Kelly Eastwood was raised in Kenya and is currently living in London where she writes her fashion and lifestyle blog, 'The London Chatter'. Here she shares top health tips that keep her feeling zing-tastic!

Home remedies and natural tips that actually work

How to ease a bad sunburn naturally

1. How to ease a bad sunburn naturally

Medicinal aloe vera – growing up on the equator in Kenya, any sunburn could easily be soothed by my mum reaching for a nearby cactus and slathering me in its sap. Aloe vera gel soothes the inflammation and forms a protective layer, helping to hold the moisture within the skin. Obviously not getting burnt in the first place by wearing a high SPF would be more advisable.

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Easy-to-make smoothie to get rid of a hangover fast

2. Easy-to-make smoothie to get rid of a hangover fast

At University, we all soon learnt that a banana and honey smoothie after a big night out would get us through any monotonous, yet sadly un-missable, morning lectures. The bananas replenish your potassium levels, and the honey’s fructose help to metabolise the alcohol. Failing that, there’s always Deliveroo!

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How to stop itching mosquito bites

3. How to stop itching mosquito bites 

I learnt on safari at an early age that a boiling hot teaspoon placed straight on the mozzie bite instantly destroys the protein that the bug injected under your skin and keeps your blood from clotting. The bump may linger, but infuriating itching is eliminated.  

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Draw out stubborn splinters this painless way

4. Draw out stubborn splinters this painless way

The most stubborn of thorns can be drawn out within an hour or two by applying the overripe flesh of a papaya on to your skin. This can also work with sea urchin stings!

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7 Questions Lightning Round with Kelly Eastwood The London Chatter

7 Questions Lightning Round

• The one thing I carry with me in case I get ill:

Rehydration sachets – the dissolvable glucose and electrolytes mixed with some clean water will replace lost body fluids due to sickness, hangovers, or after flying. I always have some in my wash bag, especially when travelling. 

• When I’m ill I like to eat:

Preferably fresh soup, but if I’m unable to get to the shops, I always have a tin or two of Heinz Tomato Soup in my cupboard. Its taste now totally signifies being bed-ridden to me.  

• When I’m ill I like to drink:

Coca Cola. Studies now suggest this old remedy I grew up on might actually just act as a placebo for nausea... and I’m ok with that. 

• The only person (or pet!) I want to see when I’m ill is:


I really don’t like seeing anyone (unless they’re bringing me food – always welcomed), but my cats Harry and Lloyd have excellent bedside manners – always up for selflessly lazing around whilst I recuperate. 

• The best 'cheer up' gift I’ve ever been given was:

My friend Lily Liebel, during my last bout of flu, had Hummingbird red velvet cupcakes all saying ‘Get Well Soon’ delivered to me. I’m not sure of the vitamin content, but it was the sweetest and most appreciated gesture. Also, Potage, the home delivery service, saw me complaining about a cold I had on Instagram, and sent me some freshly prepared, organic lunches – beyond amazing!

• If a friend is ill I give them:

My Netflix password.  

• The mantra I live by for a happy and healthy life is:

Eat well and travel often. 

Thank you, Kelly!

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