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Homeopathy for Cold Sores on the lip

This one works especially for the lip. Use "Rhus Toxidendron" homeopathy (from Boiron is the best). I have found that this is a million times better than the patches or creams you can buy in pharmacies. So what is Rhus Toxidendron? I have seen it also known as Rhus Tox. The plant itself is more commonly known as poison ivy. I know there is little to no scientific evidence to support a lot of homeopathy but I have really found that this product is the best thing for my cold sores.

What You'll Need

  • "Rhus Toxidendron" homeopathy

What You'll Do

  • Take 5-6 at a time and 4-5 times a day.
  • Buy Rhus Toxidendron - but make sure you are buying the product from a a well-known, or respected homeopathy store. There is a lot of products out there that are not the real thing. Apply as directed.

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