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Up until recently, many people thought of IVs as something you'd only get if you were admitted to the hospital or joked about needing when hungover. The possibility that it could be used for general wellbeing was never a real option until drips made their way into celebrity Instagram feeds as something you can order to your hotel room, like room service. 

Today, if you’re feeling sick and need some Vitamin C, you can Google Map your nearest clinic or even have a professional show up to your front door in an hour, all with the promise of brighter skin, higher energy levels and boosting your immune system all in one shot. But before you dive in, it’s best to understand what you can receive from this kind of therapy and the safest way to go about it.

What is an IV drip and how does it work

What is an IV drip and how does it work?

An IV drip is a way of delivering fluids and micronutrients directly into your body via a small plastic cannula that sits into a vein in your arm or hand. The bag that contains the solution can hold anything from salty water to a more complex mixture of ingredients. Many IV drips today blend minerals, vitamins and amino acids, mixed into a physiologically balanced electrolyte solution.

Delivering a drip involves several careful steps, from placing an IV cannula to safely drawing up and preparing the IV fluid as well as formulating and prescribing each set of ingredients.

While this can be undertaken by anyone with formal training in IV drips, they are best provided by medical professionals. There are risks associated with any treatment, and anyone providing drips should be fully trained in how to minimise, recognise and treat any potential problem.

Health benefits of IV drip treatments

Intravenous therapy delivers 100% of the ingredients straight into your bloodstream, whereas oral treatments may not end up completely absorbed by the body – oral supplementation might take longer to absorb and require larger volumes to provide the same effect. While there is no formal evidence to support intravenous versus oral supplementation, people who have tried IV drips often report immediate beneficial effects. However receiving vitamins through an IV allegedly allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system for a quicker shot of vitality.

One of the most exciting aspects of IV drips is that the list of ingredients is vast and seems to be growing every year for various issues from boosting the immune system, balancing vitamin levels or even dealing with hangovers. The choice of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and IV fluids can be carefully tailored to deliver the exact effect that you need.

How long do the effects of an IV last?

The effects of each drip depend on the contained ingredients, with some offering an immediate boost and some having an effect over the next few days to weeks. 

It’s vital to receive these treatments from a reputable and verified company as some ingredients are better suited to administration in this way than others. Like so many things, not all drips are created equal and it’s vital to discuss the constituents with your practitioner to ensure you are receiving only the very best ingredients.

IV fluids for dehydration and hangover

Though there is no robust evidence to support the recommendation of intravenous versus oral supplementation (or vice-versa), there is wide-ranging and longstanding evidence to support the health benefits of each individual ingredient that make up our IV drips at effectdoctors.com

Anecdotally, most of our clients report an increase in mood, energy and focus following drip therapy, however everyone experiences these treatments in a different way so it’s best to speak to your provider about the drips that they offer. 

One of the most popular formulations we create is aimed at helping with the symptoms of hangover and aid in recovery from overindulgence. This drip mostly contains a physiologically balanced electrolyte solution, anti-inflammatory medications, anti-acid, pain killers and powerful anti-sickness medications (as required), as well as a blend of minerals and vitamins to help you feel at the top of your game. 

Though there are few studies that have tested the effectiveness of IV vitamin therapies for serious or chronic diseases, patients have claimed that it was beneficial for their specific ailments. If you’re curious about IV drips or are considering the therapy and think it might benefit you, speak to a medical professional.

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