Adam Ilko

Sports Massage Therapist

Total Health Tips: 6
Adam is a BTEC level 5 Sports Massage Therapist and the founder of Fibre Tense. He is passionate about active and healthy living, combining training and exercise with work to live life to the fullest. Adam says: "Being a vegan and strong supporter of animal rights, I steadfastly advocate positive action for climate change, renewable energies and saving the environment. I always strive to act on ways to make a positive difference for every creature on our planet and therefore 'Making Real Change' for all". Adam spent seven years in the Australian Army as a communications technician in the corps of the Royal Australian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RAEME), where he played representative football for the Army Institute of TAFE and competed at high levels of Long Distance Running, Swimming, Water Polo and Beach Volleyball. Beyond his military career, Adam has worked and excelled in Business Management and Sales. Sharing his passion for massage and the healing power of touch, he has also been a Sports Massage instructor for upcoming therapists for Essentials for Health, London. His fitness regime involves body weight training & functional movement, long distance running, swimming, stretching and yoga.

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