Dr. Elliot Gann

Clinical Psychologist /Psychotherapist

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Dr. Gann studied Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA where he earned his Psy.D He is a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist by training, producer/beat maker and DJ, Dr. Gann has been teaching in Oakland and San Francisco Bay Area schools and community settings for over a decade, and the past five years he has done this work with his non-profit, Today’s Future Sound (TFS). As Executive Director and lead instructor, his work with TFS has taken him across the globe teaching, presenting, consulting, organizing and performing in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, putting on “beat battle” fundraisers in almost all of these locations. Dr. Gann is now leading TFS to continue such work and further advocate for its use, including expanded wellness/mental health, educational, economic and social justice applications, including his Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) Model.

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