Isabella Robinson is the founder of 'The Goodness Guru', a blog dedicated to promoting a happy and healthy relationship with food and body image. She is currently a student at University College London.   

Isa's passion for nutrition and cooking started from a young age, yet like many adolescent girls, has dealt with the pressures of dieting and feeling unhappy in her body. Isa soon realised that understanding the joys of food, the flavours, nutrition and how it brings people together, were integral to her liveliness, strength and wellbeing. Here she shares her top self-care and wellbeing tips that keep her feeling zing-tastic!

Home remedies and natural tips that actually work

yoga can help ease anxiety naturally

1. Anxiety

Solution: Like most millennials, I do suffer bouts of anxiety, which can be self-limiting at times. I’ve found that sharing my worries with someone I trust and tuning into self-care through yoga helped me to feel like a weight was being lifted off of my shoulders. I don’t practice much yoga nowadays, however, it really was crucial to my mental wellbeing at a specific time in my life. The regular practice of yoga taught me how to appreciate my body, be forgiving of my flaws and go easy on myself and be kind. When I stood upon my mat, to me, it was a like a way to let everything go. 

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colloidal silver can help ease a sore throat fast

2. Sore throat

Solution: One of my teachers at my naturopathic nutrition college turned me onto colloidal silver to help a sore throat. I am actually very sceptical when it comes to alternative kinds of healing when they don’t have a sound evidence base. I’m actually not 100% sure of the literature surrounding colloidal silver but whether it’s the placebo effect or the real deal it really works for me. Whenever I feel a sore throat coming on a few squirts sorts it out in about 12 hours, as well as rest and good food. 

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a nutritious breakfast can help you get rid of a hangover fast

3. Hangover

Solution: I’m always hungry when I’m hungover but rather than seeing this as something bad, I am good at honouring it. Controversially, I usually want pretty nutritious foods like eggs on toast with smoked salmon, always followed by something sweet. A Bloody Mary also works wonders for a hangover, especially when enjoyed with friends. So reach for the foods and people that make you feel happy to distract from the tiredness and drunk paranoia.‚Äč

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Benadryl is a go to product to help manage hay fever symptoms fast

4. Hay fever

Solution: Sometimes I reach for a product that I know has my back. For me, Benadryl One a Day that I randomly bought at the pharmacy years ago has worked wonders for my hay fever allergies since. It's epic!

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7 Questions Lightning Round

The one thing I carry with me in case I get ill: 

Antihistamines! I have been known to come up with weird rashes in weird places and at weird times.  

When I’m ill I like to eat: 

Plain porridge with maple syrup or dry toast. There’s something inherently comforting about them both. Although I have to say I have a seriously good appetite and it takes quite a lot to curb it. 

When I’m ill I like to drink: 

Ice cold lemon squash. Robinson’s is a particular favourite although we’re not related :)

The only person (or pet!) I want to see when I’m ill is:

My mum. Not sure where I’d be without her.

The best 'cheer up' gift I’ve ever been given was: 

I went to boarding school and my mum would always send me the most incredible packages, and they always made my day. Once, she sent 12 cinnamon buns all the way from London to share with my friends. Told you she was a babe.

If a friend is ill I give them: 

Flowers – flowers brighten up everyone’s day. I always think they are the loveliest gesture.

The mantra I live by for a happy and healthy life is: 

‘Everything happens for a reason’. It’s helped me to trust in the moment and use any negative experience to improve and grow.  

Thank you, Isa!

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