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Do a detox to kickstart the diet

The advice I was given from a friend was do a short (maximum 5 days) detox to kick start your body into loosing weight. Not only does it kick start your body, but on the scales you see early improvement which helps to encourage you to keep going. Do a food based detox where you cut out all dairy, sugar, fruit, caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates, meats and fish. Also cut out things like tomatoes etc which are acidic. Drink a lot of water.

What You'll Need

  • Detox foods such as Avocado, Carrots, Cucumber, Broccoli and other plane veg
  • Herbal Teas

What You'll Do

  • Buy enough detox foods for 2-5 days
  • Clear your social diary

Tips & Warnings

  • Try not to do anything strenuous doing these days including exercise as you will be feeling very drained.

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serena said over 1 year ago
And ensure that in the few weeks after the detox you dont ruin all the good work -