Dalal Swaralthahab

Occupational Health Specialist & Yoga Instructor

Total Health Tips: 5
Dalal is a Health & Safety specialist by degree from the University of South Wales in the UK with a passion for Occupational Health & Well-being. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher (YTT 200) from India. Teaching university staff & students the effectiveness of a yoga practice in improving health, controlling stress, and promoting overall well-being. Through Dalal’s teaching journey, she has helped many overcome neck-pain, back-pain developed from sedentary lifestyles. Dalal is a health enthusiast with a strong focus on occupational health awareness and work-related issues like healthy eating, musculoskeletal diseases, stress and others. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and stretches far beyond the physical practice. Through yoga, one develops mindfulness in daily life, decreases stress, conscious eating and promotes self-acceptance, which in return enhances a person’s productivity at work. Dalal’s love for helping others inspired her to find Yoga Gives, a Karma Yoga project aiming to spread the gift of yoga through humanitarian actions e.g. charity classes, workshops and events. Through her project, she has helped orphans in Sudan, fed 180 homes in Nepal following the earthquake, including Kuwait’s first participation in World Yoga Day raising funds for the refugees in Syria. She also volunteers with a center for mental health for children & adolescents and provides yoga sessions for in-house patients to improve the physical and emotional state of young patients.

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