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Lightening Treatment

After two years of trying many different cures, this is the one that really finally worked and kicked CFS. I am on purpose not saying much about what the cure really is, as part of it is the experience of the two day class.

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  • Courage
  • Willingness to take a Leap

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  • Research Phil Parker's Lightening Treatment

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SE Morris said over 1 year ago
I suffered from CFS for 14 years before doing the Lightning Process Treatment. Within a few weeks I was able to do things (hike up a mountain, for example) that I had been unable to do in all of the time I was ill. I have been completely cured for 5 years, now -- well, one very brief very slight 2 week backslide, but that's it! I jog, I lift weights, I drive long distances, I can be in the sun, I eat what I want, sleep well, and much more -- all things that would have been unthinkable while I was ill. I would add to "courage" and "willingness to take the leap," that discipline and a strong imagination are helpful.