Eat yoghurt and goodbye burnt tongue

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We've all be there. Whether its a burning tea, or a giant bite of a too-hot pizza and suddenly you've got a burnt tongue... Yogurt is one of the best natural remedies for a burnt tongue, for the simple reason that it is extremely cooling (lives in the fridge) and soothing (texture of yoghurt is so smooth helps relieve the pain).

What You'll Need

  • One spoonful of natural Greek yoghurt (or actually any type of yoghurt works but my Mum always swore by greek yoghurt as the best option)
  • Spoon

What You'll Do

  • Eat a spoonful immediately after burning your tongue and let it sit on your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.
  • Burnt tongue? Just head to your fridge and get a yoghurt (or at a minimum a spoonful of yoghurt)
  • Put the yoghurt on your tongue - and let it sit for a bit to cool the burn
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Alex Mahon says...
I always drink my tea too quickly, this is super helpful! Plus its a natural probiotic, double win!
frank the tank says...
That's a good one.
Palmero says...
I didnt like the flavour of the yoghurt but it worked. If you try this make sure you choose a good flavour.

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