cramps, and eye twitches by relaxing muscles. #<Category:0x0055a2dda84168> Show Edit Destroy
Turmeric for mild to moderate depression US Clinical trials for turmeric, or its component curcumin, have shown it to be effective as a standalone treatment for depression, or in combination with pharmaceutical antidepressant medications. It is safe to take alone or with antidepressants, and it's safe for breastfeeding moms. Take a turmeric supplement with 95% curcuminoids at a dose of 500-1000mg, twice per day. It can be taken indefinitely alone, or combined with other supplements that improve mood, such as St John's Wort, magnesium glycinate, and adaptogenic herbs. #<Category:0x0055a2de4deac8> Show Edit Destroy
A kiwi with its skin Manama BH Choose a kiwi with a rather soft outer skin. Cut into slices and eat with the skin on. Kiwi skin works wonders for constipation. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber - both are very important for a healthy gut and bowel movements. Make sure to drink enough water too! #<Category:0x0055a2de4e1430> Show Edit Destroy
Count your blessings FR Did you know that counting your blessings can actually help you... feeling blessed? That is, it can make you feel happy :-) You can make a daily practise out of telling yourself what you have to be grateful for. Now, why would you want to do that? Because, we're often so spoiled that we take things for granted. We take our good health for granted, we take our friends and family for granted, and we sometimes choose to focus on the bad stuff. At the end of the day, we sometimes g over it, typically before we go to sleep, and we remember the most important events of the day. This could be that our boss told us off, that we got stuck in traffic (if you live in France, it would be that the railways were on strike :-)), that the roast chicken we bought wasn't really very good and that we'd much better have taken the pork chops. This is negative thinking and many of us think that this is just a realistic picture of the day. A realistic but depressing picture of the day. If you don't want to nurture a depression, you could start thinking about all the good things that happened during the day. They surely couldn't all have been that bad, could they? Maybe your child gave you a radiant smile, you got a postcard from a friend on holiday or maybe you enjoyed a hot bath. You could also just be grateful that you're pain free. Lots of people aren't. So practising making a list of these positive things, mentally or writing them down, can actually shift your focus from the bad things. I'm not saying that they don't exist but the good things exist too. Which do you prefer? It's really up to you what you choose to focus on, your blessings or your grievances. Try it and see if you don't feel better. This is something that gains power if you make a habit out of it. If you want more happiness enhancing tools, join us at the Choosing Happiness Summit: #<Category:0x0055a2d872f3a0> Show Edit Destroy
Feel alone? London GB There are many ways to manoeuvre through Loneliness such as: i) Get busy doing something you love ii) Hang out with friends iii) Play with animals iv) Walk in nature These can all work. However, if you get to the bottom of it, the best method is to allow that loneliness to be there. To Sit in it. Allow the melancholy to freely roam within your body. Allow yourself to cry, write a poem, express these feelings. The emotional wave we all live has highs and lows. If we can recognise and embrace all emotions, then the unconscious fear of separation evaporates, enabling us to feel secure within ourselves no matter what is happening on the outside. #<Category:0x0055a2de4efdc8> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga - props IN Try gentle forms of yoga to help your body move, and relax. By Using props (such as belts & bolsters), works wonders when exhausted - they allow the nervous system to relax, & they also allow you to go deeper into the postures (ironically they are almost more challenging with props). Belts can provide boundary which allows for more release & simultaneous support - bolsters are comforting, supportive & allow for deeper rest. They also help relive asthma, remove stiffness & regulate blood pressure. #<Category:0x0055a2de4f2b18> Show Edit Destroy
Cystitis and Cranberry Pills GB Take cranberry pills as a preventative and for pain relief which you can buy in your local health store. The pills can be taken in conjunction with live bio yoghurt & the cystitis sachets found in your local pharmacy. #<Category:0x0055a2de4f4738> Show Edit Destroy
Remember why you want this GB Procrastination can be the result of a variety of things: fear, insecurity and lethargy are just a few examples. Whilst it's advisable to tackle these root causes, a quick way to get you moving (again) is to remember why you want to do this thing you're procrastinating. Connecting with this bigger picture or goal creates a so-called emotional buy-in, which can give you that little nudge you need to get things done. #<Category:0x0055a2de4fff20> Show Edit Destroy
3 Yoga Poses for Back Pain IN Do you lead a busy lifestyle, carrying a toddler on your hip, or hunching over a desk all day? Back pain is one of the most common ailments that I witness amongst my clients. I share 3 of my favourite poses that I do when my back feels sore after a long day. The first is a reclined twist, followed by cat/cow stretches, and finally sphinx pose. These poses help strengthen the spine, massage digestive organs, lengthen our abdominal muscles as well as calm the mind. #<Category:0x0055a2de502fe0> Show Edit Destroy
How to stay healthy at your desk job? GB If you have a desk job, it is recognizable that sitting for prolonged periods is often unavoidable, but by making a few minor changes to your work habits you can drastically change your overall health. Here are a few tips: #<Category:0x0055a2de505dd0> Show Edit Destroy
Eat almonds and walnuts for power snack BH Almonds and walnuts are my all-time favorite snacks, as they are packed with an amazing profile of healthy fats, protein and micronutrients, while satisfying hunger cravings. It is a shame that some people avoid them as they are high in calories, but if eaten in the right amounts and in their raw form, they are definitely one of the best snacks out there. They provide essential healthy fats and omega 3s, which are crucial for brain development, improve circulation and prevent inflammation. These will keep you from going hungry for several hours till your next meal. #<Category:0x0055a2de508288> Show Edit Destroy
The power of water & Lemon in helping with Cystitis GB Hot water & lemon to alleviate pain & also to alkalise urine - surprisingly lemon is alkaline NOT acidic! #<Category:0x0055a2de513750> Show Edit Destroy
Go with Fish! BH Fatty fish in particular are high in DHA - an important type of omega 3 - which is an important nutrient for memory and brain performance. It is recommended to have fish AT LEAST twice a week - especially fatty fish like wild salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, herring. #<Category:0x0055a2de516248> Show Edit Destroy
Eat less salt BH Make sure you are eating a balanced diet while limiting added salt to your food. Salt contributes to more bloating and water buildup in our bodies so limiting it will help you ease this PMS symptom. Take salt shaker away from the table and enjoy flavors from herbs and spices. #<Category:0x0055a2de519308> Show Edit Destroy
Address the root cause GB Sure, there are loads of things you can do to soften the pain of Sunday night blues (e.g. plan something you enjoy doing, exercise, set inspiring goals for the week ahead, gratitude journaling). The big problem with all of this? It doesn't address the root cause of the issue. If you want to get rid off the Sunday blues, you need to address the reason WHY they are appearing in the first place. Chances are you are dreading going back to work. Figure out why: does the culture of the company you work for not suit you? Do you dislike your boss or your team? Does your work not challenge you enough? Or does it challenge you too much? Do you dread the commute? Do you feel uninspired by what you do? Do you feel stuck in your current environment? Do you disagree with how things are done at work? Once you know what is really bothering you, you can decide what you want to do about it. #<Category:0x0055a2d86a2f18> Show Edit Destroy
My biggest worry Brooklyn US What is your biggest worry right now? Imagine your best friend is worrying about this same thing. Give him or her some advice. Are you done? How do you feel? What is the solution to solve your biggest worry? (The answer to this is your answer number 2 ☺ ) All is well. All is peaceful. Everything is okay. Be your best friend. #<Category:0x0055a2de5277f0> Show Edit Destroy
Prepare for stressors Scottsdale US Binge eating is eating a large amount of food that leaves a person feeling uncomfortably full and emotionally ashamed. This type of eating is generally driven by emotional reasons, such as overwhelm, stress, anger, boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. To successfully resist the urge to binge eat, you must prepare for the emotional stressors that are likely to drive you to eat. #<Category:0x0055a2d8682498> Show Edit Destroy
Five ways to enlighten ourselves Brookyln US So many various tools are at our disposal to enlighten ourselves. However, do we really use them? Do we really give ourselves permission to take some ‘me time’ and focus on our well being? I used to think that I gave myself permission to pamper my life, body and spirit until I really started taking care of myself in a respectful and proper way. Here is my Before/After enlightening myself When the downward dog becomes a competitive dog… I wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up my body. So, I decided to practice yoga and boxing every day. The flow of my yoga class was pretty fast and positioning your body in a good alignment was not the first concern with this type of yoga. At first, it felt great and challenging to push my own limit more and more. But, at one point (when it was too much!), my body gave up on my insatiable desire to constantly pressurize myself to be better and better. My hips started to hurt and, after a few classes with horrible pains, I had to stop. I had to reconsider my way of working out. I had to finally see that I lost the joy of going to the gym, I was so attached to the outcome that I forgot to enjoy the moment. Silly me! After a few months of taking care of my body, I was back in the gym but in a different manner. I changed my schedule and actually now, I always ask my body what it is ready for. Sometimes, it’s Pilates, sometimes it’s cardio and sometimes it’s nothing. And, I’m okay with it. First enlightenment: Our body is precious and we should treat it as a treasure. When Food becomes an enemy… My relationship with food has always been tricky. I eat healthy but sometimes I can completely blow a fuse and eat tons of crap that, at the end of that “food porn” session, will leave me feeling ashamed and guilty. I quit on so many things in order to be ‘healthy’ that I just frustrated the good process of my body. My enlightenment came from my naturopath that explained to me how my body works and how to feed it properly. Since then, I’m back to normal and have a peaceful relationship with food and of course, some yummy chocolate whenever I want! Second enlightenment: your body knows what it needs, trust it. Love = Suffering I love movies that feature a passionate love story with a lot of dramas. In real life, meaning with my own life, it’s another story and I’ve never experienced the happy ending that Hollywood wants us to buy! Don’t get me wrong, I had the passion and the drama but at the end of it, I also collected the suffering, pain and crazy behaviors of two people who were suffering like hell and couldn’t express it. Bad boys and passionate love stories used to turn me on, but not anymore! Third enlightenment: we deserve to be respected and loved by a great guy (or girl). Period. Work hard, No time for fun By becoming an entrepreneur, I thought I had to constantly work hard and give up on the fun that life can bring. I thought I had to make a certain amount of money to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. After a few years of hardship, I finally understood that if I was not giving myself permission to enjoy life, right now, at this exact moment, I would die without doing all of the things that I wanted to do. Again, silly me. It was a 180 U-turn and a great one! We can work hard but, with no fun with it, what’s the point? Fourth enlightenment: YOLO! (You only live once!) Controlling vs Trusting I’m the queen of self-control! But, I switched my crown to another one: The Queen of Trust. Fifth enlightenment: Switch yours too! #<Category:0x0055a2de532d58> Show Edit Destroy
Oily fish GB Oily fish is a good source of the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression. Eat 3 portions a week and choose smaller fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and herring, in order to minimise your exposure to heavy metals. #<Category:0x0055a2de534b58> Show Edit Destroy
Herbal teas for insomnia toronto CA Are there nights when you lie in bed, trying to count hundreds of sheep but not fallng asleep? Sometimes, if you have had an intense day and the mind doesn't stop, one thing I will do is make myself a warming cup of herbal tea. #<Category:0x0055a2de53e9c8> Show Edit Destroy
Lavender Oil London GB Depending on the grade of lavender oil, it may need diluting with coconut oil or almond oil before applying to the skin/scar. #<Category:0x0055a2de540d90> Show Edit Destroy
Let off some steam with a workout BH It has been shown that exercise is one of the most effective methods of relieving stress and anger. It releases endorphins which help you feel good. So the next time you feel angry and stressed, go for a run or brisk walk in nature! #<Category:0x0055a2d863b340> Show Edit Destroy
Sunlight GB Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight helps increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is associated with promoting better moods. #<Category:0x0055a2de54fea8> Show Edit Destroy
Pay attention to your words Brooklyn US We are not lost, we are exploring. We are not beginning, we are continuing. We are not failing, we are learning. We don’t know, we believe. We are not alone, we are oneness. We are our words. We are our magic. Let’s spread our magical words. #<Category:0x0055a2de552040> Show Edit Destroy
Forgiveness vs Consenting Brooklyn US Many times I thought that by forgiving someone, I would feel better, more serene and at peace with what happened. I forgave a lot but I was never at peace. Actually, I was upset with myself for always playing the role of the strongest and adult one. I did not want to be the adult one, I wanted to talk, understand and accept what happened. My mind was an endless loop of speed racing thoughts and the feeling in my gut was only resentment and indigestion. Definitely, forgiveness was not for me! So at first, I practiced “Let it go”, “Send love to this person”, “See her or him as the little one they were”, but even though it worked better than forgiveness, I was still trapped sometimes in my thoughts that, no, there is still something wrong and I cannot entirely digest it. Finally, Family Constellations entered my life and I understood the power of consenting to what it is and then moving on from it. And this was an epiphany for me. You see, in Family Constellations, we don’t forgive; we consent, accept and re-include. And this is how we can get such a deep and liberating healing. Because the thing with forgiveness is, there is an inequality. The one who will start the process of forgiveness will be seen as the bigger one and the other one as the little one. And, sooner or later, it won’t bring anything good because of this unbalance. In order to move forward, the situation has to find balance, a new harmony, a new center, and it does not happen with forgiveness but only with consent toward what is. We cannot change the past, that’s a fact, but we are addicted to our need to change the past, that’s another fact. So, are we stuck? No, we are only stuck if we allow ourselves to be. What to do? At first, recognize what happened to you. To recognize means to listen. Listen to your pain, memories, and feelings. Create a healthy bond with it. For sure, this is something that belongs to your past but in any manner will define you. Then, consent without trying to find the answer of “Why did it happen?” Don’t fight anymore. It won’t go anywhere. Surrender to what is. Release with love and acceptance and finally re-include this episode at its place, where it belongs. You cannot separate yourself from your dramas, the more you will resist, the more they will be heavy to bear. It’s when we accept our burden that the heaviness of it is dropped instantly, not the opposite. We cannot forgive the unforgivable but we can consent to it and make a statement that no matter what happened to us, tomorrow is another day, another chance, and it’s up to me and only me to define the day that I want to live. Do you want to live your next day as a champion or as a victim? #<Category:0x0055a2de554e08> Show Edit Destroy
Rejection creates repetition Brooklyn US The more we exclude, reject or leave someone out of a situation, the more we will (unconsciously) replay the story over and over again. When we reject one of our parents or both of them, we disown them and ourselves. Rejecting our parents’ means rejecting ourselves. A broken relationship with our parents can affect our vitality, success and health. And, it is also true in the case if your wife or husband does not accept your parents. By rejecting your own parents, he or she is also rejecting a part of you. When we exclude someone from our family system, another member of our family will take his or her place in order to repair the injustice done toward him (or her). When we don’t want to face the truth of a situation, this situation will rematerialize itself through different people and occurrences. However, the roots and vibration of it will still be on the same frequency. Whenever our family system, aura, energy, life (you name it!) experiences a rejection, it needs reparation. Without reparation and full understanding and acceptance of it, it will come back again until this person or moment will be recognized. We need to face the ghost, we need to unveil the truth, we need to give a place to everyone who belongs in our family without any exceptions. Everyone belongs somewhere and it’s when we miss this sense of belonging that depression, anger, disease and so on can take place into our life. If our silence makes too much noise that means there is something to uncover, there is something to say, there is something to face. It’s the same principle with traumas. In order to release a trauma, we have to re-experience it through the diverse emotions and feelings that we felt. This is what we do with the approach of Family Constellations. We go back to what our body, memory and conscious retained and then we release it with love, acceptance and understanding. So, if you feel that you are replaying, over and over again, the same situation, maybe it’s time to join the field of a constellation and finally make peace with whatever happened to you or your family system. As Mark Wolynn said: “It did not start with you but it can end with you.” #<Category:0x0055a2d86067a8> Show Edit Destroy
Reacting vs Responding Brooklyn US What kind of person are you? Are you a reacting person or a responding one? You might ask me, “What’s the difference?” The reacting one will react with his emotions. It’s the “animal” answer, the lively one. I attack with Love or Anger, it does not matter, and the vibration here is quick, violent, aggressive, and even sometimes oppressive for the other person or people. The responding one will choose how to answer, how to react. He will ponder on his reaction. He will wait, he will reflect on it. He won’t burn his wings neither lose his temper. He will be calm, not taking it personal. He will be at peace with the situation. I used to be the reacting one and, even sometimes now, I still catch myself doing it again. Being the reacting one never played in my favor, I was seen as a very emotional person that could not handle herself. I saw myself as a passionate woman and I liked it! For me, it was normal to scream, cry, and curse. It was vibrant, animal, powerful, and I felt alive! But then, I also remembered that I would get pretty tired of my reaction and most of the time not at all proud of it. My words were hurtful and mean and especially with the people that I loved the most. I thought by screaming louder than the person in front of me, I was going to win, I was going to be the strongest one, the charismatic one but it was a pipe dream! It took me some time to get to the point in understanding that the real strength belongs to serenity, calm and self-control. That by being the loudest one, I was also the frightening one, the one that did not believe in herself and thought she had to scream to be heard, seen and recognized. No one listens to someone who is screaming because at first, the person who is screaming is not listening to the situation, he does not want to find a solution neither a compromise, he wants to fight, he wants to prove to others (and especially himself) that he is powerful, that he has a strong identity. He is looking for recognition (probably recognition from his parents – but that is for another blog!) Here, I’m only talking about how do you want to react? Looking like a crazy weirdo or someone who knows where to stand, the quiet force? We can break plates, glasses, vases and scream and cry all at the same time but do we really think that it’s going to help the situation? It might help IKEA or other appliance stores, but not our situation! No, it won’t, it will just push away the problem and it will happen again. When you feel emotional toward a situation, when you feel unsteady regarding someone, ask yourself “Is it about him or her or is it something deeper that I’m just re-experiencing?” “How do I want to be perceived?” “How do I want to look?” “Do I want to nourish my animal instinct or do I want to stand up for the great person that I am who is civilized and can answer with calmness?” “What role do I want to play in those people’s lives?” An emotion is always connected with a past event and, no, not the one from yesterday! It’s further, it’s deeper, but when finally you can uproot it, the liberation of it will be felt. It takes practice but if I’ve found a balance between my passionate and serene side, I’m sure you can do it too! Understand your emotions; understand your reactions and you will get to know yourself better. It’s worth it! #<Category:0x0055a2de563930> Show Edit Destroy
Inner child Brooklyn US Being connected and having dialogue with our inner child is one of the most important elements to living a balanced life and happy one. Our little girl/boy was there first and it’s thanks to them that we became an adult. When we lose the connection with our inner child, we might experience a disconnection with our life and decisions during adulthood. Here is the thing, our child knows one story (our story from the past), our adult one knows another story (our present one). When our story from our past is not healed and released, it will interfere with our present one. What will happen? Anxiety, fear, depression, confusion, procrastination and so much more. Because instead of our stories healing and nourishing each other, they will fight, they will confront their different points of view and perceptions regarding life. And that will lead to complete confusion in our mind. For example, the adult one wants to trust because he knows that he has all the capacities to achieve whatever he wants and that Life loves him. However, his little boy, because he experienced some disappointments with Trust during his childhood, does not want to trust anyone or any situations anymore. He is locked up with his own perception. And, if the adult one does not set up an authentic and compassionate dialogue with his little boy, explaining to him that now they are safe, they can trust, and he can count on his adult’s version, the little boy will create a barricade and send signals through the body that they share as tensions, feeling oppressed, tightness and so on. Of course, the adult one won’t understand why his body is reacting so vigorously so, unless he has a dialogue with his inner child, he will just keep this pain in his body and this will be so disconcerting for him that he will drop Trust in his turn. And, of course the farandole of anxiety, depression, and confusion will be forced back inside! Or, you are a woman who deeply wants to meet a man and live a beautiful story with him. You’re craving for it, you’re ready, you’ve practiced the Laws of Attraction! Unfortunately, month after month, still nothing… And then, finally you have a silent talk with your little girl asking her what’s going on? And, if you pay enough attention, she will appear and she will tell you that she is still impacted regarding the early divorce between Mom and Dad or regarding the sentences that Mom used to tell regarding men (Men are liars! Don’t trust men! Men are useless! You don’t need a man!) and it’s still stuck in her mind. So, in that moment, with deep love and understanding, you could tell her “it’s not our story. We are no longer a little one. We grew up. We will take care of it. We believe in Love and we will show you that there is nothing to fear.” And, normally, you should experience a deep shift in that instant. When our inner child feels safe, great things can happen to the adult one. Be authentic with our inner child, listen to it. All of the tensions that we can experience through our body are signals that our inner child is still questioning some of our choices as an adult. So, if she or he is still not happy and comfortable with our decisions that might mean there is still something to work on and release. Cherishing our little girl or little boy can attract so much more magic and blessings in life that you could have never imagined. So, tonight before going to sleep, look at a picture of you when you were little and ask her/him: “What can I do for you? What do you need from me?” and wait for the answers and if you did not get it, ask again tomorrow because when you are in harmony with yourself and childhood, your inner child will always appear in your mind and this is how we know that the connection with our deep self is made and that now we are in charge of taking care of it. When we feel doubtful about our next move, take care of your inner child and then you will move forward. “There aren’t any unhappy adults, only misunderstood children.” Marine Selenee #<Category:0x0055a2de565870> Show Edit Destroy
Today and all the days to come... Brooklyn US The fear of change always blocks us from embracing the openness of our life, of our incredible power! “What’s going to happen if?” has to be banished from our vocabulary and our mind! For sure, something will happen but why focus on the worst case scenario than on the best one? What’s the point? Where is the pleasure in imposing ourselves with some burdens and sufferings that don’t even exist yet? As my teacher, Michelle said: “A happy ending cannot happen in the middle of the story.” So, live the story, breathe every day, wake up happy every day and make the choice to be happy. Today and all the days to come, I choose to be … (happy, abundant, fierce, prosperous, funny and so on…Pick your words!) Dare to have the life that you want and fall fearlessly in love with it. #<Category:0x0055a2d85d3e70> Show Edit Destroy
Maintaining a healthy autonomic nervous system US A well functioning autonomic nervous system is essential for good health. Your autonomic nervous system controls your sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the fight or flight response) your parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for managing your heart rate, enabling your body to rest and recuperate) and your enteric system (which looks after your gut). So be having a healthy autonomic nervous system you can help control your levels of anxiety. #<Category:0x0055a2de572728> Show Edit Destroy
Are we sexually free? Brooklyn US "Would you go on a date claiming that you are looking for real love?” Are you laughing right now? Or maybe, smiling? Thinking that it would be THE biggest mistake to make? Here we are… In this uncomfortable truth that actually we do, ultimately, want the real Love but we are incapable of admitting it. Our generation is sexually freer than the previous one, however, we are not free to ask for love. Love has become taboo. With the proliferation of dating online applications, we treat dating someone with the same aspects of how we shop at the grocery store. When we don’t want him anymore, we throw him away like a vulgar tissue and we try another one and another one… At the end, we are still single but, don’t worry, we’re dating a lot! Silly us, we don’t want to date, we want to love and be loved. We want the wedding, we want to wear the white dress, we want to have children (or sometimes not and that’s okay) but for sure, we want to share our life with someone and not just our 401K, that does not warm our heart and body as a man will do. Love has become heavy and too much to ask for. We are even ashamed and feel guilty for asking for Love and Respect. As women, we’ve had to learn to pretend to be detached from our real desire: “I want to be with someone and not only for one night.” We live in permanent anxiety and concern that our partner will abandon us the next day. We thought, by behaving, acting and thinking like a man, we would be more respected and loved, we would be equal but as Marilyn Monroe said: “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” And, she was so right! Come on girls, let’s be honest here, maybe not all of us want what I’m going to write but the majority of us, we do. We want to feel protected. We want him to call us back first. We want him to “take care of us”. We want him to be the man of the situation so that we can feel more “woman”. We still have, within us, the patriarchal reflex. Despite having the same sexuality as men, we still believe in this f****** charming prince! And here is the glitch. Love has become an uptight situation because we thought a masculine sexuality would be more fun and fulfilling. Maybe, for a few of us, it’s true but when I take a look on my clients and friends, for the majority, it’s a bitter pill. Having multiple orgasms during a one-night stand is not what we are looking for. We want multiple orgasms spanned throughout 35 years of togetherness. We want the commitment. We want the fairytale even though we know that it won’t be as smooth as Cinderella. We want it. So, what do we do? Do we create a new revolution? A more sentimental one? A one where we can claim our desire to be loved, recognized and seen as woman? This wouldn’t be such a bad place, to be finally us, as we are… #<Category:0x0055a2de574258> Show Edit Destroy
The Mother through the lens of Family Constellations Brooklyn US Many fundamental problems in our life are related directly to our relation with our mother. This is the first thing that I learned when I started studying Family Constellations and Psycho-genealogy. Personally, it was pretty hard for me to swallow because I had (and still have) such a beautiful relationship with my mother that I could not quite get it. However, going deeper in my learning, I finally understood why our fundamental problems are, most of the time, consciously or unconsciously connected with the relationship that we have with our mother. We have to know that in Family Constellations, the first most important person is the mother, the second one is the mother, the third one is the mother and then the fourth one, finally, is the father. Optionally, those ‘three mothers’ can represent the three generations that are present during a period of pregnancy: the woman who is carrying the baby, the baby and because the baby already has its reproductive organs, here is the third generation (or the possibility of it). The mother is our life foundation, it is through her that we come into this life. The mother cannot be replaced by anyone. The connection to the mother is what helps us and leads us onwards in life in order to develop ourselves as a person. Our happiness and success, the fulfillment in life and love are closely connected to our mother. Our personal attitude towards life and our behavior in the partner relationship, family and work are reflections of our love towards our mother. Our relationship with food and how we eat is also connected with our mother. Same thing for our mouth. The mouth is what feed us, just as our mother did for the nine months of pregnancy. Everything is connected and the more we know about our mother and our relation with her, the better it is for us to understand how we work. Again, for the ones who have a difficult relation with their parents and especially with their mother, Family Constellations won’t push you to love them or her. This approach will only assist you to make peace with what is and be able to move on and live your life without resentment, anger or frustration toward them or her. Remember, when we reject our parents or one of them, we reject a part of ourselves. You don’t heal for your parents or anyone else, you heal for yourself and it is at this exact moment that you can claim out loud that you are free from your past. #<Category:0x0055a2de57f9f0> Show Edit Destroy
Improving self confidence US If you find yourself in need of a little confidence boost, try this quick tip. Just imagine that you are a beautiful eagle taking flight into a bright blue sky souring high. Keep this image firmly in your mind, on your next exhalation imagine you are gliding effortlessly on the air currents, the world is far below you, enjoy that feeling of freedom. Now you have that image and feeling in your mind when you next inhale think to yourself "I sail" and then as you exhale think to yourself "on the stream of success". Do this a couple of times, notice and enjoy the lift this gives you. #<Category:0x0055a2de5827b8> Show Edit Destroy
Using Reiki For Recovery Brooklyn US Sending a HUGE congrats to those who just completed the New York Marathon! I ran the New York Marathon in 2015 and found reiki the best source for recovery after long runs and just overall exhaustion. It not only soothed my aching muscles but quieted my mind and gave me a sense of relieve. It helped me wind down to get a good nights rest when I had to wake up for those early morning runs. Reiki is a full body experience, helping the body relax on many levels. A regular reiki practice also helps recharge and gave me the energy I needed to keep going. The gentle practice carried me through the training season. #<Category:0x0055a2de584db0> Show Edit Destroy
How to Feel Confident Before Attending or Speaking at An Event GB I'm a practitioner and have personally suffered with feelings of shyness. I find new social situations stressful, but they are important in my work and I have worked hard to combat the stress. I will share 3 simple tips to relax the body and help you to feel more confident. #<Category:0x0055a2d8593ac8> Show Edit Destroy
Finding Self Love Through Reiki Brooklyn US Learning how to love yourself and attract positive things into your life is all about self-healing on an emotional level. An easy way to find self love is by creating a reiki practice for yourself at home. I like to practice reiki on myself before bed, laying down and doing a body scan to see where I feel tightness, nervousness or just a spot that needs a little extra love. I start at my toes with a crystal in hand (any crystal that is calling your name at that particular moment works!). It allows me to bring awareness to my body and through that self love, I am able to give myself a moment with just myself and often have a better nights sleep! #<Category:0x0055a2de593630> Show Edit Destroy
A six pack is for life not just for Christmas GB Sculpting the perfect six pack not only looks great, it makes burning off those pesky calories easier. When you add muscle to your body, you increase your basal metabolic rate, the number of calories you burn in a 24 hour period. By the time summer comes around you’ll be a fat burning machine. When conditioning is used in conjunction with cardio, you will see these fat burning results all the more quickly. #<Category:0x0055a2de595c00> Show Edit Destroy
The heart of the matter GB During aerobic activity your heart beats faster, pumping more blood with each contraction, strengthening your heart. This lowers your resting heart rate, meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard when you’re not exercising, and a fitter ticker means a healthier body. #<Category:0x0055a2de598978> Show Edit Destroy
Yoga pose for Lower Back Pain GB Bhujangasana, The Cobra pose. To create core strength around the lower back. #<Category:0x0055a2d3723c58> Show Edit Destroy
Fit&Flexi GB Pre workout: Before any workout always excite the muscles with a dynamic warm up to increase the blood circulation to the muscles and joints, helping to prevent injury. Post workout: Not only will stretching after a workout give you the most flexibility progression, it also reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles and that ache you feel the next day after working out, known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). All gain no pain! Bonus! #<Category:0x0055a2d3b065c8> Show Edit Destroy
Boost your health-esteem! GB Dance detox: Dance yourself healthy and happy! Dancing is a great way to raise your health-esteem! Dancing leads to the release of feel good endorphins, the ‘happy’ hormone, decreasing stress and lifting your mood to get you back on point. Loose yourself in the music and turn up the tunes to pimp your workout! Why not check out a new class and dance around in a happy hour without the hangover! It’s great motivation to stick to a new fitness regime plus super sociable! So get out there and meet a new fitfam community to boogie with! Whether you perform in the West End or stick to a step tap, adding variety to your regime benefits your body and stimulates the mind for a healthy, happy fix! #<Category:0x0055a2d3fe8410> Show Edit Destroy
Cleansing technique for boosting brain activity. IN This Kriya, or cleansing technique is called Kapalabhati in Sanskrit, which translates to Shinning Skull! This technique concerns the exhale only, the inhale is allowed to happen naturally. Sitting with an upright spine, either crossed legged or kneeling. Inhale and exhale deeply a couple of times through the nose. On your next exhale you sharply draw the navel back towards the spine to force the exhale out, and allow the inhale to happen naturally. Continue like this, slowly to start with until you feel comfortable enough to quicken the pace and see if you can find a suitable rhythm for 30 Kapalabhati breaths. Release and take around 5 normal breaths, then start again. Repeat three to four rounds. Keeping the chest, shoulders and face relaxed. Make sure not to force the inhale also and keep a steady rhythm. This is great to do if you feel yourself fading during the day at work, or driving, or if you just need a little boost. #<Category:0x0055a2d40e70a0> Show Edit Destroy
Water is key to cure a hangover London GB For every alcoholic drink you have, make sure you have a glass of water and an extra one just before you go to bed (or pass out - no judging here!) My elder sister told me about this and we both totally swear by it! Sounds like an urban myth but from my understanding it really does help for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it means you are not just boozing when you are thirsty, you are rehydrating with water so it means you get less drunk. Secondly, it is said to help your liver to process the booze. So goodbye hangover, goodbye headache, goodbye nausea! leave a glass of water by the side of your bed before you go out so when you come back you can just down it. #<Category:0x0055a2d4217ee8> Show Edit Destroy
Diet & natural indigestion remedies GB The Chinese believe that illness and disease starts from the gut! In the case of indigestion I couldn't agree more. If your stomach is over producing acid surely we should look at what's been put in there to make this happen? To make it easy for you here's a small list of items which regularly cause indigestion, so avoid them for as long as possible when suffering, and try to have small quantities, if you are susceptible: 1) Cheese 2) Pastry 3) Butter 4) Fatty meats 5) Chillies 6) Fried food 7) Alcohol 8) Coffee 9) Cigarettes - the smoke and pollution along with hundreds of chemicals slowly eat away at your oesphageal lining causing that burning sensation! The weakened lining is more susceptible to the burning sensation of stomach acid. If you are suffering and you need something to help asap there are a number of natural remedies you can take! 1) Liquorice - long known for it's anti - acid properties. Eat liquorice regularly or just when you are suffering and relieve the burn. 2) Drink milk, this forms a temporary raft over the contents of the stomach helping to neutralise the acid and stop the acid from moving upwards. You may need to sip on it in small quantities and regularly to neutralise the fire. Yoghurt works well too, as a thicker consistency forms the raft a little sooner. If this doesn't do the trick and you need something to work fast, especially when nausea and vomiting sets in, a few of the least invasive western medications available include: 1) Andrews Salts - contains Magnesium sulphate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate & Citric acid. Andrews Salts have been around for over 50 years, and with their simple combination of acid neutralising salts they are effective for stomach upset, indigestion and constipation. This effervescent powder just needs to be added to water, as directed on the pack. Remember it is still a medication so if you are taking any other medication speak to your Pharmacist to ensure it is safe to consume. Do not take if pregnant! 2) Milk of Magnesia - contains Magnesium hydroxide, just one ingredient which can help with indigestion and constipation. Magnesium neutralises acid in the stomach and forms a raft to stop any excess acid rising. At the same time water content in the intestine increases causing the urge to pass a bowel motion. The inclusion of magnesium in both of these man made remedies provide a treatment for constipation. Again consult with a Pharmacist if you are taking any other medication and do not take if pregnant! So to summarise: Firstly look at your diet, for the long and short term because I can guarantee 95% of patients could control their symptoms if you just cut out the highly fatty foods. Some self control goes a long way! Second resort for a natural quick fix including keeping liquorice by your side and a pint of milk! Thirdly, Andrews Salts or Milk of Magnesia, both readily available in your local super market and sometimes even petrol stations! However if you are having to use these regularly or they have no affect, look at point 1) YOUR DIET! If you've tried all of these steps and are still struggling it sounds like it's time to see your GP, because remember I said 95% of patients could control their symptoms. There's still a chance your in the 5% group and need to be investigated further. Once you make dietary changes, the symptoms should resolve within a number of days (48 hours should do it). So if you are still really suffering get in with your GP and get checked out! #<Category:0x0055a2d49aecd8> Show Edit Destroy
Focus on what you DO like GB It's easy to focus on the 100's of things you think are wrong with you. You get so used to thinking this way that you find it hard to even accept compliments (I know, right!). #<Category:0x0055a2d4a4db58> Show Edit Destroy
All twerk and no play: Balance exercise with rest and recovery. GB Most athletes know that rest after exercise is essential, but many still feel guilty for taking a day off. The body repairs itself in the time between workouts. Overtraining can actually weaken the strongest athletes. Rest allows your muscles time to adapt. Training stimulates the muscle, nutrition and rest allows the muscle to grow. So if you want your New Year fitness resolution to show maximum results enjoy a day off every now and then to relax! Sounds like a good regime to me! #<Category:0x0055a2d4abf4d8> Show Edit Destroy
Avoid black-and-white thinking Scottsdale US Binge eating is eating a large amount of food that leaves a person feeling uncomfortably full and emotionally ashamed. This type of eating is generally driven by emotional reasons, such as overwhelm, stress, anger, boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. A common quality in people struggling with binge eating is rigid black-and-white thinking, also referred to as all-or-nothing thinking. As a binge eater, you may find yourself toggling between giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want (‘all’ thinking), with a commitment to diet/restrict later (‘none’ thinking). This thinking sets into motion the dangerous binge-diet-binge cycle. To stop this cycle, focus on today. Forget about what you ate yesterday and what you may eat tomorrow, and just eat in the here and now. What sounds good right now? How much does your body need to feel satisfied right now? What is available to you right now? Are there strong emotions driving you to use food for more than physical nourishment? #<Category:0x0055a2d4b6bb98> Show Edit Destroy
Open up to your emotions with meditation Scottsdale US Binge eating is eating a large amount of food that leaves a person feeling uncomfortably full and emotionally ashamed. This type of eating is generally driven by emotional reasons, such as overwhelm, stress, anger, boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. To effectively manage the urge to binge eat in response to these emotions, practice guided meditation. #<Category:0x0055a2d4bea790> Show Edit Destroy
Focus on your 5 senses Scottsdale US Binge eating is eating a large amount of food that leaves a person feeling uncomfortably full and emotionally ashamed. This type of eating is generally driven by emotional reasons, such as overwhelm, stress, anger, boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. To overcome the temporary urge to binge eat, activate ALL 5 senses with as much zest as possible. This mindfulness strategy will help you stay present in the moment, remind you of your long-term health goals, and "surf" the urge to impulsively binge eat. Practice this approach every day, working towards 10-15 minutes of sensory mindfulness every day. #<Category:0x0055a2d4ceb8d8> Show Edit Destroy
Do as ET did! New York City US Do as ET did and call home. Skype or Facetime is better - as then you can actually see the person you are talking to, or missing and it helps you feel that you are there in that instance. #<Category:0x0055a2d4073d80> Show Edit Destroy
Identify WHY you are eating when not hungry Scottsdale US Binge eating is eating a large amount of food that leaves a person feeling uncomfortably full and emotionally ashamed. This type of eating is generally driven by emotional reasons, such as overwhelm, stress, anger, boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. To understand WHY you are eating past the point of physical satiety, follow these step-by-step instructions: #<Category:0x0055a2d4d97430> Show Edit Destroy
Tea Tree Oil to help fight bad body odour GB So you need a natural product to help eliminate body odour. Something with no parabens, no sulphates and easily affordable? After testing products and trying to get the safest most effective natural body odour eliminator around, my recommendation goes to the almighty TEA TREE OIL. With it's natural antibacterial properties and ability to dry the skin, I found tea tree oil is a great natural product to use in place of artificial deodorants. #<Category:0x0055a2d4e273f0> Show Edit Destroy
Banish bad breath & toxins with this easy fix IN The best thing to help clear bacteria from the mouth, reduce bad breath and inflammation of the gums is to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper first thing in the morning. During the night, the body works hard to eliminate toxins from the body and one place the toxins accumulate is in the mouth – leading to bad breath and gums. If we look in the mirror at our tongue when we first wake up, you might notice a yellow, brownish or white coating on it - in Ayurveda this toxic build up is known as Ama. The colour and quantity of this film gives an indication of the imbalances your system is working to correct. In any case, this toxic residue needs to be eliminated by the body. If we don’t get rid of it by using a tongue scraper, it will be reabsorbed back into the body, undoing the good work the body has done to try to remove it. #<Category:0x0055a2d4e741f0> Show Edit Destroy
3 ways your emotional health can strengthen your current relationships US 1. Become addicted to meeting your partner’s needs. Are you aware of how your partner shows their love and appreciation? If not, grab the book The Five 5 Love Languages. This book is a game-changer, and gives you both a deeper understanding of how you like to both show and accept one another appreciation. Make it a point to meet those needs. 2. Men and women have different ways of processing information., we need to be cognizant of this, and folks, it’s where MOST of the misunderstanding occurs. Your emotional awareness, and intentional communication is crucial to alleviating potential conflicts 3. Your energy, attitude, mentality is the bloodline to the relationship. Understanding that your partner is not a punching bag for your emotions. Recognizing that your partner cannot ‘fix’ you, and you cannot ‘fix’ them, is half of the solution. Moreover, you are 100% responsible of how and what you bring to the table. #<Category:0x0055a2d4ee9f68> Show Edit Destroy
How do you meditate and does it really cure ADHD? US For those of you who have a difficult time concentrating, listen up: Listen up. Part of your emotional intelligence is being directed by your mindset. When training your mind, and strengthening your focus, it’s NO surprise that giving your head mind a ‘rest’ to pause, reset, and pause, become find stillness is vital to the output of your brain function and optimizing your overall productivity and efficiency. While there are countless articles, studies, books, and apps on how to mediate, how to shift your mindset, and how to ‘brain train,’ the real question today is do mindfulness practices does it cure our now more than ever over hyper-driven attention-deficit society in the age of information explosion overload? It’s not just a cure, since now many schools from the emerging worlds with lack of funding, to some of the most progressive thinking schools are jumping on the bandwagon. Redefining education and the implementation of brain training and mindfulness with our young generation. The results are not only more focus, higher test scores and more productivity, there’s a less likelihood of needing the Adderall, and Ritalin’s of the world. Some food for thought as you begin to cram in your to do lists, and agendas. You may want to add a dose of mindfulness and meditation into your daily jam and see how fruitful your day can be. #<Category:0x0055a2d4f38398> Show Edit Destroy
Deep ‘Belly’ Breathing & Relaxation Meditation GB One of the most effective ways to counter anxiety is by tuning into the breath. When we become anxious, worrisome and fearful, our breathing becomes disturbed in a wide variety of ways – it can become choppy, shallow, rigid and constricted. However when we are calm, our breathing is smooth and rhythmic. By placing our awareness on our breath, and by relaxing through the body and especially around the belly where we hold tension, we can slow and deepen the breath. 5 – 10 minutes of deep belly breathing will calm the mind, and rest the body – allowing the anxious symptoms to subside. #<Category:0x0055a2d4fc7b88> Show Edit Destroy
3 ways your emotional health can strengthen your current relationships US 1. Become addicted to meeting your partner’s needs. Are you aware of how your partner shows their love and appreciation? If not, grab the book The Five 5 Love Languages. This book is a game-changer, and gives you both a deeper understanding of how you like to both show and accept one another appreciation. Make it a point to meet those needs. 2. Men and women have different ways of processing information., we need to be cognizant of this, and folks, it’s where MOST of the misunderstanding occurs. Your emotional awareness, and intentional communication is crucial to alleviating potential conflicts 3. Your energy, attitude, mentality is the bloodline to the relationship. Understanding that your partner is not a punching bag for your emotions. Recognizing that your partner cannot ‘fix’ you, and you cannot ‘fix’ them, is half of the solution. Moreover, you are 100% responsible of how and what you bring to the table. #<Category:0x0055a2d502e540> Show Edit Destroy
How to be emotionally strong and allow yourself to be imperfect US Perfection. It holds us back from living boldly, courageously, creatively. It can affect business, ideas, mental health, self-confidence. The list goes on. But do you know where that feeling stems from exactly? Perfection is the absolute fear of failure. But don’t start worrying just yet. The good news is being emotionally aware is to be in tune with the inner chatter, the strokes of genius and waves of inspiration that occur in your mind when while working on a new project, creating a new business, writing a new article, trying a new (fill in the blank). The thought that being good is enough, is actually quite perfect. #<Category:0x0055a2d50e1c80> Show Edit Destroy
4 reasons emotional leadership is the new indicator for success US Here are 4 essential traits that shape emotional leadership which include these 4 key characteristics: 1. Empathy: Embracing what you are building and for whom you are building by being sensitive and open to the feelings of others. Understanding the perception and the perspective of the other person. This is the art of finding the reasons behind the decision making, and thought process of others. With kindness and warmth, this is the new era of leadership. 2. Vulnerability/transparency- When you are able to be vulnerable and showcase a more “human” and relatable side to you, it offers humility, trust, and respect that is instantly gained. It offers a tremendous opportunity for us to realize we are imperfect beings. Celebrate flaws and champion some aspects that make you human which is desperately something that offers more collaboration and more cohesion with families, businesses, communities, and societies as a whole. 3. Curiosity- There is never any judgment in curiosity. This is a deep understanding and inquisition to know more. To understand why, and to pursue the unknown, gain a different perspective, a different thought process, encourage openness and expansion. 4. Grit- This is the understanding that adversity is a part of life. Embrace the tenacity and fierce capacity to rise up again and again, in the face of the natural ebb and flow of life. In every single life there will be dark times, and it’s not about avoiding them altogether, it’s about understanding how to navigate through the challenging aspects of life and embrace some of the toughest parts along the road. Everyone will have them to some degree or another. It is not about being the victim, but rather opening oneself to life’s valuable lessons that strengthen your core as a human as a result. Utilize the silver lining in each scenario, so that you can make better decisions as a result. Fundamentally leading with a greater capacity for understanding and strengthening your emotional leadership prepares you and steers you forth in the right direction that will not only empower and impact those around you, but make you a more distinguished human being with boundless success in that spills over into different aspects of your life. #<Category:0x0055a2d5ccebd8> Show Edit Destroy
Toothpaste helps reduce the size! Cologne GE Before you go to sleep (or if you spend the day not being seen by anyone) put some toothpaste on the cold sore and it will help dry it out. Doesn't help with the root cause but just the appearance of the cold sore. Tie your hair back over night so it doesn’t get stuck in the paste overnight #<Category:0x0055a2d5d1b348> Show Edit Destroy
3 Traits That Will Kill Your Career US You’ve read every development book on Amazon. You’ve attended various different seminars, learned from the brightest in your industry, and regularly model your advisors and icons. You’re following the traditional roadmap in achieving success in your career goals - and it’s working. Except …when it isn’t. Your lack of emotional intelligence is threatening to blow up your entire career. Here’s how to avoid the pool of toxicity: 1.Don’t lose your temper. Anger is an absolute deal breaker. Who wants to be around someone unable to properly process their emotions? What does it do for you to release that onto someone else? Tip: try screaming at the top of your lungs in the shower, in a park, or in the car - tension may need to be released, and you'll probably feel way better. 2. Pretending to be someone else. “Masks” sometimes are worn in the workplace, at social mixers, odd networking events, or those "drag your feet" team building meetings, but regularly acting like an imposter is a disaster for you and for your team. No one can act more like you than YOU! You owe it to yourself to embrace your uniqueness, and you’ll gain more trust and build better relationships as well. Tip: As they say: “Be yourself ... everyone else is taken!” 3. Check your ego at the door please. This is definitely a killer. This is the narcissist, the "better than,” the "insulter" - you won't be winning with this one under your belt. This is a red flag disaster that screams "run the opposite direction." Or it’s reminiscent of your six-year-old self who didn't get that favorite toy and screamed endlessly. Tip: Please try and practice some self-compassion here. Realize you’re doing the best you can, and you can always choose differently. #<Category:0x0055a2d5d8e280> Show Edit Destroy
One word: Melatonin US It is a naturally produced substance in animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. In animals it is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness #<Category:0x0055a2d5e05628> Show Edit Destroy
Dry brush to say goodbye to winter skin GB As the weather turns colder, our skin can suffer with dryness, thanks to lack of moisture in the air, cold wine and central heating. All of this causes our skin to look flaky as it feels dry and tight. Legs in particular seem to take on a reptilian appearance long before the first snowfall. Dry brushing before your daily bathing routine will help exfoliate and soften your skin. Dry brushing also stimulates our blood and lymph circulation, which helps move nutrients more efficiently while removing toxins from the body. #<Category:0x0055a2d5e593b8> Show Edit Destroy
Get out & go the movies New York City US When you are homesick you are often looking for some familiarity to make you feel better. A trick I learned when I went to college far away from home (and now I do even if I am traveling for work) is to take yourself to the movies. It helps with a few things. It gets you of your house or hotel room so it stops you feeling so lonely. And cinemas worldwide are pretty much the same, you do the same thing, and so it feels very familiar. As a native English speaker it also helps that nearly all movie theatres no matter where you are in the world show films in English so that helps with the feeling of familiarity. #<Category:0x0055a2d5eb8188> Show Edit Destroy
Winterising your skincare routine GB When we turn on the heating and start wearing scarves and gloves outside, your skin needs extra protection as well. In the colder months, there is less moisture in the air, which means skin dries out more quickly. The light moisturiser you used during the warmer months of summer will not provide enough support when temperatures drop. To avoid that telltale tight feeling on your face, use a richer moisturiser at night to comfort your skin as it repairs and rebuilds during the hours of darkness. And even if temperatures haven’t become arctic yet, now is the time to introduce a richer moisturiser, to prevent that winter skin feeling. I alter my skincare routine with the autumn equinox. Depending on your skin type and how serious your winter weather, sometimes, a thicker moisturiser isn’t enough and this is when facial oil can be helpful. You can apply a couple drops directly to clean skin or cocktail it with your moisturiser to help keep your skin feeling soft. #<Category:0x0055a2d5fda980> Show Edit Destroy
The one anti-ageing product you can't be without GB We are spoiled for choice in how to look after our skin. And while there are many great creams and serums to use, the single most important anti-ageing product to use every single morning is sunscreen. Even when it’s cloudy. UVB or burning rays from the sun are obscured when we don’t see blue in the sky, however we are exposed to UVA or ageing rays on a daily basis, no matter what the weather. UVAs constitute over 80 per cent of the UV light coming from the sun and are the single biggest cause of ageing to our skin. Sunscreen is the single best way to protect skin from this ageing. #<Category:0x0055a2d600c548> Show Edit Destroy
Acupuncture can help ease your Fibromyalgia pain London GB If you are like me and find yourself asking what helps with fibromyalgia pain then try acupuncture. I am not saying it will totally cure your pain, or will stop you from feeling all those nasty fibromyalgia symptoms but I really found that for me it has helped with some of the pain management. A friend who had acupuncture and also suffered from fibromyalgia suggested I tried it - and really I never looked back. For me it was the first alternative health treatment for fibromyalgia I tried and really helped improved some of the symptoms. Be aware that an acupuncture session is not always that cheap and most insurance companies will not cover it. However, give it a go once and see if the symptoms do improve. #<Category:0x0055a2d6071f60> Show Edit Destroy
Bad Breath, A Demise To Your Success In The Workplace US Well, you know what you are supposed to be doing, but you aren't doing it anyways... It's the holiday season: which means more cakes, muffins, sweet treats, holiday parties, booze galore will swim throughout your days and nights. On average not only will you be gaining weight during this season (on average about 7 pounds- yikes!)- but also you may neglect your oral health. While yes, 'bad breath' can be masked with lozenges, gum, tictacs, altoids, lifesavers etc... what we are talking about is your overall success... Your oral health is a starting indication of yourself. Just like your attitude, your smile speaks volumes if you haven't got your bad breath, cavities, or broken teeth under control, what image are you creating for yourself? Bacteria in your mouth- even when you aren't in pain- still grows, and grows exponentially- definitely don't want to be spreading this to those around you... (real talk). On average, the statistics are out there - those with whiter smiles, straighter teeth, are naturally more confident, as a sign of taking better care and action of their overall health, which is an indication of the care you are likely to provide for your projects, and work ethic (no brainer). Whether you are with me or not on this, over the course of a decade running a cosmetic dental practice in the western suburbs of Chicago, I had high profile clientele that would fly in from around the world for their full mouth construction makeovers. Majority of these professionals had no idea they had some form of 'gum disease' (70% has some mild form, that is not painful) which began starting to breakdown some other areas. So... while you may be busy during this season, be sure to get your mouth in check. #<Category:0x0055a2d60d4700> Show Edit Destroy
Aloe Vera will help, fast London GB Burning tongue? The aloe vera plant is a popular natural remedy for soothing and healing basic burns, including a burnt tongue. However, you should be aware that aloe vera is totally disgusting to taste and if you are resorting to this route you should ONLY use a natural leaf straight from an aloe vera plant, rather then the same stuff you would use from a bottle for your sunburn... Make sure the Aloe vera comes straight from the plant, not from creams or store-bought gels #<Category:0x0055a2d6116d58> Show Edit Destroy
Julepynt, a way to be creative DK One of the most important ingredients of hygge is a candle. Candles in all shapes and forms are good but for Christmas, you want to create your own julepynt, don’t you? I imagine that you do. Homemade julepynt can be so much more fun than the ready-made decorations that you cnan buy. But why not involve the whole family in making decorations? Why not press everybody’s creative button and enjoy some hands-on, hyggelig creativity this weekend? All you need is a trip in Nature (or if you haven’t got any of that around, a trip to your local florist’s). What we’re after are some twigs of evergreens, fir, holly or ivy, or a mix of all of them, with some red berries and pine cones thrown in. Sunday is a good day for this adventure. Keep it hyggeligt 🙂 that is, don’t rush it, go with the flow. You need to decide where you can go to find some evergreens, perhaps some red berries and a few pine cones. Once you’ve decided, a local forest or a local florist’s, go ahead but make sure to mark the occasion. You don’t want to just leave, get there and get it over with! You want to savour the moments. So pack a picnic if the weather allows for it, or plan a hyggeligt stop on the way for a meal or drinks. The idea is to spend time together. You’ve got the pretext of the excursion to find decoration material but let’s not have that interfere with being together. The art of hygge consists in finding just the right amount of activity that will allow for creating a feeling togetherness but won’t let the activity take over. Remember, hygge is not so much about doing as it is about being! So I’ll let you leave for your destination, forest or florist’s, and see you when you get back. Once you’re back home, you’ll need some clay, or its modern day substitute that keeps your evergreen decoration evergreen: oasis. It’s a green sort of foam that florist’s use when they make flower decorations. They stick the stems into the oasis that they’ve soaked beforehand. If you use oasis to make your julepynt, it’ll keep longer! But I grew up without this commodity and enjoyed it, so don’t worry if you can’t find any. Now begins the real fun! You get to create your own julepynt! The idea of this contraption was that you’d bring some of Nature into your house to combat the bleakness of wintertime. The candle is to bring in light (remember, there’s very little daylight in Denmak in winter). So to make your decoration, you just stick the big, fat candle you got the other day into the piece of oasis or the lump of clay. Make sure it’s stable! Then you just complete your decoration by adding the evergreen, covering the oasis or clay so that only the greenery is visible. Around the candle, you can finish off with some moss. If you found berries, pine cones or other decorative stuff, stick it on your decoration! You can even add on a nisse! But what am I saying? I haven’t told you about julenisser yet! Well, I’m sorry! That’ll be tomorrow’s subject. Can’t wait to tell you. Remember that this sort of julepynt is inflamable and you don’t want to set your house on fire so never leave a lit candle. Watch it and relax. #<Category:0x0055a2d613f988> Show Edit Destroy
Workstation Ergonomics! GB In the world of occupational health it is important to look at the workplace ergonomics as part of treatment and prevention of neck, should and back pain. Workplace ergonomics in a simple definition is the science of designing a job and or a workplace to fit the worker. That includes the placement of the desk; computer workstation, monitor and keyboard to encourage improved upper back and neck posture. Here is where yoga and occupational health come hand-in-hand. There are other branches to the subject of ergonomics, which will be touched in further posts. However, it is important to note that ergonomics is one of the most neglected areas at work and it is why many injuries happen. Through ergonomics we develop awareness in the way we sit, move and work. #<Category:0x0055a2d617f588> Show Edit Destroy
The best thing for a burnt tongue is honey LB Feeling the pain and heat of a burnt tongue is really unpleasant – so what do you do if you don't have any soothing medicated gel or a product to put on it immediately? Head to the kitchen according to my grandmother! This was a very common home remedy in Lebanon to help with those times you burn your tongue. A spoonful of honey has natural healing properties and instantly cools the mouth so you actually do feel instant relief. Its also a natural antibacterial and has anti fungal properties which act as an antiseptic, and speeds up the healing process by promoting cell and tissue renewal. #<Category:0x0055a2d61b1150> Show Edit Destroy
Just sprinkle sugar on your tongue Manchester GB One of the simplest things to do if you have burnt your tongue, is to put a teaspoon of sugar on the burn and hold the tongue against the roof of the mouth until the sugar has melted. This home remedy is well known and really does work. Dipping your tongue into a teaspoonful of sugar or a small bowl containing sugar greatly reduces the burning sensation and reduces sensations of pain as your mouth is flooded with the sweet taste of the sugar... Apparently the way it works is that the glucose in the sugar helps to relieve the pain as it immediately soothes down the flesh of the tongue. As your tongue is so very sensitive (what with all those taste buds and all) the heating can get absorbed to the pores of the tongue. One can also apply a thin layer of honey on the burn and let it remain undisturbed for approximately 15 seconds. #<Category:0x0055a2d6208ba8> Show Edit Destroy
Eat yoghurt and goodbye burnt tongue Manchester GB We've all be there. Whether its a burning tea, or a giant bite of a too-hot pizza and suddenly you've got a burnt tongue... Yogurt is one of the best natural remedies for a burnt tongue, for the simple reason that it is extremely cooling (lives in the fridge) and soothing (texture of yoghurt is so smooth helps relieve the pain). Natural Greek yogurt is recommended, but any kind of yogurt will do. You could also try drinking a glass of cold milk! #<Category:0x0055a2d627ebc8> Show Edit Destroy
Eradicating flaky and bumpy skin GB We can experience flaky and bumpy skin on legs and arms for a variety of reasons such as temperature change, diet and hormones and while we should always seek to treat the underlying cause of the problem, sometimes you need change your appearance in a flash before your dairy elimination diet has time to kick in. When time is of the essence, use a moisturiser or body oil with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to help speed up the turnover of your skin cells and restore smoothness. #<Category:0x0055a2d6306370> Show Edit Destroy
Lavender Pillow to help beat insomnia Paris FR I can hear you all asking: what is a lavender pillow? Very simply, a lavender pillow is a small sachet of lavender, which you can place under your pillow, or in your bed which should help encourage sleep. There are different ways to make a homemade lavender pillows or you can actually just be lazy and buy a lavender pillow. My sister introduced me to these when I was struggling to fall asleep a few years ago and I totally swear by them. For you cynics out there.... so why does lavender help you sleep? According to some scientists and the studies they did, Lavender aromatherapy can really help calm the body, that it slows down the nervous system and hence all improves relaxation and so helps people to fall relax enough to help fall asleep. I even read somewhere that in Germany, Lavender flowers have also been approved as a drinking tea to help people with insomnia! Who knew! One of these lavender pillows lasts a long time, the scent might be reduced over time but you won't need to replace it for at last a few months. #<Category:0x0055a2d63ab960> Show Edit Destroy
Mint Toothpaste to help with a burnt tongue GB Applying toothpaste on a tongue burn is a really easy and such a simple remedy. I seem to have burnt my tongue a fair bit recently (never have the patience to wait until my coffee cools!) I found this remedy on the internet and it really does surprisingly help. The mint cools and soothes the burnt area, plus it may even leave your mouth feeling a little fresher! And the taste of the toothpaste helps distract from the pain. #<Category:0x0055a2d644fc40> Show Edit Destroy
Avocados for Stress! GB Studies in the United Kingdom have shown that stress could be due to deficiencies in vitamin B, which is responsible for healthy nerves and brain cells. Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B vitamins (primarily B6). They contain Serotonin, also known as the “Happy” hormone, which can help keep your mood steady, even in times of stress. For the best results in stress-reduction at work, eat one-half of a fresh avocado as a snack. Or the whole thing! That is okay, too. #<Category:0x0055a2d65213d0> Show Edit Destroy
Nisser and hygge DK Are you the sort of person who takes nisser to be trolls? Nothing could be further from the truth: trolls typically live in forests, under rocks, and nisser live in houses! You’ve got one right under your nose, your very own husnisse! Have you made his acquaintance or are you still pretending to ignore him? You no longer have to think you’re losing it when you can’t find the pair of socks you just picked up but then, unfortunately, put down! You no longer have to fear that dementia is threatening when you’re looking for your phone charger that you always put in the same place. NISSEN TOOK IT! Because he likes playing tricks on us! In fact, what you want to do is to win him over to your side – otherwise he’s just going to keep playing tricks on you, and it can get out of hand because he can become spiteful! If you’re not aware of his existence yet, let me just enlighten you: Nissen lives in your attic. Maybe you’ve heard him sometimes. He can be pretty discreet but once in a while he goes scurrying across the attic floor! He was there before you. If you’re the one who built the house, you just have to realise that he was there, on that very spot, before you. He feels entitled to be there and there’s no getting rid of him. What you have to do is simply to let him have his way. Maybe you’ve got children or grandchildren who don’t know of his existence, and I’m sure they’d be delighted if you told them the story of how Nissen and you came to live together. Remember to light a candle before you begin your story to make it really hyggeligt! In Denmark during the month of December, people play little tricks on each other. You might find your car keys in the fridge or your wheelbarrow in your bedroom. This is all perfectly normal and just a reminder that Nissen is getting hungry for his risengrød. Just so that you know, you can appease Nissen by making him a nice big bowl of risengrød. I’m going to help you get out of this potentially awkward situation by giving you the recipe. Try it out; you might like it (or your children will). The good thing about it is that you won’t have to eat anything for the next several hours after. Once you’ve cooked your risengrød, you’ll have to reserve a bowl for Nissen. Put it away in the attic and Nissen will be sure to eat it! After a few days, there won’t be anything left, proof that Nissen exists (if any was needed)! This is what you need for two people (you and Nissen!): 2.25 dl round-grain rice 1 dl water 1 l milk a pinch of salt 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar 1 tablespoonful of cinnamon 50g butter Pour the water with the rice into a sourcepan and let it boil for about 2 minutes. Then stir in the milk. Bring to boil and cover. Let it simmer for about 35 minutes, stirring frequently so as not to burn the milk. Add salt. Serve in a bowl with a spoonful of butter in the middle and the sugar and cinnamon springled all over grøden! Don’t forget Nissen! It will make his heart sing! And you won’t have to search for your missing socks anymore 🙂 Let me know if you enjoyed it. Can’t think why you wouldn’t! #<Category:0x0055a2d658cb30> Show Edit Destroy
Simple Breathing Exercise London GB This is a simple breathing exercise my Mother taught us when we were young and had an exam or something coming up. Whenever you get those nervous anxious feelings follow this breathing exercise. It takes just a few minutes and can make all the difference in how you feel. Why do this breathing exercise? It does two things. Firstly, it changes your minds focus from whatever is making you feeling anxious to the breathing and counting. Secondly, it calms down your body because you slow your breathing down. #<Category:0x0055a2d6668fe0> Show Edit Destroy
Breathe Like a Navy SEAL US I recently took a survival training with a group of Navy SEALS, and one thing they were adamant about throughout the entire training is how staying relaxed under pressure is a learned skill, not the inherent human trait of our imagination. Over time with practice, you will be able to summon the technique whenever needed. Granted, it may not stop an attack from occurring, but it will lessen the intensity of the attack enough for you to seek additional care. Take five quick breaths in, followed by one long exhale. By the fifth breath, your stomach should be completely full. Then, breathe out completely, leaving your stomach completely empty. Practice this technique every morning upon awakening for five minutes while sitting up in bed. Once you develop a steady routine, begin to also practice it while walking, working, exercising, cooking, and in any other situation where a panic attack may strike. #<Category:0x0055a2d67a52a0> Show Edit Destroy
Cut down on Sugar London GB After a bit of trial and error, I have noticed a big impact on my fibromyalgia symptoms according to my diet. For me the biggest impact I noticed is that my symptoms are a lot less when I cut out refined sugar. I used to eat a lot of cookies and cake as these are total comfort food for me. But by cutting down on sugary products, it seems to help in two ways. Firstly with the emotionally highs and lows that come with eating sugar. But secondly, and the bigger impact I see, is that the pain in my muscles and the constant exhaustion is less when I have fully cut out refined sugar. #<Category:0x0055a2d683b070> Show Edit Destroy
Slowing down your thoughts will help get rid of anxiety CA I used to get real anxiety attacks and a friend at work sat me down and taught me this simple hack to reduce anxiety. It takes just a few minutes and you can calm down those anxious feelings and rid your mind of unwanted thoughts by following these simple steps. So simple anyone can do it. Don't get frustrated by other thoughts you may have. If they re-occur, simply turn your attention back to your breath. #<Category:0x0055a2d68bba68> Show Edit Destroy
Relaxation through breathing exercise London GB Practice breathing exercises to calm your anxiety. A professional therapist taught me this method and I find that it does help a lot. Download free apps on phone or search the web for breathing exercises. #<Category:0x0055a2d6948d28> Show Edit Destroy
Positive affirmations New York US Write down a list of 5 things you are grateful and thankful for, with each sentence beginning "I am". Eg "I am healthy and energetic." "I am loved and loving" etc. Do this in the morning when you wake up, and every night in bed before falling asleep. You can write the tips down on your phone on the way to work or class. #<Category:0x0055a2d6a2d9a0> Show Edit Destroy
Reduce tension headaches with peppermint oil GB If you suffer from headaches, peppermint oil can be very soothing and uplifting. You can either diffuse it in the air around you or apply it with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil to the temples and to the base of your skull. #<Category:0x0055a2d6b4bee0> Show Edit Destroy
Change your sitting posture - the Squatty Potty! New Jersey US Ok, so when I first heard about this I thought what a load of 'crap' (pun totally intended). But it genuinely does work. The Squatty Potty basically puts you in the correct posture to poop. What it does, is it raises your legs so you that you are squatty rather than sitting. The idea is that humans are not designed to sit on a loo to poo, but are designed to squat. Which if you think about the places where people don't have a sit-down loo they are all squatting. According to Squatty Potty's website (which for pure entertainment is totally worth you checking out), sitting with your feet on the floor means that your colon is not properly relaxed and so it is hard to poo. That's why so many people are straining to get their poop out which causes a lot of other issues. Whereas if you are squatting, your muscles are relaxed and in the right position for your colon to release the poo. #<Category:0x0055a2d5d62928> Show Edit Destroy
Learn To Shift Your Focus To Reduce Anxiety GB When you struggle with anxiety, it can start to feel all encompassing and take over your thoughts and life. You can become trapped worrying about worst case scenarios and even worrying that you may feel anxious. And the more you focus on the anxiety, the more anxious you feel. To start diluting that anxiety, start consciously focusing on the things that you are looking forward to and the things that have gone well, however big or small these may be each day. Some people can find this challenging at first yet the more you continue, the easier it becomes and the better you will feel. #<Category:0x0055a2d5e49c60> Show Edit Destroy
Weighted Blankets help you sleep GB The deep pressure touch of the blanket on your body has been shown to release serotonin in your brain, making you happier and more relaxed and promoting sleep #<Category:0x0055a2d5f0e6c8> Show Edit Destroy
Changing Your Breathing To Aid Sleep IN One way to help ensure a good nights sleep is to change your breath so that your body knows that it is time to sleep. Slowing down the breath, observing the breath and increasing the length of the exhalation can help with insomnia and calm the mind. #<Category:0x0055a2d6fa6148> Show Edit Destroy
Its all about the Hot Toddy! GB When I had a cold at uni my 70 year old scottish driving instructor gave me the a dive to have a hot toddy before going to bed. I slept like a baby and woke up feeling a hell of a lot better. A hot toddy is basically hot whisky and honey with cinnamon and lemon and cloves. #<Category:0x0055a2d6ff00b8> Show Edit Destroy
Stretch Away Your Anxiety and Stress London GB When we are stressed or anxious our bodies tense up and blood flow to muscles is restricted. Take a big stretch, loosen up and let go of that stress! Stretching interrupts the defensive stress reaction and improves the blood flow - allowing the muscles to relax and increases circulation of blood to the brain, which will help lift the spirit. The more you stretch, the better you will feel. It's so simple! #<Category:0x0055a2d7053de8> Show Edit Destroy
Dissolve it through new experience and passion London GB - There are many tools available, not one to forgive yourself. It is about remembering that you can be different because if you are stuck in guilt you forget how you can be without it and allowing yourself to be different. - Read biographies of fanatical people to see how others were forgiven. They came through lots of experience and transcended through that. - Allow yourself new experience. When you jump out of your current experience to different experience that is the fastest way to shake off what has been holding you. You may experience glimpses and highly elevated states when you experience yourself differently. Once you enter into that, the guilt will dissolve. If you jump fully into that, it is very possible to happen sooner than you think. You can already start feeling the joy. - Remember the joy you used to be. Know that the guilt part is not present all the time but when it is not it weights you down. You can try other experiences little by little thus allowing yourself to experience a new taste of life. - Find your passion, be active in it and live it. - Hypnotherapy is the most friendly and fast way to resolve guilt issue. #<Category:0x0055a2d70ae428> Show Edit Destroy
Open to love London GB Love is what changes human knowing, human thinking and human actions. Invite Love. Love has been for too long associated with loneliness, despair, hurt and pain. That is not true. In true love one is fully realized. It is not the love one finds in others and gets from others. It is the love one finds within himself, inside – it starts with the self-love. We all find it in glimpses. We can put the volume up, we can expand and grow. When you feel love, treasure it, grow it and expand it. It will grow like a flower. Make it simple. Open to Love. Learn about love. Study love. Act with love. Think with love. Feel love. See with the eyes of love. Breathe love. Speak about love. Write about love. Share love. Feel love when you fall sleep and when you wake up. Think into love. Contemplate love. Reinvent yourself with love. Love your clothes. Love your eyes. Love your body. Love your bones. Love your shape. Choose what you love. Surround yourself with what you love. Throw away what does not bring you joy. Throw away what makes you sad. Surround yourself with more objects and items which remind you of love. Play love songs. Watch love movies. Look for the love signs. Create your love cocoon. Wear the clothes you love. Love the clothes you wear. Love the way as you are now. Make a list of what you love and have it more, have it all. Have a love day when you do, wear all you love, when you feel that day with all you love, just for yourself and those you choose so if you do so. Go where the love is spread. Stay away from the fight places but send your loving thoughts there. Send love to those who are far on that journey to know what love is. Send them love so one day they may feel it. Go out and give love to others. Show love. There is no need to hide it. Sit and wait for love. Send love to your cells, to your organs, to your veins, to your skin, to your bones, to your pigments, to your hair, to your nails. Love them. They are you. So you become more love. Love each part of you. Send them love, give it care. Appreciate it. You are a beautiful human being in a beautiful human body. You are here to have a love experience. Love your challenges and laugh at them. Look at them with the eyes of love. Stay where you love. Travel where you love. Go with your heart. Listen to your heart. Seek truth. Act in truth. Be truthful to yourself. Be with those who treat you with love. Maneuver yourself from those who make the demands. Take invitations from those who radiate love and invite with love for when you open to those invitations, you open to new possibilities. Let your body be treated to the pleasures of love, dance and movement. Let yourself free in the open air. Dance when no one watches you. Jump. Roll in the grass. Spend time in nature. Swim in the natural waters. Walk in the mountains. Gaze at the stars. Have a nap under the tree. Know that you are perfectly lovable at any given time. #<Category:0x0055a2d711cdb0> Show Edit Destroy
Notice things GB When you are in the throws of a panic attack it can be very hard to get out of your head. One of the simplest things you can do during this time is to remember to notice things. Acknowledge things, out loud if need be, that are around you at that very moment. This can help you come to the present moment and become a little less 'in your head'. Notice the floor, the sky, the physical things that surround you at that very moment. List them to yourself and see if that helps distract from the physical sensations you are experiencing. #<Category:0x0055a2d71b1e10> Show Edit Destroy
How to not be nervous before a big presentation Lausanne CH If you are the type of person to get nervous before a big presentation, these simple steps are the cure for you! Have you ever noticed that the hardest part when presenting is the first few minutes? Once you've warmed up, things get considerably easier. So grab a buddy as you will need some help for 5minutes! Really practise as if you were presenting #<Category:0x0055a2d720c6f8> Show Edit Destroy
From angry to loving with hypnotherapy London GB From angry to never getting angry again By