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Wellness Wednesday by Sweaty Betty: How to get a good nights sleep, powered by Good Zing

Wednesday, 13 Feb, 2019
19:02 - 20:30
Want to start your evening with a side of learning? We’ve teamed up for an exclusive collaboration with Sweaty Betty covering 'of the moment' topics from balance, gut health, hormones, mindfulness and more. Struggling with sleep and insomnia? Today, our lifestyles are severely interfering with our natural sleep patterns, so we're getting much less sleep than necessary. Step in our expert panel, Dr. Dani Gordon a Medical Doctor and expert in stress resilience, and Philly Gammell, an expert in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture – on hand to help you with all your sleep issues. All tickets include an exclusive goodie bag, a Sweaty Betty discount, expert talk, Q&A and refreshments from Farm Girl Cafe.

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