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Using the word "YES" as a mantra along with simple gesture, you can pump yourself up to a high-energy state that will channel your nervous energy into an awesome performance.

What You'll Need

  • NOTHING! - Though you can listen to music if you want.

What You'll Do

  • Find a place where you can make a little bit of noise and move a round - like a bathroom, hallway, outside, or back stage. You don't need much room, but you might want a little bit of privacy if you are self-conscious.
  • Clench your fists tight.
  • Starting slow, pump both of your fists at the same time (like you're pounding them down on table) while saying the word "YES!". Make sure to say the word from your diaphram to get full power (or squeeze your stomach muscles when you say it).
  • Do this again and again, making your fist pumps and your "YES!" stronger and stronger each time. Add in a jump or a YES-cartwheel if you want.
  • Every time you say YES you are winning. Feel it!
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