Dr. Sophie Davies

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Dr. Sophie Davies is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in work with children and adolescents. She qualified from Sheffield medical school in 2003, initially working as a junior doctor in Rotherham. She then began her training in Psychiatry in Leicester in 2005. Working in departments including general adult psychiatry, old-age, CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services), forensic, an eating disorder service and a therapeutic community. She chose to specialise and continue training in work with young people - child and adolescent psychiatry and love working with young people and their families. She qualified as a consultant in 2016, leaving the NHS in 2018 and now work independently. Dr. Davies works a lot with young people who struggle with their emotions, or who use strategies to manage them that aren’t helpful in the long-term, for example self-harm. And with young people whose mood is consistently low (depressed) or anxious. She is really interested in lifestyle strategies we can all use to improve our mental health and maintain well-being alongside formal treatments, such as improving our sleep and diet.

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