If you have tried every trick in the book to ease the pain of living with arthritis, why not implement these top health tips to your lifestyle? 

Arthritis can be treated over time with the help of some key changes like diet, exercise and vitamin intake. However, a more specific approach to treating this condition, might just do the trick.

Alkalise Now

You can greatly ease the pain from arthritis by eating an organic plant-based diet. 

Kick start the recovery process by doing a week long green juice fast. Aim for at least 50% raw ingredients – these are easy to do with salads, green juices and smoothies. 

If this is too much too soon, why not opt for starting each day with a healthy green juice, packed full of alkaline-friendly ingredients.

Fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut, supply about 10 trillion beneficial bacteria, alkalise your system and balance your gut. Adding sweet vegetables like carrot, onion and beetroot, and even an apple to the cabbage, rounds out the flavour and makes it delicious. (Bonus? These veggies are easy and inexpensive to prepare in your own kitchen.)

Remember, an alkaline body free of toxins does not experience as much pain!


An alkaline diet is based on the belief that certain foods can affect the acidity and pH of bodily fluids, including the urine or blood, and can therefore be used to treat or prevent diseases. 

You can alkalise your body by slowly reducing your meat, fish, dairy, black tea, coffee, processed food, starches and refined sugars intake. In fact all sugars, even ‘healthy’ ones like honey, use low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia, yacon syrup or xylitol.

People usually become disappointed by the idea that their favourite fruit contains a high amount of sugar and should be limited, but the reality is that fruits are very acidic.

To keep yourself sane, don’t cut out this important food group completely, rather stick to one or two pieces of low glycemic fruit a day, like an organic apple or pear, lemons, limes or berries. 

Let The Sun Shine Within

Today, modern life forces the average person to spend most of his or her time indoors, so introducing a crucial supplement like Vitamin D3 is equally as important as changing your diet. Vitamin D3 reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system, and aids in the absorption of calcium and zinc but doesn't contain them. 

If you suffer from accute pain, why not try an infra red sauna that can accelerate detoxification and ease inflammation, however does not provide Vitamin D. A ‘one-person sauna’ takes up to about 1m square in area and conveniently runs off of a power socket!

Barefoot Living

Barefoot exercises are also a top solution to releaving the pain of arthritis. Practices that can be done barefoot like yoga, dancing, chi gong and rebounding are gentle on the joints. Walking barefoot on the ground, specifically grass, sand or earth, is an easy and inexpensive way of controlling inflammation.  

Ditch The Petrochemical By Products

Toxins in the body produce inflammation, so clear your kitchen and bathroom of toxic cleaning and personal hygiene products! Using only pure, organic products, trying to regularly wear natural fibres (like cotton, wool, silk or hemp), can alleviate arthritis pain gradually.  

Flex Flex Flex

Arthritic joints in the hands and feet should be gently flexed to keep them supple each day or whenever you think about it! 


More Top Tips To Further Control Arthritis:

• Eucommia bark extract
• Serrapeptase
• Undenatured Type II Collagen
• Mix 1-2 tablespoons of MSM (natural sulphur) with camu camu (high potency natural Vitamin C powder) in water (50/50 amount), and drink. Add a little liquid stevia or xylitol if you find it bitter.
• Add fresh ginger root to juices, cooked dishes and salads.
• Add a small amount of fresh tumeric or curcumin to juices or cooked dishes, or take in supplement form.

Finally... Try The Master Tonic!

• 1L organic apple cider vinegar (unpasteurised) or kombucha tea for a softer taste
• 1/4C chopped garlic
• 1/4C chopped onion
• 1 red chilli pepper (deseeded)
• 1/4C grated ginger
• 2T grated horseradish
• 2T grated turmeric root

Blend the above ingredients and strain. Scoop 1-2 tablespoons every morning in filtered or spring water, and alleviate the pain from arthritis! 

For more information consult the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.


Suffer from other joint problems? Check out how to tips on Fibromyalgia.

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