The This Works! Brand sleep pillow spray

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I use this brand for helping to sleep and it really does work! I was a cynic until I tried it myself. According to the website ( the main criteria at This Works are quality, purity and integrity. ingredients have to be of an extremely high quality in order to ‘work’ so the sourcing of essential oils and the naturals is vital. No compromises are made in the choice or cost of the highest calibre raw materials and it really does make all the difference, as two or 3 sprays on to my pillow and I just seem to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

What You'll Need

  • This Works! sleep spray

What You'll Do

  • spray pillow with herbal spray
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serena says...
You are totally right - the ThisWorks brand is really fantastic. They do a range of products - I have never used the SleepSpray but I have used the bath oil for sleep and I really find that it works.

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