Dr. Fleur Appleby-Deen

Yoga Instructor & Medical Doctor (Qualified but not registered)

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Dr Fleur, MBBS BSc(hons) is a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner who coaches and advises clients on how to prevent and recover from the effects of stress, burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome. Dr Fleur is a qualified Medical Doctor (Registered without a licence to practice) and Yoga Instructor and has received a wealth of education in nutrition, meditation and spiritual development from teachers in India, Bali, England and California. Having faced many years of ill health in her 20s, Dr Fleur made it her life’s mission to assist others in healing from weird and wonderful illnesses that could not be solved with a magic pill. This journey has not only taught her about how best to take care of body, mind and spirit, but taken her into the deeper mysteries of life, giving deep perspective and awakening to the joy of life, whether illness is present or not.

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