The season of transition is upon us – and with fiery golden leaves, cooler temperatures and beloved sweater weather comes another change we can't forget. For skin, autumn is a season of transition too, and the changes in humidity can make the skin stress causing severe dryness, acne breakouts in the fall and discolouration... but don't worry! There are plenty of simple and practical tips and tricks you can do to prevent the nasties, and keep your skin feeling fresh and youthful all winter long.

Why does my skin look so bad in the winter

A drop in temperature results in moisture leaving the skin and therefore it loses some of its natural defences. This means that your skin can become more irritated and inflamed. This imbalance can cause the skin to overreact and pimples, flakiness and rosacea are just some of the annoying symptoms.

Winter skin care products

Whether you suffer from rosacea, acne or dry skin, investing in a few key skincare products can make a world of a difference and protect your skin during harsh winds and drops in temperature. One of the best ways to get rid of pimples in winter for oily skin, normal skin, combination skin or sensitive skin is to invest in a gentle exfoliator and a good moisturiser.

Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliation Pads are a great start and are suitable for all skin types. They are an easy (but pricey, but worth it!) way to take care of skin in winter. They contain both AHA and BHA fruit acids which gently remove the buildup of skin cells. 

AHAs work on the glue holding together the dead cells while BHA dissolves any excess oil that may be stuck in the pores.


QMS Medicosmetics 24H Cream is one of the best day and night moisturisers that is absolutely amazing at balancing and moisturising the skin during this transitional season. It contains a vitamin complex that nourishes the skin as it protects from environmental stressors and free radicals.

Combining these two products can help your skin feel more plump and healthy!

How to protect skin in winter home remedies

How to protect skin in winter home remedies

1. Showering

Take luke-warm showers and don't spend too much time in there as heat and soaps can dry out your skin’s natural oil production and it’s natural water content.

2. Switch to a cream cleanser

Even if you suffer from oily or acne-prone skin, a cream cleanser can trick your skin into thinking it's not being stripped away of its natural oil, therefore slowing down the excess production. For dry and/or sensitive skin types, this should be in your cleansing routine 365 days a year!

3. Buy a humidifyer

Depending on what country you live in, this could be the best investment for your skin. Certainly below zero climates are extremely dry and a humidifyer can be that helping-hand your skin needs to feel and stay balanced.

4. Exfoliate gently

Cellular buildup can not only clog your pores but also leave your skin looking dull and grey. Now that summer has gone, this is an important step in any skincare routine because exfoliating keeps your skin looking fresh and prevents acne and absorbs any serums or moisturisers effectively.

5. Wear SPF 365 days a year

Even though the days are getting shorter, wearing an SPF 15 to 30 all year long is the only guaranteed antiaging treatment that actually works and keeps your skin feeling moisturised during winter.

6. Work out and sweat

Doing some form of exercise 3 times a week will not only detox your skin through sweating but also get your blood flowing. When temperatures drop, blood stops fully flowing to some parts of your body such as your hand and feet (you know the feeling), so it's extremely important to get your blood moving so that sufficient oxygen can reach all of your skin cells. This really is one of the best home remedies for glowing skin in winter.

7. Look at what you're eating

Opting for heavier foods during the colder months can manifest on the skin. One important home remedy to get rid of dry skin on your face is to make sure you eat fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. This will help detoxify your body from summer booze but also lay a solid foundation of nutrients for the skin cells moving up to the surface.

With a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and a practical skincare routine you can stick to, your skin and the rest of your body will keep glowing and feel at ease throughout the next few seasons.

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