No matter where your current confidence level sits, the chances are that there are at least a few areas in your life where you would benefit from increased oomph.

However much self-confidence you believe you do or don’t have right now, there’s always scope to strengthen and increase it – and that could mean more success, fulfillment, and happiness in your career, family, personal life – pretty much in any circumstance.

Self-confidence is generally described as having belief and trust in yourself to successfully do and/or achieve something. It’s that sense of knowing that you can do it and that you are capable of handling it. When you feel confident, you believe in yourself, make decisions, and take action.

Naturally, self-confidence and self-esteem often go hand in hand, although they are not the same thing. Self-esteem is your opinion of your self-worth and how you feel about yourself. Confidence is about feeling sure of your abilities, qualities, or ideas, and tends to involve action in a specific situation. The interesting thing is that now, the world has embraced a spectrum of therapies in order to help improve emotional and mental health issues like self-confidence – hypnotherapy is a universal practice that can help you with self-love, self-esteem, and confidence.

What does it mean to lack self-esteem and confidence

What does it mean to lack self-esteem and confidence?

Low self-confidence is something that many of my clients describe as a fundamental, day-to-day issue. It may be that in some situations they are confident, yet in others, they tend to really struggle.

Someone with low-confidence may, for example, doubt their ability to do something and feel anxious about it, whether it’s speaking in public, successfully completing a task, handling a challenge, or taking action towards a goal. 

You could be the most naturally talented athlete in the world but will never perform to the best of your abilities if you’re held back by lack of confidence and therefore are hesitant, filled with doubt, feel tense, and have negative thoughts. You may have the skills and ability to take action, yet your lack of trust and belief in yourself holds you back.

Low self-confidence can lead to worry, doubt, over-thinking, and not pursuing opportunities because you don’t believe and trust in yourself. You may limit yourself, procrastinate, avoid making decisions, or find you perform less successfully. You doubt you can handle what needs to be done and so you don’t take action… and that can only make you feel worse.

Hypnosis for confidence

Hypnosis for confidence – does it work?

Hypnosis involves using the same psychological processes that you use every day. By engaging your imagination, beliefs, thoughts, expectations, and motivations, you can make positive changes to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours

Increasing self-confidence involves understanding where you feel you currently lack confidence, and observing the people, places, situations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that you experience in those situations. There may be times when you do feel more confident, so it’s important to be aware and appreciate what the circumstances are so that you can potentially apply those tools to other, more difficult, areas of your life. 

One thing I always want to know from clients at the outset is how they will know that they have achieved their goal of increasing self-confidence. What are the thoughts and feelings they will have, or the actions they will be taking that means their sessions were successful? 

We’re all born with the confidence to learn and try things without overthinking or doubting ourselves. Yet somewhere along the way you can start to worry, doubt yourself, and fear failure and judgment

You can start to overthink things and worry too much about what if things go wrong and whether you could cope with that happening. You start to think of yourself as someone who isn’t good enough or capable enough or confident enough to achieve. And that negative self-talk and anxiety limits you and becomes more and more of a recurring pattern of not doing or trying things because you don’t believe in yourself.

The reason why it’s important for us to go down to the dark depths of low confidence is to shine a light on the solutions.

Hypnotherapy can help you to quell self-doubts and negative self-talk so that you learn to trust and encourage yourself long-term, naturally. By harnessing your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and imagination, you can stop worrying about things going wrong and how bad you will feel if they do. Instead, you can start to focus on what you do want to be doing and on things going right, the whole time knowing that you can handle any perceived challenges or set-backs along the way. The mind is great and all-powerful, and hypnosis can train your brain to seek out the good. Using tools like identifying trigger points, recounting memories, and more, clients can really learn to shun their inner critic, and bring to the forefront their inner cheerleader.

All of which means you can enjoy getting out there, making decisions and taking action, whilst always believing in yourself and trusting in yourself. You’ll have that sense of knowing that you can do it and that whatever happens, you’ll be ok.

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