Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Cosmetic Dentist & Leadership Transformation

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Neeta is an emotional intelligence advocate, international speaker, host of the Revolutionary Leadership podcast, and is founder of the Global GRIT Institute. Neeta’s personal journey through navigating death, cancer, domestic violence, and divorce and how she overcomes extraordinary adversity began her quest to embark on her own self-discovery. Neeta graduated from dental school, built a million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, had a first-class dream wedding, married, and was branded traditionally “successful” and perfect in every way. This, all before the age of 30. Leaving her traditional career as a cosmetic dentist to embark on global advocacy championing emotional awareness and new thought leadership. After spreading transformational wisdom and inspiration to top level CEOs, business executives around the world, notable changemakers from various sectors and truly understanding human dynamics in traveling to over 45 countries, Neeta’s greater mission is to create a more heart-centered humanistic society realizing the capacity for change lies within the mastery of our emotional GRIT. Using empathy based solutions to push forth global impact in our communities and thereby shifting economies as a result. Her mission is to build a global community of progressive thinkers, doers, forward driving movers-and-shakers who are committed to integrating empathy-based solutions in their lives – at home, in the office, and beyond. It’s about realizing that once we are able to lean past our stories and govern from authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity, and compassion, we can push humanity forward.

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