You know it's just the beginning the moment you recognize that uncomforatble tickle in your throat. Luckily, you no longer have to suffer a week-long cold or flu! Follow these simple tips on what vitamins, supplements and tricks you can do now to boost your immunity system, avoid getting ill in the future and feel better in no time.

There are classic pieces of advice that are always a good platform to start from – like they say, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!':

Starve A Fever 

With most illnesses the appetite is diminished – this is a natural response of the body. But when you're feeling tired, have a pounding headache and feel run down, the body doesn't have the energy to process food at this time, so give your digestive tract a rest!

Catch Some Zzzz 

Many people ignore the early warning signs of illness and keep on working until they 'drop'. You will take longer to heal if you allow the illness to get a foothold – so if you feel a sore throat or congestion coming on, take it easy! 

Mineral Water Is Your BFF

You can clear a majority of toxins from a 'bug' out of your system with large amounts of filtered, mineral water and herbal teas – it's as simple as that.

Pamper Yourself

Soak your feet in hot water while wrapped in a warm wool blanket, put a cold cloth on your head and relax while you sit in a comfortable position for 10-15 minutes. Take care to avoid getting chilly after this treatment! 

Warm Up, Cool Down 

Another top tip for getting rid of a cold fast is to warm the throat or chest with a warm washcloth or hot shower. Dry the skin thoroughly and apply a thin cotton wrap (to throat) or a thin cotton T-shirt (to chest) that has been soaked in cold water and wrung out so that it is not dripping wet. Cover this with a wool scarf (throat) or a wool sweater (chest). Go to bed this way. By morning the scarf or t-shirt will be dry. This treatment increases circulation and increases white blood cell activity.

Introducing vitamins, supplements and herbs are also integral in fending off influenza, colds and the flu. Homeopathics are a great support for the immunity system – here are the doses you should look into*:  

Vitamin C

Take 500mg of this key immunity booster every 3-4 hours with a small amount of food. Cut back on dosage if stools become loose.

Vitamin A

Take 10,000 IU three times daily. (Women who are pregnant or could become pregnant should not take high doses of Vitamin A as it can have adverse affects on the fetus.)


Take 30-50mg once daily with a small amount of food. This can be continued for 1-2 weeks without depleting copper stores in the body.


Take 6 pellets of this homeopathic remedy every 6 hours at the first onset of flu or cold symptoms. Take away from food.


Take 2 caps per day of a high quality probiotic. Look for one with at least 50 billion CFUs.

Herbs like Echinaces (Purple Cone Flower), Hydrastis (Goldenseal), Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh), Trifolium (Red Clover) and Ligusticum (Osha) can be taken as teas (3-5 cups/day), tinctures (30 drops 4 times a day), or in freeze-fried capsules (2 capsules 4 times a day). 

*These are adult dosages. Consult your physician regarding dosages for infants and children.

Check out more health tips on how to get rid of cold and flu fast.

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