Dr. Lauren Cara Macdonald

Medical Doctor & Yoga Teacher

Total Health Tips: 5
Dr Lauren Cara Macdonald (MBBS, BSc) (UK) is a medical doctor, psychology graduate, yoga teacher and stage IV cancer patient. Although she has always been fascinated by the mind-body connection, she fully immersed herself in learning everything she could about holistic healing (encompassing nutrition, gut health, yoga, meditation and mindfulness) following her own personal cancer diagnosis at age 29. Over the past few years she has successfully combined conventional treatment alongside more holistic approaches and has gratefully been 'cancer free’ for the last year. Given her unique perspective as both a doctor and patient, her aim is to now share everything she has learned to enable others to support their own mind-body healing. Lauren currently works as a doctor in the NHS and is a newly qualified yoga teacher. She has blogged throughout her cancer journey at www.laurencara.com and was recently crowned winner of the 'Health and Social Care’ blog category at the UK Blog Awards.

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