Preventing Coldsores using Sunblock

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You can help prevent Cold Sores from forming to begin with by applying sunblock on your lips and face year-round. This really can work. Friends told me about this, and I being slightly skeptical did some research. I found a study which said that researchers tried it out on 38 people who suffered from recurrent cold sores and it stopped the problem. Then they supplied a fake sunscreen, and 71% of the people developed a cold sore. (This research was published in something called the Lancet in 1991.) So although not exactly a big scientific study it was enough to encourage me to try using suncream and it seems so far to be working.

What You'll Need

  • Sunblock - use a high factor (such as those intended for skiers or other outdoor exercise.)

What You'll Do

  • Apply sunblock to areas prone to cold sores daily. Sunlight seems to activate herpes simplex 1 in some people.
  • Apply the suncream to the area where your cold sores occur.
  • Do not just dab on the exact spot where you last got a cold sore. Cover the surrounding skin also, because cold sores do not always recur in exactly the same spot.
  • If you tend to get cold sores on the actual lip, use a lip balm that contains UV protection.
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BSull says...
I find this works very well as it stops the sunlight affecting my lips.

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