Turmeric, honey and lemon mix

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Mix Turmeric, Honey and Lemon into a paste. Turmeric is anti bacterial, boosts your immune system,is antioxidant and anti inflammatory. Honey is a natural antibiotic.

What You'll Need

  • -2 table spoons of turmeric ( ideally organic, non irritated, non gmo, with out gluten or sugar, and purest kind available) 
  • 3 table spoons of organic raw honey + Juice of a lemon

What You'll Do

  • Mix ingredients together. Stir well, first day I take 1/2 a teaspoon every hour hour and a half letting that the mix stay in my throat for a bit before swallowing.
  • Second day every 2 or 3 hours. Third day 3 times in the day. 
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