Dr. Kalila Bodden

Medical Doctor, Wellness Consultant & Life Coach

Total Health Tips: 5
Dr. Kalila Bodden, MB, BCh, BAO (NUI, RCSI), LRCP & SI is a Lifestyle Design Doctor who helps professional women redesign their life to work for them rather than against them. Instead of “just getting by”, they thrive in living the life they’ve always envisioned. As a qualified medical doctor, previous health insurance executive, wellness consultant, certified life coach and entrepreneur, Dr. K. understands first-hand how the demands of daily life can interrupt the best efforts for living the life you’ve always wanted: rested and joyful rather than exhausted and fed-up. Through her Lifestyle Design coaching, she helps clients transform their lives from subpar to superb by improving their health, starting a new career, losing weight or achieving a longed-for life goal. Dr. K.’s passion for true health and evidence-based wellness helped her overcome exhaustion, unhappiness and an unsatisfying career. She realized that an incredible life is defined by the individual, not by societal expectations, and that a healthy, happy and wise life meant that a holistic approach was needed to take her personal and professional life to the next level. Now, Dr. K. is living a prosperous life helping other professional women create their ideal lives that align with their physical, mental, emotional, professional and spiritual goals.

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