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Turn Off your Phone, Put it On Airplane Mode, Hide It.

Make your phone less interesting by removing its capabilities and setting parameters on when you can and cannot use it.

What You'll Need

  • A phone with an on/off button
  • Airplane mode

What You'll Do

  • 1. Practice turning your phone off at night. Send that last text message, read that last email and turn the phone off before getting into bed. Plug it into the wall as far away from your head (or in a different) room as you are able. 2. Do not turn the phone back on until you have been away for at least 15 minutes (no half-eyed turn phone and read email before realizing you have taken a deep breathe and realize that you are alive). 3. During the take schedule times to remove your phone from the desk or even have 30 minutes on airplane mode. This will train you to more consciously use your phone.
  • 4. At social gatherings practice hiding your phone completely. Do not take it out (even if everyone else does) until the end of the event. If you are expect and highly important message check once. Do not check more than once. 5. Keep turning your phone off at night. Think before your turn it on.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have such an addition that the above does not sound at all possible or causes you extreme anxiety. Consult professional medical attention.

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