We all get excited when the season turns and can finally stow away those Winter jumpers, and for many of us, a summer ‘glow’ is what we covet. Realistically though, the 'glow' we get isn't what we see in fashion and beauty magazines – beautifully glistening skin with naturally highlighted cheeks and bronze touches... it's just plain old sweat!

Sweating is natural and is fine to embrace at the gym, but in pretty much all other situations, it can be uncomfortable and prevent you from feeling and looking your best. Here are top tips on how to prep your body for excessive sweating, how to stop panicking about uncontrollable sweating and what you can do to feel and look fresh all summer long:

Why Do You Sweat?

Your body uses sweating as a natural way to cool down and to remove toxins from your body. When your body temperature increases, your brain will send a message to more than 2 million sweat glands all over your body. The sweat ducts will then release moisture on the skin’s surface and the evaporation of this moisture is what causes you to cool down.

Sweat contains salt, water and electrolytes and doesn’t smell on its own – it's only when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin that body odour begins. Though sweating is a totally natural process, making sure you are keeping your sweat under control, especially in warmer weather, is key. Here are 19 tricks you can try to prep your body for excessive sweating and what you can do to feel and look fresh all summer long:

1. Apply Deodorant At Night

According to experts from the International Hyperhidrosis Society, sweat production is lowest at night. Applying deodorant before you go to bed gives the active ingredients in the anti-perspirants the time to get into your pores for the morning. You can reapply in the morning, but it doesn’t even get washed off in your morning shower as the ingredients will have already penetrated your sweat ducts.

2. Be On Time

Sweating is often caused by stress and anxiety, and running late for a meeting leaves you sweaty and anxious. Simple tricks like setting your watch or iPhone clock 5 minutes early can keep you calm about arriving on time.

3. Stock Your Summer Wardrobe With Natural Fibres

As well as wearing looser, softer clothing to help air circulation, natural fibres help keep the air flowing and also absorb sweat better. To avoid panicking about uncontrollable sweating, aim for cotton, linen and hemp and check labels to avoid man-made fabrics that trap heat like polyesters, nylons or rayons.

4. Layer Up

If you are going to wear something that could show stains, try wearing (for men) a cotton undershirt to absorb the sweat or (for women) a camisole made of natural fibers. These help absorb sweat quickly and they dry quickly too, leaving your upper layer sweat free!

5. Use Bodyshields

Sticking bodyshields (or even pantyliners!) underneath clothes in places where you sweat helps stop any unwanted patches or stains on your clothes.

6. Avoid Spicy And Processed Food

Spices and sugary foods can trigger your sweat glands as your body tries to get rid of harmful toxins, so try to avoid these if possible.

7. Swap The Caffeine For Tomato Juice

Instead of buying an iced latte to rehydrate and cool down, switch to tomato juice. It contains antioxidants that get rid of the nasty toxins that make you sweat more, and they cool your body down by regulating your temperature.

8. Cool Down With Frozen Grapes Instead Of Ice Creams

Avoid excessive sweating by steering clear of toxins found in the sugar in ice creams for example, and eat grapes (or frozen grapes) as a snack in the heat instead. Grapes work exactly the same way as tomato juice, they contain antioxidants that remove harmful toxins inside the body that stop them being sweated out.

9. Stay Hair-Free

Moisture that accumulates in the hairs under your arm promotes the growth of the bacteria that makes your sweat smell. Keeping your underarms and any other sweaty areas hair-free reduces bacteria production and allows more air to reach the skin, keeping it cooler and drier.

10. Lemon Juice 

The citric acid in a lemon kills the odour-causing bacteria, and the lemon acts as a natural deodorant. Lemon juice can also double up as a handy sweat stain remover, just spray it onto any stains before your pop your clothes in the wash! 

11. Sweaty Feet

Spraying dry shampoo on the inside of your shoes helps absorb sweat. Sweaty feet can also be lessened using cotton socks and leather or mesh canvas shoes (again, the natural fibres help keep the air circulating).

12. Underarm Botox

It is estimated that 2 to 5 of every 100 people suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Botox shots under the arm can help significantly reduce sweating for people that suffer from this condition and has no proven nasty side effects.

13. Pack Extra Clothes

It sounds obvious, but if you are going to have a hot or stressful day, knowing that you have a ‘back up’ or spare shirt in case of emergency can reduce your anxiety and make sure you keep looking clean and fresh all Summer long.

14. Use Prescription Deodorants

If over the counter deodorants don’t seem to be doing the job, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for stronger deodorants that can help control your sweating and finally stop panicking about unconttrollable sweating.

15. Wear The Right Colours

White and black help hide sweat patches well, as do prints and patterns. Avoid greys and bright colours which highlight unwanted wet patches more! 

16. Reduce Salt Consumption

When you eat too much salty food, your body tries to get rid of the excess sodium by sweating it out, so it's recommended to avoid highly salty foods during the Summer months to avoid excessive sweating.

17. Baking Soda

If you don’t want to use deodorant all over your body or you have sensitive skin, dusting baking soda on areas prone to sweating (in between thighs, palms and feet for example) helps to reduce the bacteria and dries your skin out effectively.

18. Sage

Sage is rich in vitamin B and magnesium which reduces sweat glands’ activity. Try drinking one cup of sage tea a day to get the full health benefits.

19. Lose Weight

90% of people who are overweight suffer from excessive sweating, as fat acts as a natural insulator that keeps your body temperature high. Lose the fat by sweating it out (the right way!) at the gym.

Remember, sweating is a natural process and a completely normal way for your body to cool down, however these tips and tricks will help you make sure that excessive sweating, or panicking about your uncontrollable sweating, isn’t going to ruin your fun this Summer!

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