This article was written in conjunction with a Reiki Master and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Nowadays we all thrive to live our truest selves. Switching up exercise routines, jumping on the clean eating band wagon and testing all kinds of meditation apps. That ultimate form of self love is one of the most popular personal goals in our modern world. Most of the time though, the journey is long and difficult. There are many types of healing energy work, but one in particular can help diminish the negative energy that is holding you back from beginning your positive journey. Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique to help regain inner strength, clarity and balance.

What is reiki energy healing?

What is reiki energy healing

In Japanese, reiki translates to, 'Universal Life Energy'. Reiki healing is an incredible high vibration, intelligent energy that purifies, balances, harmonizes and cleanses on all levels. It works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki has the ability to bring us back to our natural and whole state. During a reiki massage session, positive energy flows, healing the body of built up toxins or pain, both physical and emotional. It's good for soothing shock, calming the mind and accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal itself while promoting a state of total relaxation and wellbeing.

What is reiki good for?

Many people see a reiki practitioner to relax and strengthen their overall self. They seek help in reducing stress, anxiety and help manage symptoms and support recovery. Reiki can assist in the body’s natural healing process by balancing the energy centers, known as the chakras. This practice is commonly known as, 'energy healing'. A reiki practitioner acts as a guide in the energy healing process as the body knows where the healing is needed. After a reiki session, clients usually feel very relaxed, calm and grounded.   

Effects of reiki healing

Effects of reiki healing

Use the opportunity of a new year to reconnect with yourself and your values. Be very specific as to what you want for your mind, body and soul. Reiki can help you recognise that you need to give yourself the time and space to let go and absorb the energy within you already.

Reiki will help you gain insight and self awareness which will reveal something much deeper than what we think we want or need to achieve. In a reiki session, you will experience clarity which can help with decision making and strengthen you communication with others. Reiki is given by an attuned practitioner, so give yourself the opportunity to turn inward and connect with your higher self by booking a reiki session. You will explore what you want to let go of and leave behind. When we turn inward, we notice where energy blocks are held within the body and how to release tension while creating balance at the same time. This is where the reiki practice will honestly guide you to a place of discovery.

If you have been making the same resolutions for years, take this opportunity during the first month of the year, to truly connect with yourself. Reiki can help you transition into your true self with grace and ease.

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