Gout symptoms and causes

 Gout is a kind of arthritis that is often associated with the consumption of an excess of rich food and alcohol. Stress can also be a factor, as well as being overweight. The symptoms of gout include an attack of sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling in a joint – usually as foot pain specifically in the big toe. These attacks can happen over and over unless gout is treated. Over time, they can harm your joints, tendons and other tissues. Gout is most common in men however there are various ways in which anyone can relieve the symptoms of gout, including watching your nutrition and diet (1).

Gout can be characterised by painful, stiff and inflamed joints. The stiffness and swelling are a result of excess uric acid forming crystals in the joints, and the pain associated with this disease is caused by the body's inflammatory response to the crystals.

List of foods to avoid with gout flare up

To neutralise the acid and get rid of gout pain fast, try to avoid foods like:

• Meat
• Fish
• Poultry
• Dairy
• Black tea and coffee
• Processed food and starches
• Refined sugars – even healthy substitutes for sugar like raw honey can cause a gout flare up.

Bear in mind that fruit contains a lot of sugar and can be very acidic too.

What should you eat if you have gout?

For mostly immediate gout pain relief, making mindful substitutions in your diet and concocting your own home remedies for gout pain can make all the difference:

Yacon syrup is good for gout

1. Low glycemic sweeteners

Use low glycemic sweeteners such as stevia, yacon syrup or xylitol to satisfy your sweet tooth or sugar cravings. 

What is the best thing to take for gout?

2. Low glycemic fruit

Keep to one or two pieces of low glycemic fruit a day like an organic apple or pear, or lemons and limes. In fact, one of the best natural foods to have for gout is organic berries.

fermented vegetables are good for gout pain

3. Fermented vegetables

What's more, fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut are good to ease a gout flare up as they can help alkalise the body and ease the painful symptoms of gout.

healthy fats are good for gout pain.psd

4. Healthy fats

You can further include healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, olive oil (not cooked) and olives in your diet for gout pain relief.

omega 3 and leafy green vegetables are good for gout pain.psd

5. Omega-3 and leafy greens

Omega-3 found in chia, hemp and flax seeds, raw green leafy vegetables, fresh green juice and seaweed are important to have when trying to get rid of gout pain fast.

therapeutic herbs ease the pain of gout

6. Therapeutic herbs and water

Therapeutic herbs such as fresh ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric and ashwaganda can reduce gout pain dramatically. And, plenty of good quality spring, filtered and mineral water out of glass bottles will flush out the acidic toxins and keep your bowels moving.

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Other natural gout treatments include getting out in the fresh air as often as possible and gently exercising the joints.

Now that you know some of the most effective gout remedies for fast gout pain relief, you can rest assured that you will overcome the painful symptoms in no time.

See all tried and tested remedies and products to help with immediate gout pain relief.

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What is gout and how is it treated? Discover the natural foods and home remedies that help get rid of gout pain fast and what foods to avoid to ease the painful symptoms of gout.


1. Arthritis Foundation: https://www.arthritis.org/about-arthritis/types/gout/what-is-gout.php

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