Smother yourself in Tiger Balm

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Rub on some Tiger Balm wherever you feel a little blocked up and all coldy. Trust me this really does help. When you first put the Tiger Balm on it will feel ice cold and then suddenly burning hot so be aware of that! Maybe start of small, i.e. just putting a tiny bit on and see how your skin reacts before doing the whole 'smothering' thing! It completely warms you and clears you up. I love this stuff.

What You'll Need

  • Tiger Balm Red Ointment

What You'll Do

  • Rub the Tiger Balm on your chest/under your nose/temples etc.
  • Let it work it's magic

Tips & Warnings

  • You only need a little dab of the stuff, it goes a long way. Also make sure it doesn't go near your eyes as it really stings.
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