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Acupuncture can help ease your Fibromyalgia pain

If you are like me and find yourself asking what helps with fibromyalgia pain then try acupuncture. I am not saying it will totally cure your pain, or will stop you from feeling all those nasty fibromyalgia symptoms but I really found that for me it has helped with some of the pain management. A friend who had acupuncture and also suffered from fibromyalgia suggested I tried it - and really I never looked back. For me it was the first alternative health treatment for fibromyalgia I tried and really helped improved some of the symptoms. Be aware that an acupuncture session is not always that cheap and most insurance companies will not cover it. However, give it a go once and see if the symptoms do improve.

What You'll Need

  • A good qualified acupuncturist. Make sure you are seeing someone well qualified. Apparently there are even experts focused on pain management and or fibromyalgia - but I have always seen a generalist so cant say that it makes a big difference.

What You'll Do

  • Book acupuncture session
  • Not yet convinced? Do some research, there are a fair number of people who also think that acupuncture can help with some of the fibromyalgia symptoms!

Tips & Warnings

  • So this health tip isn't going to be great for people who are scared of needles - but really these needles do not hurt and the benefit far outweights the negative of the tiny needles!

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serena said about 2 years ago
You can feel a bit out of it on the first time for 24 hours but then the effects should start to kick in.