By Sailo  Sailo is an online boat rental marketplace that makes renting a boat as easy as hailing a cab! As boating experts with over 850 boats across NY, Florida and the Caribbean, here are their top tips to get everyone enjoying life on the water

Just like T-Pain, many of us want nothing more than to enthusastically declare, “#IMONABOAT!!” -- but some worry they can’t stomach it.

But with our top four cures for seasickness, you’ll be able to jump aboard any Sailo boat and have the time of your life!

First things first: what does it actually feel like to be seasick?

Pay attention to your body while at sea, especially if you experience nausea, cramps, vomiting, dizziness, and/or sweating. These symptoms are caused by visual disorientation due to being on an object in motion, which competes with our bodies’ natural desire for balance.

On top of that, there’s the psychological expectation that you will feel sick on a ship, which has a nasty way of fulfilling itself.

Fortunately, 75% of people eventually get acclimated to the sea and are naturally cured of the affliction.

But for the other 25% of you, fear not.

Follow these tips and you too can soon start to enjoy smooth sailing:


1. Bracelets:

Our absolute favorite cure is the sea-brand wrist band. The acupuncture-inspired bracelet has plastic beads that press against the Nei-Kuan pressure point located on the palm side of the wrist (

They are very effective and have no side effects!

Pro-tip: If you are out on the water and don’t have the wristbands with you, use your thumb to press your inner arm three finger widths (about two inches) down from your wrist crease. Hold for a few minutes until symptoms subside.


2. Food:

It also helps to be careful about what food and beverages you consume before and while boating.

Avoid booze.

I know, I know, buzzkill! Drinking aboard a boat is so much fun, but if you have a tendency to feel seasick, you really should avoid alcohol the day before as well as during the trip. Alcohol can make you feel sick on land, so imagine how it can make you feel on the water -- it’s not worth the buzz, trust me.

As far as foods go, try not to eat dishes that are heavy, spicy, or rich. Also, stay away from sugar, which can make you light-headed and dizzy.

Pro-tip: Ginger is a great way to alleviate nausea. Take it in powder, tea, pill, or even candy form.


3. Drugs:  

Why suffer when there’s medicine that will help with sea-sickness?

Scopolamine patches are very popular and effective. The patches are effective for up to three days, are only available by prescription, and are used for prevention, not treatment. Worn behind the ear, they work by interfering with the communication between nerves and the part of the brain that controls vomiting.

For over-the-counter drugs, Framadin Meclizine and Diphenhydramine work pretty well. But don’t drink alcohol if you take these, as the combination will cause drowsiness. You should also check with your doctor or a pharmacist before you take them. 


4. Focus:

It may not sound helpful in the moment, but remember before you board: 99% of seasickness is mental.

Even the most seasoned skipper can feel queasy at times. Fix your gaze on the horizon, which appears stationary and can help reset your internal equilibrium. Steering the ship also helps, as it keeps your eyes on the horizon and gives you a feeling of control over the elements.

Pro-tip: Cultivate your mental strength. Try telling yourself, “I don’t get seasick!” Say it repeatedly and with conviction (before and during the trip).

With these tricks in your back pocket, you can pack your bags, set sail, and be nausea-free.


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