Christian Thomson

Performance Coach & Rehabilitation Therapist

Total Health Tips: 6
Christian's quest for being superhuman started a long time ago. He says "it started with a dissatisfaction of what I could do and the notion that no matter how well we live, we will all start to fall apart one day. It has taken me over 18 years to get where I am and know what I know, be it raising millions in financing for real estate investments, winning world titles or getting deals across the line. I got here by studying with some of the greatest minds on the planet in psychology, nutrition, physiology and neurology, which helped me become optimized, healthy and superhuman. I not only healed myself from chronic fatigue, which was so bad that when I sat down I would want to sleep. As a child I was a dyslexic and chronically fatigued that couldn’t spell words longer than 3 or 4 letters. However, through the techniques I had mastered from many of my teachers, I taught myself how to utilize more of my brain ride myself of real health problems and become a champion. Today, I dedicate 20 hours a week of my time to studying the most up to date research so that I can ensure I am always at my best to help my clients and only take on a small number of full time clients per term. My aim is to create self-reliant, pain free powerful bodies with constant online and offline support. The first and most important thing to ascertain is always your current state of health including your neurological state, you can’t out-train a weak muscle caused by poor neurology just as you can’t out train a bad diet or lifestyle." Christian is a qualified in Sports Massage, Sports Nutrition, First Aid Instructor, Mugendo Black Belt, PDTR (Applied Neurology), Body Transformation Certification, Personal Training Premier Diploma

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