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Natural mineral cures for UTI's

Natural minerals mixed with water to help both prevent and treat a UTI

What You'll Need

  • D-Manos powder
  • Glass of water

What You'll Do

  • Mix a table spoon of D-Manos powder into a glass of water
  • Drink as many of these mixtures as you can during the day.

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Bert said over 1 year ago
This is the best thing EVER. I took antibiotics for on and off for six months for a UTI. I saw a specialist and he explained how most infections are caused by e-coli. The antibiotics mask a recovery but does not cure it. D-Mannose is a sugar that the e-coli sticks to and then you just wee it out. I have now not taken antibiotics in six months - it really works. Sweet Cures is the best make I have found - and the pills work better than the powder. They come in a small easily transportable case and I always carry them in my handbag. TRY IT.