Step on your ANTs - Automatic Negative Thoughts

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Step on your ANTs - i.e. your Automatic Negative Thoughts. When you have an automatic negative thought, such as, 'I will make a fool of myself at this conference' or 'there is no point me doing this as I will fail and others will laugh at me'. Stop. Think "what would a good friend say to you", and be that good friend to your automatic negative thoughts. Every time you have a negative thought be that good friend. The more you do it, the more the negative thoughts will disappear.

What You'll Need

  • Willpower

What You'll Do

  • every time you have a negative thoughts be your own good friend

Tips & Warnings

  • Try and do this with a friend first whereby you write down your fears about your low-confidence, and they pretend to be you and you practise on them being a good friend to yourself.
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Elizabeth London says...
Sounds like some good common sense... wish I had thought of that. Starting now!

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