Reducing Springtime Stress with Lemon

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In Chinese Medicine we associate the Wood Element and its organs - the Liver and Gall Bladder - with the season of Spring. We understand that the Liver is responsible for the smooth movement of Qi (energy) through the the whole body. When our Qi is flowing freely in our bodies, there is balance and harmony - we have mental, physical and emotional health. But when our Qi is blocked or stuck somewhere, it can create symptoms physically (like headache, tight neck and shoulders, IBS and teeth clenching), or emotional symptoms such as stress, irritability or frustration. It is also important to remember that stress itself can actually CAUSE stagnation of Qi in the body - creating a vicious cycle, causing more stress on top of stress. Lemon can be a great ingredient to stop this cycle in its tracks! According to Chinese Food Energetics, different foods have different effects on the body. So when we look at Food Energetics in the context of Spring and stress, we are looking at the Wood Element, it's organs of Liver and Gall Bladder, focus in on moving the Qi in the body to reduce stress, prevent stagnation and move forward in our lives. In Spring it is helpful to add some SOUR flavour in to our diets, as it invigorates the Liver and helps it's function of moving and smoothing Qi throughout the whole body, to reduce stress. This is where a slice of lemon in your hot water first thing in the morning, or in the glass of water on your desk, can help to keep your stress levels under control!

What You'll Need

  • Fresh lemon (unwaxed skin), water (hot or room temperature)

What You'll Do

Tips & Warnings

  • If you suffer with acid reflux, heartburn, high stomach acid, ulcers or urinary infections such a cystitis, then avoid sour or acidic foods as it may exacerbate your symptoms.
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