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5 2 Diet

Diet for 2 days, eating under 500 calories. Means you can eat like a pig for the other days. See the weight drop off.

What You'll Need

  • Willpower

What You'll Do

  • Check out the 5:2 diet online or buy the book.
  • Buy the 5:2 diet book, you can find out a lot about it online, but the book really goes into some good detail around the science of why it works and gives you some great meal plans.

Tips & Warnings

  • The first few days on the 500 calories days can be tough.

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Emmajey said over 1 year ago
the only diet that has helped me! regular exercise along side helps double the weight lose
serena said over 1 year ago
The diet really works however 'warning' - you really do need a lot of self control. Even after doing this diet for a while I still totally dread those days but I feel better, cleaner and for some reason can concentrate a lot more on the 2 diets.