Claire Finlay

Fitness Specialist

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Claire Finlay is one of the UK’s leading health and wellness professionals. Qualified in Power Plate, Reformer Pilates Chair, TRX, Barre and with over 10 years’ yoga teaching experience, at Transition Zone Claire offers a dynamic union of motivational group classes and personal training through supercharged 25, 30 and 45 minute full body workouts across these disciplines. She is the founder of London fitness studio Transition Zone. Claire’s core philosophy and focus has at all times been upon making fad-free fitness accessible to all and training her clients, both men and women, to be strong and feel empowered - both physically and mentally. The mantras ‘fit not thin’ and ‘strong not skinny’ are deeply embedded in Claire’s ethos and approach to training, having long held this principle up as an example to her clients. She believes that to get the body you’ve always dreamed of - and to get it performing at its peak - you need to pay it plenty of attention outside of exercise classes with clean nutrition and proper muscle recovery. Alongside being a dedicated mother, when Claire is not training her clients at Transition Zone she is competing in triathlons, organizing luxury barefoot retreats on private islands or appearing in fitness videos, pop-ups and events as an official brand ambassador for Sweaty Betty.

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