What changes someone (me) from being a regular Joe who likes football and music, is driven with fear, and is scared of commitment, to someone who is happy in their own skin and who professes that the answers lie ‘within’? In my case, that answer is discovering EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Nine years ago, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting (an extension of EFT) and NLP changed my life – they help me to understand who I am, how to harness my authentic self, and assist me on my own personal journey from the former to the latter. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that being a football-loving guy is a bad thing, rather, I was hiding from my true self, scared, thanks to not knowing how to deal with fear. Now, my journey, practice and progress allow me to live the best version of myself every single day.

What is EFT tapping?

Albert Einstein famously said, “we all consist of energy” and when the energy within your body is disrupted or blocked, it manifests into physical or emotional symptoms – often likened to the blockage in a river. EFT has it’s origins in ancient Chinese medicine and can be best described as acupuncture without the need for needles.

The EFT tapping technique is simple – all that is required in the therapy is to tap lightly on the meridian lines within your body in order to balance your energy flow. Tapping on the correct points and parts of your body clears these blockages and allows energy to flow freely once again. There are specific steps and a 'recipe' on how this is done.

What can EFT be used for and help with

What can EFT be used for and help with? The benefits

There are numerous ways in which EFT can benefit your wellbeing. It can help you overcome bad habits, can increase your self-esteem in order to conquer your fears and blockages and can lend a healing hand no matter if your concern is physical, mental and/or emotional. Tapping for addiction, tapping for weight loss, tapping for sugar or food cravings, tapping for healing, and tapping to deal with stress and anxiety naturally are all common issues this technique is used for. In fact, Gary Craig the creator of EFT says that we should, “try it in everything”. Here are some of the issues where I have used EFT and have found it to be effective:

• Addictions such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
• Eating disorders
• Physical healing
• Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
• Weight issues
• Enhancing self-worth
• Depression 
• Epilepsy 
• Negative memories
• Sexual abuse
• Financial issues

Other areas include:

• Fears and phobias
• Grief and loss
• Enhancing sporting performance
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Insomnia
• Guilt

How long does it take EFT tapping to work?

There are many variables to how long it takes for EFT to work. For example, if you are facing a debilitating fear of flying, it may take a few years of regular practice and the help of a qualified practitioner to help you readjust your mindset of that specific issue. However, many people practice tapping therapy daily to help them boost their confidence naturally or reaffirm self-love and usually feel a dynamic change in their attitude in a matter of weeks and/or months.

To get positive results from tapping therapy, you need to pinpoint and dive deep into the traumatic events that have led to the current perceived problem in your life. Getting to this core or root cause of a traumatic issue you're trying to deal with can always be guided by a professional, so don't be afraid to seek help.

How to do EFT tapping

How to do EFT tapping

It's easy to learn basic EFT technique – and once you've understood it, you can use the therapy whenever and wherever. This makes the process extremely cost-effective and practical when compared with better-known talk therapies. For more information, there are many helpful Youtube videos online to guide you. Essentially, there are three steps to this 'recipe':

1. The setup statement

The setup statement systematically 'sets up' the problem you want to work on. The exposure part of the setup statement involves remembering the problem. You expose your mind repeatedly to the memory of the trauma at hand, for example, "Even though I feel fat, I deeply and completely accept myself." The setup statement includes tapping on the Karate Chop point with the tips of your opposite hand's 4 fingers while reciting the affirmation.

2. The sequence

Then, you tap firmly with the tips of your first two fingers on meridian points, approximately 7 times on each point while repeating a reminder phrase. You can tap on either side of your body.

The meridian points are:

EB = At the start of the eyebrow above the nose.
SE = At the outer side of the eye.
UE = At under the eyes 
at the bony ridge of the eye socket under the pupil.
UN = At the teardrop under your nose, above your upper lip.
CH = At the space between the lower lip and the chin.
CB = At the collarbone.
UA = At under the arm. It's about 4 inches below the armpit.
TH = Thumb, at the top.
FF = First Finger.
MF = Middle Finger.
RF = Ring Finger.
LF = Little Finger.
KC = Karate Chop.

3. The reminder phrase

The reminder phrase is typically a word or short phrase that describes the problem that you repeat out loud each time you tap on one of the meridian points in the sequence. For example, if your  setup statement is, "Even though I feel fat, I deeply and completely accept myself." Your reminder phrases might be: "I feel fat. Feeling fat. Fat feelings" and so on.

However, for bigger issues and major traumas, it is recommended that you seek the help of a qualified practitioner. As an EFT trainer myself, I use a process called Matrix Reimprinting with my clients.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

The aim of Matrix Reimprinting is to rewrite your past in order to transform your future. How we run our lives is based upon our habits which are formed by past life experiences. These beliefs are contained in our subconscious – then, the part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System finds evidence to support that particular belief. Every time supporting evidence is found, our belief gets strengthened.

The primary role of the subconscious is protection. What is particularly interesting is that our core beliefs are created early on in life before we develop a conscious mind. Therefore the beliefs we create may not have any logical backing and may, at best, have been helpful to a young child but is no longer relevant to an adult. Because the beliefs are created at such a young age and buried in our subconscious, we are often not aware of them.

The skill within Matrix Reimprinting is to locate the most poignant memories that created the often limiting self-belief and to change the memory, and therefore the core belief that is stopping us from going where we dream of in life. We can replace the old core belief with a new positive one.

It's not necessary to change every single memory relevant to the belief. Normally the 'first, worst and last' memories will make a huge dent in the initial core belief. Once the new belief has been created, the Recticular Activating System will start work on finding evidence to support it.

I find it incredibly satisfying to see clients get rid of symptoms that hold them back from living their best lives and replace them with once that enhance their experience of living.

Because of the changes EFT has made in my own life, I want to share this with the world. My ultimate goal is to help as many people as I can to help themselves achieve good health, a calm balanced approach to life and to be their authentic selves.

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