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Magic Button for Reducing Anxiety

The acupuncture point called Heart 7 can be activated at home using acupressure to calm anxiety, stress, agitation, insomnia and restlessness. A child patient of mine calls this his magic button, and he presses it whenever he feels anxious at school!

What You'll Need

  • Your hands; can use a blunt pencil, end of ball point pen, or a probe for stronger acupressure than just your finger

What You'll Do

  • + turn your hand palm side up and go to the wrist crease
  • + follow the little finger down to the wrist crease
  • + feel for a little round bone at the base of the palm in this area, called the pisiform
  • + roll your finger over the bone from the outside of the hand, towards the thumb, to the lower corner of the pisiform
  • + this is the proximal, radial corner of the pisiform bone
  • + there is a dip here, on the thumb-side of the tendon you can feel here
  • + the tendon is called the flexor carpi ulnaris
  • + press here to relax and calm - think of it as your magic button!

Tips & Warnings

  • This point is safe for everyone and is not contraindicated in any conditions, including pregnancy.

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