Italian grandmas' remedy against the cold (and against anything that makes you sad)

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Your cold is about to turn into flu? Your bones are heavy and your nose is blocked? Well, there is nothing better than a proper grandma's cure: a cup of hot milk with a sweet spoon of honey. Natural, warm, and homey.

What You'll Need

  • Milk, honey, small pot, cup, spoon
  • Milk: organic /low fat / skim / whole / the one you prefer
  • Honey: there are several types of honey, all are naturally perfect.My personal favorite are the acacia, orange blossom, and "millefiori" ones.

What You'll Do

  • Heat up the milk using the small pot. The milk doesn't have to be too hot, so make sure to take the pot off the burner before the milk forms a thin pellicle on the surface.
  • Pour the milk in the cup, take a full spoon of honey, and add it to the warm milk. Keep on blending until the honey is completely melted.
  • Enjoy this lovely treat and bless your grandma wherever she is.

Tips & Warnings

  • NO cognac-added version if you are underage (but let's be honest: no Italian grandma would ever care about this warning)
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