Are you one of those people who feels like they give and give but don't get much in return? And how annoying is it when that one friend keeps cancelling on you again and again. It’s not a nice feeling, is it? And over time, it can leave you feeling frustrated, angry and even low in self confidence. Ask yourself this though, how often are you doing this to yourself?

How many times are you half-heartedly reaching for your health goals specifically, making empty promises to yourself then throwing it all away? "I can't face the gym today, maybe I'll just throw in the towel" you say, "I'll live!" Inevitably over time though, you'll fall right back to where you started – wanting to start that new hobby or feel even stronger the want actually cut out dairy to see what happens – only this time, it might be that much harder because you've now piled on a load of negative emotions and the end goal feels even further away. This negative cycle can be difficult to break. which can be a difficult cycle to break free from, Why do we do this to ourselves?!

We have to start keeping promises to ourselves as if we were our own best friend. Keeping up motivation can be a hard and windy road but it's definitely doable if you've got the right tricks up your sleeve. At the end of the day, no one's health is more important than yours and no one's mental health is more important either! You have to become your biggest fan.

Body confidence, breaking free from diets and starting a new habit to make you happier is about playing the long game. It’s not something that can be ‘fixed’ long-term in 6 weeks. 

And despite what many magazine articles might have you think, you don't need fixing, you simply need to pivot your perspective and understand that for long-term results you need to set your mind in the right motion. Just as you wouldn’t set out for a mountain trek in a pair of flip flops, it’s time to get real about the support you need to make the change.  

It takes determination and courage to break free from bad habits and form new healthier ones, but I totally believe you can do it. To decide to exercise just for the pure joy of it, create something because it makes you happy, or decide to accept your body because life is too short not to – these in themselves are challenges! 

How to stick to something and not give up

How to stick to something and not give up

1. Get real

Ask yourself how much you're actually making an effort to reach your fitness or wellness goals. If you’re only an 8/10 what would make it a 10/10? (Again, what’s more important than your health?) 

2. Set your intention

Spend a few minutes really thinking about what you want to achieve – whether it be a steady fitness routine, weaning yourself off of sugar, or learning how to be more compassionate with yourself and develop healthy body image. Really feel why you want to do this.

3. Keep the date

Make your commitments non-negotiable. Your ex-colleague's birthday drinks across town from your gym don't count as rule-breaking events. 

4. Become your own BFF

Speak to yourself and encourage commitment the way you would support your best friend. We always tend to offer sound advice and never live it ourselves.

5. Track your progress

Celebrate your wins! Download a few apps or take notes to track your progress and see how far you've come.

6. Reward yourself

Give yourself a reward for for sticking to your new healthy habit or routine as often as you need – be kind to yourself. Don’t wait too long to celebrate a win. Try and make it a proper treat too like a massage.

Here you have it. Now you have the tools you need to set your intentions and go about keeping those promises to yourself so you can reach your health and fitness goals mindfully.

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How to actively shape your health, nutrition and exercise routines so that you stick to your plans and achieve your goals the right way.

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