Did you know that plant and flowers can heat up your sex life, increase your orgasmic pleasure, deepen intimacy and even help your sexual performance?

Mother earth has her own answers and natural source of Viagra, found in the extracted oils from certain plants. Whether it be passion and libido, love and romance, pleasure and performance, these potent plant oil extracts known as ‘essential oils,’ have a multitude of curative properties for almost all known ailments and conditions – including helping you to get in the mood for love and get sexually active in bed!  

What is aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the alchemy of extracting essential oils from plants and flowers, including the barks, flower stems, nuts, and using them in powerful combinations and natural recipes to assist everyday health, wellbeing and even pleasure. 

Plant and flower power is still rocking the world after 1000’s of years and has been used by kings, queens, pharaohs, gods, goddesses and are even known today as a popular choice for natural alternative medicine and sensual stimulation.

Each oil brings unique and precious gifts. For example, a rose can help to open the heart for more connected love making, intimacy and sacred pillow talk. Essential oils like ylang ylang, ginger, rose, clary sage neroli and jasmine to name a few, are said to have aphrodisiac and erogenous properties helping to switch your libido on and get you more sexually active​​

Essential oils guide

How to use essential oils

Scent is a personal thing, so play around with what works for you and your partner.​ You can use essential oils for overall health​ as well as sexual health and there are various ways aromatherapy can be introduced:

1. Directly on the body as a sensual massage oil (avoiding genitals). Also, take time to awaken your partner’s sensitivity. Explore different pressures and speeds though conscious connected touch. 

2. Inhalation of airborne essential oils, for example aromatherapy scented candles and diffusers, or adding a few drops to an oil burner in the bedroom.

3. Add 4-5 drops to your bath (dilute in a tablespoon of milk first). Soak and receive the benefits. Even better to share with your beloved.

4. Sprinkle a drop or two on the bed sheets (1 drop can go a long way – they can be strong smelling and too much might end in a headache and an early night!) 

5. Dab on the wrists as perfume and set male or female senses alive (use a pre-blended mixture). 

List of essential oils and their uses​

List of essential oils and their uses​

Rose – Helps soften into femininity and open the heart to give and receive love. It's a perfect oil for reducing fear, tension and unworthiness, helping to support self love. It has been said to increase semen production, support menstruation and uterine function. 

Ylang Ylang  Not only is it an emotional balancer, it's a renowned aphrodisiac, increasing libido, sensitivity and enabling a deeper more profound connection and sexual experience. 

Sandalwood – This woody scent is a favoured choice for men. Sandalwood is considered as one of the sacred oils and has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies. It's a powerful muscle relaxant and tension reliever – perfect for a busy mind! 

Clary Sage – A classic euphoric aphrodisiac with a bundle of emotional and physical benefits too, including assisting menstruation and cramps and emotional disturbances. Clary sage is a fantastic nerve tonic and stress buster too. Do not use when drinking alcohol as it can increase the horrible effects of a hangover. *Do not use if pregnant.

Neroli – Not only is this delightful orange blossom scented oil an aphrodisiac, it's a potent mood up-lifter, said to release anger, promote confidence and calmness. Neroli never fails to make you feel happy and light hearted anytime of the day. 

Cedarwood – A woody, grounding and good all-rounder for easing stress and promoting relaxation of the body, heart and mind.  

Patchouli – This magical flower essence is a natural and powerful sedative and reliever of nervous tension, helping to reduce frigidity and anxiety. It's a great choice for uplifting low moods and feeling more grounded and embodied. 

Jasmine – The divinely exquisite smell of this essential flower oil naturally sends you into euphoric bliss. It can help to connect to the spiritual qualities of our soul and well as balance the emotional and nervous system.  

Cinnamon – Another perfect sensual stimulator and spicy aphrodisiac said to help aid muscles spasms, digestive issues and erectile dysfunction

Ginger – Certainly gets the heat rising and can spice up the sexual energy in no time. It's also a great oil for the male senses and soother for achy muscles, tension and digestive issues. 

How to blend essential oils

How to blend essential oils

For safe preparation use 50ml of carrier oil with a combined total of 10-12 drops of essential oils.   

• Sexy, sweet and spicy blend 

50ml of carrier oil (such as apricot kernel or jojoba, sweet almond)

2 drop of Ylang, Ylang

3 drop of Rose

5 drop of Sandalwood

2 drops of Ginger 

* External use only. 

It's important to note that the safe use of essential oils is extremely important. Do not use them directly on the skin without first being diluted in a carrier oil (in the correct measures). Avoid genital and eyes contact and oral consumption. Some essential oils can cause irritation on the skin for sensitive individuals. Do not use if pregnant or on broken skin.

Essential oils are not a replacement for medical assistance, sexual trauma therapy or other complex sexual issues and do not make any medical claims. Aromatherapy can be a fun way to explore your new ways of connecting with yourself and enhancing your sensual experience with others!

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Discover how to use essential oils to help improve you and your partner's sex life.

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