Fran Excell

Certified Mindset Coach

Total Health Tips: 6
Fran Excell is a certified Mindset Coach and Mentor (and host of The Positive Pants Podcast) who helps female business owners overcome self-sabotage. She specializes in helping people retrain their own brains to be more productive, positive and resilient. Fran teaches tools to tame the inevitable mindset gremlins and help you let go of old, unhelpful beliefs and habits that have been causing you to get in your own way, so you can become an unstoppable action taking success. With a background of 15 years in advertising sales and marketing for major UK brands, combined with ICF accredited qualifications in transformational coaching, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and NLP (and having been there, done it and got the T-shirt in her own life!) Fran knows exactly what it takes to navigate the mindset of starting, running and up-levelling your own business, putting yourself out there and the inevitable gremlins and self-talk that try to get in your way and stop you moving forwards. Fran will get you from feeling stuck, frustrated and sick of your own excuses to feeling full of self-belief, confidence and feeling like nothing can hold you back. To KNOWING you’re able to overcome any hurdle, obstacle or fork in the road and navigate it with ease and your positive pants firmly in place.

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