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Olive oil ear drops

Ear aches caused by an excess of wax build up can be cured with a few drops of olive oil

What You'll Need

  • Olive oil
  • Cotton pads or tissues (a pipette if possible)

What You'll Do

  • Step 1 - Tilt your head to one side so the effected ear is upward facing. Step 2 - Put a cotton pad or tissue below the ear to soak up any spillage
  • Step 3 - Gently pour about five drops of olive oil into the effected ear. Step 4 - Leave your head titled for a few seconds to stop the oil from dripping out.

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arussotti said over 1 year ago
This seems to always work! I heat the oil slightly so that it is warm (not hot!).
Emmajey said over 1 year ago
my go to if my ear plays up, however if you believe it is more serious (infection) don't use any ear drops unless the doctor prescribes them
rp said over 1 year ago
Yes this worked for me!