Aimee C. Teesdale

Life Coach

Total Health Tips: 5
Aimee is a life coach, speaker, and human, with 28 years experience in the field of personal development, plus a degree in Psychology and Performance Coaching Diploma. Aimee helps ambitious men and women who feel stuck in life, standing in their own way of success, or playing small. She helps them to move forward, create results, and start living a great life they love. Clients might be feeling stuck in their career, their business, or their personal life, and they want more from life but feel that they’re holding themselves back from achieving it. Having grown-up in a low-income family and spending most of her early adulthood suffering with low confidence and self-doubt, Aimee began a transformational journey of personal growth that has got her where she is today: running a successful business that allows her to live life on her own terms. In the process Aimee has helped countless clients to transform their own lives, either through 1:1 coaching or through her popular workshops that she hosts across London.

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